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Pewter Report Buccaneers beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
bucyea: Do you really think the Bucs will draft Freeman?
1vabucsfan: JF Are the Bucs negotiating with Crowell and Barnes?
bucyea: Why has there been no action regarding CB's and is this an indication if serious cash problems?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – There's a strong possibility the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will draft Kansas State QB Josh Freeman in the first round this year. The Bucs are in rebuilding mode and need another quarterback. If they are going to draft one in the first round, something they have not done since 1994, then this might be the year, but we don't know if Freeman will be there. There's a chance the Bears will draft him first.
jrbuc19: whats the chances we go after cutler? if were goin to draft freeman why not send our number 1 to den and have a guy thats proven?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Yes, Bucs general manager Mark Dominik is talking to the agents for Bills LB Angelo Crowell and Jags OT Khalif Barnes. I don't know how close a deal(s) is at this point, but they are negotiating. Both players visited the Bucs.
bucyea: Do you agree with the Bucs taking Freeman, seems like a HUGE risk
bucyea: They also have J Johnson, that would be 3 young QB's, mkaes ZERO sense
jrbuc19: i agree bucyea
1vabucsfan: JF Do you think Holly or Paymah signs here and have you spoke to Crowells agent about his visit?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – There have been rumors and actions to suggest the Bucs have some cash flow problems, but I don't think it is impacting their search for a cornerback. Tampa Bay has visited with Clevleland CB Daven Holly and Denver CB Karl Paymah. They also visited with Jabari Greer before he signed with the Saints.
bucyea: Do you sense a serious cash flow problem?
jrbuc19: whats the chances we go after cutler? if were goin to draft freeman why not send our number 1 to den and have a guy thats proven?
bucyea: Why no interest inMcFadden?
jrbuc19: Jf do you think alex smith will still be h ere or is he trade bait ?
1vabucsfan: JF Any idea how long Phillips deal is for?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – Well, this is not a strong quarterback draft class, but some scouts believe Josh Freeman might have the biggest upside of any of the other projected first-rounders. Scott, Charlie and I watched a lot of tape on Freeman and came away with mixed feelings. He has a cannon for an arm and impressive mobility and size. The thing I would like about Freeman being a Buc is he would not necessarily have to start right away, and he would have a talented offensive line and running game. That would help any rookie QB be successful in the NFL.
dabucfan: JF have you heard anything about any interest in Bertrand Berry or Jason Taylor?
bucyea: They've looked and looked but no action, very much sound like window shopping, cus no cash
pewterreportjf: 1vabucfan – There is a chance the Bucs will sign Daven Holly or Karl Paymah. They both visited, so there is mutual interest. I thought Jabari Greer was going to sign with Tampa Bay before he inked his deal with New Orleans, so what do I know? :)
1vabucsfan: JF Any idea how long Phillips deal is for?
guest: you mention the Bears possibly selecting Freeman before the Bucs can, but what about the Jets? Any rumblings on their interest?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – The Bucs have passed on several "big-name" free agents because of their asking price and/or because they are not deemed good fits for Tampa Bay's offensive and defensive systems. if that is the case, the player won't even bother with a visit.
pewterreportjf: 1vabucfan – I can check on Jermaine Phillips' deal if you can give me about 2 minutes. Hold the questions for a moment. Thanks.
bucyea: Have you guys had a hard time gettin' info out of the Buc FO- they need to understand it's to their advantage to keep fans somewhat in the mix
bucyea: Who cares aboout Flips deal – we can look later- limited time
bucyea: Give us you best guess as to the Bucs 1st round pick, please.
jrbuc19: we trafe it away
jrbuc19: trade
jrbuc19: lol
jcorn21: You think there is still a chance the Bucs trade for a QB
pewterreportjf: 1vabucfan – I looks like Jermaine Phillips signed a one-year contract.
bucyea: Does J Johnson have any supporters in the Buc FO and or coaches
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the Jets could be interested in drafting Josh Freeman, too, since they need a quarterback.
pewterreportjf: bucyea – Yes, some players and coaches feel Josh Johnson has tremendous upside. That's why the Bucs drafted him. But they agree that he needs to improve his accuracy, and he is in for a tremendous challenge now that the Bucs have abandoned the West Coast concept, which is what he thrived in during his collegiate playing days and studied as a rookie. I am excited to see what Josh Johnson does in OTAs and training camp and preseason.
dabucfan: JF have you heard anything about any interest in Bertrand Berry or Jason Taylor?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – If I had to guess right now, I think Tampa Bay will take either Kansas State QB Josh Johnson or Northern Illinois DE Larry English at No. 19 overall. They may even be able to trade back and get English, but not Freeman.
bucyea: Do the Bucs have ANY plans for the D-line, the line about not fittin' the system is beginning to get old
guest: Hi Buc 63 here. Any word on where Training Camp will be this year?
pewterreportjf: danbucfan – That's a good question. Unfortunately, it is quiet on all fronts regarding Bertrand Berry and Jason Taylor. I would not be surprised if the Bucs wanted Jason Taylor just because of the success he had under Jim Bates in Miami, but he's getting up there in age.
bucyea: Do you think it's realistic to go into the season with Johnson, McCown and Freeman, I just don't see it
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – Your concern about Tampa Bay not addressing the defensive line is valid. The Bucs are apparently high on Dre Moore and Greg Peterson, but I have my doubts. That's one of the reasons why we believe Larry English could be the Bucs' pick in the first round this year. They could use a pass rusher like him.
jrbuc19: whats the chances we go after cutler? if were goin to draft freeman why not send our number 1 to den and have a guy thats proven?
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – Tampa Bay is rebuilding, so it is going to have young players, even at quarterback. There is a chance the team could go into the 2009 season with McCown, Freeman and Johnson, or maybe even a fourth QB in Griese.
jcorn21: Do you think Dominik would consider trading Joseph for another 1st rounder? Would Zuttah be able to fill his spot nicely?
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – There is no doubt the Bucs were interested in trading for Jay Cutler. But without Matt Cassel as part of the trade, Denver may not want to deal Cutler now. Who is their QB if they trade Cutler? They have no one, so I can't imagine the Broncos are anxious to make that move, even if the Bucs are offering their first-round pick or even more.
pewterreportjf: jcom21 – Yes, Charlie Campbell wrote about that in his PI Quick Hits. The Bucs have depth at offensive guard, and Joseph made the Pro Bowl and might not be a good fit for Tampa Bay's new zone blocking scheme. Joseph would probably command a first-round pick from another team.
jrbuc19: do you think we will tarde alwex smith for a 2nd?
bucyea: With the amount of CAP available, there ahs to be a reason we're not being more agressive in FA. Any work about Leftwich, Boller , Losman, Grossman
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – I don't think there is any way the Bucs would get a second-round pick for TE Alex Smith. I write about Smith more in my o-line column, which will be published on Friday morning.
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – The Bucs have been fairly aggressive in free agency, but they've been signing mostly their own free agents. There are still a lot of good players available in free agency, and this is typically how it works. There are different phases and levels of the free agent signing period. Players start falling into place as the process goes on. The Bucs are still visiting with players and trying to sign some.
jrbuc19: what are the chances to go after holt if relased?
sabian579: Why waste money on a proven bust such as boller, losman, or grossman? I say give Freeman a shot to learn behind McCown in '09 and start in '10.
jcorn21: If the Lions pass on Stafford, would there be a chance that Sanchez could fall to 19? If he did would the Bucs be interested in him? Or would he not be a good fit in the new offense
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – I wrote about that in my on-line column, which will be published on Friday morning, so be sure to check that out. I write a lot about Tampa Bay's possible interest in trading for St. Louis WR Torry Holt.
bucyea: What if McCown has a great season!?!
jrbuc19: well friday needs to hurry up lol all my questions are in there
kodiak: Hey Jim, I like bringing back Clayton and Winslow but I still think the Bucs need one more WR…where do you think they go to address that situation?
pewterreportjf: jcom21 – From what I understand, the Bucs are higher on Josh Freeman than they are Mark Sanchez. If he fell to Tampa Bay and the Bucs didn't drat him, there's no way Sanchez would get past the Lions if they haven't already taken a QB with the first pick overall.
guest: JF, I know it takes "Two to Tango" when talking about trading down in the draft. But how feasible do you think if would be for the Bucs to do so to pick up a few extra picks lost in the WInslow trade?
gator thumper: what do you think the split is going to be with the RB's? 50/50 or is it going to be more 70/30 toward one side or the other?
docbravo12: JF, I know it takes "Two to Tango" when talking about trading down in the draft. But how feasible do you think if would be for the Bucs to do so to pick up a few extra picks lost in the WInslow trade?
jrbuc19: i think ward and gram will battle it out in trainning camp
pewterreportjf: kodiak – The Bucs could be interested in trading for WR Torry Holt, or they might turn to the draft to address the need for a wide receiver. This is a fairly deep draft class at wide receiver, so that's good news for the Bucs, who are without a second-round pick and aren't likely to take a WR in the first round.
kodiak: Where do you think McCoy and Bradford would be if they were in this QB class? Would they be ranked 1 and 2 over the current guys?
kodiak: While Freeman is a guy I am intrigued by…I'd rather spend our 1st round pick on a DE or DT and try to go after a QB next year
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs could pick up a premium draft pick or two by trading G Davin Joseph. The team could also attempt to pick up some other picks by trying to trade Brian Griese, Dexter Jackson and Alex Smith.
jrbuc19: what about mahan trade him and alex smith to clev for rogers
pewterreportjf: kodiak – I think McCoy, Bradford and even Tebow would be ranked ahead of Stafford, Sanchez and Freeman had they come out this year. This year's class of QBs is not considered good.
jrbuc19: or a 2nd round
sabian579: If the bucs were to go away from Freeman, what is the likelihood of grabbing Peria Jerry and #19?
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – A team might be willing to trade for Sean Mahan, but probably not his base salary, which is over $3 million.
sabian579: *Jerry at 19
pewterreportjf: sabian – From what we have been told, Peria Jerry would have been a great fit for the Bucs' old defense, but not Jim Bates' scheme, so Tampa Bay could pass on him at 19.
jcorn21: I feel like Ron Brace would be a great fit for Jim Bates' new scheme.. Is there any chance we can draft him now without our 2nd round pick?
kodiak: I am thinking the Bucs probably won't do better than 7-9 this coming season or 8-8. With that said…they should be in the top half of the draft and with 3 1st round QBs this year I think the odds are that the Bucs would be able to land at least one of the big 3 next year…I say go D-line and wait and see how McCown does
jrbuc19: i dont think brace gets past the 2nd round
docbravo12: What about trading down from 19, if possible? It would be interesting to see if a team there is a team picking late in round 1 or early in round two that wants to move up for a player that won't be there at their original spot.
pewterreportjf: jcom21 – That's a great question. Boston College DT Ron Brace would be a great fit for Jim Bates' scheme, but he is projected to be a second-round pick, so I don't see a way the Bucs will get him right now.
sabian579: Jerry not big enough in the pants to fit Bates scheme?
pewterreportjf: sabian579 – Yes, size is the issue with Peria Jerry from Tampa Bay's perspective.
jcorn21: What about that USC DT? I know he will be available in the later rounds
pewterreportjf: kodiak – the Bucs will have to go 3-13 or worse in order to get one of the top three QBs next year because they could go in the top three picks of the draft next year. A lot can change between now and then, but that is the thought shared by a lot of people right now.
thedeej3000: What's up with Crowell??? Did we let another one get away???
pewterreportjf: thedee3000 – The Bucs are negotiating with Angelo Crowell's agent. No deal is done, but the Bucs are trying to sign him. He already visited Tampa Bay.
bucyea: So, is that a reason to REACH for Freeman now?
sabian579: Freeman is not a reach
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – I guess you could say that. The Bucs really like Freeman, though. They feel he has a lot of upside and all of the tools to be successful at the next level. In my opinion, he will have to be surrounded with good/great talent, especially up front.
bucyea: According to Mayock he is, and he's the only one worth a $#@!
jcorn21: Freeman didnt have too much talent around him at K State. He never worked with a WR like bryant..
ghostrider: What's going to happen with Garthia?
jrbuc19: jf who do you see us taking at #19 if you had to predict right now
sabian579: Does raheem have any connection to Freeman given his one season at K State?
bucyea: matt ryan didn't have elite recievers either
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – If I had to guess right now, I'd say the Bucs will draft either K-State QB Josh Freeman or Northern Illinois DE Larry English with the 19th overall pick.
jrbuc19: are the bucs close to a long term with penn ?
pewterreportjf: jrbuc19 – Yes, the Bucs are attempting to get Donald Penn signed to a long-term deal. He has been tendered a one-year deal by the Bucs.
jrbuc19: deal
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. I've got to get going.
jrbuc19: thanx
bucyea: Do the Bucs have any fatih in Dexter?
pewterreportjf: Thanks for the great questions and for attending the chat. Hope you're enjoying the offseason and Pewter Report's Bucs coverage. Take care.

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