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Bucs quarterback Brian Griese on the team’s 31-24 loss to the Chargers:
“It’s a tough loss for us. We really wanted to get this game so we could stay in the hunt, but it wasn’t in the cards for us today. I could have played a lot better. I take full responsibility, and all I can do is just work hard and come back next week.”

Griese on linebacker Donnie Edwards intercepting him twice:
“The first one was just a screen pass that I was trying to get to Michael Pittman. Donnie just made a great play. I wasn’t expecting him to come up and make that play. I give him credit because he’s a great player. On the second one, it was just one of those things where we were trying to get some momentum and he came out of nowhere to make the play.”

Griese on what WR Joey Galloway means to the team:
“He means a lot. He made some great plays downfield today to keep us in the game. Hopefully we continue to work together and get better each week.”

Griese on WR Michael Clayton catching nine passes:
“He’s a great player. He’s not a rookie anymore in our book. He comes to work every week and he needs to continue to do that. With Michael Clayton, Joey Galloway and Joe Jurevicus — we’re trying to get a really good tandem going.”

Griese on what Bucs head coach Jon Gruden told the team after the tough loss:
“He told us to keep our head up. It is a tough loss. It’s the toughest loss we’ve had all season. We’ve got to find a way to dig deep. We’re going to continue to work hard because a lot of guys have pride in this locker room.”

Bucs safety Will Allen on replacing the injured John Howell:
“I knew I had to just play smart football and go out there and do what I do every day in practice. Do what the game plan tells me to do and do what the coaches tell me to do. Just be ready.”

Allen on San Diego testing him on the very first play he was in:
“I kind of figured they would. I’ve been waiting for that to happen. Last week against Atlanta they came at me on the very first play. This week I got an interception. I’m just happy I could make a play.”

Allen on the team’s mindset heading in to the final three regular season games:
“We just have to keep on fighting and keep playing hard. We need to just play mistake-free football. When we play mistake-free nobody can beat us.”

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on how tough the loss to the Chargers was:
“It’s tough. What can I say? Our team battled very hard. I have to take responsibility for all of the penalties and things of that nature. I’m proud of these football players. They were competing for 60 minutes. This is just unfortunate and will be a hard one to swallow.”

Gruden on what happened on Chargers WR Eric Parker’s 79-yard touchdown in the first quarter:
“It was a full play-action pass. LaDainian Tomlinson was a guy that perhaps we were a little too overaggressive in trying to stop at times. Our safety man was too aggressive and left the middle. We just can’t do that, especially on their own 20-yard line.”

Gruden on Tampa Bay’s success via the passing game:
“I have some good memories and bad memories on the day. We did feel pretty god about coming in here and throwing the football. I believe Brian Griese threw for well over 300 yards and completed 70 percent of his passes. Other than a couple of turnovers in the passing game, it really could have been an outstanding day. Joey Galloway showed us again what he’s capable of doing, and hopefully we see more of that.”

Gruden on TE Ken Dilger’s penalty negating K Jay Taylor’s field goal in the first half:
“I believe Mike Carey was the lead official today and I’m taking him off my Christmas list. I don’t know about some of these calls today. You have to call it like you see it. There were some facemask calls, some roughing the passer calls that I believed were pretty questionable.”

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