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DE Simeon Rice on losing two games in a row to start the 2004 season:
“We can’t go two weeks without scoring a touchdown on offense. I don’t care what anyone says. We’re still together. But reality bites right now, and it speaks true. We’ll just keep finding a way defensively, keep playing together as a team, and hopefully this thing turns around.”

DE Simeon Rice on changing quarterbacks and going with Chris Simms over Brad Johnson:
“I like energy … it’s whatever is clever. Whatever works for us, let’s ride with it. I’m all for scoring points, doing big things. If we’re getting better, I’m with it.”

WR Michael Clayton on what it was like when Chris Simms came in at quarterback:
“I was excited. Being in my situation, I’m a young guy and I know Chris’ ability. I know he can throw the ball downfield. I’m happy for him that he’s finally got his chance. And I know deep down inside, he wants to do better, and I think that’s going to be one of the main things that’s going to bring him over the hump. He’s definitely confident. He’s not a guy that’s going to get down on himself. He’s a guy who’s a leader in the huddle.”

WR Michael Clayton on being the leading receiver of the team:
“At the end of the night, a win is what it’s all about. I can have no catches and get a victory and be happier than I am right now. What it does is it humbles you. We’re coming out of a bad situation at 0-2, and we have to go out next week and get a victory away.”

WR Michael Clayton on if he was surprised by the quarterback change:
“No … it’s whatever. It’s whatever it takes to win. We’re digging in guys just to makes plays. It’s whoever can give momentum … anything. Coach Gruden is not going hesitate to win and if putting Chris (Simms) in there is the situation that’s best for us to get a victory, he did that with no hesitation. No disrespect to Brad (Johnson), it’s just that’s how it is. The good thing is Brad understands that. Brad was over there coaching up, telling (Chris Simms) what blitzes to look for.”

C John Wade on if it’s one thing on offense that needs to be corrected:
“No, you can’t point to one thing. We flashed at times, but we need to sustain drives and keep our defense off the field. I think the defense and special teams played well again for the second week. We didn’t help them out. Two field goals isn’t going to get you a win … not that many times, not in this league.”

C John Wade on if continuity is coming on the offensive line:
“I don’t know how continuity is coming with a 10-6 loss. I haven’t seen the tape, but I would agree at this moment that we handled the blitz better than last week.”

DT Anthony McFarland on the Bucs defense playing well:
“Regardless of what side of the ball played well, we didn’t get the job done. Defensively, we did some good things. Offensively, we did some good things, but as a team we didn’t do enough to win and that’s what’s bothering us right now. Until we get that fixed, there are going to be some tough Sundays.”

DT Anthony McFarland on how to keep it together with the offense struggling:
“You can’t really worry about that. Every guy has to do their job, and you’ve got to trust teammates. That’s what building chemistry is all about. You’ve got to trust teammates not only during the good times, but during the tough times like we’re going through right now.”

DT Anthony McFarland on what he thinks of the Buccaneers’ quarterback change:
“Just trying to make some plays. I don’t know what (head coach Jon Gruden’s) thinking behind it is, but whatever it did, offensively it gave us a spark and helped us out. We still didn’t win the game, so I’m not saying that was or wasn’t the answer, but it gave us a spark today. That’s what we need.”

Coach Jon Gruden on the loss to Seattle and the change at quarterback:
“I’m proud of our team. They competed very hard today. I’m disappointed obviously in the outcome. We made a quarterback change today to give our team a lift. I thought Chris did some good things in the game. We were looking for a spark. We felt Chris could come in and give us a different perspective, and he did.”

Coach Jon Gruden on replacing Brad Johnson with Chris Simms at quarterback:
“Sometimes you try to inject life into your team by making a change at quarterback. Chris Simms is an up-and-coming prospect. We were looking for a spark, and I thought he gave us that.”

QB Chris Simms on his first opportunity to play in an NFL game:
“I had a lot of fun. I know I made some good plays. I felt like I saw the field well, I just did some stupid things.”

QB Chris Simms on why he thought he was inserted into the starting lineup:
“I always feel like I’m a high-energy guy. I guess [head coach Jon Gruden] feels the same way. I guess he put me in there to jump-start us a little bit and I felt like I did that. I just wish we had a better ending to the story. I was trying to throw it away and not take a sack and ended up throwing it a lot farther than I thought I was going to and it was an interception. It was my fault and that’s all there is to say. I was close to being down, but it was a close call. It just goes back to stupidity by me.

QB Chris Simms on his fumble at Seattle’s 1-yard line near the end of the second quarter:
“I missed the snap. It was my fault. There’s nothing else to say. I just screwed up a good opportunity for us to score a touchdown.
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