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    Spence was of my favorite players in this draft I’m still not sure if he is a hand in dirt DE in a 4-3 or better suited to play OLB in a 3-4 standing up guess we will see this yr.

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      Might see a little of both. Diversity….what a concept.

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        And you have seen us play a stand up LB rush the passer from the outside in Tampa? I haven’t! “diversity” great idea now tell the Bucs



          Not often JonnyG that’s for sure. Even when McKay ran the 3-4 (then called a college defense); I don’t recall David Lewis or Cecil Johnson rushing the passer.

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    Hope to dpes well. Go Bucs!

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    My sentiments exactly Scubog. I think we’ll see a lot of both. Position flexibility, and a D.C. who’s willing to be flexible.

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    I can’t get fired up over him yet. We have had this before in Adams and Bowers. Great effort etc…..only to fail. After at least half a season we should be able to see what he brings to the team. Like everyone, I am hoping for the DE we have needed for years.

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      Agree that we shouldn’t buy in 100%, but the effort comparison is off, IMO. Both Adams and Bowers were known for not giving 100% in preparation and, at times, in games. If Spence steps up there, he’s already got a jump on those schmucks.

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    “Half a season,” jme0151?
    This isn’t the SEC or the Big 12, this is the NFL.
    Look at Warren Sapp’s sack totals for the first two years. If you had been the GM you would have cut him using your criteria.
    As far as Bowers is concerned, he was never known for great effort.
    The kid had a brief fling with MDA, otherwise known as Molly’s I believe.
    The substance itself isn’t very addicting but he went into rehab anyway.
    I’m the last person who would condone drug use but I don’t live in a Walton’s Mountain world either.
    Sadly, nowadays the kid that doesn’t experiment with some kind of drug in college is more of the anomaly than the one who does.
    America is known for the land of second chances. It’s one of the factors that makes this country so great.

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    Really like this Kid. Saw him a couple times at the international mall. Very humble guy. I’m pulling for him to break the 10 sack wall.

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    I have no worries about him off the field. If anything, I worry about the one-trick nature of his pass rush and his possible lack of elite athleticism for the position. If Spence doesn’t become a good or great NFL player, it won’t be because of MDMA. It will be because, like countless other college stars before him, he simply wasn’t good enough for the NFL.

    Lots of promise, tons of potential. I think he’s got enormous upside, maybe the best of the entire draft among pass rushers. There’s a big downside with him, too, though.

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