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(On the offense in the first half) “We like what we did offensively, but we have to get better field position. It’s hard to go 80 yards against this team. We had a pretty good mixture there with two good drives by the first (team) offense.”

(On Tim Brown) “He’s a fine football player. He’ll help us and he’ll make some good plays. We would like to have Joey Galloway and all the other guys, (Joe) Jurevicius, but we are just going to keep pounding away.”

(On the offensive line) “The offensive line played really great. They opened up some big holes for our running game and we were able to sustain some good drives tonight.”

(On the running game) “I felt great out there. We were able to convert some first downs and make some plays to move the ball down the field. It was great to also see Charlie (Garner) out there. He’s a great addition to our team.”

(On returning to action after missing the first two preseason games) “I was glad that I was able to see and experience the speed of the game for the few plays that I played. It was great to be back on the field with my teammates and most of all I really enjoyed the love from the fans.”

(On the reaction from his teammates) “It was the first sense of normalcy that we felt. That’s what everybody was saying during the pregame and in the huddle. I finally was able to come back and now we are waiting on (Shelton) Quarles and we will have that sense of unity. And that’s the first time I felt that in my opinion – 11 guys, lining up to start and we hope to have Shelton back for the opener in Washington and have all of our projected starters back.”

(On the offense) “It was great to see our running game get going. We had some big runs today and converted on some third downs. The offensive line did a great job pass protecting. It was great to see Tim (Brown) catch a few balls and (Bill) Schroeder. We’ve had about two long drives and hopefully we can finish them off, but it’s a good night’s work.”

(On having Charlie Garner back) “We’ve been talking about it. Tonight, he made a couple of moves, made the first guy move and miss and he did take a hit. He provides great veteran leadership, the guy knows how to play.”

(On Mike Alstott in the first half) “Mike did a good job of pushing those guys back and Mike hits the hole hard. It was great to see the ‘A-Train’ back in form.”

(On third down conversions) “I think we did an excellent job of trying to get it down to third and short. We only had one third-and-long situation. We started with the running game, and we connected on some passing plays to convert the yardage and keep the downs alive.”

(On his interception return for a touchdown) “To be honest with you, I feel really blessed… and fortunate to be in that position to give our team an opportunity to win. That’s awesome.”

(On setting a tempo for the season with two home wins) “Oh man, the coach emphasizes on trying to win at home and that’s something we didn’t get done last year. Hopefully these wins in preseason at home will carry over to the regular season.”

(On if the team needs the two weeks until the regular season) “Anytime you play a preseason game it’s always a long, long time. We only have one (game left), and I don’t know how much (the starters) are going to play next week, but if it’s ten plays or the whole half, we’ll be ready to go.”

(On how the team as a whole approaches cut day) “We’d like to have everybody here. The young guys will learn it’s not a nice business, but it’s the steps you take, whether it’s training camp or whether its making it in a couple games during the season. But that will make their futures that much brighter.”

(On playing the starters longer in this game) “We played a little bit longer than we have the first two games. You’ve got to get a rhythm, you’ve got to get to know your offense, I think they’re still trying to figure out the quarterback situation. They probably want to get equal reps with both of those guys (Brian Griese and Chris Simms). I think we played well, we need to control our gaps a little bit better, but other than that I think we got out of it what we wanted to… we got a W.”

(On bringing big-play ability) “That’s what it’s all about… making the big play. That’s what you practice for. That’s what you compete for when you come out on game day. I think that will put an exclamation on everything… making a catch and making a big play, and that’s what we work hard for.”

(On being the highest ever WR drafted by the Bucs) “(Coach Gruden) has looked at me at times thinking ‘Ah, he’s a rookie.’ because I’ve messed up so many times. But like I said, I learn from my mistakes, and I’m a man about it. Coach Gruden loves me, and he loves what I can do, and I know once I get everything going like I’m a veteran, everything’s going to be alright.”

(On what he’s learned from the Bucs) “Everybody’s depending on everybody. You can’t afford to go out there and not know what to do. You can’t afford to mess up on a play. The offense is depending on the defense, and the defense is depending on the offense. There’s team here, and I definitely feel a family atmosphere, and just going out there performing… making the best play that you can make.”

(On if he’s pleased with what he’s accomplished so far) “Definitely. Pleased, but not satisfied. You just have to keep going. I think this is the year I can make my mark as an individual rookie… everybody has their individual role. Not everybody has to be a leader, and not everybody has to be this ‘rah-rah-rah’ make the big play guy… but my role on this team is to make a catch when they need me to do that. I feel confidence in myself that I can do that.”
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