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Coach Jon Gruden on a St. Petersburg Times Report that suggested there was friction bewtween he and WR Joe Jurevicius this week:
“There was some ‘cutting edge’ reporting in the paper about how he got after me, and although that really didn’t happen to the extent that was reported, Jurevicius is coming back to life as a football player. He’s been very frustrated with the injuries that he’s had and he delivered today. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come. We would like to have him playing at a high level with our rookie (Michael Clayton) and (Joey) Galloway.”

More from Gruden regarding the newspaper article:
“That’s laughable to me. That, to me, is hilarious. People that really know the game and know the Buccaneers know that there is a lot of hogwash out there.”

WR Joe Jurevicius on the newspaper report:
“To be honest with you, when I woke up this morning and read the paper, I was a little disappointed. The one thing that was right in the article was that I’m a quiet guy, and I’m a quiet guy for a reason … because I don’t like to be a distraction. It was a light-hearted conversation. I’ve got nothing but support for Coach Gruden. He’s a phenomenal coach. I think the things that he does to exploit mismatches and use the talent that he has on his football team are noteworthy for him being one of the best coaches in the NFL.”

Gruden on if winning gives the Bucs extra motivation heading into Carolina next week:
“We’re going to go to Carolina. They delivered two heartbreaking, heart-stopping defeats to us last year and we don’t need a hell of a lot of motivation to get ready next week. We’ve just got to take advantage of the fact that we have won four out of the last six games.”

Gruden on the play of CB Torrie Cox:
“That’s another young player that I like. He’s doing a good job as a returner and a coverage man. I’m excited about him. He gives him another defender that can make plays.”

Gruden on the stellar play of Tampa Bay’s defense Sunday:
“Awesome. They played superb today. From left end to right end, from the linebacking corps to the back end I thought we played a complete defensive game. The challenge was levied to come out and not dip your toes in the pool and see how cold the water is. Jump in. Let’s get started early. I thought the turnover that was generated (by Derrick Brooks’ sack) was the big play in this game.”

Bucs DT Chidi Ahanotu on the defense’s performance and getting the message from Jon Gruden about the defense’s tradition:
“That’s the kind of Bucs defense I remember – a shutdown defense that is making turnovers, getting sacks and three-and-outs. Just suffocating people. That’s the history of this defense. Gruden preached it all week about the tradition of this team and the tradition of this defense and for offensive guys to start their own tradition. To a man, we all took it to heart. All week we played film from the old days and the things that we built our tradition upon. He instilled that message in us and I think that’s what you saw today.”

RB Michael Pittman on beating the 49ers and getting out to an early lead:
“We just wanted to win the game. A win is a win. We went out there and played well, and we beat them 35-3. We wanted to score first. If you score first, they told me about 70 percent of the teams win. We wanted to control the clock, run the ball, and have a balanced offense with the pass. I think we did that. The offensive line played a big role, everybody contributed to this win today.”

Gruden on the play of FB Mike Alstott:
“It was good to have him back. That’s another guy who has had his share of injuries but delivered not only some good runs, but some good blocks. Pittman went over 100 yards and usually that’s a tribute to the fullback.”

Gruden on the play of the offensive and defensive lines:
“It was a great job by Rod Marinelli and Bill Muir. When you lose your starting center and you lose the number of defensive tackles we’ve lost it’s certainly challenging. Both of those coaches deserve a lot of credit. When you lose (Anthony) McFarland, Ellis Wyms and Damien Gregory and have a guy like Chidi Ahanotu come in and play like he did – that’s great effort and great performance by him.”

Gruden on Tampa Bay’s ability to shutdown San Francisco TE Eric Johnson:
“We’ve been hurt by the tight end in the last two weeks. Obviously, it was well documented. But I think we made them a one-dimensional team when we got the lead. Running to (Kevan) Barlow was a big, primary objective of ours. Once that became eliminated we could focus on (Johnson) a little more.”

Bucs WR Joe Jurevicius’ reaction to the game:
“It felt good to get out there. The biggest thing we needed was a win. We came out with not only a win, but I think we played great in all facets of our football team. Overall we had a great game.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on the weapons slowly coming back into play:
“We’re coming together. We’ve got a lot of new faces on this team, and we’re finally coming together as a unit. I think a lot of people see that right now. Last week we didn’t really show our talent and we were struggling. But we just came out and put on a good show. We think we’re better than what we showed today.”

Pittman on the difference between this week and last week:
“It’s just us executing as an offensive unit. I’m not going to blame the offensive line, quarterbacks, running backs… it’s just us. We lose together, we win together. Last week, we just didn’t execute as an offensive unit. We really didn’t pick up the blitz, a lot of linemen in the backfield. Coach Gruden challenged us this week.”

Bucs S Dwight Smith on getting a turnover right away:
“Anytime you give the ball to the offense on a short field, and then go score, it gets the crowd involved and the team involved. You need that when you’re at home. You need the crowd, you need guys on Special Teams to feel you. Everyone today played.”

Smith on turnovers being what the defense always talks about:
“All 11 guys who are on the field are playing like they’re the best player on the field right now. That’s all we try to preach. Today we showed that regardless of who is on the field, we’re going to do our job, be where we’re supposed to be, and hopefully shut down the other team.”

Bucs FB Mike Alstott on offensive players returning to the field healthy:
“It’s huge. When you can get down the field with Galloway and Jurevicius… Clayton is doing great so they have to cover him, and Pittman is running great… we’re starting to see everything come back together. Guys are getting healthy again. When our offensive line can block like they did today, it makes us able to do what we can do on the field.”

Bucs WR Joe Jurevicuis on his big game:
“I’m happy for him. I know what he went through, it’s frustrating to be out all last year. To put a display on with what he did today, it just boosts the guys confidence and really gets him in the swing of things. He’s a great ballplayer, and I’m happy to see him succeed.”

Jurevicius on the state of the team:
“We’re getting our players back healthy. We’re going to make a run for it. This team never quits. That’s the great attitude about this team. It doesn’t matter what the score is, what the record is, we’re going to come out there on Sunday and be very competitive and give somebody a challenge.”

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