Several Buccaneers players reacted to the news that second-year quarterback Chris Simms will start in place of Brad Johnson on Sunday in New Orleans. has their comments.

Wide receiver Michael Clayton on whether he and Simms click:
“We just click. There’s no preference, we just try to get it done. Whoever is the man for the job at that particular time, that’s who you call on. Sometimes players struggle. I struggle as a receiver sometimes and when that happens I don’t play as much and when I get used to it and play better, I start to see more playing time. That’s just how it is in the NFL. The most important thing is that we stay positive and support Brad and support Chris, also.”

Clayton on the best advice he can give Simms:
“Take off. He’s been in the position before. He’s a guy that’s going to go out and going to want to make stuff happen. From what I’ve learned when you’re a great player you don’t have to press any, you just go out and make plays. Just go out and play your game. He’s a guy that may sometimes try to press too much to make a play but just that good to go out and relax and play so the only advice I can give him is to just stay calm. Everything will be alright. I?m a receiver, I’m working for you. Build his confidence. You can throw the ball to me. So, just the main thing is building confidence and telling him to calm down.”

Wide receiver Tim Brown on what he’s seen from Simms on the practice field:
“Well, obviously he’s very excited about going out there and playing football. With his physical ability he can throw the football. The kid has a cannon for an arm and has the ability to move around in the pocket a little bit and he brings you some tangible things that you can play football games with.”

Linebacker Derrick Brooks on whether Simms brings an advantage to a struggling Bucs offense:
“You can’t compare. I think that Chris is going to go out there and do a fine job for us. Coach obviously has the confidence in him to go and get it done. So, all we can do is just go out and play our game and try to do our part. Let’s not worry about what Chris can do but worry about what we can do.”

Left tackle Derrick Deese on helping Simms start his first game:
“First of all, I look at it like Chris is a really enthusiastic guy. He’s ready to go. He wants to play. The only thing I can tell him is that there is too much going in your head when you’re making mistakes and don’t worry about it. He can’t worry about whether he?s going to make a throw or if he’s not doing well or even if they are going to make a change back to Brad. We just have to move forward with what we have. We just have to move on. Nothing is going to change since college except that everything is going to move faster and the defense is going to be more aggressive.”

Right tackle Kenyatta Walker on Simms starting at QB:
“That’s not my decision. That’s what Coach Gruden wants. Chris is a young guy. Brad is a veteran, a leader. He is going to help and do everything he can to help this team win. We’ll see the outcome on Sunday.”

Wide receiver Charles Lee on what Simms brings to the offense:
“Youth. From being young and not playing, I think his attitudes are different. He wants to go out there and make the big play. He wants to go down the field a little bit more. His arm is a little stronger than Brad’s. I think mentally, Brad was what we needed, but Coach made a change and we’re going to stick with it. Chris is going to be a good player in this league. He has a lot to learn, but that’s how you learn, getting game experience.”

Running back Michael Pittman on the quarterback change:
“I don’t know. You just follow what your head coach says and does. He thought that was the necessary decision to make. I am a big fan of Brad and a big fan of Chris. I think both guys do a great job. Maybe Coach Gruden is looking for a spark in Chris. Coach Gruden made a decision and as a player we stand by our coach. We are going to that game with Chris, growling at us. We’re going to stand by Chris and hopefully, we get a win.”

Center John Wade on whether Brad Johnson is the reason the Bucs are 0-4:
“I’m not looking at it as that the quarterback change has been made, that we are 0-4 because of Brad; because it’s not true. There is no truth to that. Everyone on this team had a hand in a loss. Change does happen, that is part of this league. By no means is it Brad Johnson’s fault or the reason for the change. Coach Gruden explained his reason for the change and that’s his business. I play center and try to protect the quarterback who is there and try to open holes for the running backs. If you want to look anybody, you can look at my play first. I don’t think my play has been anything stellar this year. I look at myself first rather then anywhere else.”

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