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    What, no comments? Next time Eric should mention something about the player’s political views or his religious beliefs. That will sure open the floodgates.

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      Love the humor!

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      Hate to say it, but after Scott’s Fab 5, you’re pretty much spot on.
      I can’t wait until training camp starts!

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      scubog for starting this line of material say 3 Hail Marys and 1 Our Farther
      Go Bucs !!

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      Iam glad that this young man has a bright future for Tampa Bay with the future ahead of this young man-Go Bucs

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    I have no clue why this is even a rule, let alone why the NFL abides by it. I don’t believe any students in any other fields wait for their class to graduate before taking jobs. Even sillier when player is leaving school early.

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    You should be drafting OL and DL every draft. Licht knows this and will continue to fill the ranks.

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      This is true, if there are players you’ve got on your board, and you’re not reaching for them like the Falcons do every year.

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    If it is meant to be, the young man will make the team.
    All of this has been predetermined by God.
    How am I doing?

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      LOL @ drdn

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      That’s the thing that used to always drive me nuts – when guys thank God for their sports team winning a championship, as if God ordained who would win. So what, God’s been a huge Pats fan for the last 15 years, and the one before that he was all about the Cowboys, and in the 80s he was a die hard Niners fan? What about all of the faithful followers of Christ that never won a championship? Did they just not DO it right? Was that it?

      If God is real, I feel very confident in saying – he does not care who wins the Super Bowl this year. There are dozens of guys on every single team that are Christians. Only one team’s Christians will win a title. So what does that say about God’s love for all of the rest of the people who love him?

      Gimme a break, man.

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      That a way to keep the comments momentum going my friend.

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    God bless everyone and may Jesus be with you

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      jongruden, may the light of Buddha’s smile shine on your life:) LMAO

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    Holy giblets! The old Bucs regime ignored the O-line for four years?? I guess that never caught my attention…

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      Yea, I agree e. Amazing.

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    I hope Benoch is in town working out with Jameis, Ali , Donovan. He needs to get use to the humidity as quickly as possible. Go Bucs!

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    Inspecto: lol

    toofamiliar17: Most Christians thank God for the blessings in there life in all area’s you just hear them when there in front of a camera. Just trying to explain why it seems that way.
    I love how Licht is building this team. GO BUCS!!!

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    Wow, 17 comments about an obscure 6th round offensive lineman. Pretty good.

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      Scubog the cheer leader!!!

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    Toofamiliar17, I have always thought the same thing.
    Actually, I have no problems with players expressing their faith momentarily, but when it goes overboard like with Tim Tebow, it gets annoying.
    If you want to proselytize, find a church and go to work or become a minister.
    But don’t try to shove your religion down my throat.
    When I watched Tebow it was like I was watching a football game and a revival meeting would break out.
    As for Gods favorite team, I always thought he was a closet Saints fan or didn’t you see that off sides kick to start the first half in the Super Bowl.
    Thy will be done.

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      drdneast, it makes sense that God would favor the Saints:) Howevcer, there was a hole in the roof of the Cowboys stadium for a reason. I hate the cowboys as much as I love the Bucs.

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    Dang I didn’t know about no o-line picks for that long. Sheesh…go bucs!

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