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Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on whether QB Luke McCown’s interception was a bad quarterback read:
“No, he was waiting for the receiver to cross the defender’s face. It was a full blitz. We had a poor route run in that situation. It’s too bad, very much too bad.”

Gruden on what went into the kicker decision at the end:
“We thought about it long and hard and obviously Matt Bryant was the guy we wanted to look at in that situation. It was very close. Todd France hit a long kick earlier in the game and we wanted to see Matt Bryant in that situation.”

Gruden on whether anything was learned about the kicker position from tonight’s game:
“I think we have two pretty good kickers. It’s a competitive situation. Both guys seem to kick the ball off pretty well and outside the last desperation field goal, they have been able to make some pretty difficult kicks.”

Gruden on what he thought about Carnell “Cadillac” Williams:
“Good. I thought he was OK, you know. We had an eight or nine-yard run called back with a holding penalty. He’s going to be a guy that is there for us. I am excited about him. He is the least of my concerns.”

Gruden on Jacksonville coming out strong in the second half and whether that was disconcerting:
“Yeah, it is. I think they had two long, well-sustained drives and they converted way too many third downs tonight in succession. (David) Gerrard is a great, young prospect at quarterback. His mobility, much like Luke McCown’s mobility, is a factor in these games. That ability to scramble and make something when nothing is there is certainly a great trait to have and Garrard hurt us tonight.”

Gruden on whether there were any good surprises in tonight’s game:
“There will be good suprises. There will always be a silver lining in a preseason game if you look at the film hard enough. (I am) very disappointed obviously in the penalties on two of our four first-half possesions. I thought we misfired on a couple throws at the end of the half, that should be slam dunk routine completions and that also hurt us in another scoring opportunity. When plays are there to be made, they have to be made. Our third down defense was not good tonight and we had some penalties on special teams and two on offense by wide receivers for crying out loud that are inexcusable.”

Gruden on what he thought about the offensive line:
“I don’t know. I will say this, I really credit these guys. Most of these guys played the whole game. I am proud of the effort. But without (Derrick) Deese, and without (Jeb) Terry and (Matt) Stinchcomb and a couple of other guys, I tip my hat for these guys for sucking it up and playing hard. At the end of the day, that is what we want first. With our offensive line it’s tough guys that are finishers and we will also take a couple big, strong Pro-Bowl stallions as well later.”

Bucs running back Cadillac Williams on how it felt to play for an extended period of time:
“It felt wonderful to get out there and be in front of the home crowd, and we had that first lick.”

Williams on if playing in the game was what he expected:
“Being in the game is unbelievable. These are some big guys out there moving but I’m going to slowly get this thing. They look good out there, so I’m definitely getting on track.”

Williams on how it felt coming out of the tunnel and being the last one announced:
“It was just like, wow. The crowd was going wild. I was so pumped up and everything. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s something that I’ve always watched and then for me to actually come out, it was amazing.”

Bucs wide receiver Paris Warren on his thoughts on the touchdown play:
“I just made the best of my opportunities. I was in on a lot of running plays, doing a lot of blocking and I finally got my chance. I had to make the best of it.”

Warren on whether he thought he could score when he turned the corner:
“I thought if I could keep my balance and beat the last guy that I could make it in and I did.”

Warren on competition at the wide receiver position:
“You definitely have to limit your mistakes and make sure you know what you are doing. For me, I think special teams is one way I can secure a spot, and I am doing everything I can to make sure that I am in the locker room this year.”

Bucs WR Michael Clayton on his impressions of the game: “Real pleased with the young guys, they’re coming along strong. Three veteran guys… myself, (Joey) Galloway, Ike Hilliard, in addition to Edell Shepherd. I think it’s going to be something that the offense can rely on to make bit plays this year. I don’t see any decline from last year. It’s all positive right now. Everybody is focused.”

Bucs cornerback Juran Bolden on any major adjustments coming into defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s defense:
“Oh yeah it’s a big difference because some teams try to copy this defense. You finally get a chance to get in here where it was all started at.”

Bolden on his thoughts coming to Tampa Bay after playing for Atlanta and Jacksonville:
“It’s something big. I look forward to going back to Atlanta, I look forward to Atlanta coming down here. I make my home in Atlanta in the offseason. I still have friends over there. Anytime you get a chance to compete against some good friends, it’s exciting. Just like tonight, I have some great friends over in Jacksonville so it was a great thing.”

Bolden on his fumble recovery and praise:
“It wasn’t about getting praise, it’s expected over here. That’s something here that I love… they expect turnovers. I’m just looking to do my job for the team. Getting the turnover, that was great.”

Bucs tight end Alex Smith on playing in the NFL:
“I think probably the Tennessee game I thought ‘This is crazy, I’m in the NFL.’ That kind of feeling when I first stepped on the field. But you know, my feet are wet now.”

Smith on his thoughts after catching the two point conversions:
“It kind of came and went. I didn’t celebrate the moment too much. I’m definitly happy to finally get that catch out of the way. I went the first game without a catch, so (the coaches) were like, ‘We definitely need to get you a catch.’ I’m just glad I was able to finish the play. They called my number and that speaks volumes for them to go to me at a crucial point in the game. I’m just glad I was able to convert.”

Smith on if he was nevous when his number was called:
“No, no. It’s something we’d been working on all week so I was comfortable with the play and it was a play I know I’d make.”

Smith on which veterans he’s looked up to:
“I’ve just been trying to soak up as much information from Dave Moore, Anthony Becht. Those are guys that have been here for a while. Especially Dave (Moore). Someone that can play 13 years, you want to learn all his secrets, every little thing he did that’s made him last so long. I just try and listen as much as possible. They’ve been great.”

Bucs linebacker Ryan Nece on his play tonight:
“I’ll tell you what. Me and (Derrick) Brooks, we need to work on catching some balls after practice (laughs). I had an opportunity to catch one and I think I took my eyes off it, I think I was trying to look for the endzone. We got a pass break out of it, so that’ll work.”

Nece on Jacksonville converting third downs:
“That’s frustrating. They moved the ball, especially with the second unit. They had a long drive where they were able to pick up some first downs on third down. You can’t do that. That’s one of the things this defense had prided itself on over the years. Their ability to be aggresive, attack, and put you in third down situations and force you to make mistakes and get off the field. Unfortunatly tonight we didn’t do that. That’s something the coaches will address and something we have to correct.”

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