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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreporrtjf His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
bigbucs: Yo JF, what are you more excited about the upcoming Free Agency or Draft?
guest: Chances we sign Berrian?
pikappaphi422: Who from the senior bowl did you like the most?
99beers: Would the Bucs really pass on a QB in the draft if Plummer reports?
dominico: Looks like the Ravens will tag Suggs, that sucks
pewterreportjf: bigbucs – Because it's closer, I'd say I'm more excited about the start of free agency. We're putting the final touches on our Pewter Report Free Agency issue, which will be mailed to subscribers next week.
bigbucs: can't wait to read, i enjoyed the gruden article in the last issue
extremehardness: sr/jf is justin smith worth the money? and any talk of big time trades?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs will express interest in signing wide receiver Bernard Berrian, but the price has to be right for them to sign him. Plus, there will be several other free agent receivers the Bucs will attempt to sign.
dominico: yeah the Gruden read was good
guest: Anything to make you think the Bucs make a run at Randall Gay?
guest: Would the Bucs try to trade up for Sedrick Ellis? What would they be willing to give?
buc77: jf, which fa players do you like and think will be available
dominico: i doubt the bucs trade up
99beers: I can't see the Bucs trading up. Maybe down in the mid rounds to get more picks.
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – I came away liking several players, including running backs Chris Johnson and Justin Forsett. I also liked Virginia Tech WR Eddie Royal as well as WR Donnie Avery.
cadillac 24: Is there any chance that the Bucs will release any of their players before the start of free agency? Who will we likely release?
wc_bucs: What's the deal with P-Chuk? Is he one of those guys so yolked on HGH (or whatever) that he is wound so tight that he'll never stay healthy? Sure he looks good in his underwear (allegedly), but can he play football?
rdhess: JF – what is your thoughts on Bisaccia coaching RBs?
bigbucs: JF, do you think the Bucs regret passing on All Day Peterson last draft?
99beers: I think K. Carter will be let go due to his salary.
guest: I think Spires is a goner
rdhess: agree
pewterreportjf: 99beers – Yes, I do believe the Bucs would pass on a quarterback this year if Jake Plummer decides to report for duty. However, that's a big if right now. Expect the Bucs to attempt to sign a free agent quarterback if Plummer doesn't report. If they don't find anyone in free agency, the draft is definitely an option for a quarterback.
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs go after any player that was recently released?
extremehardness: d[ine d-line
99beers: I can't see Trotter coming back either.
rdhess: agree
extremehardness: sr/jf is justin smith worth the money? and any talk of big time trades?
pewterreportjf: guest – Tampa Bay is in the market for a cornerback as Brian Kelly will test free agency. I expect them to make a huge push for Asante Samuel in free agency. Randall Gay could be a possibility if the Bucs strike out on several other options before him. Tampa Bay could also turn to the draft for a cornerback.
pikappaphi422: Any chance they sign a FA QB and draft one as well?
99beers: I actually think Trotter will end up back in Philly.
bigbucs: What about Marcus Trufant??
dominico: I like Samuel, but $11 mil a year is pushing it
guest: Do you think the Bucs might go after Mike Jenkins at 20?
cadillac 24: How close are the Bucs to signing their own free agents?
guest: What do you expect to happen at DT? The draft and FA seem none to deep.
guest: Thanks JF – with the current lack of depth, I thought they would pick up a FA like Gay and draft a guy like Chevis Jackson or Simeon Castille
rdhess: Samuel will be too expensive. Spend the $$ on getting QB pressure and that will make our DBs look even better
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Yes, there's a chance the Bucs will release some players even though they have $30 million in cap room to spend. Defensive end Greg Spires and linebacker Ryan Nece are possibilities. However, the Bucs could elect to keep those players around until they find upgrades/replacements for them. That's how general manager Bruce Allen typically operates.
99beers: If Plummer reports, I can't see him beating out Garcia in '08
guest: agree
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
cadillac 24: I hope the Bucs don't release Ryan Nece. He is a great guy.
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – The Bucs will target DE Justin Smith in free agency, and the fact that he notched just two sacks last year could bode well for them in terms of signing him for the right price.
99beers: In '09, Plummer could be the starter.
guest: What RB's do you see the bucs targeting
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – I can't see the Bucs signing a veteran quarterback and drafting one. Tampa Bay is looking for an upgrade over Bruce Gradkowski and a possible successor for Jeff Garcia. They believe Jake Plummer can be that guy, but if he doesn't play they'll be forced to bank on Luke McCown and/or bring in somebody else.
pikappaphi422: Are they happy with the future of the young LB that they will not look to upgrade the backup LB in the draft
pewterreportjf: bigbucs – Sure, if the Bucs can't sign Asante Samuel they could go after Marcus Trufant, who is a solid corner as well.
cadillac 24: Who are some players that were recently put out on the trade block by other teams?
extremehardness: jf what about the rbs who will we target in fas or draft ?
guest: I wish Jared Allen would dodge the franchise tag and the Bucs could reel him in
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs go after any player that was recently released?
99beers: I wishing right there with you.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Bucs have been talking about a new contract with Michael Bennett's agent, but there's not much more to report there. Tampa Bay is prepared to let most, if not all of its free agents hit the free agent market. Despite the recent article on Jerramy Stevens, the Bucs remain interested in signing him.
pewterreportjf: guest – Tampa Bay picked a good year to be in the market for a running back or two. The Bucs want to get faster on offense, and the RB position is no exception. That said, expect the Bucs to be interested in signing Michael Turner, Mewelde Moore and Justin Fargas, among others. Tampa Bay could also draft a running back like East Carolina's Chris Johnson or Cal's Justin Forsett.
dominico: How is Mark Jones doing? He was tearing it up before his injury
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs be interested in trading for a guy like Jeremy Shockey?
pikappaphi422: Did you like T. Choice in Mobile?
guest: JF – Jerry Porter has been mentioned, and I think he would be a nice addition (talent/financial wise) – What do you think about signing Porter (should be fairly cheap) and drafting someone like Eddie Royal? Not exactly "Tiger Woods" players, but would be a step in that direction. I'm sure the'll even look at Javon Walker when he's released.
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – Tampa Bay likes its group of linebackers, but the Bucs still are looking for Derrick Brooks' successor. That said, expect the Bucs to express interest in signing LB Lance Briggs. I also expect the Bucs to attempt to sign a capable backup middle linebacker.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Bucs could express some interest in Dan Morgan, but there's a reason why he was released by Carolina. I think they'd like Dan Morgan a lot more if he was willing to sign a one-year deal worth league minimum.
guest: What round do you see Chris Johnson and Donnie Avery going in?
pewterreportjf: dominoc – Don't expect Tampa Bay to re-sign Mark Jones this year. He's got a long road to recovery with the torn patellar tendon he sustained in Detroit last year. It's unfortunate.
cadillac 24: Will they keep Spurlock as the returner then or go after someone else?
pikappaphi422: Do you think that one of our young CB can become a starter or will they look at drafting more than 1 CB this year
guest: What do you expect to happen at DT? The draft and FA seem none to deep.
guest: Would the Bucs try to trade up for Sedrick Ellis? What would they be willing to give?
dominico: they better get a couple players who can return kicks, Im' tired of seeing Ike back there
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Bucs are in the market for a tight end since Anthony Becht and Jerramy Stevens are scheduled to hit the open market. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs were interested in trading for Jeremy Shockey, but keep in mind that there are several free agent tight ends available, too, like Dallas Clark. Based on its track record, there's always the chance that Philly will remove the franchise tag from L.J. Smith, too, and he would be a great fit for Tampa Bay's offense.
bigbucs: JF, what do you think was the key to the success Greg White had this year and do you think he can improve even more?
netsbucscardsfan: my ideal draft 1st cromartie 2nd donne avery 3rd dre moore
cadillac 24: Which free agents are on the top of the Bucs' radar screen? Who are they looking to trade for?
guest: I agree except like Mike Jenkins more than Cromartie
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs will express interest in signing WR Jerry Porter, but they're looking for speed at the position and I'm not sure Porter has enough of it. Plus, Porter hasn't exactly been willing to accept a role in which other players are getting the ball, too. There's a chance the Bucs will sign Porter, but I don't think it's a slam dunk.
99beers: I think LJ Smith fumbles way too much for Gruden's liking.
guest: Draft: Calais Campbell, Donnie Avery, Antoine Cason, Josh Johnson
extremehardness: jf how is antonio cash doig im high on him!{st demon}!
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs will first attempt to re-sign DT Jovan Haye, who is a restricted free agent. Expect that to happen. While they could express interest in several other free agents, like Albert Haynesworth, I expect the Bucs to attempt to address the DT position in the draft with a player like Trevor Laws.
guest: Would the Bucs have any interest in trading for the Jets Dewayne Robertson?
cadillac 24: Since the Redskins are 20 million dollars over the cap, is it likely that they would release Clinton Portis or Santana Moss?
netsbucscardsfan: are the bucs interested in shaun rogers
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't think the Bucs will be willing to trade what it would take to land Sedrick Ellis.
99beers: I definitely think Haye should be resigned.
guest: Sign: Asante Samuel, Mewelde Moore, Bernard Berrian, Corey Williams, Kris Wilson, Jeremy Newberry
99beers: Clinton Portis would be sweet in Pewter and Red.
pewterreportjf: guest – I would love to see the Bucs draft USF CB Mike Jenkins at No. 20 in the first round, but I'm probably biased since I graduated from USF. I really do feel like he'll be a damn good player in the NFL, though.
extremehardness: jf how is antonio cash doig im high on him!{st demon}!
extremehardness: jf what about the rbs who will we target in fas or draft ?
99beers: I bet the Eagles take Jenkins at #19
pikappaphi422: Is there anybody on the Buc's looking at that we are not talking about for the draft
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Redskins have major salary cap issues, and there's a chance they might have to release or trade Clinton Portis because of it. Keep an eye on that situation.
guest: JF- agreed on the Mike Jenkins NFL potential. Who did you think the Bucs like more between Laws and Moore?
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
cadillac 24: Do you know of any candidates that the Bucs are looking at for their running backs coach?
extremehardness: could we land portis?jf?
guest: Portis isn't going anywhere, they were talking today about how he's going to be a big focus of their offense in '08.
extremehardness: could we land portis?jf?
netsbucscardsfan: is alan faneca a realistic option at center, i read he was upset at the tomlin hiring
bigbucs: they hired biscaccia for RB coach
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – The Bucs were high on Antoine Cash before he injured his ACL last year. He's a capable backup at middle linebacker, but the Bucs aren't opposed to upgrading that spot in free agency or in the draft.
panamabuc: wash is talking to cinn for cj
cadillac 24: They did?
guest: JF you are setting us up for major disappointment so far you have us interested in every top free agent and potentially available superstar
bigbucs: yes
cadillac 24: Then who will be the special teams coach?
bigbucs: PR just reported it a bit ago
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – Consider the Bucs interested in signing Clinton Portis if he's released by the Redskins. The two biggest things they have going for them is cap room ($30 million) and a need at running back.
bigbucs: i guess he is handling both
cadillac 24: How long ago did they sign him?
bucsfan4ever: Guys any idea on what QB the Bucs might be interested in??
bigbucs: whatever his ext was for i guess
pewterreportjf: netsbucscardsfan – yes, Alan Faneca is definitely an option for the Bucs if he hits the open market as scheduled. The Bucs would sign him to play center or play guard and then move Arron Sears over to play center.
guest: Is there a risk of getting back into cap trouble, or is that a thing of the past for all practical purposes?
pikappaphi422: Do you like that the Buc's are on Larry F short list for the Cards to trade him too
extremehardness: jf if you could pick one of the wrs what one would you choose?
pewterreportjf: guest – I'm just telling you who the Bucs will be interested in and why. I can't tell you who they will sign and who they won't. That will be up to the Bucs and the agents and players involved.
netsbucscardsfan: where did you hear we were on his short list
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Pewter Report has the story on Richard Bisaccia on the front page of
pikappaphi422: sorry think not like
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
guest: JF, can you clear up the details on the Plummer trade by round, deadline etc ?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs refuse to go back into cap hell. That's why they were careful spenders in 2007. The biggest signing bonus they dished out last year was $3 million. However, expect the Bucs to be a little more aggressive in their spending this year.
guest: JF – What would be the most realistic "out of left field" move you could see the Bucs making this offseason?
extremehardness: jf if you could pick one of the wrs what one would you choose?
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – Don't be surprised if the Bucs express some serious interest in signing Bears QB Rex Grossman, who played collegiately at Florida and has a significant amount of starting experience in the NFL. He's a little too inaccurate for my liking, but he could be a possibility for the Bucs if the price is right.
guest: JF- who do you like more between Laws and Dre Moore?
bucsfan4ever: Think Crumpler wil be released by the Falgoons with their cap problems?? NO NOT GROSSMAN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – If I had to pick one of the free agent wide receivers for the Bucs I'd say either Donte' Stallworth or Devery Henderson. I'm assuming Randy Moss will not hit the open market. The Bucs have a need for speed at WR. I would like to see them sign a veteran WR and draft one early.
extremehardness: i hope not jf on the grossman !
guest: There are unbelievable possibilities this offseason. Very exciting.
pikappaphi422: Would we look at signing Rod Coleman if he is released
guest: Berrian is the one to get he had almost 1000 yards with that horrible qb situation
extremehardness: jf would you trade for a wrs too?
cadillac 24: I would love to bring in Rod Coleman or Alge Crumpler if they were to be traded or released. What's the chance of that happening?
pewterreportjf: guest – If Plummer reports to the Bucs, Tampa Bay will owe Denver its fourth-round draft pick. If he doesn't report the Bucs will owe Denver their seventh-round pick. As for deadlines, we're still looking into that. The Bucs and Broncos have filed three joint grievances against Plummer in an effort to either get him to play or get him to pay nearly $7 million in bonus money he received while playing in Denver.
buc4life79: the tampa tribune reported we might make a run at you think we will and do you think hes worth a 2nd rnd pick
guest: Thank you JF
cadillac 24: I think that was just speculation by the Tribune.
dominico: I can't see Atlanta releasing Crumpler, he is there best offensive player
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – Yes, there's a chance the Falcons will have to release several players due to their cap problems, including RB Warrick Dunn and TE Alge Crumpler. I don't think the Bucs would be that interested in Dunn due to his age, but Crumpler would pique their interest.
99beers: How about Warrick Dunn?
buc4life79: even so i think it would actually be worth it..but not a 2nd rnd pick maybe a 3rd or 4th
cadillac 24: Why have teams already begun releasing their players?
bmarti5: Any updates on Cadillac? It sounds like next year is out for hime but he is still young.
pewterreportjf: Cadillac 24 – Rod Coleman is also a player that could be released by the Falcons. If that happens, the Bucs would be interested.
extremehardness: jf would you trade for a wrs too?
bucsfan4ever: Crumpler would be good!!! Thanks jf
guest: JF- what is your prediction for the Bucs first 3 picks?
pewterreportjf: buc4life79 – I don't doubt that the Bucs would be interested in trading for Jeremy Shockey, but I don't see them trading a second-round pick for him when there are several talented tight ends in free agency and the draft.
cadillac 24: Do you agree with Mike Mayock about Darren McFadden not being a top 20 player in his opinion?
buc4life79: me either maybe a 3rd or 4th plus hes injuries worry me as well
pewterreportjf: guest – Wow. It's way too early to predict Tampa Bay's first three picks in the NFL Draft. A lot of what the Bucs do in the draft will be dicated by what they do in free agency. That's why I can't wait for Feb. 29 to get here.
strick-9: jf/ any word on the ring of honor?
bigbucs: you going to stay up late on the 28th???
cadillac 24: Yeah, you made a mention about that two weeks ago.
99beers: Is it Midnight on the 29th or later in the day that FA begins
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – No, I don't agree with Mike Mayock's take on Darren McFadden not being a top 20 pick, but I do agree with some of his points and concerns regarding McFadden. I respect Mayock a lot.
cadillac 24: I really like Mayock too.
bucsfan4ever: Hey JF you guys going to offer polos in your store so I can wear them to work??
pikappaphi422: Any word who they are looking at to coach the Special teams
99beers: I like Mayock better than Kiper.
pewterreportjf: 99beers – Yes, free agency starts at midnight on Friday, Feb. 29. Be sure to check out as we will be staying up all morning to report player visits and signings as we learn of them.
guest: I value Mayock over Kiper and McShay
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – That's probably a question for Pewter Report's Kim Roper. You can e-mail her at
dominico: the enitre ESPN draft team is bad
extremehardness: our rbs coach is also are special teams coach
99beers: I'll be logged in at Midnight on the 29th.
buc4life79: jf…what about marty booker….
guest: Don't forget Berrian's agent is Drew Rosenhaus him and Bruce have a good relationship and will be working on a few deals prior to the start of FA
pewterreportjf: pikappah422 – In case you missed it, reported earlier this evening that Bucs special teams coordiantor Richard Bisaccia will fill the void left by Art Valero at the running backs coaching position. It is believed that he will also continue to coach the special teams. The story is on the front page of our website.
buc4life79: we need wide reciever help
bucsfan4ever: Oh sure pass it off to the underling ;-)))
guest: Berrian Henderson or Stallworth would all be good signings
extremehardness: jf would you trade for a wrs too?
pikappaphi422: thanks saw the article as I loged on going to read after this
pewterreportjf: buc4life – The Bucs might express interest in signing WR Marty Booker, but he doesnt' have the speed the team is looking for at that position. Plus, he's past his prime.
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs working with Jeff Garcia on a new contract extension?
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans.
cadillac 24: How about Earnest Graham's contract?
guest: Thanks JF
bigbucs: cya
dominico: thanks
guest: Thank you JF
buc4life79: what about chasing chad johnson
pikappaphi422: thanks JF
extremehardness: booker sucks and wont help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bucsfan4ever: NNNOOOO PLEASE STAY!!!!!
guest: Thanks,Ji,
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Bucs are working on extending Earnest Graham's contract. We have not received confirmation on a new deal for Jeff Garcia, though. Thanks for joining the chat session. Take care.

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