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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 2:00 p.m. ET on Monday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. Flynn's chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
theaman: yes, the light is the 2010 NFL draft
buccanoles: Hola JF
theaman: Obviously nobody has committed to saying who is starting week 9, but are there any whispers one way or the other?
trey: If the problem is widespread from players to owners, why does Raheem get so much of the blame? He made a few mistakes like hiring and firing jags and poor qb management but he cant play the game and he can't make the glazers spend money.
guest: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
buccanoles: What in the world is going on JF, this team is absolutley terrible!
guest: Hi guys- Should Freeman be the starter? i believe we need to find out what we have with him, to decide if we need to take another QB in the draft.
snoop101: What are the chances Freeman starts against GB?
pewterreportjf: guest – If there's a light at the end of the tunnel I think most are having trouble seeing it. The Bucs' plan was to play young players the previous regime invested draft picks in, and not nearly enough of them are panning out. This team is rebuilding now and likely will be rebuilding down the road.
trey: Why isnt Leftwich starting?
buccanoles: He sucks
trey: he better than the other qbs we have
buccanoles: They can never go back trey
coqui4: Is Kyle Moore, Dre Moore, and Roy Miller ever going to be allowed to start? The other starting linemen just aren't cutting it.
wearethechamps2002: Were the Bucs interested in acquiring anyone before the trade deadline? If so, who?
dabucs12188: JF – From the games we have seen this year who are the bright spots and weak spots on this defense? Who do you see the Bucs cutting ties with after this year.
tgi-a-byweek: Are the Bucs really still going to wear the throw back uniforms? Won't there be a riot in the stands?
buccanoles: JF- why is Clayton still starting?
trey: why cant they go back if Faine is back
pewterreportjf: theman – Bucs head coach Raheem Morris hasn't said who will start against Green Bay, but our guess is rookie QB Josh Freeman.
trey: clayton was a miss
aidan: After installing a ZBS, why are we not employing it full-time and instead switch back and forth with the blocking schemes.
trey: there def will be a riot
buccanoles: Because they drafted a firs round QB and he should be the future, no one wants Leftover
pewterreportjf: trey – Raheem Morris is the head coach, so he is going to field a lot of the blame, right or wrong. The criticism can be placed everywhere. This team is bad. Neither the players nor the coaches are producing the desired results.
trey: our d line sucks
trey: we have to guys cut by the
buccanoles: Yup!
theaman: Do you think we'll see more 3 WR sets in the upcoming weeks to get Stroughter in the game, or are the coaches thinking about playing him as the second receiver rather than the slot?
trey: hovan is old as dirt
buccanoles: Suh is the future
tgi-a-byweek: What is Bates doing that should garner my faith in this defense?
pewterreportjf: guest and snoop101 – I think the chances are good that Josh Freeman starts against Green Bay. He did not look good at all in the limited playing time he received against New England. If Freeman doesn't start I think it's a serious knock on him, and Bucs fans and the people that drafted him should be very concerned.
trey: and we have a guy who takes his job so serious he changed his name to stylez
dls5492: What is the latest on Aaron Sears?
pewterreportjf: tgi-a-byweek – Yes, the Bucs will wear their throwback uniforms against the Packers on Nov. 8.
trey: Bates is having to wait to actually use his defense as he doesnt have any talent in the front 7
tgi-a-byweek: Wilkerson actually seems to be of some leadership value; he's been here before.
trey: he is a journeyman player
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – Michael Clayton is starting because he's experienced and a good perimeter blocker. Sammie Stroughter has performed well, but as a No. 3, not as a starter. In time, Stroughter might be able to start, but not yet. Stroughter isn't a big receiver.
buccanoles: JF- Why did we hire Bates and then convert back to the Tampa 2? Shouldn't they cut his ties with him like they did Jags?
jerrjenn2: Neither is Clayhands….
buccanoles: JF- Michael Clayton hasn't performed well as a starter, so why not start Sammie?
tgi-a-byweek: I was surprised they left AB in the game after his tantrum; he hadn't preformed much anyway.
pewterreportjf: theman – The Bucs are most comfortable with Stroughter playing in the slot. They have some concerns about his size in terms of him being a long-term, full-time starter. He has been impressive in the slot and as a return man. I think it might be a while before you see him start at wide receiver. As for three-receiver sets, the Bucs deploy those, especially in long down-and-distance situations, which they've been in way too often this season.
guest: What is the opinion of One Buc about having two defensive line coaches… was it still a smart move?
theaman: JF, based on your interactions with Freeman and his personality, if he plays the second half and doesn't succeed, do you think the experience will help him or the failures would hurt him?
guest: test
jerrjenn2: We need to see Freeman play, to evaluate if he is the QB of the future.
dabucs12188: JF – From the games we have seen this year who are the bright spots and weak spots on this defense? Who do you see the Bucs cutting ties with after this year. And from a drafting/FA standpoint how can it be fixed?
buccanoles: good jf
tgi-a-byweek: I agree Freeman should start; wish they had a full time QB coach for him.
bucwildfan: JF what was up with Raheem calling DM Dominik? What's that all about?
coqui4: JF – Do you feel that the starting linemen are going to get the bench this upcoming game to get Roy Miller, Dre Moore, and Kyle Moore in?
bucwildfan: Can't he take the decision as HC himself?
guest: Freeman not performing well against NE is not all on his shoulders. OL didn't block on the first sack. HIS only real error was the sack fumble.
along13: won't let me chat!
buccanoles: I don't think JF i on
trey: I think they will let go Bryant
along13: there we go
tgi-a-byweek: I tend to agree with you trey.
trey: Ruud is showing everybody wh Domink waited to sign him
guest: Bryant will be back.
buccanoles: He can't do it all by himself
trey: outside of Clayton and that kicker the gm has been spot on
pewterreportjf: test
pewterreportjf: tgi-a-byweek – Jim Bates was a proven defensive coordinator when the Bucs hired him, but the players aren't playing well in this system, period. If that doesn't change, Bates could be one of the people taking the fall for what is turning out to be a very bad season.
along13: Winslow and Stroughter may be the only bucs back IMO
bucboy76: Jim- Is there a place where we can see the beggining of the chat? I missed the start..
trey: they knew that the players wouldnt play well in the system
guest: If bates goes, who replaces him at DC?
along13: JF do you believe the Bucs could Keep raheem as HC, but replace both coordinators at the end of the season?
dls5492: JF, What is the latest on Aaron Sears?
trey: our dt and linebackers have never two gapped
buccanoles: JF-Bates was poor last year with the Broncos 28th in the league.
trey: true
trey: denver is #1 now
tgi-a-byweek: JF if Bates does get the ax, any solid candidates out there off the top of your head?
trey: i think he would have to be
trey: he's talented but maybe they demote him to dc
utahbucfan: whats with all the tests?
utahbucfan: Is not workin for him
buccanoles: Bill Cowher and a kings ransom
coqui4: having problems chatting
tgi-a-byweek: I don't think Ra can be demoted and stay on this team.
buccanoles: He won't he will be Grudens DC in washington or dallas
dabucs12188: JF – From the games we have seen this year who are the bright spots and weak spots on this defense? Who do you see the Bucs cutting ties with after this year. How can they fix these holes in the draft/fa?
pewterreportjf: wearthechamps2002 – Yes, the Bucs had some teams inquire about possibly trading for some of their own players, but nothing serious enough to actually pull the trigger with the exception of Gaines Adams, of course. The Bucs want draft picks for the future, and they got a good one (second round) for Adams.
dls5492: JF, What is the latest on Aaron Sears?
buccanoles: JF-Will the Bucs actually draft in the top 3 or will they try to trade down?
tgi-a-byweek: Gruden's too smart to take the Washington job, but I like your Dallas pick buccanoles.
trey: they will take the talent
pewterreportjf: dabucs – The Bucs are fine from a salary cap standpoint (they have over $30 million in cap room), and there might not even be a salary cap next year. However, there are a few players that might not be back in 2010, including QB Byron Leftwich, WRs Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton, and DT Chris Hovan, to name a few.
trey: throw in sims to
along13: JF do you believe the Bucs could Keep raheem as HC, but replace both coordinators at the end of the season?
trey: i do
buccanoles: yep
coqui4: JF – Should we draft a middle linebacker. I'm starting to losing confidence in Rudd.
buccanoles: no he will be fired sorry
dabucs12188: What holes on defense do you think we are going to have to fill?
trey: a hd coach only job is to otivate direct and hire staff
trey: he screwed up in the hire part but so did diminik
trey: they were rushed
pewterreportjf: theaman – The Bucs have to make something of this season. At 0-7, it's going nowhere fast. I agree that Josh Freeman wasn't ready to play coming out of training camp and preseason, but he should have progressed by now. If Freeman isn't ready to play at all it's a knock on him. On the other hand, if Freeman pans out the team will have someone to build around going forward.
trey: they will build around him regardless
tgi-a-byweek: Kicker and punter seem like a quick fix too, can we add thoose to the list of needs?
cui bono?: Some recent PR article said that Freeman is missing a sideline coach during the games. Why doesn't Leftwich do that? He's a vet and knows the playbook.
buccanoles: Freeman looked big and out of shape
trey: why isnt letwich starting if hes the best qb right now
guest: What is the status of signing Olsen to a contract extention….seems quiet on that front?
trey: it would if you cant score
tgi-a-byweek: I agree he looked big, and I didn't think that was a bad thing.
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – The Bucs have used some Cover 2 to help limit the deep plays the DBs were allowing earlier in the season. But Bates would have never been hired had the Bucs simply planned to use Cover 2 all the time. The Bucs actually played more Cover 3 than Cover 2 in recent years under Monte Kiffin, anyway. Bottom line is the Bucs needed to let Bates run his system after hiring him. Right now it's not working out.
trey: he doesnt have the front 7 for it…yet
pewterreportjf: bucfanwild – Not sure what you're referring to regarding Morris calling Mark "Dominik."
guest: What is the status of signing Olsen to a contract extention….seems quiet on that front?
buccanoles: Thats because we are behind and teams are exposing us JF, Am i right seeing that?
guest: If we can't get a pass rush, it won't matter what scheme we play.
pewterreportjf: dis5492 – There is nothing new to report on AWOL G Arron Sears. The Bucs are hoping for the best, but they're prepared for him to never play in the NFL again.
trey: thanks guest ..ur absolutely pass rush…no success
buccanoles: They always seem to revert back to Tampa 2 to not get burned IMO.
along13: JF do you believe the Bucs would consider trading up into the first round and draft a MLB (such as Spikes) along with Suh
trey: that would end ruud
pewterreportjf: bucwildfan – Now I follow you. Raheem Morris said he wanted to call Mark Dominik to let him know about Josh Freeman playing before the move was actually made in London. I'm sure he wanted to bounce the idea off him to make sure Dominik was onboard. I don't see anything wrong with it, personally.
trey: hes still under contract next year as a rfa
guest: if morris is fired who would be some of the early coach canidadates? could greg williams be one?
pewterreportjf: bucboy – I'm actually writing a column on head coaches that have survived bad seasons and ones that have been fired. If the Bucs go 0-16, I don't like Raheem's chances of returning in 2010.
buccanoles: I would love that along, but the Glazers don't want to 1st round money being spent twice.
theaman: What's the internal discussion regarding Barrett Ruud? Will they try to give him a contract extension before the end of the year, or has his play soured the front office on the idea?
pewterreportjf: along13 – If Raheem doesn't get fired after the season and the Bucs only win one or two games, I'm sure some changes will be made, ranging from the coaching staff to the player personnel side of things.
cui bono?: What happened to the idea of having Stovall get some playing time in place of Clayton?
dabucs12188: JF – If any of our 2 coordinators do get fired after this season what candinates are out there you think would work well with this Bucs team?
pewterreportjf: along13 – I don't see the Bucs trading up in the first round at all, especially since they likely will have a top 5 pick. The Bucs realize they are in need of several impact players next year, so if anything they might trade down to acquire more picks.
buccanoles: Bates and Bates
guest: Jim, wanted to elaborate a little that was written by scott in the rountable
guest: but the arranged marriage between Dominik and Morris will end. No inside information on this necessarily, just a hunch."
tgi-a-byweek: JF what do you make of the poor drafting/scouting
guest: the word necessarily there kinda implies whispers.. care to elaborate?
pewterreportjf: guest – It's tough to say which coaches could replace Raheem Morris should he be fired at the end of the season. Marty Shottenheimer might be a guy to keep an eye on. It all really depends on the Glazer's budget. Norv Turnver is also someone to keep an eye on in terms of a head coach or offensive coordinator. Turner has a good track record working with young quarterbacks as an offensive coordinator.
cui bono?: I think along13 meant if they would be willing to trade back up into the 1st again to have two first-round picks.
tgi-a-byweek: Does scouting have a chance to improve?
guest: please tell that there will b e 4 new d line starter next year. and maybe a new nickel corner and free safety.
trey: i dont think any major coaching changes would occur…btes still hasnt had a chance to do his thing…Olson still hasnt had an offseason and u shudnt fire a guy if he never had a shot
theaman: PLEASE tell me you're just guessing about Turner…Turner is not somebody we want here
trey: scouting needs to change but i dont htink morris or domminik can handle changing that too
pewterreportjf: guest – I can't really elaborate on something Scott wrote in the Roundtable unless you can be more specific.
guest: PR- are there any negative rumors at OBP that you can share? Positive too?
trey: when they get some stability in the org then maybe later
guest: "No inside information on this necessarily" – the word necessarily, kind double edged
tgi-a-byweek: too bad, they need a really good draft.
coqui4: Jim, in your personal opinion with everything you know so far this season, would you make a change at with the HC and GM, or do you give them another season?
trey: Cowher would want complete control and money—glazers might say yes
this is spartan: "No inside information on this necessarily" the necessarily implies a little bit more than just a hunch
trey: orv turner great OC and qb coach–like a super
pewterreportjf: tgi-a-byweek – The scouting department has fallen under heavy criticism in Tampa Bay, and for good reason. The Bucs' draft picks over the past five years have been terrible for the most part, and we're seeing that right now on the football field and by the players that are no longer with the Bucs (Gaines Adams and Dexter Jackson, etc.). Raheem Morris deserves criticism for the Bucs' 0-7 record, but in his defense he doesn't have much to work with.
guest: There were reports that Olsen was going to get an extension, what has happened to that?
trey: bucs fans need to relax on the coaches and gm…there working with losers b/c the glazers wont spend..thats and the scouting are the real problems
pewterreportjf: bucboy – Don't worry. I have absolutely no say in terms of who the Bucs hire and fire. I just mentioned Norv Turner because he could be fired in San Diego and could wind up a offensive coordinator somewhere else, including Tampa Bay. Remember — Greg Olson is in the final year of his contract with the Bucs.
bw: With 0-16 a legitimate possibility, do you think we will see a big shake up among the players like trades and such on draft day to try and land more picks? This team needs so much help in so many places.
snoop101: Jim, has their been any rumblings in the Bucs FO about the WSJ article detailing some of their salary cap manipulations?
guest: There were reports that Olsen was going to get an extension, what has happened to that?
guest: There were reports that Olsen was going to get an extension, what has happened to that?
trey: bucs fans need to relax on the coaches and gm…there working with losers b/c the glazers wont spend..thats and the scouting are the real problems
guest: There were reports that Olsen was going to get an extension, what has happened to that?
trey: bucs fans need to relax on the coaches and gm…there working with losers b/c the glazers wont spend..thats and the scouting are the real problems
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't think many people would be happy to hear of Greg Olson receiving a contract extension given the offense's performance in recent weeks. As far as we know an extension for Olson was in the works, but likely is on hold right now.
trey: olson may not make it back as an oc but maybe as a qb coach
guest: Has Morris said when he will make a decision on the starting QB?
pewterreportjf: snoop101 – No surprises on Tampa Bay's use of the salary cap room in terms of moving money around. We reported how the Bucs were carrying money over from one year to the next several times. That money will do them absolutely no good if 2010 goes uncapped, which right now looks like will happen.
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for attending the chat. Enjoy the bye week, but be sure to check back with as we'll have some articles throughout the week.


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