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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 26, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Good evening, PI subscribers. We're getting one heck of a T-storm here north of Tampa, so I'm hoping I have power until 9:30 p.m.!
hillside: Is tampa interested in Brandon Flowers, could you see them taking him in the 1st?
spider1003: yeah its rough
bigbucs: SR, have you changed your opinion on if Joe Flacco will go in the top 2 rounds of the draft?
pipelayer8: At least it isn't a snow storm like here
mjs020294: you need to invest in UPS back ups
spider1003: what r the chances of ansante samuel being a buc after his comments and samuel being from ucf
pewterreportsr: extremebuc55 – I think the trade talk about Javon Walker was overblown. Remember, the Bucs only have 5 draft picks this year. Bruce Allen won't want to part with them unless a sweetheart of a deal comes through. The Bucs may be interested in Walker if he's released by Denver.
bigbucs: What do you think about Deshaun Foster as a RB option for the Bucs?
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs do like Jonathan Stewart and if he's there at No. 20, he will be considered Also, don't rule out the possibility of the Bucs signing another running back in free agency, like Minnesota's Mewelde Moore. pipelayer8: Would the Bucs be interested in Dwayne Robertson if the Jets cut him?
pewterreportsr: extremebuc55 – I don't believe the Lions will be trading Roy Williams.
spider1003: could the bucs pay samuel 8- 10 millon a yr
bigbucs: he will go for more
aic63: hey SR, if tampa gets a wr in free agency, do you see us drafting trevor laws at 20. I have fell in love with him
hillside: trevor laws?
pewterreportsr: guest – I like Wesley Woodyard and the Bucs do, too. I thought he might be too undersized for the Bucs, but he has bulked up a bit. I just don't see Tampa Bay drafting a LB this year after adding June, Black and Hayward last year.
mjs020294: Do the Bucs have any interest in Rashard Mendenhall
1vabucsfan: SR are the bucs looking to lock Haye up long term?
pikappaphi422: Can Chris Johnson run between the tackles or is he like Bush looking to take every outside
extremebuc55: SR-so what wr do you think the bucs are targeting
spider1003: what about adding briggs in fa
pewterreportsr: hillside – I'm not big on Brandon Flowers, especially after his slow 40-time. I'm not sure how the Bucs feel about him.
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – I think Flacco is a second-rounder. He solidified that in Indy.
pewterreportsr: mjs – I have UPS backup, so the computer will stay on, but my phone internet is through Brighthouse, so I'm more worried about the modem.
guest: SR Jerome Simpson WR out of Coastal Caroline is 6'2 200 pound and from all account a solid route runner with elusiveness in the open field could he be a late round gem in the west coast system?
dbo2440: any word on what they plan on doing with A. Cash, i hear they havent offered anything yet?
guest: With talk of the dolphins selecting DE Chris Long, is there a possibility of Brohm falling to the 20 spot and would you see the bucs selecting him if available?
guest: SR – Better chance of being our second round pick – Eddie Royal or Trevor Laws?
aic63: hey SR, if tampa gets a wr in free agency, do you see us drafting trevor laws at 20. I have fell in love with him
buc77: sr-do you think the bucs should draft a QB? ifso what round?
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – Again, I think the Bucs' interest in DeShaun Foster was a bit overblown. I think Foster might end up being a 49er. I don't see him in Tampa Bay.
pipelayer8: SR- do you think that Trevor Laws would be UT or a nose tackle if the Bucs draft him? Does he have enough pass rush ability?
spider1003: what about shaun alexander
hillside: good foster is a bum
bucfanskiz: any splash FA signings you see coming on friday
spider1003: he could be cut by the seahawks
bigbucs: brighthouse, so did you miss seeing the NFLN mention pewter report on the coleman story?
pewterreportsr: spider – I don't know if the Bucs would get into a bidding war with Samuel or anyone. I don't think this franchise will overpay for a free agent under Bruce Allen. I think they will shell out big bucks, but avoid the bidding wars.
guest: Reports are the Wade will be a free agent do you know if he has opted out of his contract?
hillside: wade is a free agent
pewterreportsr: mjs – The Bucs love Rashard Mendenhall. He's a great fit for what Gruden does. He's Earnest Graham with speed. If he's there at 20 (which he won't be), he's probably a Buccaneer.
mjs020294: thanks
spider1003: i believe if the bucs go out and get a wr or two in fa would they draft a db with the depature of bk
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I don't know if the Bucs are thinking long-term with Haye or not. I haven't heard yet. I may know more tomorrow.
spider1003: say mike jenkins
aic63: hey SR, if tampa gets a wr in free agency, do you see us drafting trevor laws at 20. I have fell in love with him
pikappaphi422: Will Crump make a visit
bmarti5: Any talk on wide receivers in the draft or free agency?
hillside: Trevor Laws in the 2nd maybe, but not in the first
cadillac 24: It's not good news for the people that want Asante Samuel. According to PFT, the Saints already worked out a deal with Samuel.
1vabucsfan: SR Where do you see Devin Thomas being drafted?
mjs020294: Which D-line players might tempt the Bucs in the first round
spider1003: wow really saints and samuel intresting
pewterreportsr: pika – Chris Johnson does look to bounce things outside, but with his speed, wouldn't you? I think he's a decent between the tackles runner. I see him more as a weapon on offense that can be used situationally instead of as a feature back. He would be a great fit in Tampa Bay as Gruden likes to use a committee approach at RB.
pipelayer8: SR- do you think that Trevor Laws would be UT or a nose tackle if the Bucs draft him? Does he have enough pass rush ability?
spider1003: what about justin smith could he be the first signing on fri for the bucs
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – We did hear about NFL Network mentioning Very cool. I look for that to happen more often. We've developed a good relationship with some folks at Network.
chitownbuc: why aren't the bucs considering making a play for briggs?
guest: SR WR'S Jerome Simpson or Pierre Garcon any thoughts?
spider1003: brooks is still here
guest: What is up with the already famous LT Michael Oher – was he at the combine? Is he going pro or staying at Ol Miss? What do you thing of him?
spider1003: what about limas sweed would the bucs take him at number 20
pewterreportsr: I've seen some questions about Wade. That shouldn't surprise our Pewter Report readers. We've been suggesting that he wouldn't be back for some time. I don't think he plays for the Bucs again. The Bucs will look to re-sign Matt Lehr for insurance and then look for better options at center.
netsbucscardsfan: if brohm is there when we pick do we take him
guest: SR – Any word on how the Bucs feel about Chris Williams and Calais Campbell?
pewterreportsr: pika – We spoke with Crumpler's agent and he will be in for a visit this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow.
bucfanskiz: anyone you see being signed on Friday
netsbucscardsfan: how do the bucs fell about donnie avery and jamaal charles
extremebuc55: sr-what wr do you think the bucs are targeting the most
guest: With talk of the dolphins selecting DE Chris Long, is there a possibility of Brohm falling to the 20 spot and would you see the bucs selecting him if available?
spider1003: how many possible free agents could the bucs sign ?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan- I think Devin Thomas is third-rounder, maybe a second since he had a good 40 time and a good workout in Indy.
spider1003: any predictions
pipelayer8: SR- If the Bucs are out bid for Justin Smith, could you see the Bucs drafting a d-end in the 1st round?
pewterreportsr: pipelayer8 – I think Laws would be a UT candidate in Tampa because he could penetrate.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs like Dominique Rodgers Cromartie at 20th overall?
cadillac 24: How far do you think Glenn Dorsey will fall?
spider1003: could dorsey be this years alan branch
pewterreportsr: spider – I think the Bucs will have a strong interest in Justin Smith on the first day of free agency. If they don't get him, they may look at a Derrick Harvey in the first round.
guest: SR Have you heard anything more on Dan Buennings knee?
cadillac 24: Do you expect the Bucs to be involved in any trades before the start of free agency?
spider1003: wow anoth de in the first round intresting
pewterreportsr: spider – I'm not high on Limas Sweed. I don't know how interested the Bucs are in him. I don't see him in red and pewter at No. 20.
pikappaphi422: Have watch tape on CB Thomas from USC, if so what do you think about him
bucboy: isn't harvey a tweener?
guest: SR any word on the assistant DB coach?
hillside: what about another clemson kid, phillip merling
flipssquad: do you see pittsburgh or detroit going after kalvin pearson? its hard to imagine that his agent admitted being tampered with
spider1003: what r the reason for not being high on sweed
pipelayer8: No way Harvey a straight up pass rusher with speed to burn
pewterreportsr: netsbucscardsfan – The Bucs really like Avery and I think they are warming to jamaal charles. He had a blah start to the season, but really heated up at the end.
bucboy: better linemen to get by in the nfl
spider1003: reasons
1vabucsfan: SR what do you think of Cb Charles Godfrey hes a big Cb and morris likes big fast Cbs'
jayman99fl: SR……do you think with chris johnsons 40 time that it will bump him into the first round?
spider1003: i know he has the wrist injury is it character issues
netsbucscardsfan: do they 1st round like avery or 2nd round like avery
guest: SR – Great news about Charles!
pipelayer8: SR- It seems Avery's 40 time may have helped for the Bucs to land him in round 2, agree?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think Cromartie may be an option at No. 20. I think he was a mid-second-rounder prior to the Combine, but he blew up in Indy. His stock is on the rise and the bottom part of round 1 is not out of reach.
extremebuc55: sr did you hear asante to saints?
buc77: sr-do you think the bucs should draft a QB? ifso what round?
bucboy: asante needs to come to tampa
pewterreportsr: hillside – I have to do some more work on Merling. I'm not as high on Merling and Kentwan Balmer as others are. I don't see either one as a first-rounder, but that's just me.
pewterreportsr: guest – No word on the assistant DBs coach, but we're working on it.
pipelayer8: The Bucs like guys who produce more than one year, unlike Merling and Balmer
guest: WR Jerome Simpson from Coastal Carolina any thoughts?
pewterreportsr: flipssquad – I could see Pitt or Detroit making a run at Kalvin. He was highly thought of by Mike T and Jimmy Lake. I don't see him coming back to Tampa Bay.
spider1003: many scouts say merling could be better then adams was last year
bucfanskiz: SR the draft is a long ways away What Players Do You See the Bucs targeting in FA
bucboy: get coleman, samuel, and make a play for smith. then draft RB, WR, and depth
pikappaphi422: Around what round do you see josh johson going
cadillac 24: Do you think that Brian Kelly will get the contract that he wants? Will he get more than 3 million like he got with the Bucs?
guest: Do the Bucs have any interest in Eddie Royal?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – There are a ton of good CBs in this draft. I don't think Godfrey is necessarily one of the best CBs. I think he could play safety, though. He's a third- or fourth-rounder.
panamabuc: will bucs make a play for randy moss
buc77: SR- are you going to do a radio show this year?
guest: CB Tracey Porter was a decent prospect before the senior bowl and combine why no buzz and do you think he could be a 3rd fourth round pick of the Bucs?
pewterreportsr: pipelayer8 – Exactly … referencing Balmer and Merling.
netsbucscardsfan: will greg white start opposite of gaine adams next season
spider1003: will donte stallworth sign with us along with berrian
cadillac 24: What's the percent that Rod Coleman will sign with the Bucs? Alge Crumpler?
pewterreportsr: buc77 – Yes, Pewter Report will be on the radio this year. We will officially announce that later this week.
bucboy: i dont like the FA WR's
guest: SR – Can you expand upon why you think Gruden prefers Flacco over Johnson at this point?
buc77: great!
spider1003: will it be on 1010 the beast
1vabucsfan: SR do you think the Bucs could take Tracy Porter if he is there rd 3?
pewterreportsr: bucfanskiz – I think Crumpler, Coleman and Justin Smith are on the Bucs' immediate radar. I think they will also take a look at Alan Faneca and Mewelde Moore.
spider1003: lol
bucfanskiz: nice thanks SR
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Tracy Porter and Dwight Lowery are mid-round options for the Bucs at CB.
spider1003: sr can u at least say if u r returning to 620
bucfanskiz: SR I didn't see you mention Bryant Johnson WR from Ariz any chance we target him
flipssquad: Porter is going in the first 40 picks
guest: agree flipssquad
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Not to sound like a smartass, but I think only Bruce Allen and the agents for Crumpler and Coleman know what the percentages are at coming to terms right now. We should know more tomorrow.
pipelayer8: SR are Bucs interested in Bears special teams demon Brendon Abadandeyo?
pikappaphi422: if they go 1st round cb will they go back to cb later in the draft
extremebuc55: sr-what fa wr are we going after?
guest: Any interest in Berrian
spider1003: whats the latest on larry fitz
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs have any other scheduled visits this week?
guest: With the bucs being under the cap by 35 mill, and reports are that Spires and Carter could be gone if the upgrades the DE for more money it would put the team roughly 44 mill under the cap this season and Allen has stated the team will be 50 mill under in 2009 do you see them try to make a huge splah?
pewterreportsr: guest – Gruden likes bigger QBs and Flacco has some size, a live arm and enough mobility. He also played in a higher caliber of football than Johnson did. I think Flacco gets drafted before Johnson does.
bigbucs: SR is Brandon Lloyd worth looking at?
pewterreportsr: spider – I can't comment on our radio plans for 2008 until later in the week.
uuc4life: Are any of the WR's in FA or the draft really truly #1 WR's? It seems they are all #2 WR's at best
guest: what do the bucs think of cason from Az, he would be a greta fit
guest: Thanks SR – Am I paranoid thinking that Johnson won't make it to our third round pick? What are you hearing about his current draft status?
hillside: I hope cason is there in round 2
spider1003: ok i will just say hope its 1010 lol
pewterreportsr: bucfanskiz – I haven't heard any buzz about Bryant Johnson, but that doesn't mean the Bucs don't like him. I'm just not sure right now about him.
bucfanskiz: cool i think he could be good in Grudens system
pewterreportsr: pika – There are a ton of great CBs in this year's draft. If there was a year to hit CB in round 1 and then come back and get another one later in the draft, this would be the year. With only 5 draft picks, I don't know if that will happen, though.
spider1003: what about daute culpepper?
cadillac 24: Any trades the Bucs are looking into?
extremebuc55: which fa wr sr?????
0utkast22: Is there any buzz about Brandon Flowers possibly falling to No 20 or getting Chevis Jackson in the 3rd or 4th to fill the departure of Brian Kelly?
guest: Why so few draft picks? What is the average number?
pewterreportsr: guest – In terms of making a splash in free agency in 2008 or 2009, it really boils down to who is available. I think the Bucs could also make a play for Lance Briggs this year.
guest: Chevis Jackson would be great late round pick up
guest: Where does Dre Moore go now and is he a Buc???
spider1003: briggs is what brooks was
pipelayer8: Bucs traded 6 for Bennett, and 7th for Plummer, unless he shows up then the 4th rounder
0utkast22: Dre Moore is a second day pick…his tape reveals zero production…he is a "Workout Warrior"
guest: wo, guy had 6 1/2 sacks last year
pewterreportsr: extremebuc55 – I think Bernard Berrian, Devery Henderson and Donte Stallworth are on the radar screen. I don't see Tampa Bay paying huge money for free agent WR though, unless it is Moss. I don't think Tampa Bay is a great fit for Moss, though.
spider1003: hope for dorsey to drop like sapp
guest: SR – Any word on how the Bucs feel about Chevis Jackson and Darnell Terrell as mid round corners?
dbo2440: any word if they plan on re-signing A. Cash for the back up MLB i heard they havent tried anything yet
pewterreportsr: guest – Dre Moore really helped himself in Indy and the Bucs are targeting him in round 2-3.
extremebuc55: thanks
pipelayer8: SR do the Bucs prefer Moore to Laws?
guest: thanks sr
cadillac 24: How interested were we really in Javon Walker?
spider1003: whens hes cut march 4th intrest will pick up
pikappaphi422: from what you know where the reports about Cadillac during the combine correct
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs have 5 draft picks instead of 7 because of the trade for Jake Plummer and Michael Bennett.
pewterreportsr: pipelayer8 – I don't know if they prefer Moore over Laws. Both are good players and good fits in Tampa Bay.
pipelayer8: Thanks SR
extremebuc55: sr did u hear asante to saints?
cotton balls: You may have already answered this, but do you think that Asante Samuel will get the big pay that he's looking for, whether from the Bucs or not?
cadillac 24: It was just reported on at 9:00 pm.
pewterreportsr: 0utkast22 – Moore had a good senior season. He was an underachiever before that.
spider1003: i think samuel will be a buc
adams90: Do you think Have gets any play in restricted free agency? What is the backup plan if he leaves?
0utkast22: Someone will pay him…but it will be ridiculous money to do so…
spider1003: hes from ucf local guy
guest: One more QB – Any word on Brohm and the Bucs?
pewterreportsr: I'll believe Samuel is a Saint when I see it. Remember, there is a lot of smoke being blown by agents right now to try to get teams to ante up for their clients.
pipelayer8: Keep in mind that the Eagles supposedly had Bentley all done before free agency, Samuels can't be a done deal yet
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs like Brohm, but I don't know if they want to go QB in round 1. I think they will go RB, WR or CB in round 1 right now.
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs let all of their remaining free agents test the market?
guest: Plummer and Bennett – very questionable decisions, no?
0utkast22: There has been inconsistencies in reporting D Harvey's weight….PR reported him at 271…NFLN repeatedly had him at 291….what is the official number, because his stats are even more impressive for 291 lbs…
spider1003: sr brohm doesnt have a good arm why would the bucs be intrested no mobility either?
1vabucsfan: SR Do you still think Kellen Davis goes rd 5?
cotton balls: Do you think they'll go CB if we pick up Samuel? Surely not…
extremebuc55: 291
pewterreportsr: adams90 – I think Haye remains in Tampa Bay. The Bucs like him. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a long-term deal.
guest: Harvey's real weight is 271
0utkast22: i hope its 291….that makes him a beast….epsecially at RDE
hillside: harvey will be gone
pewterreportsr: I think Harvey is 271. I heard the reports on NFL Network, but even Mayock didn't think he was 291.
spider1003: rice was 265 he turned out just fine
cadillac 24: If the Bucs land a great RE, will they move Gaines to LE?
pipelayer8: Harvey looked like Chris Long's size in the 270 range on the combine coverage.
guest: did he have an impressive bench press
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Kellen Davis is likely a third-round pick after the Senior Bowl and a great showing in Indy.
0utkast22: its disappointing, but 271 is still a decent size….
0utkast22: Harvey did like 31 reps
extremebuc55: yes 31 225lb
spider1003: harvey was a beast in college
1vabucsfan: thanks SR
guest: Do we really want to spend one of our few draft picks on a TE? Let's hope Crumpler takes a reasonable contract.
guest: so much for him being like moss
pewterreportsr: If Miami doesn't take Chris Long number one overall they are crazy. He's easily the best player in this draft. Great production, athleticism and character. The guy is a winner.
extremebuc55: he is bad a @$$
guest: Agree 100% on Chris Long
guest: same here
extremebuc55: harvey
cotton balls: You said you think the Bucs will go RB, WR, or CB in first round…which do you think is most likely to be addressed in free agency?
guest: and esp. cuz they play the 3-4
spider1003: long fits perfectly with a 3-4 system that parcells likes to run
0utkast22: you couldnt fault them if they took Jake Long or Vernon Gholston…they were just as impressive
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, folks. Some really good questions tonight. If I didn't get around to answering them tonight, drop me a line on the PI board.

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