Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on the team’s 27-0 loss to the Ravens
“I would just like to say I am very disappointed in the game. I apologize to our fans. Baltimore is a very good, physical team. That showed today. We never got anything going offensively. That’s a credit to Baltimore as well. I don’t have any injuries to update you with. Obviously, we held Shelton Quarles today. He is not ready to play.”

Gruden on what the Ravens did defensively that made it tough for the Bucs to move the ball on offense
“Well, they have a lot of talent to start with. They are a very physical defensive team. They’re a complex scheme. They had a couple of passes I thought we could have caught earlier in the game, maybe given us some momentum. We just didn’t make any plays and their blitz scheme got us a few times and put us behind in down-and-distance situations. We had a couple of tipped passes that really hurt us. One intercepted by a nose guard and run back to our two-yard line. A lot of penetration up the middle today and we weren’t able to do a good enough job shutting that down. That is all I can say at this time.”

Gruden on whether the Ravens had good coverage on the Bucs receivers
“Well, they’re not playing man-to-man. They are playing a lot of rushed zone. They are bringing big people up the middle; a big nose guard; two big linebackers and there’s penetration and it’s a zone defense. A very deep dropping zone with zone droppers underneath and soft, secondary over the top and if you don’t have time to set your feet and let some of these routes develop, it doesn’t matter what route you call. We just didn’t do a good enough job overall in the game, giving our quarterback a chance to step up in the pocket and find some down the field throws.”

Gruden on how the absence of guards Dan Buenning and Davin Joseph impacted Sunday’s game
“Well, it never helps, let’s be honest. It’s [Sean] Mahan’s first game at left guard. It’s [Jeb] Terry’s first game at right guard. You know, you’re rained out a practice on Thursday. I am not making any excuses, but it’s a tough defensive football team, that is very sophisticated and very talented. They have two players on defense that are player of the year, defensive player of the year, Ed Reed and certainly Ray Lewis. I am not going to point fingers at anybody but myself and say that I am very disappointed and I apologize again to our fans.”

Gruden on Bucs quarterback Chris Simms’ performance, which included three interceptions
“Well, obviously his statistics aren’t going to show up very good in the newspaper. He did have some balls batted, that again, aren’t all his fault, you know, there’s people in his face. He did make a couple of decisions I think he regrets. One of them late in the game where he’s trying desperately to make a play to put us back in the game, give us a chance. He had a ball early that was intercepted and run back for a touchdown, probably was one decision that he would want back, but he is competing. He is a young guy and I am going to stand by my man and hopefully, we play a lot better next week versus the Falcons.”

Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber on Baltimore’s opening drive, which resulted in a touchdown
“It’s one drive, you know, give them credit. They made some plays. We gave ourselves opportunities to get off and we didn’t. We want to start fast but we just weren’t able to. But we’ll bounce back for next time. Seven-nothing down in a game is nothing to be concerned about. So, no big deal.”

Barber on if people make too much of season openers

“Probably there is. There’s going to be 16 teams that lose today and tomorrow. You would like to get out fast, obviously. We talk about it all the time, start fast, getting off on a positive first step. And when you don’t, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the season. If you’re judged on a one-game season, we would be pretty down on ourselves after that. But we have 15 more, we know that. Go back to the drawing board on Tuesday and get back to work.”

Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks on what he would tell younger players after the 27-0 loss

“Really, you don’t tell them to do anything. You have to show them actions. We have to come back in and pound that rock. Whether we are 1-0 or 0-1, we still have to come back to work on Wednesday and the only thing that matters is Atlanta.”

Brooks on Ravens quarterback Steve McNair’s performance

“They made plays and we didn’t, simple as that. You give them credit for sustaining a long drive early and protecting the football, and when you don’t turn the ball over on the road, you have a good chance of winning. That’s what they did.”

Bucs QB Bruce Gradkowski on how much receiving playing time in preseason helped him when he entered Sunday’s game in the fourth quarter

“It definitely made a difference. Getting all the reps I had during training camp and preseason, prepared me for in case something happened. And like I said, Chris [Simms] is the man out here. The game got out of hand and it was just a different look. It was nothing big. It just makes me look at how much faster I have to play and learn the system even more and just get after it each and every week.”

Bucs defensive end Simeon Rice on Tampa Bay’s 27-0 loss to Baltimore

“[Its] just one game, the last time we lost our opener, we won the whole thing, so for myself mentally, I know we have been here before. It’s how strong willed you are, it’s a long journey, we can’t put too much on one game but you can take something away from it some positives, you have to take something you can build on. We definitely have to establish ourselves fast.”

Bucs QB Chris Simms on the team’s loss to the Ravens
“It stinks, plain and simple. They put it to us. Our defense gave us plenty of chances to get back in the game. I made mistakes. We got a little unlucky. Plain and simple, they just whipped our butts.”

Simms on the early formations by the Ravens defense
“I don’t think they did anything too tricky. They just played good, solid defense. They rushed three, dropped eight. We threw the ball in the flats, they made tackles. We just couldn’t get anything going. They’re a good defense. We’ll look back at it and I will be able to tell you more tomorrow. The tipped passes, even a tackle caught it and ran it back 60 yards. That hurt. We were moving the ball well and even if we get a field goal in that series, at worst, I think it’s a different game.”

Simms on his interception to CB Chris McAlister that was returned 60 yards for a touchdown
“I dropped back, I tripped a little over ‘Cadillac,’ he was picking up, it might have been Ray Lewis, whoever was coming up the middle. I just didn’t throw it far enough. I tried to throw a safe ball, high and outside to where our guy catches it or nobody does. Against a great defense like this, with guys like Chris McAlister and Ed Reed, they’re going to capitalize. He did, and went the other way for a touchdown.”

Simms on Tampa Bay’s offensive game plan vs. Baltimore

“We thought it was a good game plan going in, it was the game plan. They did some things we didn’t quite expect. They did a good job when Joey [Galloway] was the single receiver in there, keeping two guys over the top of him the whole time. And if it wasn’t Ed Reed and Chris McAlister, it was McAlister and a linebacker out there making sure Joey didn’t catch anything short. They game-planned us well and I still think we had our chances, it just didn’t happen today. We get down to the four-yard line and we can’t score a touchdown. Who knows then? It’s 20-7, it’s not the end of the world. Two touchdowns down in this league is nothing.”

Bucs running back Cadillac Williams on Baltimore’s defense did to shutdown Tampa Bay’s offense
“Like I said, we got down early and I think that got us out of rhythm. We wanted to come in and establish the run, but we fell behind. You have to tip your hat to them. They came out and played an excellent game today.”

Williams on how disappointed he is with Tampa Bay’s 27-0 loss to Baltimore
“As a professional athlete, I’m very disappointed. But like I said, we have 15 more games. Carolina lost today, so we are one game out of first place. So, we are looking forward to next week and taking it to Atlanta.”

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