Bucs quarterback Brian Griese on getting a win in New Orleans:
“We needed this one in a bad way. I was happy to be able to help lead our team to a win.”

Griese on coming off the bench in relief of injured QB Chris Simms:
“As a backup quarterback, it’s kind of tough to do every week and prepare and not get a shot to show what you can do. It was very unfortunate to see Chris go down with an injury and I really hope he can come back really quickly. I just tried to come in and ignite the team and the guys around me did a great job blocking, catching the ball and running.”

Griese on how he was able to come off the bench and do so well after being on the bench all season long:
“You just have to stay strong. I’ve been in a lot of different situations during my years in the NFL, being a starter, being a backup or being a third-string guy. The one thing that remains constant is you have to keep the faith. You have to prepare yourself for your opportunity. Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity and make the most of it.”

Griese on calling timeouts in the fourth quarter:
“It was a situation where we had three timeouts and were in a four-minute drill. I just wanted to use our timeouts so we could get in the correct plays. It’s a different story when you’re behind with two minutes to go and you want to save your timeouts. When you’re ahead and you’re running the ball, you can afford to use those timeouts to get the right look and right play.”

Griese on his 45-yard touchdown pass to tight end Ken Dilger:
“Yeah, he was pretty wide open. If I would’ve missed that one he would’ve been on my butt all week, so I’m glad we hit that one. As a quarterback, sometimes you expect to make the tight throw, but when it opens up that big you have to make sure you hit them in stride.”

Griese on how the offensive line performed in New Orleans:
“They were unbelievable. They did a great job. I’d give ’em all game balls if it were my choice. They did a really great job. Michael Pittman ran the ball hard. Hopefully we can use this win to build on and come back next week and get another one.”

Bucs wide receiver Charles Lee on getting the start on Sunday:
“It felt pretty good. I had a good week of practice, was confident in my abilities and was ready to play.”

Lee on the big plays he made during the first half:
“We just kind of got in a groove a little bit early. Coach came in called some plays — Chris came off some of his reads and came to me early. We got comfortable with each other and established some momentum.”

Lee on getting the first win of the season:
“It’s been a long time coming. I think this is the win that we needed, especially with this being a division game. This one was really big for us.”

Lee on QB Chris Simms getting injured in the first quarter:
“That is just one of those unfortunate things in this business. You hate to see things like that happen to a guy who finally gets his opportunity. Chris was making good reads and throwing the ball extremely well, but injuries are just the nature of the business. Brian came in and played one helluva game.”

Bucs WR Michael Clayton on getting the first win of the season:
“It definitely feels great. It feels good to come home and still see you’re supported by these Louisiana fans. It was awesome coming out of the tunnel here and there’s really a lot of support here for LSU.”

Clayton on the Louisiana Superdome being a special place for him:
“This is home for me. The last time I came here we won a championship and now we got our first win. There’s definitely something special about this atmosphere. There’s nothing like it in the world. All of my supporters from college were here. It just makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Clayton on how QB Chris Simms fared before he was injured:
“He was doing a great job. We were definitely ready to rally around Chris, and we did that when he was in there. When (Brian) Griese came in he did an excellent job. He didn’t try to do too much. He just let the game come to him. That was a real positive about him — he was patient — and that translated into success.”

Clayton on his two rushing plays for 25 yards:
“I think Coach Gruden likes the way I come out of the backfield, I don’t know. When a defense leaves open a weakness we’re definitely going to attack it with the best guys we can, and if we have to add a little trickery to it, we’ll do that, too.”

Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin on getting the first win of the season:
“It feels good. I’ll tell you, it’s been a long time coming. This is what you coach for. You don’t play to lose. You play to win. It was a great job by the special teams, the offense did a great job holding the ball there and the defense. Do you know what the best two-minute defense is? That’s when the offense holds the ball and keeps getting first downs and we don’t go back on the field.”

Kiffin on Tampa Bay’s defense creating two turnovers:
“We hadn’t been doing that. If you go back to ’02 we had some big turnovers that were returned for touchdowns. That number 20 — if there’s a ball on the ground he’s going to find it somehow. He’s always around the football, and when he gets it it seems like he always scores, which I like.”

Kiffin on Bucs head coach Jon Gruden losing his voice:
“He did a great job of calling the plays, but I do think he lost his voice. I think I’m losing my voice, too. I’ll tell you something — this team has a lot of character. Most people that are 0-4 are going south on you. Not this football team. This team has great character, and when you have a team with great character they’re going to stick together. It would’ve been really easy to go to New Orleans — the Saints are wounded dog because they got beat by Arizona last week — and overlook them, but we told our guys that this wasn’t going to be easy. We got their best shot. I’m very proud of the fact that we all stuck together.”

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