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    Of all the times to talk about too much passing when we are playing the Bronco’s; Martin is out, and we have no monster TE, and, no pass rush or Safeties. Really?

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    I mentioned this last week when I saw Winston had tossed the ball 58 times. Egad’s that’s almost as many passes as a team has plays in a game.
    Winston is a good QB but he isn’t Drew Brees good yet.
    The Bucs outplayed the highly ranked defensive Rams up and down the field on offense all day last week but were still beaten. Very Buc like.
    Someone mentioned out here last week that Winston was in the same boat as Drew Brees when it comes to winning games. He almost has to score every time he gets the ball because his porous defense doesn’t stop anyone. See Monday nights Atlanta game.
    Of course a field goal kicker would also help win some games as well.

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    It sounds good in theory….but in practice it means Sims and Rogers leading us to victory….that sounds a little far-fetched. Maybe this is just coach speak BS.

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    If I’m the OC this week going against Miller and Ware; running the ball by committee, quick passes to the backs and occasional deep shots would be my game plan. That Rodgers used to hurt us as a Falcon.

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      At least we don’t have to worry about Ware, he is out with an injury. I believe he broke his forearm against the colts a couple weeks ago. He had surgery to put a plate in his arm on Sept 20th. He should be out 4-6 weeks.

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        That’s what I thought too but the Injury Report shows Ware as Full Participation

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    Our offense isn’t the base problem. Our defense is the problem … if our D stopped giving up more points per game than any other team in the league, we wouldn’t be getting behind by multiple scores, and there would be more opportunity to run the ball and play the clock in our favor.

    I’m sure Coach Koetter would much prefer more balance in the attack … but Coach Smith has to fix his D or that’s simply not going to happen.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else notice that the Bucs seem to be a team that helps their opponent fix a problem they’re having? I take notice when pre-game commentators or writers bring up deficiencies in our next opponent. Sometimes it’s brought up as a weakness the Bucs can potentially exploit. Sometimes it’s just a bad streak they’re on. But my observation of this team is that usually they help get the opponent off of their bad trend. For example, a team is struggling to run the ball. I expect them to have a stellar running game against the Bucs. A team has yet to score an offensive touchdown. We’ll give up four. A team can’t seem to get sacks. You get the picture. So of course now I read (above):

    “While the Broncos sport a perfect 3-0 record after beating Carolina, Indianapolis and Cincinnati, they haven’t done so by smothering their opponents’ running backs. Denver’s surrendering the sixth most yards per game in the NFL (127.7) and 4.7 yards per rushing attempt.”

    Can anyone guess what I’m thinking? I don’t want it to happen and I’m not seriously thinking that Eric Horchy just jinxed the Bucs to 53 yards of rushing. But I’ve just grown accustomed to my pessimism. It’s like a comfortable fleece blanket. It envelopes me. Ok, it is Eric’s fault. Why did you have to bring that up Eric? Thanks a lot.

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