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    Yeah I don’t think ASJ has played enough to have any kind of rating, so he cant be overrated or underrated. IMO. Man, to me this seems like the longest offseason ever. So ready for FOOTBALL! GO BUCS!!!

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    I made a mistake with GM so I will wait until the end of the 3rd season to seewhe he stands.

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    Well, it doesn’t matter how good you are if you never see the field. In that sense, I’d have to agree that ASJ has been overrated thus far. Hopefully this is the year he stays healthy and takes himself off these types of lists

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    Bucs Capacitor

    Hmm, how can one be overrated when no one is talking about them but Pete Prisco and Dynasty Fantasy League owners?

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    I can see where Prisco is coming from. ASJ has not proven anything yet. Being a #2 pick us fans have expectations to actually produce. Granted he has been injured somewhat, so I’ll cut him some slack there. What I won’t do though is forget his child like antics. As fans we put a lot of pressure on these kids to excel and act like adults. I know he’s still very young, but shouldn’t he show at least some maturity. I truly believe that almost all these players have been told that football talent is the only thing that counts. most men his age are concentrating on making a living, So I don’t think that it is too much to ask that these multi millionaires act responsible. I know it’s harsh, but life is harsh.
    If he needs to get advice, look to the players that have already done it. There are plenty of them to choose from, on our team especially. That being said, I hope he blows everyone away this year. I got a feeling it is going to happen. GO BUCS

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      I agree with chetthevette that since the Bucs traded up in the 2nd round to get ASJ that it sets him up for a certain expectations that he has not met, thus at this point he his overrated. As for stats in garbage time there were a lot of players on offense that benefited from that in 2015 so I wouldn’t apply that to ASJ in terms of him being overrated unless you’re going to do that when evaluating everyone.

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        Hope to see you next week my friend.



          Likewise! My wife and I will be there Sat-Mon in my normal spot: as close as I can get to the 50 yd line and 3 or 4 rows from the top of the bleachers…with my usual binoculars to see the defense of course :-).



            That time range I gave was for the 1st weekend and Monday of camp…before the injuries set in and we can watch as many healthy players practice as possible.



            Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your wife.

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    I don’t think ASJ needs to prove anything to Prickly Pete. However, he does need to prove his worth to Jason Licht.

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    He is either going to be the greatest TE Tampa has ever had, or he is going to be another flash in the pan. The truth is he has had a couple of good games in an otherwise disappointing career. My guess is unless he dominates in camp and the preseason, He could be an early cut before we even get to the Season. He is injury prone, and his attitude is scary. I bet Bucs are searching right now for someone in the event that he burns out before the season. Brate could start. We need a back up. This is make or break for Jenkins

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brate was our TE reception leader by the end of the season. ASJ just has too many red flags for me that don’t bode well for long term success with the Bucs.

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    Overrated? I didn’t think he was really rated by anyone because his injuries have kept him out of so many games.

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      Totally agree dr. The guy has barely played enough to be rated at all. We don’t have a lot of “over-rated” players on this team from which to choose. Most national folks think the whole team sucks. I’m trying to think of a player on our team who has an undeserved lofty reputation. Hmmmmmm, help me out guys. I’m stumped.

      1. 9.1.1


        Can’t help you. But we have a lot who are underrated.

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    Yeah right – ‘biggest disappointment’ maybe, but I don’t think ‘overrated’ fits here.

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      Exactly my sentiments Wil.

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