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The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Charlie Campbell hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportcc. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportcc: Bucs fans let the Pewter Report chat begin, if I miss your question don't hesitate to ask it again.
guest: are we going to resign phillips after this season???
detroitbuc: will joey play????
bschucher: hows it going charlie
buccanoles: If Talib continues to play the way he has does he have a legitmate shot of DROTY? CC
revfish: hope joey plays, we're going to need him
pewterreportcc: guest- I think the Bucs would re-sign Phillips if the price is right. But he will probably test the open market first. They won't over pay with Piscitelli waiting and showing signs of being a great player.
guest: who do you think the most over and underrated players on the roster are?
buccanoles: tom at where? Panama
panamabuc: in lakeland
revfish: charlie- even with the pressure we're getting, are you all really concerned about the d-line?
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- It is unclear when Joey will be back. I heard they were talking of putting him on the injured reserve a few weeks back. Then I heard his injury was 2-4 weeks the whole time, but he just missed his fifth game. I don't know if/when he will be back.
buccanoles: I know a couple of toms where does he work
panamabuc: the owns tjs mens clothing and bridal shop
revfish: without galloway, our chances of going deep in the playoffs take a major hit
pewterreportcc: revfish- I'm moderately concerned about the pass rush. The pressure has been okay, but three weeks in a row without a sack leaves plenty of room for improvement.
buccanoles: nope sorry brotha
guest: what do you know about james lee?
spartan: Is Dexter in danger of being cut? When ur a one trick pony and that trick flops, why keep him?
guest: hows caddy? do u think their gonna pu him on i.r?
revfish: there have been no sacks, but the seneca was scrambling everywhere, he was not going to be completing much
detroitbuc: will brian clark get mor time????
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I wrote that I thought Talib has to be considered a front-runner for defensive rookie of the year in the roundtable after the Seattle game. I wrote about that in the roundtable.
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- I think Brian Clark will get more playing time. He will get a lot if Hilliard is unable to play this week.
buccanoles: Will Geno Hayes be the successor to DB in your opinion? CC
revfish: spartan- not cut, but he needs a wake up call. I still say put him on the frisbee dogcatching team for the halftime show and see if he can play ther right now
guest: what is the deal with Maurice Stovall??? he needs to step up!!
rdhess: CC – will Askew play this weekend?
strick-9: Jarod Mayo is roy
detroitbuc: stovall is a bust
pewterreportcc: guest- They will wait to the last minute to put Cadillac on the IR. I think they should do it. The halfbacks have been great and it would probably make things better for Williams' knee in the long-term if he had another year to get his strength and speed back.
guest: stovall is not a bust just yet! weve waited 4 yrs for clayton!
revfish: hey strick-9, keeping yourself off of message board purgatory I hope
guest: CC – Do you think Gruden is the best coach in the history of the NFL, or just since he actually began coaching?
pewterreportsr: Charlie – what do you think of aquib talib? Will he replace ronde as a starter next year?
spartan: Rev, he was drafted to return kicks and he cant't, so y waste a roster spot, cut and put him on the practice squad, its not like anybody is going to pick him up! IMO of course :)
buccanoles: How about Clifton returning kicks CC?
pewterreportcc: SR- Talib will be starting soon enough, and I think he will be starting next year, but I don't know if it will be for Barber or Buchanon.
pewterreportcc: rdhess- It is now the window when Askew thought he would be back. If he practices this week I think he'll play. If he can't go tomorrow and the next days then I think he will miss another week.
buccanoles: whats up SR???
revfish: Not that I disagree spartan, but I can't see the Bucs doing that to a 2nder yet
spartan: wow, we have cc and sr on today, we are honored
buccanoles: Will Geno Hayes be the successor to DB in your opinion? CC
pewterreportsr: I'm just making a cameo appearance … you know … like in the movies!
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Clifton Smith was a good returner in college and actually was more accomplished than Jackson. I think that Spurlock would be promoted first though.
guest: now dexter jackson…..thats what u call a freakin bust!!! but im still hopin
guest: SR – what do you think of aquib talib? Will he replace ronde as a starter next year?
pewterreportcc: SR in the house, stealing the show!
revfish: That'd be a great idea for a pewter report article, the all-Tampa draft bust team
detroitbuc: 'lol
guest: Spurlock didnt really do anything besides the td if i remember correctly
pewterreportsr: guest – Ha! Good question about "aquib"! I'm just trying to ask the type of questions some of you all ask!
spartan: as Scott said ( I think) there is only one thing worse than making a mistake …..
buccanoles: This should be the year JG ends the Tony Dungy talk era right CC or SR??
strick-9: rev…gotta put randy hedberg on that list
guest: yeah, not that high on spurlock…would rather see clifton smith do his thing!
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- If I had to make a pick one player for following up Brooks, Hayes would be my choice. He is showing well on special teams as well. I think he could earn that spot, and I think when Brooks does retire the Bucs will sign a veteran to challenge Hayes and provide depth.
guest: What can you tell us about James Lee?
buccanoles: Hayes could be the steal of the draft IMO
revfish: boy are you giving away your age strick- me too for recognizing it. Actually have a game with him in it on dvd
detroitbuc: we draft great on D
pewterreportsr: buccanoles – The Tony Dungy era talk won't die, and it shouldn't. Dungy took the yuccaneers and made them Buccaneers. Gruden made them Super Bowl champs and is turning the offense around with the best O-line this franchise has ever had.
dabucs12188: cc – Any ideas who will be resigned, if any during the season?
strick-9: cc/sr..wat is the chance peterson gets activated given our poor rush fron the dt spot
pewterreportcc: guest- The Bucs like James Lee. Gruden has raved about him. He arrived after training camp so it is hard to give you an accurate scouting report. He looks good going through the bags warming up for practice, I can say.
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, folks. It's CC's show right now! He's the star and my cameo is over! Good night, and enjoy 5-2.
spartan: SR, u have suggested recently the OL could be, are you now saying the OL IS the best we have ever had?
buccanoles: Another reason the comparisons should stop IMO, it's 2 differnent eras.
guest: SR/CC What are the chances that Cadillac will practice this week? Other than Rotoworld, I haven't heard anything
revfish: broderick thomas, keith mccants, booker reese, jacquez green, bo jackson
buccanoles: JG said he would practice on Wed Cadillac that is
pewterreportcc: strick-9- Given the other injuries, I don't think that Peterson will be active. Wilkerson has had moments as a pass rusher at under tackle. I think they will keep using him there.
guest: If you are Bruce Allen, what do you do at QB in the future?
guest: Guys, Greg White seems to have been invisible since the Bears game. What's the deal? I watched Leonard Little rag doll Brad Johnson on Sunday. We'll need front four pressure this Sunday. What's up with White?
onebuctruck: CC- What are the chances of Cadillac practicing this week? Besides Rotoworld, I haven't heard anything
buccanoles: Will the FO resign Clayton IYO CC, he has had a good year so far.
buc_sid: Sorry, this was my questions. Guys, Greg White seems to have been invisible since the Bears game. What's the deal? I watched Leonard Little rag doll Brad Johnson on Sunday. We'll need front four pressure this Sunday. What's up with White?
revfish: scott– did you or jim ever find anything out an explanation on that 15 yard cartwheel personal foul? Jim said Tampa was waiting for one last week
pewterreportcc: guest- That is a tough question. If I was Bruce Allen I would re-sign Luke McCown and get some depth behind him with Brian Griese, and a free agent like JP Losman.
buccanoles: I want to know about the Ronde one myself
buccanoles: rev
pewterreportcc: buc_sid- Greg White has had some quiet games, but he looked good off the snap. I think you will see him get more sacks in the weeks to come.
guest: Haye and Shawn Johnson should do the balance beam together! lol
guest: if u were to pick who will start next season at QB who would u say?
guest: Is McNabb in a contract year?
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think there is fairly decent chance that Clayton will get re-signed. He helps the team win in ways that don't show up on the stat sheet, and they appreciate that.
onebuctruck: CC- What are the chances of Cadillac practicing this week? Besides Rotoworld, I haven't heard anything.
buccanoles: They need to lock Bryant up too CC
pewterreportcc: onebuctruck- The talk of Cadillac returning to practice stems from Gruden saying it could happen during his radio show. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised either way.
revfish: buccanoles- if your talking the personal foul on ronde, I didn't see that one either, but that cartwheel penalty i had never heard of
pewterreportcc: guest- McNabb is not in a contract year. Sorry to dash your hopes.
guest: if u were to pick who will start next season at QB who would u say?
buccanoles: The Ronde penalty never occured and they didnt get an answer acc. to Rode on his show
onebuctruck: But how long before Kolb becomes a FA and they are afraid of losing him like GB was afraid of losing Rodgers?
guest: Hasn't there been talk of Philly releasing him?
pewterreportcc: guest- That is a good question. If I had to make a pick for who is the starting QB next season on opening day, I would say either Griese or Garcia.
revfish: buccanoles- thanks for the update. Don't get to hear him up here in NC
spartan: cc, so u really think Garcia will be around next year?
buccanoles: Do the Bucs draft a first round WR next year CC or another Defensive player IYO?
rdhess: do you think Garcia's contract will be extended?
bschucher: Must be something
pewterreportcc: guest- There hasn't been that talk yet, but I think it will heat depending on how the Eagles finsih. Kolb is their future, and they might try to trade McNabb and get something for him too.
guest: I'd take McCown over Griese
onebuctruck: I'd take mcNabb over both
dabucs12188: CC – I know its early but what free agents we should be looking out for that the Bucs might add?
guest: guest – luke mccown makes bad choices, takes sacks and turns the ball over. Great physical skills but not a good QB.
guest: a healthy McNabb that is
pewterreportcc: rdhess- I don't think Garcia will be re-signed until after the season, if at all. It will depend on if he can stay healthy and productive for the rest of the season. If he can, and the Bucs have postseason sucess, I think they re-sign him.
revfish: McCown led us to one victory. I like the guy but I'm not read to risk a season on him
buccanoles: When Askew comes back, do we keep Cook on the team CC?
spartan: Must confess Im not overly enamoured with McNabb
onebuctruck: I am, I think he would kill Defenses in Gruden's system
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I'm writing about 09 free agents in the next magazine. There are some great defensive free agents like Peppers, Suggs, Asomugha, and Haynesworth. But some of them will probably get franchised. There is not nearly as a good of talent on the other side of the ball.
rdhess: CC – any comments from players about playing against "The Bull" this week?
guest: Guest – he learns on our dime, while we lose? That's why I'm glad Gruden is coaching and not you. GET IT?
pewterreportcc: rdhess- We will probably hear about that tomorrow and thru the end of the week.
guest: Gruden should change his system to fit the skills of his QB..
detroitbuc: true
revfish: cc- you have any inside info if the dallas locker room is falling apart or are they getting united to save their season. How do you see them playing this week?
pewterreportcc: guest- All of the Bucs quarterbacks are good fits in the Bucs offense.
buccanoles: Do the Bucs draft a first round WR next year CC or another Defensive player IYO?
pewterreportcc: revfish- I think they will be up for the game, and I think the Bucs will play them tough. Ronde Barber has to step up this week. He will get matched up on Owens and Roy Williams at different points. It should be a great game.
johnnybuc: Do you think Garcia should be able to complete more underneath/TE passes with Roy Williams out?
guest: Or simpify his offense for a young QB
onebuctruck: After the way the Cowboys embarrased us on TG, I hope the teams plays hard and runs up the score. That would be payback
johnnybuc: therefore being able to stretch the field even more….
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think the Bucs would draft a receiver in the first round if the best junior wide receivers all come out and push one of the good ones down to Tampa Bay. The Bucs draft for need in round one. That has been proven over the past few years.
revfish: Assuming ronde is the same ronde he's been in the past. I hate to say this because he is a class man, but I don't have as much confidence in him as I used to, warranted or not
guest: Guest – How could you possibly know Luke only needs 2-3 plays per game? And how does that work? You put him in 2-3 plays per game??? Don't make me continue with this thread, please.
buccanoles: When Askew comes back, do we keep Cook on the team CC?
bschucher: why dont you "guests" sign in
guest: What do you think about Chase Daniels CC?
pewterreportcc: johnnybuc- Good question. I think the Bucs should take advantage of the tight ends in this game. Their tight ends have been playing great. I think they would beat Roy Williams if he was in the lineup too. Coverage is his weakness, run stuffing is his strength.
onebuctruck: Too short. Chase Patten, his backup, has a better chance I think
revfish: out of curiosity, does anyone else have questions about ronde. Good player, but not what he was?
bschucher: i think we beat Dallas this week.. cant wait
detroitbuc: to beat the cowgirls we need to be able to run the rock
bschucher: he has been burned a few times this year thats for sure
johnnybuc: totally….the fear of the getting nailed w/o him there is now significantly diminished
guest: Brees and Garcia are short
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Definitely Cook will stay on the team when Askew comes back. The Bucs will want a backup for Askew, and not have to go to Earnest Graham and take him out of their packages as a halfback. Cook is also good on special teams. He will stay for the rest of this season.
onebuctruck: Yes, but so was Wuerfell (sp?), Leak, and Troy Smith
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- I agree completely. In theory the 3-4 defense is weak against the run. I think the Bucs will need a good running game to control the game and keep the Dallas point-scorers on the sideline.
detroitbuc: we have not ran all that great lately
buc_sid: Hopefully through shifts and motion Gruden can get Dunn one on one with Zach Thomas on some passes. It's a huge mismatch.
revfish: thought it was a telling interview that tiki did with ronde. sounded like a man who likes the game but wouldn't be as upset to leave as he would have been a couple of years ago
guest: What chance do you give the bucs to win it all?
guest: Guest – Do you know how to use lower caps?
buccanoles: Any word on JJ's progress in the system CC?
johnnybuc: speaking of Dunn, what's the word on that pinched nerve?
pewterreportcc: guest- I think Chase Daniel is fun to watch, but I don't think he is a pro prospect.
guest: WHOS JJ
pewterreportcc: johnnybuc- We will get an update on Dunn tomorrow, I think the team will probably list him as questionable. Knowing Warrick, I'd be surprised if he wasn't playing in Dallas.
onebuctruck: Josh Johnson
bschucher: Josh Johnson
buccanoles: Thank you
onebuctruck: np
guest: Hopefully pr is on 620 tomorrow!!!!!!
buc_sid: What was up with no radion show last week?
onebuctruck: Rays
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I've heard that Josh Johnson has improved over the season. It sounds like he is making the progress the team wanted to see him make. The OTAs and training camp next year are going to be huge for Johnson.
detroitbuc: the rays
buc_sid: meh
buccanoles: Nice to hear
bschucher: Could he be the future we need here?
revfish: Tampa has a chance to take out the red sox and the cowboys in the same week…priceless
bschucher: does he posses that talent?
guest: YUP
onebuctruck: We can only dream
guest: he is not 35
pewterreportcc: buc_sid- Rays fever bumped the Buccaneer blitz last week, I'm not sure about this week. We should've asked SR when he popped in.
buccanoles: Tune in next week, same bat time same bat channel
guest: Gruden and Madden – ah yeah
revfish: Tampa's a 3.5 point underdog…everything points to take the points
pewterreportcc: bschucher- I'm not convinced that Johnson will develop into an NFL starter. I think it is most likely that he develops into an NFL backup. That is because of arm strength, accuracy, and I wonder about durability given how thin Johnson is.
buccanoles: If they both win the big games will b the best season of any town IMO.
buccanoles: and screw the Boston stuff
onebuctruck: I thought his arm strength and accuracy were supposed to be good?
guest: CC – Do you consider Dexter Jackson a bust?
revfish: gotta get my kid to be…later y'all
bschucher: later Rev
buccanoles: cya rev
guest: What do you think the chances of the bucs winning it all are?
rdhess: 1 in 32
pewterreportcc: guest- I think it is too early to say that Dexter Jackson is a bust. There have been too many players who struggle as rookies and then become great. I will say that Dexter Jackson has a good start to being a bust.
bschucher: lol
buccanoles: Good, considering it's up 4 grabs this year IMO
guest: the afc is down
guest: which is good
buccanoles: yup
pewterreportcc: guest- I think the Bucs have real chance to go deep into the playoffs. The stretch run will indicate a lot. Right now I think the Bucs are in the top two or three teams in the NFC.
bschucher: agreed!
bschucher: amazing
buccanoles: After this week No.1
pewterreportcc: Thanks for all the great questions. I have to get going. If I missed your question please ask it on the insider message board.
bschucher: thanks charlie
buccanoles: Thanks from one charlie to another
pewterreportcc: Thanks for coming tonight and being apart of the Pewter Report family. Tell your friends about Pewter Report and take advantage of some free money.

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