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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportsr: Hello, guys. Ready to chat?
antcam: Yes Sir
bucwildfan: here's a better one
dabucs12188: whats up guys
bucwildfan: Why did we re-sign MUIR!?
bucwildfan: Hi all sr/JF :)
pewterreportsr: The delay in the signing of Monte Kiffin? I think it's about money – not so much dollars and cents, but rather the notion that Kiffin would be the highest-paid defensive coordinator in the league.
bucwildfan: I wonder if its because perhaps atlanta wants him?
antcam: So he's waiting to see what everyone else is getting
rdhess: Kiffin isn't going to Atlanta
bucwildfan: well garret is close to signing with baltimore
bucwildfan: I cant wait to see cowboys offense next year
bucwildfan: imo wade phillips is NOT a good coach
pewterreportsr: bucwildfan – Muir is respected around the league. He did a very good job this year getting the young guys ready to play. Trueblood improved. Joseph improved a little. Penn came out of nowhere to play well. Sears, a rookie, looks like a star in the making. Not a bad job at all.
dabucs12188: Any more updates on the injuries of the guys who are on IR?
rdhess: I can't wait to see Jerry Jones' disappointed face!
bucwildfan: But his pass protection scheme is just horrible
bucwildfan: I'm not so sure that has anything to do w/players but the coaching
bucwildfan: lol rdhess i wonder who he gave those nfc championship tickets to?
antcam: The Big Midgets stole our Super Bowl run=)
rdhess: SR – who should we be looking for in the East/West bowl game?
bucwildfan: Will we get Ocho Cinco?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I saw Cadillac on Monday without crutches or a brace and he was … hobbling. Pretty bad, too. I know he's 7 months away from training camp, but he's also 3 months out of surgery now. He didn't look good to me.
dabucs12188: its a very serious injury :)
dabucs12188: How about guys like Buenning and Tjax?
antcam: It looks like were going to land J. Jones. That's in my mind
bucwildfan: Wow I hope he recovers fine. I hope he takes all the time he needs there's no need to rush him his health is more important imo but it may cost his job obviously
pewterreportsr: rdhess – The Bucs will be looking at everybody in the Shrine Game. They've got to scout everyone.
bucwildfan: I hope not J.Jones is not that impressive to me
cadillac 24: Can Alan Faneca play center? Would he be a good option for the Bucs? Which other centers around the league might become available that the Bucs could be interested in?
quez: What type of WR do you think the Bucs will need to get in the off season? A bigger WR like Stovall/ Clayton, or another deep threat?
bucwildfan: GP 24 wade has to go
pewterreportsr: bucwildfan – It remains to be seen if the Bucs will go after Chad Johnson. We'll get some inside scoop from our sources at the Senior Bowl.
bucwildfan: we need ohco CINCO!
rdhess: Bucs need speed at receiver position
bucwildfan: thanks sr :)
antcam: I heard we're going to trade G. White to the Lions for D. White?
bucwildfan: we need playmakers
dabucs12188: Playmakers are good these days!
cadillac 24: Are you serious antcam?
antcam: no
bucwildfan: lol doubt it CD24
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – No word yet on T-Jack. Expect him to be okay in 4 months. As for Buenning, it's been a slow recovery, but the team expects him to be 100 percent by the time camp comes and they expect him to compete for a starting role.
bucwildfan: Jeez his injury was that serious?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Can Faneca play center? I'm sure he can. Will he want to is the real question.
dabucs12188: Yeah, how serious was his injury?
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs be interested in him?
pewterreportsr: antcam – You're kidding, right? Greg White will remain a Buc, Dewayne White will remain a Lion.
cadillac 24: What other centers will be available? Maybe Matt Birk?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – Typo. I meant to say 4 weeks. Sorry.
rdhess: I think Buenning will win the starting center position next year… if he stays healthy
quez: I would rather draft Stevie Justice C from Wake
dabucs12188: It's all good.
antcam: What's the word on D. Buenning progress, becoming a center?
bucwildfan: What are the chance of sapp signing a day 1 contract to retire a buc? if keyshawn doesn't end up in Miami like most expect if we've done it before i'm sure we'll do it again but will we bring keyshawn back as well?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – If Matt Birk becomes available, the Bucs would be interested.
guest: How far apart are Kiffin and the FO on contract negotiations? Have you spoken to his agent?
rdhess: Let's trade for Pacman Jones – NOT!
quez: Possible FA WRs that could add speed… Bernard Berrian/ Devry Henderson… I don't know if I trust Gruden developing a young WR at this point… besides rookie WRs take time
pewterreportsr: guest – Kiffin's camp has been quiet. Bucs are being patient.
dabucs12188: Are the Bucs actually going to be interested and going after a vet center this offseason? If not do you see them bringing in a rookie?
bucwildfan: berrian/henderson= chad johnson
cadillac 24: How about the defensive line? Who's are the Bucs interested in? Would they make a trade for Shaun Rogers?
the gron: Has there been any news regarding Bill Callahan? Did Gru and Bill have a good working relationship in Oakland?
quez: I like Berrian.. also the guy that filled in for Andre Johnson is a FA and he can return
bucwildfan: gron I think they did get along just fine. I would welcome callahan here not sure if duemig will :P
guest: sr, do the bucs have any reaction to all the negative crap bigdog has been saying the past couple of days.
antcam: Are their any more disgruntled coaches let on the staff?
the gron: What draft picks do the Buccaneers possess for this years draft?
cadillac 24: Who are some players on the trade block that the Bucs are interested in?
psymunsez: Are the Bucs going to follow a similar strategy to last year's offseason and have a wait and see approach?
pewterreportsr: I think Berrian and Henderson are receivers that the Bucs will have to consider, especially because of their speed.
the gron: What draft picks do the Buccaneers possess for this years draft?
rdhess: Any word on whether the other assistant coaches besides Valero will sign?
antcam: D. Henderson has no pre snap rec. skills
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I think the Bucs have to go after a veteran center. Without a doubt. Even with a veteran center, they will still be the youngest O-line in football – again.
quez: when is the FA preview come? i cant wait!
cadillac 24: What did the Bucs think of Jeremiah Trotter's performance at the end of the year? Does he have a future here or will he leave in FA?
bucwildfan: i hope muir proves me wrong seriously
pewterreportsr: the gron – If Bill Callahan doesn't wind up with an OC role this year, the Bucs would likely hire him as their RBs coach.
the gron: Is Bennett a viable option in the offense, or is a he a waste of compensation because he could absorb the play book?
the gron: couldn't
pewterreportsr: guest – I haven't heard any reaction from One Buc Place over any of Steve Duemig's comments.
dabucs12188: What Bucs do you believe might be on the trade block this offseason?
quez: Why must we get a Vet center? Draft not good? Jets did alright with a rookie center a few years ago (mangold). I know there isn't anyone on his level this year but Justice from Wake is pretty good.
cadillac 24: What did Steve Duemig say anyway?
rdhess: Bennett needs to be more consistant catching the ball too
pewterreportsr: the gron – The Bucs have picks in rounds 1, 2, 3, 5 and either 4 or 7 – depending on if Jake Plummer shows up.
antcam: SR/JF I know yall been doing your draft work, can we get a sneak preview, who do either of you see the bucs taking in the first round? If not name a pos. PLZ
bucwildfan: center is like the qb position for oline. I'd be more comfortable with a vet in that spot
pewterreportsr: quez – The free agency preview issue of PR will come out in late February.
quez: That may be my favorite issue, even better than the draft!!!
cadillac 24: What Bucs are on the trade block? Who's on the block that the Bucs are interested?
the gron: Is Kromer thinking of switching teams, it seems he won't be the heir apparent to Muir anymore… should he move on?
quez: Furio was good on Duemig today btw
pewterreportsr: redhess – Some other assistants (Kiffin, Lake, Hackett, etc.) are still seeing what is out there right now. Nothing wrong with looking around, because once you sign with Bruce Allen, you will have to honor your contract.
the gron: Sorry Hackett, not Kromer
pewterreportsr: quez – The Bucs have to have a veteran center because this O-line is still young and inexperienced.
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I could see the Bucs put Simms on the trade block.
cadillac 24: Which WR on the trade block are the Bucs most interested in?
the gron: What position would you like to see the Bucs draft in the first round, SR?
pewterreportsr: the gron – Michael Bennett will likely be concerned with playing time. I think the Bucs would like to have him back, but he would be a role player in Tampa – not a feature back. He may look around and see if he could get more PT elsewhere.
antcam: I can see Simms in N.Y., I've been having dreams of C. Pennington in Pewter and Red
guest: Will Gruden get a contract? If so, when?
pewterreportsr: the gron – It just depends on if there will be a lot of interest in Kromer. I haven't heard anything as of yet. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves or if he stays.
pewterreportsr: quez – I did hear Mike Florio on Steve Duemig's show today.
nwinters40: Any idea what QB's the Bucs are interested in this offseason? Losman, Volek… not Grossman!?
quez: What about the D line? Keep Carter/ Spires? Draft a young guy in the first? Terell Suggs? :drool: Justin Smith? Allen?Haynesworth will probably get taged
guest: sr, do you think gruden should be extended and how long?
psymunsez: How about Chad Pennington? I've heard some rumors about him being cut…
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I'm not sure which WR on the trading block the Bucs are most interested in. We'll find out more scoop at the Senior Bowl.
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Gruden will get a contract extension, but it will be after Monte Kiffin gets one first.
the gron: How is Grahams contracts coming along? Is Graham contemplating holding out?
quez: The Nole in me would take Javon Walker over 85
nwinters40: SR – Do you think the Bucs would go after Haynesworth even if he did make it to free agency? He still seems like a pretty big character risk to me.
cadillac 24: What did the Bucs think of Jeremiah Trotter's performance at the end of the year? Does he have a future here or will he leave in FA?
pewterreportsr: nwinters40 – I haven't done too much digging into what FA QBs the Bucs might be interested in. I'm sure we'll find out come Senior Bowl.
nwinters40: Sounds good… so Packers or Giants? Patriots or Chargers?
pewterreportsr: quez – I think Jared Allen would look great in pewter and red. KC will franchise him, though. Suggs would be a stud in this defense, but he wants to go to Arizona, allegedly. The Bucs need more pass rushers, that's for sure.
the gron: Is there any truth to the rumors that Monte has considered leaving for Atlanta, or is this a rival's chance for meddling?
guest: Will Gruden's extension be short term, or will he insist on a long term? Would the owners prefer a short term?
quez: 2 McCowns!!! He is a FA lol
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Gruden should be given a contract extension. Give him a 2-year contract extension with some rollover provisions that automatically adds a year or two if he meets certain criteria.
cadillac 24: When will Mike Alstott make his decisions?
pewterreportsr: psymunsez – If Paul Hackett stays in Tampa Bay, Pennington might be an option. Gruden wants a mobile QB, though. Pennington isn't too nifty on his feet.
dabucs12188: Do you think the Bucs will look into the draft or FA for a stud DT?
cadillac 24: What players around the league do you think will be cap casualties?
quez: Pennington.., interesting…
pewterreportsr: the gron – Graham told me he would NOT hold out. I believe him. I think he gets a nice bump, but not really starter (Cadillac) money.
rdhess: I can't see Pennington in Pewter
the gron: The Bucs have long had plenty of cap space, but no big splashes. Is this the year to secure some real playmakers in the offseason in FA?
pewterreportsr: nwinters40 – I think the Bucs view Haynesworth as a "contract year" kind of guy. He is a character risk.
cadillac 24: What did the Bucs think of Jeremiah Trotter's performance at the end of the year? Does he have a future here or will he leave in FA?
the gron: well, the past couple of years, not for very long, lol
pewterreportsr: the gron – I don't think Monte is going to Atlanta.
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know what the Glazers will do with Gruden's contract for sure. I can only guess.
the gron: Do you attribute Garcia's voiced opinions about not having or using current playmakers to post season griping, or does he have a point about Gruden? How did his words sit with Gruden?
quez: You think we will hear as much buzz about Lance Briggs this year? Makes for a great story… With the whole replacing Brooks talk…
bmarti5: How's Cadillac's recovery, any word if he is still in the Bucs future
nwinters40: So who thinks the Bucs will be playing @ home in the superbowl next year? It's time to start-up the bandwagon!
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I don't think there will be cap casualties so much anymore. A lot of teams have cap room. I think what we'll see will be "roster cuts," meaning that teams simply want to upgrade their roster so they'll dump players that may be overpriced or too old, etc.
dabucs12188: That would be amazing if the Bucs go to the Superbowl next year in Tampa.
nwinters40: I think it's pretty much guaranteed….
pewterreportsr: the gron – Yes, I think this is the year where the Bucs make a "run" as they did when they traded for Keyshawn Johnson in 2000 and signed Brad Johnson and Simeon Rice in 2001.
dabucs12188: What positions do you feel will be upgraded this offseason in FA?
psymunsez: It would be great for Jeff Garcia and Derrick Brooks because they'd be able to leave at the top!
pewterreportsr: the gron – I haven't spoken to Gruden since the press conference. We'll talk to him up in Mobile.
cadillac 24: When is the Senior Bowl by the way?
guest: sr, do any of the present coaches have a grudge with gruden?
quez: I think you extend Bruce
cadillac 24: What do the Bucs think of Trotter now?
quez: cadillac24 see important dates on front page
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – I answered this question at the beginning. Caddy looks pretty banged up. Limping badly. I don't think he's ready for camp.
the gron: Will Gruden start to listen to others regarding personnel, or do we just need to hand the keys over to Gruden this year… give him full control instead of trying to "fix" him
quez: I think you extend Bruce
quez: It wont post the rest of what I typed???
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I think DL, WR, RB are the three spots that have the best chance to be uprgraded via free agency.
nwinters40: also Center… if ther's one available…?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think all of the other coaches are on board with Gruden as far as I can tell.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – the Senior Bowl week starts next Monday.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The Bucs like Trotter, but he'll be looking for playing time elsewhere next year.
cadillac 24: How do the Superbowl teams watch the Senior Bowl?
rdhess: On TV
the gron: Any chance McKay get's removed from the Competition Committee since he lost his title, or do we have to continue to deal with his Scheduling fix's
cadillac 24: I mean scout it?
nwinters40: actually, I'm wondering what the Bucs think of Drayton Florence from the Chargers @ CB… he's a UFA this year…
pewterreportsr: Be sure to tell ALL of your Bucs fan friends and family members about our $20 subscription special for new subscribers. The offer ends on Super Bowl Sunday.
pewterreportsr: the gron – Gruden does not have full control over personnel. Bruce Allen calls the shots. Gruden wanted several players and didn't get them last year.
pewterreportsr: nwinters40 – Yes, the Bucs will try to upgrade the center position in free agency, too.
pewterreportsr: Stay tuned to next week for Senior Bowl week!
dabucs12188: This offseason should be very interesting.
dabucs12188: Pretty excited about it.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The scouts from all 32 teams are at the Senior Bowl.
the gron: Didn't Valero say that Gruden never listens to his assistants while scouting personnel?
cadillac 24: Do you get to talk to other team's scouts?
pewterreportsr: Remember, the Bucs were the most active team in free agency last year. Chances are they will be that way this year, too.
dabucs12188: Can't wait!
pewterreportsr: the gron – I didn't hear Valero say that. He was talking more about game planning and play-calling.
the gron: ah, i understand
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Yes. PR has several contacts throughout the league – not just at One Buc Place.
the gron: Well, any chance he could loosen up on that, seeing as his play calls can't get to the team in time without taking all our timeouts before halftime
pewterreportsr: Thanks for the chat, guys. Jim Flynn will be hosting next week's chat assuming he is in a position to do it from Mobile. We often times work late nights at the Senior Bowl, so there may or may not be a chat.
guest: sr, is the draft going to change venues and follow the superbowl to each city it gos to?
cadillac 24: Alright, thanks SR
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