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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Hello Bucs fans. PewterSR is in the house.
guest: Any update from the Bucs regarding the Jerramy Stevens negative press?
bigbucs: Hey SR, any news on the Buc's next Running Backs coach?
tpa008: Hey Scott, So if you had the Bucs check book what is the first position you address in FA?
pewterreportsr: djthumper123 – I think it's a little bit of a long shot to see Dunn back in Tampa Bay. I think the Bucs want to invest in a younger back. Gruden has always admired Dunn, though, so you can't rule him out.
dabucs12188: SR What players are the Bucs eyeing down for FA this year?
cadillac 24: Why is it doubtful that the Bucs are going to trade for a WR?
rva buc fan: Hey Scott, obviously we need another WR-Can we get a trade for Chad or do we have to settle for someone like bryant johnson?
buc77: who are your top three wishlist in FA
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – It's hard to look at free agency and really know who will be out there given all of the cap room that so many teams have. I believe the Bucs will be targeting Indy TE Dallas Clark and Cincy DE Justin Smith right out of the chute.
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Colts would franchise Dallas Clark?
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – Bucs have been tight-lipped with regards to the RBs coach. My guess is they will make an announcement this week if they have made a hire.
tpa008: both good calls I would just love to see KC let Jared Allen go!!
bucsfan4ever: Hey guys think Mike will join the Bucs as a coach?
pewterreportsr: guest – Clinton Portis – if he were to hit the free agent market – would draw the Bucs' interest.
dabucs12188: If Jared Allen came here abd we get a DT in the FA or the draft the Bucs dline would be pretty sick :)
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – I do not think Mike Alstott will be the RBs coach.
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – The Bucs think Jared Allen will be franchised.
guest: How will the Bucs address the QB position this offseason?
dabucs12188: Have the Bucs shown any interest in any DT from free agency?
tpa008: Hey Scott- How much more potential does T. Jackson have? he played like a vet as a rookie. Where is his ceiling?
pewterreportsr: rva buc fan – I'm okay with the Bucs trading for Chad Johnson, I'm just not sure they will unless Cincy just wants to unload him (which I don't think is the case).
tpa008: I think they will too. especially after the the giants showed how important D-Line play is
cadillac 24: Why is it doubtful that the Bucs would trade for a WR like you said in your Fab Five?
guest: i dont want chad johnson…he would be a headache.
yuccaneers: SR / DT Balmer? Do you think his success this season was do to the freshman Marvin Austin?
guest: would rather have a bryant johnson or jerry porter
pikappaphi422: Any word on what they think about QB Josh johnson
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs will look at free agency and if the right person is out there for Jon Gruden, they'll pull the trigger. If not, then the Bucs may look to the draft for a QB.
bucsfan4ever: SR WHo do you think is the best propect for us to sign in FA?
rva buc fan: What is the exact cap room we have and where are we ranked in the league in cap space?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – The Bucs are looking at DTs, but even though Albert Haynesworth is the headliner, I don't think he's their target.
buc77: scott, will you be back on 620
guest: warrick dunn baby welcome back!!!
cadillac 24: What other DTs are out there on the free agent market? On the trade block?
guest: How about another DE in the draft? Philip Merling is apparently looking good
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – Jackson's instincts remind me of Ronde Barber's. I think he has tremendous upside. He's very mature and serious, kind of like Barber. I think this guy can be a real player for years and I would be absolutely shocked if he has a sophomore slump.
guest: Do you care to clarify the wdae debacle?
tpa008: thats good news
guest: Would Faneca really move to Center and join a young Bucs O-Line?
guest: With the Bucs targeting Justin Smith last year before he was franchised…do you think he would be the most viable option if he hit FA to fill our pass rush needs?
guest: what happened on 620?
bigbucs: SR, is that QB Flacco from Delaware worthy of a 1st or 2nd pick?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think there are enough of the right type of WRs in free agency and in the draft to not have to trade for a WR.
bigbucs: 1st or 2nd rounds
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I'm not really high on Balmer. Admittedly, I need to go back and do some film study on him, but I'm not a huge fan at this juncture.
cadillac 24: What other DTs besides Haynesworth are out there on the free agent market? On the trade block?
dabucs12188: Do you know of any draftees the Bucs are interested in this year?
buc77: scott, who is on your wish list in FA
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – Josh Johnson is on the Bucs' radar screen.
tpa008: hey Scott- Any guesses on who the DT's they are targeting?…. The super bowl made me long for the days of a dominant D-Line!!!
yuccaneers: SR / DO you think his success this season was because of Austin?
pewterreportsr: rva buc fan – On the opening day of free agency, the Bucs will have at least $30 million in cap room.
dabucs12188: What Bucs do you believe will be released?
guest: tpa008 – I agree – Didn't the Giants prove that rushing the passer is the key? As Gruden always says.
yuccaneers: SR / If Kelly opts out and the team releases Spires and Carter would that increase the cap room by around 11 million by my math is that close?
pewterreportsr: buc77 – We met with WDAE today and had a good meeting. We'll see if we partner with them again in 2008. That has yet to be determined.
bmarti5: Who do you predict as the first big free agent signing?
pikappaphi422: What rounds do we have picks in this year
cadillac 24: Will Jeff Garcia be recruiting free agents at the Pro Bowl?
guest: what was the "wdae debacle"?
jtwright: SR, What about a guy like Justin Fargas. I have always been intrigued with him since he was at Michigan. I think he fits our style well, Gruden had him at Oak, and I believe he is a free agent
pewterreportsr: guest (one of you) – I think the Bucs are interested in Alan Faneca and he could be a center or a guard for Tampa Bay. Sears might move to center if Faneca (a left guard) came to Tampa Bay. The Bucs are looking at all scenarios.
dabucs12188: Could Sears work out as a center?
jtwright: I am sorry, Gruden might have left before Fargas was drafted
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – I don't think Flacco is worth a first- or a second-round pick. Maybe a third or a fourth depending on the Combine and pro day workouts.
rva buc fan: Any word on why Michael Bennett never materialized and how it affects the bucs in FA?
pikappaphi422: What are you thoughts on Dex Jackson and will the bucs look at him in the draft
tpa008: Hey Scott- Do you think Faneca would want to play center? or Sears would make a good one? would they want to mess with a good thing? i.e. Sears guard play and pulling…
buc77: there loss scott
cadillac 24: SR, do you talk to other members of the media in Tampa (are you friends with any of them) or do you try do stay away from them and are competitors with them?
pewterreportsr: buc77 – I would like to see the Bucs get Faneca, Clark and Smith. All three would help Tampa Bay. Admittedly, I'm doing more draft study right now where Jim Flynn is doing more free agency study.
jtwright: Is Sears agile enough to play center?
rva buc fan: Sears played several positions at Tennesse
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I don't think Greg Spires will be with the Bucs in 2008. Kevin Carter is also not a lock to make the roster.
guest: what about d'angelo hall??is he in his last yr. of his contract?
guest: SR – What are your thoughts on Jamaal Charles in the 2nd round?
dabucs12188: Any others likely to get released?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Without having my cap info handy, that sounds about right.
jtwright: SR, did you see my question about Fargas? Would the Bucs be interested?
yuccaneers: SR / With Trotter being a free agent and Nece having trouble at MLB and Cash coming off injury could you see the Bucs spending a fourth rounder on a guy like J lehman?
pikappaphi422: any other small school players they are looking at
bucsfan4ever: SR Any good punt kick returners in the draft or are we back to Mark Jones?
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – The first free agent the Bucs sign? I presume you mean from another team? Maybe RB Mewelde Moore.
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Colts would franchise Dallas Clark?
guest: Any news on Cadillac Williams?
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – I think Sears could play center, but that remains to be seen. Plus, he had a great year at guard for a rookie.
bigbucs: Are we going to lose BK on D?
dabucs12188: If Sears could play center and we pick up Faneca our oline would be HUGE.
cadillac 24: What other DTs besides Haynesworth are out there on the free agent market? On the trade block?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I like Dexter Jackson. The Bucs are looking at WRs like him – fast and shifty – this year for a change.
cadillac 24: Will Jeff Garcia be recruiting free agents at the Pro Bowl?
cadillac 24: SR, do you talk to other members of the media in Tampa (are you friends with any of them) or do you try do stay away from them and are competitors with them?
pewterreportsr: twright – Yes. Sears' strength was pulling to his right, so I think he has the agility to play center.
yuccaneers: SR / Could you see a case where the Bucs would draft OT Chris Williams if he is on the board at 20?
guest: Sears at center??: 1.) a second year guy; 2.) changing positions; 3.) replacing an veteran?
pewterreportsr: guest – Jamaal Charles has grown on me. I didn't like him coming into 2007, but his play opened my eyes. I think there are better backs who may be better fits, though.
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Colts would franchise Dallas Clark?
yuccaneers: SR / With Mike Pollak being either one or two in the draft at center do you think he makes it out of the second round?
bucsfan4ever: SR Any good punt kick returners in the draft or are we back to Mark Jones/Mike Spurlock?
pewterreportsr: twright – The Bucs may be interested in Fargas. He seems to have boosted his stock a bit out in Oakland this year. He is a good, but not great pass catcher.
bigbucs: SR, have you talked to anyone in the Bucs Front office about the Steven's Story?
yuccaneers: SR / Reports about OT Sam Baker having short arms, how much will that hurt his stock come draft day that and his injury issues?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – It remains to be seen if the Colts will franchise Clark. They have let big names go in the past (see Edgerrin James and Cato June).
cadillac 24: What other DTs besides Haynesworth are out there on the free agent market? On the trade block?
jtwright: How big of a hissy will Peyton throw if they let Clark go?
pewterreportsr: guest – No real news on Caddy. I saw him a month ago and he a considerable, pronounced limp, which didn't look good.
pikappaphi422: what CB's do like in the draft? I really like DRC ,LM the kid from troy
tpa008: Hey Scott- With BK opting out what is your feeling with p. buc at corner? I personally thought his play was slipping towards the end of the year.
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – I think Kelly may opt to go elsewhere. That is what he told the SP Times.
bigbucs: we need to draft a shut down corner then
guest: Kelly is dumb….he will not make whatev he was scheduled to if he does leave
dbo2440: hey i am late to the chat, not sure if you answered yet or not….. any news on sapp if he will retire a buc
bigbucs: i think he already retired as a raider
guest: SR – What do you think about Randall Gay in free agency? I heard the Jets might be interested in he and Samuel.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Pewter Report competes with the other papers and I think there is some ice between us. Not by design, just by competition.
guest: randall gay sounds good to me!
cadillac 24: bigbucs: "He's a Raider,'' Allen said. "And I understood he's going to do a Raider retirement.''
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – The Stevens story in the Seattle Times is old news to the Bucs. They know all about the allegations which are 8 years old. He's not a lock to return to Tampa Bay, but he will also not be shunned either. He performed well in 2007 and stayed clean. That's all the Bucs wanted and he delivered.
bigbucs: Pewter Report has no competition for Bucs news and information
guest: would love asante but hes too pricey
jtwright: Asante will get Clements money
dabucs12188: Any CBs the Bucs are interested in the draft SR?
cadillac 24: Will Jeff Garcia be recruiting free agents at the Pro Bowl?
jtwright: I think PR has mention Jenkins, correct?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I'm not a big Sam Baker fan. I like Chris Williams from Vandy a lot better. I don't see the athleticism that others see from Baker. I think Pollak has a chance to be drafted in the second. He's kind of like Kalil in some ways.
dbo2440: hey i am late to the chat, not sure if you answered yet or not….. any news on sapp if he will retire a buc
guest: Re: Stevens: It may be old news to the Bucs, but it is brand new (at least the details) to Bucs FANS, which surely still means something??
cadillac 24: dbo2440- "He's a Raider,'' Allen said. "And I understood he's going to do a Raider retirement.''
jtwright: Sapp retired as a Raider
dbo2440: thanks guys
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – The Bucs are looking at CBs. The Jenkins kid out of USF has their attention. They were disappointed he didn't attend the Senior Bowl. Another name to keep in mind is Arizona's Antoine Cason.
dbo2440: sorry i know that might be a dumb question but i am stuck in buffalo and i just try to piece together bucs news
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – Thanks for your support.
jtwright: On Stevens, if this story did not stop them from signing him this year, it should not affect a resigning. It may benefit the Bucs, keeping his price lower
bigbucs: Thanks for the insight!
kiffin4ever: Any talk about Cato June and Derrick Brooks swapping spots on defense?
yuccaneers: If Cason has a slow 40 time he oould slip in to the third round
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I do suspect Garcia will be recruiting at the Pro Bowl. Gruden is probably calling him daily to let him know who to talk to!
cadillac 24: Because I heard somewhere that Garcia would be doing that.
dabucs12188: Did the Bucs like any DTs at the senior bowl?
guest: any idea what WR's the bucs are looking at? isnt nate washington a free agent?
guest: SR – Any idea on the Bucs interest in Javon Walker if he's released?
pewterreportsr: guest – I hear your point regarding Stevens, but the Bucs will look at what he did playing for them. My sources tell me that Stevens has gotten engaged and that he's shown some real signs of making changes in his life. A lot of his problems can be attributed to the Seattle area. Moving to Tampa and getting out of that environment helped him in 2007.
pewterreportsr: kiffin4ever – As long as Brooks is a Bucs, he'll be the weakside linebacker.
pikappaphi422: any word on T Choice, I watch him a lot at tech and like him a lot
cadillac 24: At the end of the season, the Bucs said that they put Keyshawn Johnson on their emergency list. Do you ever see him coming back to the NFL maybe with Parcells?
pewterreportsr: twright – I do think you are right about Stevens. I think his price will still be low. The Seattle Times piece will actually keep his price low from a p.r. standpoint.
jtwright: SR, would the Bucs let a players desire to remain playing, i.e. Brooks, hurt the team to avoid the PR nightmare?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Cason reminds me a bit of Barber, another third round gem at CB.
pewterreportsr: dabucs12188 – The Bucs loved USC DT Sedrick Ellis. I think Maryland's Dre Moore and Florida State's Andre Fluellen also helped themselves in the Bucs' eyes.
yuccaneers: Cason has excellent recovery skills and is better suited to play zone in the NFL
pikappaphi422: do you see us draft 2 cb
jtwright: I think his price remains low, because this may be the first time some others hear this, but it is old news to the Bucs
cadillac 24: How's Marcus Hamilton coming along. In one of the articles, I think that it said Kelly was being a great mentor for him.
bmarti5: What quarterbacks are the Bucs thinking about if Plummer stays retired?
bucsfan4ever: I think DB would know when he is hurting the team at least I hope so
dabucs12188: I would love if the Bucs could pick up Sedrick Ellis to bad he'll be long gone by 20 :(
hit55fan: sr: any idea what WR's the bucs are looking at? isnt nate washington a free agent?
tpa008: Hey Scott- Ca you spread some rumors bout Ellis so he drops to us?!?!?!? j/k Do you think we would trade up if he fell to 7-10 ?
bucsfan4ever: Any good punt kick returners in teh draft – according to draft central (PR of course)
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I came away from Mobile, Ala. really appreciating Tashard Choice. He's on the Bucs' radar screen. The interesting thing is that he and Davin Joseph roomed together at Oklahoma.
cadillac 24: What's Chris Simms' future?
guest: what about marion barber…i think hed be worth alot of compensation
hit55fan: tashard choice looked good in the senior bowl game itself too!
jtwright: SR, how much is Moss going to get, and can the Pats afford to keep him — any chance he is on the open market again?
dabucs12188: Tashard Choice is really underrated that would be a sweet pick up
cadillac 24: They say the Patriots will franchise him.
dabucs12188: SR What round is Tashard Choice projected at.
pewterreportsr: Bucs fans – I've got to run. GREAT turnout tonight in the chat room! I see Bucs football withdrawl is already setting in! Sorry I didn't get to all of your questions. We'll do it again next Tuesday night. You can also ask questions on the PI board.

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