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    Stage 1 in the Cardinals game plan. Befriend the enemy. Yeah I get it, he likes Jameis, he will still try slobberknock him on Sunday. I think this next game is winnable. Arizona’s run defense will be tested I’m sure, Dougernaught needs to get his get up and go going. GO BUCS

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    And Jaboo will still try to beat him on Sunday.

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    That’s funny, he showed me his superbowl rings, and I haven’t gotten one yet! Jameis, you just started your second season. Is this kid driven, or what? I hope he wins many S.B.’s, but remember, some of the all time greats, HOFers, never got a ring. They aren’t easy to get.

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    Regardless of motives, it is so nice to hear so many kind, supportive remarks pertaining to our QB and having so many see what us Nole and Buc fans have known all along. Proud of your growth, Jameis!

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