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    the first time asj goes down I hope Brate takes the job and runs with it.

    Go Bucs !!!

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    I believe, unless ASJ has a spectacular camp, Brate will be the opening day starter. Go Bucs!

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    ASJ, Brate, Stocker all will be playing in every game if they stay healthy.

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    ASJ needs to really step up, but I am concerned he did not get himself physically and mentally ready to play.

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    Why do we always have a designated whipping boy on whom we cast greater scrutiny than the rest of the rostered players? Most often our intolerance for a legitimate injury puts those on the mend in the running for MVP; as in “Most Vilified Player”. Gerald McCoy, one of our best players, still has detractors if he smiles. Doug Martin during his two down years had fans wanting him cut. Mike Evans, in spite of being the leading receiver last season, has some folks just waiting to see a dropped pass. JonnyG never lets up on Luke Stocker who, as only a 4th round draft pick, is still contributing when most are out of the league.

    Now ASJ has become the front runner for MVP and the primary target of fans and media before Training Camp has barely begun. So, how did ASJ achieve this distinction? Like this election year, let’s take a look back at his achievements. He took a path much like those of his MVP predecessors. #1.) Did something spontaneous but immature like a Captain Morgan pose to draw a BS penalty. #2.) Did something in frustration like throw a ball away to draw another penalty. #3.) Showed some unnecessary excitement and give the few fans left in the stands something to cheer about during the Tennessee debacle. #4.) Got tossed from a voluntary off season practice. And, what will put ASJ ahead in the polls for MVP #5.) Had a legitimate injury.

    It’s a brand new season. Fans are cautiously optimistic. We will be a much better team if ASJ shows some maturity, stays injury free and shows his rare talent for which opponents will have to game plan against. Can we and the media at least let Training Camp play out before we anoint ASJ this years MVP? As is the case with McCoy, Martin and Evans, we need him.

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      ASJ is the “MVP,” the “Most Vanquished Player” because he has spent the majority of his time on the injury list instead of the field. Thus, earning himself the moniker; “The Admiral.”

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      As usual, you make excellent points scubog. Almost maccabean:)

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      I’m excited about Brate’s future with the Bucs, but we need two great tight ends to make this offense explode. Winson loves feeding his TE’s. All ASJ needs to do this season is stay healthy and we’ll be fine.

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    Competition…..the best will play. ASJ needs to stay healthy…PERIOD!!!!!

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    I agree scubog! Thats why I don’t post much in the offseason. It’s all about pick on this guy, he’s a bust, why don’t we cut him. Tomorrow we put the pads on, the new season starts. for those who are healthy its a level playing field. We store all are fantasy crap till next offseason and start talking about the 2016 Buc’s.

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    Great post Scubog! Couldn’t agree more. What ever happen to supporting the player’s on our team instead of trying to find Every LITTLE Reason to not like a player. Especially players we’ve drafted. It seems some people expect perfection from every player on the team. No Mistakes, No Injuries, No Attitude, No Problems or your on the s#%t list. No team has ever had a roster that’s perfect and never will. GO BUCS!!!

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