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    Good game and road win! Overall pretty happy. D line looks much improved. That One blown Coverage in first half sucked. Winston looked good. Sailed some balls first qtr as usual but settled in nice. Think we should ran more early maybe. Go Buc’s!!!!

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    Overall that was an excellent effort except for stupid penalties and a couple of blown assignments. Run d has to get an A+.

    Jameis had 4 TD passes but 3 of them were tremendous efforts by the receivers.

    They have to sweep the Falcons and Saints to be a playoff team.

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    Nice road, division win on opening weekend. Yes, plenty of things to work on and clean up. But, to get a win in this league is difficult, so plenty to be optimistic about. Go Bucs!

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    Very good game!!! Eric could have cited more players than what he did. So I’ll do it.
    Doug Martin had some solid runs and great catches. Over 100 yds total offense. Very nice
    Brent Grimes wasn’t splashy but solid. Very nice
    Hargraves like Grimes, not splashy but dependable. Very nice
    Thought McDougal show some moxie.
    Conte hustling to save a TD.
    Entire line allowing no sacks.
    ALL IN ALL a god outing. I did not have chew all my finger nails off at the end of the game, just a couple.
    Now some critique.
    What a ticky tacky call on McCoy for a choreographed celebration. First off that is the first time I have heard that one. Jeez let the guys have a little fun.
    Smith should have drilled it into their heads to cover Julio Jones.

    Besides those 2 gripes I’ve no complaints, only smiles.

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    Excellent all around game against a division opponent. We looked great on offense and good on defense and special teams. Everyone played about as well as I expected given last year’s performance against the Falcons and the changes made by both teams. Road division wins to start a season create momentum so hopefully we can carry that into next week.

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    Tickey tack call on McCoy.
    Jones got his TD against a zone coverage where it didn’t look like everone knew what they were supposed to be doing.
    Atlanta looked improved from last year but so did we.
    A lot less stupid penalties except on punt returns.
    Good pressure on Ryan and better coverage on the receivers overall.
    Everyone was involved on the offense and wasn’t that a great TD catch and run by Sims to end the half.

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      I guess flailing arms around like swatting at a bee now gets a penalty. Glad someone noticed the blown coverage in zone and not blame the cornerbacks being “too short”

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    Fowlgoons completion percentage near 70. We can’t expect to win in Arizona if that continues to be the case. Jameis can’t be throwing 4 TDs every week. Keon has to be the Defensive Player of the Month for his performance today. Sorry to see Smith go down with an injury but expect Jones to take up the slack. This season is going to be great fun. Next season will be even better. Go Bucs.

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    Hope to hear something soon from PR about Jacques Smith injury.

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    Nice way to start the season off and we will turn some heads in the coming weeks. Loved the offense and the defense bent but didn’t break and came up with some key stops. Nice to see ASJ catch a TD pass and his and Evans’ TD catches were sweet. DMart and Sims were a nice 1-2 punch with each having their own strengths that can mess with defenses. Sims’ getting that key 3rd down was critical. Nice to see Aguayo hush his critics, not only in that last preseason game, but by going perfect today as well. Winston’s line 23/33 for 281 yds with 4 TD’s and 1 INT and a passer rating of 122.6 is nice to see. I like Humphries with the return duties, sure handed and quick and we have so many weapons on offense. Evans didn’t catch a pass until the 2nd half and still caught 5 for 99 yds and a TD. VJax made a mistake on his route that was picked, but all is forgiven. Shepard contributed and good job by the O-Line. Nice to see Hargreaves do well in his first game and the D-Line was rejuvenated with Robert Ayers, but Kwon Alexander was all over the place! 17 of the team’s 61 tackles, 15 of them solo tackles. Boy did we miss him! Very pleased with this one, but let’s celebrate today and then get ready for the Cards. Would love to surprise them next week.

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    The team looked professional. Loved the attitude shown on the field. Body language said, we came to win. Great catches of well-thrown balls by ASJ and Evans. Defense ok given it’s the first full game in a new scheme. Loved the aggressiveness on both sides of the ball. Our biggest weakness appears to be our safeties. Line blocked well for Jamies on the whole but there were few holes to run through in the rushing game. Anytime you win outright as an underdog in a division game, that’s big. Good confidence builder. Koetter needs to work on play calling when backed up in our own end. We seemed to be starting all day from own ten yard line. First time we’ve had a real punter on our side. He kicked us out of some holes. Now, will everyone get off GMC’s back and how about that Simms who so many posters thought was a bust. It takes time to grow in the NFL.

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    does anybody know who were the Inactives? I can’t find it anywhere.

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      Hi Horse! Good win. Go Bucs!

      Info you requested.

      Roy Cummings ‏@RCummingsNFL 10h10 hours ago
      #Bucs inactive for today:
      QB Ryan Griffin
      S Ryan Smith
      LB Devante Bond
      T Leonard Wester
      DE Channing Ward
      DT DaVonte Lambert
      G Caleb Benenoch

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        macabee; thanks, I knew i can count on you. I sure hope Bond can play some because Daryl Smith concerns me.

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    KWON. That is my new mantra. Send in the Kwon. Give me more Kwon. Aleppo ? I don’t know where Aleppo is but I only care where Kwon is.

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    Obviously the Falcons D isn’t going to be the toughest D we face all year, but certainly a great start by Winston. Be interesting to see how he fares vs the Cardinals. I thought before the year if Winston plays like a top 5 QB we make the playoffs, a top 10 QB we might make the playoffs. I just wasn’t sure he could make that leap this year. Well, this is obviously just 1 game, but I hope he continues to prove me wrong.

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