On not suiting up against Jacksonville due to a knee sprain
“I should be in the lineup next week, if not next week, then for sure against Houston.”

On the need to create more turnovers in 2004
“We need to create turnovers. That’s an area – even the year we won the Super Bowl – that we didn’t get as many as we wanted. It has been a point of emphasis.”

On the Bucs’ dismal first half against Jacksonville
“In the first half we didn’t even get a first down. I’ve never been in a game quite like this. We put our defense in some bad spots, especially early with the turnovers.”

On the Bucs’ ugly first half against the Jaguars
“That’s a good word for it, especially offensively. We took a shot on the first play, and obviously the sack-interception set a negative tone. But we didn’t come back offensively and establish anything. We had some bad things happen. Balls were batted at the line. It was just not good. I take full responsibility for that. We got off the field defensively and we hung in there. I thought our special teams played very well coverage-wise. We have to do a much better job offensively and generate points and field position and try to get some momentum going.”

On the missed opportunity to go deep to WR Joey Galloway on the first play of the game, which resulted in an interception by Brad Johnson
“We liked the play, we had Galloway big. You’re going to take some chances sometimes early in the game when you feel like you’ve got a hunch and you feel like you’ve got the right player. Maybe it creates something. We had a lot bigger expectations for that play tonight than what happened. But you know what? When something bad happens, you still have to roll your fists up and fight out of it. I think we need to do a better job of that, me included.”

On the costly facemask penalty on RT Todd Steussie, which negated a 20-yard gain by WR Joey Galloway
“We had a big catch-and-run. That’s a 35- or 40-yard penalty when you look at where you would have the ball with a first-and-10 at their 30 or a second-and-20 on your own 30. That was a real bad penalty. There were a couple of drives that were disrupted not only by a penalty, we had a ball slip out of a quarterback’s hands on another third down attempt. It was not a good first half of football at all, and hopefully one I will never be associated with again.”

On the play of the Bucs special teams
“I thought there was some real good physical play in the kicking game. Mark Jones made a couple of plays in the kicking game once again.”

Final thoughts on the game
“It was not good. We did not play good enough. By God, I’m ready to get ready for the Dolphins.”

On the dubious replay call that denied Jaguars WR Jimmy Smith a TD
“Jimmy’s a great receiver, and at 37, he’s playing some great football right now. On the second one I let him run by me. I slept on it a little bit, but it’s better to be lucky than be good.”

On if he was the lone bright spot for the Bucs against Jacksonville
“I don’t know if anybody was a bright spot tonight. We didn’t play well and they whipped our butts. That’s all there is to say. I was okay. We had a couple of scoring drives but the name of the game is wins and losses. We fought hard, they just outplayed us tonight and that’s all there is to it.”

On what Jon Gruden said at halftime
“He just wanted us to come out there and pick up the tempo and the intensity a little bit and we did that. We just never got the ball in the end zone tonight and it’s real hard to win a game in the NFL if you don’t get seven every now and then.”

On what went wrong offensively tonight
“It was a lot of things. They did a pretty good job of stuffing the run and they passed rushed and really covered well down the field all night. I don’t think there was really one area that you could pin this game on. As a whole unit offensively, we just didn’t play that well. They were talented and I know they have the biggest defensive line I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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