Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on if he’s anxious to see the emotion of John Lynch’s return:
“Yeah, I am. We know what he’s going to bring to town. We saw Tim Brown’s return to Oakland. It was a great scene for him. It will be a great scene for John Lynch. We’re proud of him, what he is and what he represents. I’ll be standing on my feet cheering for him when they introduce him, as well.”

Quarterback Brad Johnson on whether he’s talked to Lynch:
“We’ve talked a few times on the phone. I have always wished him well. I’ve missed him here since he has been gone. He’s a great friend and always will be. It will be fun to hook it up one more time.”

Johnson on seeing Lynch in the game:
“It will be great to see John and I am sure it will be fun for him to come back to Tampa. He’s playing very well out there in Denver right now. He’s a great friend of mine. Between the lines, head-to-head, here we go again. I’m excited for him because he is playing well. I’m excited for us just to get another chance to play and play against a very good team.”

Wide receiver Tim Brown on Lynch:
“John is one of those players; you have to account for on the field because he is such a ferocious hitter. It’s going to be very interesting. He is going to be going through the same emotions I went through last week, coming back here. If I know him, it’s only going to make him play a lot harder and everyone has to be prepared for that.”

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