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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Good evening, Bucs fans and Pewter Report subscribers!
debucsfan: mark my words, in a couple years dallas will be in so much cap trouble
detroitbuc: hey str
guest: SR – How close is Askew to returning or how much longer will he be out another 2 games or not till after the bye?
dabucs12188: hey sr
debucsfan: Hey SR, i think everyone owes gruden an apology for calling for his head after week one loss
buc4life79: what sr
buc4life79: what up
bmarti5: SR, No trades, what does that mean for fullback and how's Cadillac
buc4life79: graham will be fullback
debucsfan: and what if graham gets hurt?
debucsfan: we defiently need a fullback
buc4life79: caddie can come back if needed dont want to rush that thpugh
detroitbuc: cook
guest: SR – What do you see as the Bucs biggest weakness that needs to be corrected as far as the draft or free agency goes?
pewterreportsr: debucsfan – Gruden has the team playing well after a hiccup in Denver. The Bucs are 4-2 when I thought they would be 3-3 right now. Future looks bright.
debucsfan: lee evans is our main goal
pewterreportsr: The Bucs did sign a fullback today. We're tying to find out who it is right now.
detroitbuc: yeah if we can go on a 4 game win streak
buc4life79: right on
guest: Evans had already signed an extension with the Bills
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – My guess is that Cadillac gets put on IR in a few weeks unless an injury occurs to Graham, Dunn or Bennett.
buc4life79: sr…why hasnt dexter jackson played at wideout
dabucs12188: SR – With some Bucs contracts expiring at the end of the season "flip, pbuc, clayton" what are your feelings of who gets resigned/franchised and who do they let walk
debucsfan: I just hope bucs do not sleep on seatle, our last prime time game was in the playoffs. I want to make a statement
guest: SR – With the Bucs receiving corps disappointing thus far through the season and most of the young would be free agents like Evans re-signing with the Bills and Williams being traded to the Cowboys which couple of receivers that could potentially be in the comming drarft do you like out of Nicks, Maclin, Harvin, Heyward-Bey, Crabtree and put them in order of your rank as of now, Thanks in advance
debucsfan: lee evans signed an extension??
pikappaphi422: Did they talk to anybody at trades????
detroitbuc: hope the D can keep up the good work
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I don't think Flip, P-Buc or Clayton get franchised. I think P-Buc gets re-signed. Possibly Flip and Clayton, but there are a lot of games to be played that will determine that.
buc4life79: the d will have a field day with seattle
guest: SR – Do you contribute the lack of pressure being that of the defensive tackles not being able to get penatration up the middle or is it that the defensive ends are just being riden past the point of the quarterback?
pewterreportsr: debucsfan – I think the fact that the Seattle game is on national TV ensures the Bucs will not sleep on the Seahawks.
guest: Now that the Bucs didn't trade for a WR that leaves FA
quezilla: Now that the Bucs didn't trade for a WR that leaves FA
bmarti5: SR- Will Galloways return make our receivers look better and possibly get more room to work?
strick-9: i wish greg petersen was activated
debucsfan: the DT our not getting sacks, but the fact they have 0 rushing TD is making up for it
buc4life79: graham will play fullback and bennett and dunn can carry the load
pewterreportsr: guest – I like Maclin, Crabtree, Nicks, Harvin and Heyward-Bey in that order. I would have Harvin higher, but he appears to be injury prone.
debucsfan: Good Sr- im flying from DE to see that game
guest: SR – Anyword of how Geno Hayes graded out of getting a little bit more of an extended look in the fourth quarter?
pewterreportsr: debucsfan – Yes, Lee Evans signed an extension with the Bills.
dabucs12188: SR – It isn't the half way point to the season but what do you think the Bucs would looking out going into the draft
quezilla: Is Colston an RFA? If so could we go after him?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs are getting pressure, just not sacks. They could use more push from the DTs, though.
buc4life79: sr…since were lackin speed so to speak at wideout…why not give jackson a chance to run fade routes
guest: Colston signed an extension as well
guest: SR – Any word on how serious the knee injury that Sears sustained is or how long he will be out if anytime at all?
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – Galloway's return will certainly help from a big-play standpoint and it should help other WRs get open.
"hate": SR, how close is Galloway to returning?
pikappaphi422: Have you seen the DT Walker from Ga Tech, if so what do you think about him
buc4life79: galloway might play this weekend
guest: SR – How close is Askew to returning or how much longer will he be out another 2 games or not till after the bye?
"hate": and he might not
dabucs12188: the dline class of this year as a whole is pretty good imo
onebuctruck: SR, what do you think the chances are of Tampa signing Tony Hunt to play FB?
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs are very pleased with Hayes and he appears to have a bright future with the team. I think he's a better fit at WLB than either Hayward or Black. I think Black has found his home as SLB and Hayward has the size and range to play MLB.
detroitbuc: when is the bye??
debucsfan: What would you grade Antonio Bryant this year?
debucsfan: week 10
pewterreportsr: guest – We'll find out more about Sears tomorrow at One Buc Place.
detroitbuc: thanks
evanbro18: SR-Based on what your hear from sources and just your knowledge of the bucs and the game, do you think the bucs will take their chances and draft a WR or go out and trade or sign a legit number one this offseason?
buc4life79: sr…why hasnt gruden put dexter jackson in as a wideout with this speed
pewterreportsr: hate – I think Galloway could play on Sunday, but should definitely be back at Dallas. Since he played for both the Seahawks and the Cowboys, I'm sure he really wants to play in these games.
quezilla: What will Galloways return do to Bryants production?
"hate": thats what I was thinkin
guest: SR – How close is Askew to returning or how much longer will he be out another 2 games or not till after the bye?
guest: So much for trading for someone, do you think we will make any free agency acquisitions. Possibly for a WR or FB?
onebuctruck: SR, what do you think the chances are of Tampa signing Tony Hunt to play FB?
debucsfan: I think we defiently need to sign TJ, he is a vet that is quick and great hands
pewterreportsr: onebuctruck – I believe Tony Hunt is still with Philadelphia.
strick-9: hunt was released today
onebuctruck: He was released this afternoon according to KFFL
quezilla: I hear he wears pink pants lol
"hate": Scott, do you have any scoop on whether we pursued any WR help?
bucknight: So much for trading for someone, do you think we will make any free agency acquisitions. Possibly for a WR or FB?
pewterreportsr: evanbro18 – I think the Bucs will once again turn to the draft to find a WR. The results have not been good with that approach, however (see Clayton, Stovall, Jackson, Brackins, Warren, etc.).
bmarti5: SR- What are your thoughts on Gaines Adams, on TV it looks like he is having a very difficult time getting pressure consistently.
buc4life79: gaines is doing just fine……is all over the field….
detroitbuc: wow thats alot of WR bust, they should just give it up
evanbro18: Right- That is why I would really like for them to go out and get one via FA or Trade, becaue their track record is terrible
dabucs12188: SR – What are your feelings about the Dline this year? How can it be improved with the overall pressure and sack totals?
buc4life79: he should have had a int but wasnt payin attention
pewterreportsr: quezilla – Bryant wasn't much of a factor last week. Galloway would help and hurt his opportunities. He'll get less of them, but he should not be covered by a No. 1 CB as a result, though.
bucknight: he may be all over the field but in terms of pass rush… eh
guest: SR – Have you heard anything to believe that Bruce Allen attempted to make any sort of move today?
debucsfan: still his second year, and is always in the back field
onebuctruck: SR Hunt was released, how well do you think he could play FB? He's big enough and well liked at the Senior Bowl
pewterreportsr: onebuctruck – If Hunt is available, they may consider him. Gruden coached him in the Senior Bowl if my memory serves me correctly.
pewterlove: Is anyone excied about the thought of having Bryant AND Galloway on the field together?
buc4life79: agree debucs
guest: SR – How close is Askew to returning or how much longer will he be out another 2 games or not till after the bye?
pikappaphi422: Did Lo Neal sign with anybody??
buc4life79: didnt both play for dallas at one time
detroitbuc: yes excited
dabucs12188: the ravens i believe pika
guest: Bryant has not shown me much yet
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – I think Gaines is playing solid football right now.
bucknight: did zack crocket ever sign with anyone?
guest: He cant have more than 10 yards after the catch
onebuctruck: How is Greg Peterson progressing? I know he was a project, but is he far enough along for his 2nd year?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think the Bucs were too aggressive in seeking any trades today based on what I know.
debucsfan: 2 sacks, 2pick, 1 TD –just about same numbers as Justin Tuck
buc4life79: zack crockett…didnt we give him a chance alreadty
guest: Is Garcia really back or was Sunday's performance a fluke?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I think more pass rush is needed from the DT spot. Jovan Haye had a pretty good game on Sunday, but he still doesn't have any sacks this year, which is disappointing through six games.
detroitbuc: was our offence a fluke
buc4life79: i think garcia finally realize he needs to shut up and play
debucsfan: agree!
pikappaphi422: If BJ is close to returning would they let EG contiue at FB and let Dunn and Bennett splitt the carries?
bucknight: agreed
bucknight: i say eg is too valuable to take FB beating.
guest: Is Ryan Sims still hurting from his injury?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Askew might be back for Dallas or Kansas City. It would be tough for him to come back this week.
buc4life79: garcia has the tools to be a good qb
debucsfan: Ruud is going to hawaii this year
pewterlove: Why so much patience with Dexter Jackson? I understand he is a 2nd round pick, but where is the line drawn? he looks like he running scared out there
guest: Why not get Micheal Bennet a pitch to the outside ??
bucknight: yeah why run MB up the middle when he is much better in space????
dabucs12188: SR – How is Greg Peterson looking in his 2nd year? Has Dre Moore improved his conditoning?
buc4life79: sr…jackson has speed…y not let him run down the field for lng passes
pewterreportsr: onebuctruck – Peterson is progressing, but not by leaps and bounds. He's typically inactive and the team thinks reserves like Jimmy Wilkerson and Ryan Sims are better.
johnnybuc: seriously…if Jackson returns a punt backwards one more time I'm gonna die
guest: Do you think Michael Bennett could take over on some of the kick returns???
"hate": prepare your will
debucsfan: What ever happen to Rod Coleman?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – The Bucs signed a fullback today. Gruden wants Graham carrying the ball, too.
bucknight: which FB was signed?
pewterlove: Any new info on Caddy in Practice?
pewterreportsr: pewterlove – I have no idea why this team is displaying this much patience with Dexter Jackson. If he was a fourth-round pick he'd be benched by now. If he was a sixth-round pick he'd be cut by now.
evanbro18: SR- I am loving the 4-2 record and excited about this year but I also look for the future. Do you get the sense that the Bucs will like they have a plan in place to deal with the future of the QB and WR play?
dabucs12188: did you guys see that shaun alexander finally signed with the redskins
buc4life79: caddie shuldnt play unless needed
debucsfan: We want Spurlock!
buc4life79: i agree on spurlock
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – Moore's conditioning should be getting better. He's on the practice squad and is viewed as a project.
evanbro18: scratch will like they*
pewterreportsr: I agree on Spurlock!
pewterlove: I Agree on the Caddy not coming back until next year but I was just wondering how he was doing. Havent heard much about him
buc4life79: why not play jackson at wideout sr
debucsfan: He had one against Atl and almost in Houston, and jackson, as of now, sucks
bucknight: spurlock may not be nearly as fast as dex… but he not nearly as much of a wuss
dabucs12188: i really am hoping dre shows more next offseaon/preseason
johnnybuc: they need to throw Jackson in the meat locker
pewterreportsr: evanbro18 – I think the QB of the future could still be Luke. It depends if the team re-signs Garcia or not in 2009. I don't think they will. I think they will opt for Luke instead.
onebuctruck: SR, Even with DJax being a second round pick, what do you think the chances are of TB drafting Brandon James if he comes out? He's explosive and reminds me a lot of Sproles. Great return ability
debucsfan: i dnt trust him with a kickoff let alone on the offense
bucpimpin: Simeon Rice anyone? I really felt for him after watching E360
johnnybuc: will Luke have progressed enough by 2009?
pewterlove: Two back set and send Bennet down the field EVERY time looking for a pass, he has to be much faster than ANY Linebacker in the NFL!!!
johnnybuc: will the Bucs copycat the wildcat phenomenon that is sweeping the league?
detroitbuc: do you think we can beat the cowboys now????
debucsfan: i hope luke is the future, just hope he doesnt play like his brother. Romo didnt start till he was 28
buc4life79: i think we could beat the cowboys with romo
johnnybuc: gruden's gotta have brad johnson's number
pewterlove: Should be fu playing Johnson again when we face Dallas
quezilla: Gruden sis great when he didn't have to stray from his game plan. Still critical of him adjusting?
buc4life79: i mean homo…lol
phillphade: Do you think Michael Bennett could take over on some of the kick return work?
onebuctruck: SR, Even with DJax being a second round pick, what do you think the chances are of TB drafting Brandon James if he comes out? He's explosive and reminds me a lot of Sproles. Great return ability
guest: SR what results do you see in the next 3 games for the Bucs?
evanbro18: SR-That is exciting to hear- Ps- its nice to talk to you again, long time
buc4life79: 3-0
pewterreportsr: onebuctruck – I hope that the Bucs don't let Dexter Jackson's problems this year become their problems next year. Second-round pick be damned. If the kid doesn't get some stones on these returns, the Bucs absolutely MUST go in a different direction next year. The only thing worse than making a mistake is making one and not admitting it.
onebuctruck: True, but what do you think about Brandon James?
"hate": 6-1 RAYS!!!
bucpimpin: 6-1 Rays
johnnybuc: sweet!
jvato24: The bucs were probably targeting Eddie ROyal in the 2nd IMO
pewterlove: Any talk about contract extensions?
pewterreportsr: johnnybuc – I could see Bennett and Dunn doing the Wildcat thing, but I wonder if Gruden would even want to be a copycat in this instance. That's not usually his style.
dabucs12188: SR – Any draft prospects catching your eye early who would look good in pewter?
debucsfan: i could not believe they did not get jackson in the second round
debucsfan: Deshawn**
stulaake: This weekend Seneca or Frye?
pewterreportsr: guest – With the Cowboys reeling from injuries, the Bucs could – and perhaps should – be 3-0 in the next three games. 2-1 at the very least.
"hate": Would love to see Bennett and Dunn in the backfield together….. why all the talk about the Rocket Backfield if we're never gonna see it?
bucknight: so felix jones and tony romo will be out?
pewterreportsr: I agree, evanbro18. Hope things are going well.
buc4life79: thats called the rocket backfield…..
buc4life79: dunn and bennett
debucsfan: lol
bucpimpin: Trueblood vs Ware is a matchup i'm looking forward to watching
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – The Bucs absolutely LOVED Eddie Royal.
onebuctruck: I hate to see players get hurt, but not too sad that we have to face the Cowboys while they are playing their backups
"hate": SR, then why not be aggressive and go get him?
buc4life79: cause were cheap
pewterlove: We have a great football team and a great Organization in The Bucs!!!
buc4life79: lol
guest: Why aren't the Bucs using Jackson at receiver?
phillphade: Any WR in the upcoming Darft to watch for???
bucknight: it seems like the bucs never make very "aggressive" moves in player acquisition, whether it be FA, draft, or trades?
stulaake: SR after 6 games what has surprised you the most both positively and negatively
"hate": not the current regime
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – There are a lot of prospects that are catching my eye. I'm focusing on WRs. Rice's Jarrett Dilliard is a player. So is Tulsa's Brennan Marion and UNC's Hakeem Nicks (he's a junior). Charlie Campbell and I will be revving up the 2009 Bucs Draft Prospect series later this month. Stay tuned.
dabucs12188: nice thanks sr :)
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I'd like to see the Bucs run the Wildcat out of their Rocket backfield with Dunn and Bennett.
jvato24: #99 Everett Brown of Florida State reminds me of Dwight Freeney with quickness and a spin move
pewterlove: Any talk about moving Ronde to safety more often?
detroitbuc: gruden is just not that creative
pewterlove: I think it confuses the other team
buc4life79: why not let alstott play sunday night…lol
johnnybuc: he's a guru, right?
onebuctruck: SR any thoughts on Brandon James?
bucknight: ha i read somewhere they jokingly talked to Alstott about it.
detroitbuc: hes a clown
buc4life79: why not….
dabucs12188: alstott up the gut!
buc4life79: its his night
dabucs12188: good memories
pewterreportsr: hate – Hindsight is 20/20 on Royal. The real kicker is that this team could have – and should have – traded a second-round pick for Chris Chambers last year. Who would you rather have, Dexter Jackson or Chris Chambers?
johnnybuc: that hurts too much
buc4life79: chambers
jvato24: Chamvbers!!!!
bucknight: gosh i miss good ole mike
niutbbucfan: isn't chambers hurt a lot
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – Houston's got a sweet DE named Phillip Hunt. I've written about him before and I watched him get three sacks last week. He's got 27.5 in his career thus far.
buc4life79: i hope evwerybody has there a train whistles sunday night…that should be the giveaway
onebuctruck: Any thought of extending the Chat to 1 hour?
phillphade: have you heard a grade on Jeremy Zuttah play???
pewterreportsr: onebuctruck – I like Brandon James. Hard not to.
stulaake: SR who do you see as the Bucs biggest challenger in the South
pewterlove: Are we gonna see Ronde at Safety more often or was that just a one time deal?
quezilla: What do you mean about stones? He hasn't had too much opprotunity in the last 2 games. But he hasn't done anything either.
buc4life79: saints
dabucs12188: SR – Why haven't we seen Dexter try and prove himself at WR? We have seen Desean Jackson and Eddie Royal burst onto the scene.
niutbbucfan: any updates on Joey Galloway
bucknight: How is Josh Johnson progressing? He looked very fluid in preseason.
guest: SR, What was up with the lack of pass rush with Caronlina missing 2 OL starters?
pewterlove: Whats Caddy looking like? why no interviews?
zmint55: why wouldnt
pewterreportsr: niutbbucfan – I think Chambers has 11 TDs for the Chargers since being acquired last October. That's more than all of the Bucs WRs combined since then.
quezilla: Will Aquib play wr before D-Jax? lol
buc4life79: that game was won in the first qaurter why bother
zmint55: how come the bucs didnt sign a fullback? they kept 2 fullbacks anyway
guest: /i wasn't here for the first part of the chat but did the bucs sign a fb?
bucpimpin: SR.. Do you think Galloway is guilty of trying to maximise his career duration? I feel he wont play with the slightese tweak.
buc_sid: SR, What was up with the lack of pass rush with Caronlina missing 2 OL starters?
pewterreportsr: bucknight – Josh Johnson is primarily doing scout team work. Won't be able to evaluate him much until OTAs next spring.
jvato24: D-Jax needs to return well .. or even for positive yardage b4 he will get a shot on O
niutbbucfan: yea that is, agreed would have loved to have had him for a 2nd
buc4life79: i think johnson could be the future of this team
bucknight: i think so too
bucpimpin: IMO Josh Johnson is the future franchise QB everyonw wants to go for in the 1st round. Dude is by far the real deal
pewterreportsr: guest – The pass rush was there. The sacks weren't. Delhomme was uncomfortable all day and threw 3 INTs. The Bucs also dropped 3 more.
buc4life79: he played in the sysytem for 3 yrs in college
buc_sid: Not sure he was ever touched.
pewterlove: Are we gonna get to keep Morris?
onebuctruck: Any thought of extending the Chat to 1 hour? We need more time!
phillphade: have you heard a grade on Jeremy Zuttah play???
buc4life79: a
buc_sid: SR, what is your opinion of Colt McCoy as a West Coast Offense QB?
detroitbuc: b
pewterreportsr: bucpimpin – I'm not sold yet on Josh Johnson. He didn't exactly light it up in the preseason by any means. I think he has a long, long way to go. Even Gradkowski and Simms looked better in their rookie preseasons.
dabucs12188: SR – Why haven't we seen Dexter try and prove himself at WR? We have seen Desean Jackson and Eddie Royal burst onto the scene.
johnnybuc: great
bucpimpin: They played more
pewterreportsr: bucmpimpin – Regarding Galloway … are you reading Jon Gruden's mind? :)
bucknight: ouch… josh johnson shot down….
buc4life79: tim tebow next year….lol
dabucs12188: oh god not tim tebow talk
dabucs12188: nooooo
pewterreportsr: pewterlove – The Bucs will keep Morris if he isn't offered a D-coordinator job. Otherwise, he's likely gone.
niutbbucfan: i personally still want to see mccown get another chance
onebuctruck: I'm all for Tebow. Anyone who can Play Action by himself is great to have
johnnybuc: what about Morris taking over for Monte?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – DJax is raw and doesn't have PR and KR down yet. That's where the team wants his focus. BIG difference between Cal, Virginia Tech and Appalachian State.
buc4life79: monte is goin to be like bobby…hes goin to die on the field…lol
pewterlove: Keep Monte as long as he wants to stay!!!1
buc_sid: Tebow is not a pro QB, sorry guys
buc_sid: Colt McCoy is the real deal though.
dabucs12188: very true sr
joelbaumer320: with no good quarterbacks scheduled for free agency next year…… who do the bucs think will be their quarterback of the future? since they have not shown much faith in mccown
buc4life79: i agree just wanted to throw that out there
bucknight: I want Monte to stick around untill he is in a wheelchair. even then he could hire his son to push him around….
strick-9: who starts this weekend….eg or dunn?
buc4life79: eg…dunn
buc4life79: comes in later
pewterreportsr: buc_sid – I think Colt McCoy is an okay college QB. I want to see how he handles the rest of his senior year. I'm not on his bandwagon yet. Maybe I'm biased, but I've seen two very average K-State teams absolutely kick his and Texas' ass in 2006 and 2007.
bucpimpin: SR.. I read somewhere that Aquib Talib was a KR/PR ACE in college? Why not use him he has ball skills
pewterreportsr: bucpimpin – Either use Talib or P-Buc on offense. P-Buc has 10 offensive plays with his name on them.
onebuctruck: We need a Spark. It was a good start Sunday, but we need to keep the momentum going
buc4life79: why not let kevin carter be fullback…lol
buc_sid: I've watched many of Texas' games this season, because I've been riding them all season, he's a different guy this season. He has all the throws, has the quicks, and is making good decisions. Just wait SR, you'll see.
bucknight: you said we picked up a FB… which one?
dabucs12188: SR – Do you think there is a chance this year that they move Ronde to the slot full time and have Talib take his place?
pewterreportsr: joelbaumer320 – I think McCown gets re-signed and he's the QB of the future … unless Marc Bulger or Donovan McNabb become available!
"hate": Kevin Carter proved he shouldn
pewterlove: McNabb would be like a wet dream that never ended!!
bucpimpin: The Rays are Blowing up against Boston.. I have seen every game this year. They NEVER Played this good!
"hate": shouldn't be on offense last week
onebuctruck: McNabb will absolutely kill in Grudens Offense. I pray for him to go to Tampa often
buc4life79: sr…could you see kevin carter play fullback since hes already played tight end
bucknight: Which FB did you say we picked up?
bucpimpin: Can Iwamura play WR
buc_sid: I bet Upton could
onebuctruck: SR, you said the team signed a FB today, who was it? I think I missed that
dabucs12188: lets go get bolt to be our wr!
niutbbucfan: or CC
joelbaumer320: if derek anderswon shows he can be the man in cleveland do you think brady quinn would become expendable?
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, folks. You got 10 minutes of OT from me this week! Thanks for the great questions. See you on the Pewter Board and tell ALL your friends about DON'T FORGET … renew or extend your subscription this week and SAVE 40% with our special offer!

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