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    We started off getting blown out and we ended the season getting blown out. Lovie being the “let’s break this season into quarters” so I will too: Qtr 1, 1-3; Qtr 2, 2-2; Qtr 3,3-1; Qtr 4,0-4. We are 8-24 with this Head Coach. Okay I give up about firing the guy because the Glazer’s probably won’t. What a mess!!!

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    Another Disappointing game. About what I expected score wise. We were in this game for one quarter I guess. After that was garbage. Offense was hard to watch. I can’t blame this one all on Lovie. Defense was on field too much. Also I liked what he did with the blitz. All year I’ve criticized him and said why not blitz more what do we have to lose? Rather lose blitzing than have teams control clock and compete 70% passes. He tried something different and it was about time because front 4 alone can’t do anything period. Watching the slants work every time was ridiculous. Penalties seemed like we’re going to be better than they started after we got down. Winston had great rookie season overall but not good game for him at all. Mike Evans is a huge letdown and total garbage this year. What a crappy year for him! Dropped like half his targets, cries like a little baby to refs, can’t control his temper then gets ejected last game. Way to go buddy. Grow up you moron! Have to say though they don’t eject Beckham for what he did but for talking you get tossed? Guess they we’re as sick of his bitching as I was. Lol. We have some big holes to fill. Jury out on Lovie, but not looking good to me. Hopefully we have good draft and free agency because we need it. We did triple our wins though. Woo hoo! Lol.

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    Not much to say on this one. The defense got some turnovers early but then fell apart and looked the same as they have most of the season but especially the last four weeks. Winston started out slow like he has most of the season but especially the last four weeks. The combination of those two things have led to most of our losses this season. It certainly would have helped if we could have gotten Dougie going. There weren’t a lot of penalties that I could remember but apparently that doesn’t matter when you’re playing a team as talented as the Panthers.

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    Horse, I feel your pain. If he gets next year, there should be no more excuses.

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    Bucs Season Ends With Pummeling By Panthers, 38-10 – Bucs Season Begins With Pummeling By Titans, 42-14. Both by 28 point differential. You can say a lot of things about my Bucs, but you can’t say they’re not consistent!

    I’m fresh out of excuses, exhortations, and commutations – moving on – this one’s flat on it’s back with all four legs in the air. Looking forward cause I’m scared to look back, SOB’s may be gainin’ on me! lol. Go Bucs….I reckon!

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    Well thy as an ugly finish. Jameis wasn’t sharp and started slow but it was nice to see the 4000 yards. He should get Roy which is awesome but probably doesn’t mean squat to him.
    Secondary is garbage and slant after slant is just nauseating to watch. It was great to see Lovie blitz, amazing what happens when you do that every once in a while.
    Asj is short arming passes over the middle and Mike Evans needs to get his shit together. Stop with the damn crying after every pass. D line is average and we need so much help.
    Jamies press conference after was the most telling thing. I love that he’s calling out players who don’t care about winning. There is clearly some players who are just here to collect a check and it’s good to see our qb is going to get these guys out of the building.
    On a side note having rhainey returning punts to this point shows what a stubborn and loyal to a fault guy Lovie is. Bobby should be cut tomorrow.

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    A few thoughts after this game:
    1) our defense can’t play this “bend don’t break” style with both weak DBs and weak pass rush…I suspect Lovie knew this all along and was just riding this year out hoping for someone to emerge…sadly nobody did.
    2) Mike Evans needs to STFU and play….he is going to have a rep very soon if not already amongst referees and if he thinks he isn’t getting calls now, just wait till next year.
    3) We need a new Center….Hawley is just slow…and Smith is proving he belongs at OG…WINSTON can’t survive many more games getting hit like this….we need an upgrade somewhere on the OL to give WINSTON a safe haven somewhere (either strong in the middle like NO, or strong on the outside)
    4) positives: Martin, LvD has returned, WINSTON is a gamer, ASJ is finding his place (which isn’t making tough catches, but is making an effect), I think we can stop the kicker shannanigans in 2016 and just stick with Barth, we have a top-10 pick to solve one problem.

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    Pink, on the penalties they had 5 for 65 yards today. Not the worst outing, but not good either. Just 5 yards short of 1200 for the year. Really the 4 against Bears was one of lowest overall, but the timing was devastating. Turnover negated by stupid Verner hold. Looks like offensive holding overall though was by far the most total yards of penalties. Unacceptable amount of penalties all year right up until last game.

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    We had the 25th ranked Scoring Defense, and the 20th ranked Scoring Offense. That equals 6-10. And considering we played Atlanta twice, NO Twice, NFC Least, AFC South, and a last place schedule, those numbers are inflated. We are picking 9th, but we probably aren’t even that good. But at least Winston looks good. Some hope for the future.

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    I often say that other than a handful of stars, most NFL teams are the same talent-wise. The difference is mental. Jameis is a very perceptive young man. He sees how many of his teammates on Defense merely go through the motions. Oh, he’s too classy to name names. But we here in Bucville can easily identify the culprits who, other than penalties and poor play, were nearly invisible. And where do these offenders reside? On Lovie’s Defense for the most part. Of all of Mr. Smith’s veteran F.A. vagabonds only DT Clinton McDonald (on IR) is worthy of a return engagement. In my view, those are the players Winston is calling out. McDonald, McCoy, Alexander, David and perhaps Tandy are keepers but the rest of Lovie’s hand-picked troupe should be sent packing.

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      Scubog; so agree with you. I’m back on the bus to give Lovie one more year. Winston convinced me it’s some of the players that have hurt us more than any coaching. There’s always reasons why mosteams allow heir players to go elsewhere and somehow we haven’t looked more closely as to the why.

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