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WR Michael Clayton on his first touchdown catch:
“It was a game-planned play. We prepared for it all week. We got the perfect coverage. I had to alter my route a little bit. It was supposed to be an outside play, but he played me to the inside. I kind of stepped and went inside, and Brad [Johnson] made a hell of a throw. We connected.”

Clayton if he wants more pass opportunities downfield:
“No, we’re fine. The playcalling has been great. I do my job and when I see stuff that’s open, I’ll let the coach know. If it’s in the best interest at that particular time then he’ll call it.”

Clayton on if he anticipated a big hit from S John Lynch after his big catch:
“No, it was just me and the corner on that route when you get the perfect coverage. I’m thankful that he didn’t hit me. He came up to me and tapped me. That’s how the league is… he probably could have gotten fined for hitting me. It turned out to our best. We wish that could have sparked us a little bit. We fell short a couple of drives. We have to stay positive.”

Clayton on what went through his mind in the end zone:
“Nothing really. Hopefully that we can get a chance to win. That’s been my thing. I’m not used to this. We’re just begging for stuff to go our way. It comes down to executing. We execute in practice and we just can’t get over that hump in a game. We feel it’s coming. The season’s not over. This is the first quarter, we’re not looking back.”

WR Charles Lee on rebounding from his fumble:
“I think Brad [Johnson] has confidence in me. I think he knows my abilities. I just have to put the ball away on that play. Careless mistake by me, going into a crowd and not protecting the ball. It happens, but certainly we didn’t need it today, and you know, that’s my fault.”

Lee on how he has to keep his spirits up:
“Basically just know that it’s a long season. Right now we’re not playing good football. We started to show signs a little bit today of what we’re capable of doing. We just put our minds together and each guy takes care of their individual job. We just didn’t put enough points on the board.”

RB Michael Pittman on if he got enough carries in his 2004 debut:
“Yeah, he got me enough [carries]. I got a little winded out there, I’m not going to lie, of course. It’s my first week back in three weeks. You’vs always got to stay in football shape. You’ve got to get out there, you’re going to get tackled and hit. He gave me the ball enough, and I appreciate it. I just wish I could do more to help us win.”

Pittman on starting the 2004 season off 0-4:
“Some guys are down. We’re not going to give up of, course. We’re going to fight together. This team will never fingerpoint. We win together as a team, lose together as a team. We know we have a good team. We’ve had some really close games. It’s just that one play and we turn it all around and hopefully the next quarter of the season we can win those games and get back to .500.”

Pittman on playing against Lynch:
“Lynch was out there calling our plays and everything. I was like ‘C’mon man, let me break one.’ We went head up one time, it was a great collision. He’s a great guy, friend of mine, and I was happy to see him back. Lynch knows a little bit of our offense and our formations, and he would call them out. One time I was out there on an offset, and he was calling a ‘Rail.’ The ‘Rail’ was on. He just knows plays like that. He’s been here for the longest time, and he knows our offense. When he hit [fullback Mike Alstott] in the backfield on third-and-1, we were trying to call timeout, they had a 10-man front up there and we just couldn’t block it.”

S Dwight Smith on showing some of the old Bucs enthusiasm on defense:
“I think this was the first game all three phases played together. We came up on the short end of the stick. I don’t think we’re going to let it drive us into the ground. I think we’re going to build off this and hopefully it will catapult us into a victory next week.”

Smith on the defense’s fourth quarter meltdown:
“On one third down offsides was called. We stopped them, but we just made a mistake on our own. We were putting them in short third downs, so I don’t know if it was really third down, it was the downs before that. We just got make the adjustments.”

Smith on not playing any division games yet is a positive:
“The only positive I have is that we’re playing hard. Regardless of if we’re playing division games, we’re playing hard and that’s the only thing we have to build on right now. The fact that everyone’s playing until the end and nobody is giving up. As long as you have that, you always have a chance.

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