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    The qb bowl for #1 starts Thursday, btw today was the first time I ever cheered loudly foe the Bucs to lose

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    thank God it’s finished

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    Lol @jongruden.

    Does it matter if we ranked this last game? No, not really. So what’s the point of giving Smith crap?
    I wonder if Tenn’s head coach is getting the same question…? Considering 2 out of their last 3 games were against teams that only had 2 wins themselves. Lay off Lovie’s back already! Go Bucs! And Go Mariota!!

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      We will lay off Saint Lovie’s back when he earns our respect. Sorry that sucking frustrates us more than it does you. Thank goodness McCown came through for us today.

    2. 3.2


      Our coach has zero credibility left. Respect is earned and he has not done that.

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    Btw is that Johnny Knoxville holding up that sign in the pic?

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    Why is Arroyo still there?

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    Bucs are in line to pick up Mariota. The question is what will be offered to them to trade down ?

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    That game scared the $#!+ out of me. I was worried we’d lose in the one area we were good at…losing. Now we can move on from all this speculation on who we’ll draft in the 1st round. Barring injury there is 0% chance we trade out of top spot or draft anyone else besides Mariota. Now who do we take with our other picks?

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    I wish I was as excited about the prospect of drafting Mariota as some of the others. I still haven’t seen him play other than a few highlights that focused on his running prowess. I’m really looking forward to the Woes Bowl Game.

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      Much I like everyone else I hope we don’t draft mariotta. It’s Winston or trade down. Watching the rose bowl and you will see mariotta not take one snap from under center. He hasn’t done that in his entire career. We have to run an offense like Oregon or there is no reason to draft him. Our team isn’t built like that. We draft mariotta we need a whole new team with much more speed.

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    undeniably the worst coached team in the nil

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