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    We have a good running combo; got to keep Winston up right as we have QB zero back up. Go Bucs

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    Falcons were jamming the line with eight man fronts daring Winston to beat them with his arm and that’s exactly what he did.
    Winston can expect to see more of the same against he Cardinals and every other team until he continues to beat them with his arm. If he continues to play like he did against the Falcons, Martin will see a lot less eight man fronts and more room to run.

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    The Dougernaught is showing last year was no fluke! Another big year is coming.

    PR, I dont know if you got any connections at EA but they gotta correct the commentary on Madden 17 from “Dougenator” to “Dougernaught”

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    Weak opponent. It’ll be telling how the Bucs play against an upper echelon team in Arizona.

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    Weak opponent or not, the new formula is to make the other guys respect the run. If they do, bombs away. last year that’s exactly what occurred and Dougernaught ran rampant. For years we had no passing attack and teams consistently stuffed the box with safeties and stop our running attack. I thought some of Doug’s best plays were his receptions.
    Just imagine what Marino could have done if he had a good running game. Is Winston as good as Marino? I’m drinking the koolaid and saying yes. Well maybe not yet, but I’m hoping.

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    A .500 record from the previous year doesn’t make you weak, Morgan. It makes you average. A 6-10 record might qualify you as being “weak.” Might. Add to the fact the Falcons hadn’t lost what I believe was 8 straight home opening wins.
    Everyone knows what the Falcons record is but they also know it was their home opener.
    Morgan, are you related to jongruden?

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