(On some first-half mistakes)

“We had two bad shotgun snaps and a couple of other bad snaps – inexcusable. And our second-team defense hasn’t shown up.”

(On how he fits in with the team)

“Hopefully I can fit in with the guys that are here. We’ve got some great guys up front. We’ve got a great first-round pick in [defensive end] Gaines Adams, and hopefully we’ll come together and build some chemistry to do something in the regular season.”

(On his durability)
“I’m just blessed [laughs]. I say ‘thank you’ for that – just good, clean living and staying in shape – that’s all.”

(On taking rookies like Gaines Adams under his wing)
“Definitely. I mean, that’s also one of the reasons why I’m here – to give guidance, to give instruction, to give any kind of wisdom that I can offer to the younger guys – that’s why I’m here also. The old guys have got to take care of the young guys and bring them along so that’s why I’m here.”


(On getting back out on the field)

“It felt good. It’s good to get back out there. You know, you need to get that game rush because you never simulate game speed. It was moving fast but it felt great to get back out.”

(On the first team defense allowing only 20 yards)
“Yeah, you know, we were on it. We communicated well, and everybody just did their job. That’s what happens when guys do their job and when they know it’s their turn to make a play and they make one.”

(On having to make the calls and adjustments on the Bucs defense)
“The great thing is that I’m comfortable enough to make mistakes. It sounds kind of bad but in the past I was always worried about ‘don’t screw this up’ as opposed to ‘go make the play.’ Everybody’s going to make a few mistakes but you’ve got to make them aggressively and you’ve got to make them in a play-making mentality.”

(On how he feels the defense is coming together)
“It takes time because, a guy like [defensive end] Kevin [Carter], he was playing a 3-4 [defense] at Miami in a regular season so it takes a little time to get used to our style of defense but when you’re a great player you’re a great player. Those guys we brought in are all good and they’re going to make a lot of players for us this year.”

(On the Bucs using the 3-4 defense)
“I don’t know. Hopefully we’ll see some in pass situations. Against the run you’ve got to take on those guards and that’s why I like the 4-3 [defense] a little better. Against the pass you can blitz a little bit and that’s always fun for me, so we’ll see.”

BUCS POST-GAME QUOTES (on Buccaneers Radio Network)

(On offensive miscues)

“When you turn the football over, especially on the road, you have almost no chance to win. That’s something we’ve got to address. That’s something we’ve got to get better at an offense certainly. And it’s right on the quarterback’s shoulders. We touched the ball 90 percent of the time and we take responsibility for everything like that. There were some offensive miscues. We did some good things, but certainly there are a lot of things we need to work on – protecting the football is one of them.”

(On his tackle on Jamaal Fudge in the second quarter)
“Yeah certainly [it was instinct]. You see the guy running and that’s when I play defense. Fortunately the monkey jumped on his back before it jumped on mine. We were able to give the defense a chance to have a great goal-line stand – and they did, allowing the Jaguars only three points – which is great.”

(On assessing his performance in the second game versus last week’s preseason opener)
“The scramble play to [wide receiver] Maurice Stovall towards the end of the first half, on the right sideline, I missed a throw there. That was the beginning of our two-minute drive. That would have been a first down and a big play. We’ve got to do a lot better than that.”

(On difficulty in exchange of snaps from the center)
“If the ball touches our hands, we’ve got to make a play. That’s on my shoulders. We take responsibility, we take pride in not having miscues. Those are things that we’re going to hit [on] this week and learn, and get better by keeping those to a minimum.”

(On his impressions of tonight’s football game)

“I like the way we came in with our starters and got the lead, 7-0. I thought [quarterback Jeff] Garcia was outstanding. He made some great plays tonight. I thought our defense flew around, put pressure on [Jaguars’ quarterback Byron Leftwich], and was physical. Unfortunately we did not sustain that. It’s disappointing with the second-quarter defense and I’m disgusted with our inability to hang onto the football in the Jaguars’ red zone. We fumbled twice deep in their territory.”

(On quarterback Jeff Garcia’s touchdown pass to wide receiver David Boston)
“We ran a naked bootleg to Jeff’s right. It fooled the defense and Jeff bought some time. We’ve talked all summer about the scramble plays Jeff Garcia’s made in his career outside the pocket and that was al Jeff Garcia and David Boston. That was a great job by the two of them – keeping the play alive. If that’s what this kid’s going to bring to our football team then I’m sure excited about that.”

(On David Boston overall, in both preseason games and training camp)
“He’s been stellar. He’s been good. He’s played three different positions and now sits at 234-pounds. Four years ago he was on of the top receivers in football. He’s paid a price to come back like he has. I personally don’t like to watch my guys drop the football and fumble in the red zone. I’m looking forward to playing him for 60-minutes and seeing what happens.”

(On bad snaps between the center and quarterback)
“If we’re in shotgun, we’re going to be in shotgun. If we’re going to have two bad snaps in the first four shotgun snaps then we’re going to have to replace the center or the quarterback – it’s just that simple. The shotgun is going to help our football team. The execution in the center-quarterback exchange is the responsibility of the coaches certainly, but we practice it a lot – more than most teams – and that’s inexcusable.”

(On players who stood out tonight)
“Garcia was awesome. He put on a show tonight in the first drive, which was something that was very exciting for me. I thought [quarterback] Bruce Gradkowski did some great things. We completed 22-out of-30 passes against Jacksonville tonight, which is one of the top defensive teams in the league. We had four balls dropped and two or three bad center exchanges. I was disappointed that we couldn’t have done better.”

(On Gradkowski’s touchdown pass to wide receiver Mark Jones)
“He did a great job recognizing the blitz in a two-minute situation. That showed a lot of grit because he had three balls sort of hit our guys right in the head right before that. It was a very disappointing part of the football game but Bruce is developing. He’s a young guy. He’s 23-years old. He’s clearly proving he’s still a pretty good quarterback.”

(On injuries to both linebacker Antione Cash and guard Jeb Terry)
“[Linebacker] Antoine Cash has had a great training camp and we were counting on him to be a key member of our special teams. He’s a guy who was really going to get a great look tonight. His season looks like it’s over unfortunately. It looks like a serious knee injury – I hope I’m wrong. [Guard] Jeb Terry either has a high ankle sprain or possibly a break in there. We’re concerned about him. So we lost a couple of key members of our football team. That’s this league though. It’s time for some young guys to step up and we’ve got to find some guys to do it.”

(On whether the team takes it easy after camp or ‘cranks it up’ now that they’re back in Tampa)
“We’d like to say we’re going to play our starters – ladies and gentlemen – longer in the preseason but as you can see tonight, there are some young guys who better figure it out quick. We’ve got to get them with the program because in a 16-game regular season, and if you do qualify for the playoffs, you’re going to need 53 of these guys, not 23. I wasn’t pleased with what I saw tonight.”

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