New Bucs wide receiver Kenny Bell, affectionately known as “AFRO_THUNDER80” on Twitter (the photo says it all), spent a few minutes with the media following Saturday’s rookie mini-camp practice and talked about the last two days of being on the field at One Buc Place.
(On day two of rookie mini-camps)
“It was awesome, another day I get to play football. I can’t ever complain about that.”

(On chemistry with Jameis Winston)
“Jameis and I are I want to say good friends. It feels like we have been playing together for a while. He’s a good dude. Obviously chemistry is something that takes a while to build, but when you have a quarterback with that much talent it makes your job a lot easier.”

(On practice looking like he and Winston have been playing together for a while)
“When you have a quarterback with that much talent, he puts the ball on you. He threw another one today that I just dropped. He is making life easy to say the least.”

(On his impression of working with wide receivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker)
“Yeah, I didn’t finish here at the end of practice. He had every right to get on me about that. As far as having Coach Stoke, it’s an amazing experience. I loved my time in Nebraska, but it’s a whole new level – the level of coaching, the meetings and the amount of correction you go through is unbelievable and I wouldn’t want anyone else besides Coach Stoke doing it.”

(On what has been the biggest adjustment for him)
“It’s hard to say what has been the biggest adjustment for me because it has only been 48 hours. It’s football right now. It’s fast and it’s furious and I’m learning a new offense. I think the level and the amount of information in the past 48 hours is the biggest difference. I was at Nebraska for five years with the same offense. It kind of made it easy going into my third, fourth, fifth years, but here it’s been two days off install. It’s been fast.”

(On playbook terminology)
“Yeah, there are all types of words. They are definitely hard to keep track of.”

(On how much pride he takes in his ability to block downfield)
“It’s something I take great pride in. That’s why I am so blessed to be here with a group like Vincent (Jackson) and Mike (Evans) who just dominate guys on the perimeter. It’s something we took pride in when I was in college and it is something I will continue to take pride in now.”

(On lining up in the slot)
“Honest to God, I just want to make the club. If that means lining up on the inside, if that means making plays on punt, returning kicks, I just want to play football. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

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About the Author: Mark Cook

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6 years ago

Love this guys attitude. Didn’t see much of him in college as he’s from the big ten, but from what I’ve heard he was a steal that late. And I love his hair, how the hell does he fit a helmet on that thing?

6 years ago

If the young man becomes a star I can envision fake Afros being sold and worn by adoring fans. Maybe even Scubog. I remember the guy who was often seen at sporting events wearing a rainbow colored Afro who called himself “Rockin’ Roland”. Dude had his face on TV more than Jerry Jones.

6 years ago

Love the kids fire.

6 years ago

I’m impressed with the attitude of all these young guys coming in. Can we fast forward to week 1 already? I can’t wait…Go Bucs!