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    Not surprised despite all they hype and Alstott comparisons he didn’t do much in practice or games. I don’t know much about Cross.

  2. 2


    A little surprised by this but me thinks they want to get him to practice squad. Cut him early before other clubs trim rosters. Better odds to get him there.

  3. 3


    Hopefully this will be the last time Vitale’s name is ever mentioned in the same sentence as a Buccaneer legend by anyone.

  4. 4


    Second year in a row that we used a draft pick to select a FB (with some catching skills) and ended up cutting them in the first wave.

    Hope Vitale does not end up in New England.

  5. 5


    From what I was seeing in practice and the limited time he played in the exhibition games, he never looked like anything special.

  6. 6



    96 Matthews, Cliff DE 6-4 268 26 5 South Carolina
    59 Brown, Kourtnei DE 6-4 253 27 1 Clemson
    70 Francis, A.J. DT 6-5 330 26 3 Maryland
    33 McFadden, Kimario S 5-11 197 25 1 South Carolina State
    44 Hansbrough, Russell RB 5-9 195 R Missouri
    86 Reedy, Bernard WR 5-9 175 24 1 Toledo
    33 Vitale, Dan TE 6-2 225 24 R Northwestern
    50 Rhodes, Luke LB 6-2 242 R William & Mary
    35 Elliott, Javien CB 5-11 176 22 R Florida State
    86 Cartwright, Kivon TE 6-4 245 24 R Colorado State
    44 Awe, Micah LB 6-0 221 22 R Texas Tech
    52 George, Jeremiah LB 5-11 234 24 3 Iowa State
    57 Keyes, Josh LB 6-2 223 22 2 Boston College
    72 Gottschalk, Ben C 6-5 293 23 1 Southern Methodist
    43 Barber, Peyton RB 5-11 225 R Auburn
    10 Krause, Jonathan WR 5-11 190 24 2 Vanderbilt
    16 Martino, Freddie WR 6-0 195 24 1 North Greenville
    80 Bell, Kenny WR 6-1 197 23 R Nebraska
    39 Johnson, Isaiah S 6-0 209 R South Carolina
    67 Kerbyson, Kyler T 6-4 305 23 R Tennessee
    70 Palmer, Kelvin G 6-4 290 23 2 Baylor
    61 Allen, Josh C 6-3 315 24 1 Louisiana-Monroe
    * Injured players (Bell/Reedy) may be waived injured or to IR

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      HEEEEEEY MAC! Good to see you my friend. Stop in and say hi every now and then.

    2. 6.2


      Though macabee moved to Fiji. Welcome back.

    3. 6.3


      Nooo! I can’t leave you guys. Said I would pop in once in a while, but I read everyday! Thought the roster info might be helpful. Go Bucs!

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    our TE core is very light on blocking ability….i know nothing about Cross, but I have to assume he stood out in that area and\or special teams and that’s what made him more immediately useful than Vitale

  8. 8


    Cross played better and earned the spot on the roster. We have always had our traing camp favorites and rarely are they what we thought they were. On the other hand, some other undrafted FA’s may make it, including Cross.

  9. 9


    Remember when Vitale was the next Mike Alstott lol

  10. 10


    I remember people comparing him to Mike Alstott. I am pretty amazed we kept 5 TE’S. We may not even have one worthy of starting in the NFL.

    1. 10.1


      ASJ will surprise us all. Hoping so anyways.

      1. 10.1.1


        He has the ability, but he can’t stay healthy and lacks the character .

  11. 11


    I hope Dickie V isn’t disappointed.

  12. 12


    I think Vitale was more of a runner, that’s why he got the Alstott comparisons. Alstott wasn’t much of a blocker either, but man he could run the heck out of the ball. Unfortunately we never got see what Vitale could do as a runner as it was a full stable of runners in the backfield. I wish Vitale the best of luck.

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