(Bucs head coach Raheem Morris on who his starting quarterback will be)
"It's always too early to talk about quarterbacks right now. You've got to evaluate the film. You've got to grade these guys. Obviously, we didn't get a whole bunch going on offense, when you talk about penalties, when you talk about those things, but we've got to get up out of that. We'll give you a decision, we're ready to make a decision about the quarterback, but right now you've got to go look at the tape, you've got to grade those guys, you've got to look at it close, you've got to go make it happen for yourself."

(Morris on his impression of the QBs from watching them play vs. Miami)
"You saw some mistakes from both of the guys [Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich]. Anytime you come out of the game and don't get a change to get six [a touchdown], you've got to go back and look at the tape and see what the reasons were, what caused everything. We missed some wide outs, that was easy to see. We missed some receivers out there, so we've got to go look at the tape and see what's going on."

(Morris on whether he can make a decision at QB at this point)
"Again, you've got to go back and evaluate and look and when I'm definitely ready to make a decision I'll call you first."

(Morris when asked if he was frustrated to be in this position at the QB position)
"No, this is our football team. You don't get frustrated with your football team. You coach them, you play through it, be mentally tough. Frustration is for mentally weak people and I refuse to be mentally weak. I'm going to go through the process and let these guys go through the process. I'm going to let these guys get what they deserve. We'll go out and we'll do it and we'll find out."

(Morris on how he'd charactarize the QB play)
"In the first two preseason games, obviously we had some success from both guys. In the first one, Leftwich had a bunch of success. That second one Leftwich started off with a little bit of success, got some penalties and killed some drives for him. Luke came out on fire, really lit it up, really got this thing interesting, really got us all talking about it. Then you come out tonight, we missed a couple of big plays we could've had down field and actually turn this whole night around. You've got to stay positive. There weren't any critical errors as far as interceptions being run back for touchdowns. There weren't any fumbles by the quarterbacks or turnovers that would absolutely destroy you down the stretch. You can't say they didn't manage the game well. We had a chance to win the game the whole time. With that being said, that's all you can really ask of your quarterback right now, to give yourself the chance to win the game in the fourth [quarter] and they both did tonight. Obviously you want someone to jump up and take it. Did they tonight? We'll have to go look at the tape and find out if they did."

(Morris on if he wished he didn't have to go back and judge film to pick QB)
"You always want someone to take a position, come out and be your commanding leader, but for the most part in this situation it hasn't been that they've both been so bad that they haven't taken it, they both played well at different times. It's not fair to judge them based on that. I don't want to make it seem that both guys played themselves out of a role. They both had different spurts at different times where they both played decent, they both played well enough to win and they both played winning football. We've got to go back and look at it again. So we're looking at it in a good spectrum, rather than the worst-case scenario spectrum that you could be talking about."

(Bucs center Jeff Faine on coming back from the injury)
"It felt great to get back out there and compete and get after it. I had a lot of fun getting out there with my guys. It felt great."

(Faine on the running game)
"Runners were running hard. It's good to give all those guys looks and for them to be healthy again. They are all hungry to show what they are all about and to show what they can do. Up front, we're hungry to get them some holes."

(Faine the team's performance)
"It's the little things that we really have to tighten up. We are shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties and not hitting the plays that we should have. There are some plays that we would really like to get back. We are there; we just have to execute them."

(Faine the zone blocking scheme)
"It's getting better. It's still going to be something that we probably won't hit the sweet spot until midseason where we will be a well-oiled machine."

(Bucs QB Byron Leftwich on the team's performance)
"We moved the ball pretty well. We have to work on some timing with the guys we have, we had a lot of injuries at wide receiver. I missed a few, but other than that, I like what we did today."

(Leftwich on his play)
"I felt good. I missed a few, but I hit a few also luckily for me on the ones I missed, I made plays on the following play to get those first downs. That is something that I can't do, miss guys, but that is something that I can correct and be ready to roll."

(Leftwich on the running game)
"It was good to see Cadillac out there doing his thing, making good plays and doing what he does. That's what Cadillac does. Like I said, we have a three-headed monster that can run this ball. It's good to see all of them doing well."

(Bucs defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson on the team's performance)
"It was a pretty good night. We're starting to come together. You are starting to see what we can do when we play Dallas. All of the guys are flying around, everybody is fast and everybody is fresh. Even though we had two really hard practices dealing with the heat, the guys came out here ready to go. First of all, it was the first home game so we wanted to prove to the crowd we are a good team."
(Wilkerson on his performance)
"I felt pretty good. I did a lot of studying and watching film. These guys are a talented team but we are too. I just went out there and showed my skills as the starting defensive end."
(Bucs running back Cadillac Williams his comeback)
"It just feels great. It's a blessing. From the strides that I made, I just give praise to the Lord. I'm just so excited to be out here with these guys. I feel so good to be out here this season."
(Williams how his knee feels)
"The knee is not an issue to me. It's not a problem, I feel great. I'm just loving what I do."
(Williams on the three running back tandem of Graham, Ward and Williams)
"I love them. Those guys are a big key in what we do. They are establishing their game. It's going to be tough on defenses."

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