(On tonight's game overall)
"I'm obviously very disappointed with [the injury to wide receiver] Paris Warren – his season is over. It puts a real stain on tonight's effort. I'm proud of our guys. We started lousy. You can't start a game any worse, but [quarterback Luke] McCown got us going. He made some plays. We had a lot of young guys do well for themselves tonight. [There were] some guys that obviously didn't do as well."

(On players who are on the bubble)
"We're all on the bubble here – me, our whole team is on the bubble. We've got to get it right here. We've got to win some games and hold in the best we can to keep the right 53 guys. And if we don't have 53 who are playing, we'll get some players from some other teams. We do have some guys who did well tonight. You saw for yourself."

(On any other injuries besides the one suffered by Paris Warren)
"[Defensive end] Gaines Adams – he got the wind knocked out of him. Thank God [it was only that] because that was a cheap shot – probably a fine, hopefully a good fine. The NFL will fine guys $2,500 for socks. That'll be a good fine. God, it was a late hit. I don't want to go any further, but it's very upsetting. You talk about player safety and there's a lot of people that talk. There obviously needs to be some action on that and hopefully there will be some."

(On the play of TE Jerramy Stevens)
"I think Jerramy's a great tight end. He's got some learning to do here in a new offense. He's a real good kid. He's got some background that people like to talk about, but if you get to know Jerramy – he's a long way from home now [and] he's starting a new life here with us. He can run. He's big. He doesn't like to fumble. He can be a dominant receiver and a game-changing type guy. He was a number-one draft choice by [Seattle head coach] Mike Holmgren. I know Mike knows what he's looking for, so we're happy to have him and I see him as a big part of our football team."

(On the upcoming game against Seattle)
"We're obviously going to enjoy whatever preseason victory helps you to enjoy. We're going to try to analyze the big picture. The short-term goal is winning in Seattle – that's a great football team. It's going to be a real challenge there, but we'll talk more about that next week. We went 4-12 last year. I don't believe we're 4-12 players. I don't believe we have a 4-12 staff – we got an opportunity to prove that tonight."

(On the play of B.J. Askew and what he brings to the fullback position)
"I like this guy, man. We took him out right after that play because we had seen enough. (Laughs) He's running into the hole. He's a physical guy. He loves it. He's versatile. We were trying to get him in the vertical throw at Miami last week. We can run, he can hit, and he can catch."

(On the next 48 hours and narrowing the team down to 53)
"We'll try to get a little bit of rest. We looked at Seattle all day today and the last couple of days, trying to see what went on and what we''re going to do. We did come out of the pre-season with – other than Patrick Chukwurah and Paris Warren – healthy and that's a hell of a change from last year, I'll say that."

(On who he thinks has grown the most this preseason, besides Warren) "[Luke] McCown missed all last season and I can't say enough good things about him. He still has those 'mystery snaps' in his game. The opening possession – the first and goal from [the] one [yard line], the ball slips out of his hand. But you don't [complete] 75 percent of your balls in the NFL, in a walk-through, unless you're making real strides. He's athletic. He brings lot of things to the team. I was pleased with a lot of guys but I think Luke McCown in particular – for a guy that was inactive all last season – did some great things."

(On the pass rush this preseason)
"It's never going to be to [the starters'] liking. We had a tough start to training camp – we lost a couple of high-profile players in our franchise. Those are difficult things to overcome, but Gaines Adams has to take over the responsibility with [defensive end/defensive tackle] Kevin Carter, [defensive coordinator] Monte Kiffin, and [defensive line coach] Larry Coyer. [When] we've got a game, we've got a game. We've got to find a way to get to the quarterback, and when we get there, it's still not good enough. You don't want to ever, ever say that your pass rush is good enough because it just isn't."

On if QB Luke McCown locked up the backup quarterback position tonight)
"No, he didn't lock it up. We're going to look at things. He's been given a lot of opportunity certainly, and he deserves it because of his inactivity. The 'Polish Slinger' – I don't call him the 'Polish Rifle' because that nickname has been taken [by former NFL QB Ron Jaworski] – has also faired well this season."

(On the possibility of DE Gaines Adams starting against Seattle)
"He could. He'll play a lot. He'll be a big part of our football team. We'll announce some of those things. Depth charts are for fantasy football. We're going to have a lot of guys contributing on the D-line. Who starts and how many snaps the guys get will be announced but we've got to find a role for Gaines, certainly because he's going to help us."

(On who he's leaning towards for the number-two wideout position)
"This is like the NBA – the shooting guard, the number-two man – we're going to use a committee of receivers. I believe [wide receiver] Ike Hilliard is a great receiver. He's going to help our team. I don't want to ever take him off the field. [Wide receiver] Michael Clayton did some good things. He's rare physically. He's a more physical receiver than I've ever seen. [Wide receiver Maurice] Stovall is getting better. [Wide receiver] David Boston is on the radar. It will be interesting to see how we end up using these guys."

(On whether he's adjusted to this league or still 'feeling his way through it')
"Oh, absolutely. I think that's why it's called the 'whole rookie year,' not just 'rookie preseason.' Like I've said, I've got to grow every day – study, ask questions, learn, and progress."

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