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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. The Chat Session for Tues., Mar. 18 will begin at 9:00 p.m. ET and will be hosted by Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds.
1vabucsfan: W
pipelayer8: rock on
guest: test
immensus: test
guest: what's up fellas
bucball08: Whats up
immensus: sup guest, one of u
guest: Good evening everyone
immensus: what u guys think about carter comming back?
kodiak: One bonus about having bronchitis and being out sick from work is I can make the chat
hit55: hello
bucball08: Chad Johnson looked fantasic on Total Acess tonight
1vabucsfan: Sup gents
bucball08: What a breath of fresh air he is and would look excellent in Tampa
panamabuc: hi
hit55: He'd look better on Bucs Cam
bucball08: I love it hit
kodiak: I like Carter better than anyone we have signed at DE except for maybe Douglas…but even he has never had more than 5 sacks
immensus: I think carter is a good back up and mentor to Adams
kodiak: I still think Carter and Wilkerson aren't locks to make the team depending on if we draft a DE
guest: we need a beast rusher
kodiak: I think White and Adams will get better this coming year
guest: 1 more
kodiak: But I'd like to have 1 more
immensus: I'd say there is a very small chance we'll draft DE, they arnt good this year
bucball08: Does the signing take away the need of trading for J taylor or maybe drafting a DE
bucball08: i THINK WE ARE FINE @ DE
jvato24: Trevor Laws is the Best Interior DL
kodiak: I think that we at the very least will have a better rotation this year of guys…also if Chuck can stay healthy…we have to remember he's a good speed rusher
immensus: Trevor will be gone by 2nd, and we aint drafting DE in 1-3
jvato24: Chuck stunk it up last year
hit55: He was injured almost the whole year.
kodiak: He did…but he was really hurt…if he can stay healthy…he adds a little more to the mix…altough if he gets cut…I won't be too upset
bucball08: Chuck wasn't healthy last year
pewterreportsr: Hey, Pewter Insiders … SR is in the house!
bucball08: I also think he makes the team
kodiak: I really think we go CB in round 1 and WR in round 2 unless the DBs we like are gone in round 1
jvato24: He seems more like a workout warrior type of player instead of a football player
immensus: SRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
guest: IN THE HOUSE!!!
kodiak: what's up Scott?
bucball08: whats up Scott
pikappaphi422: hi
1vabucsfan: sup SR
hit55: what ups sr
dbo2440: Hey any more news on the Rod Coleman front? does carter coming back mean that they may not look at Coleman anymore with Carter being able to play inside and out
immensus: SR, what's with Carter signing
panamabuc: hello
kodiak: SR…mirar…how are you doing…as Jim always says
1vabucsfan: SR any up dates on Newberry and Wilson?
floridanative: its not 9:00 yet…. Scott wont be here until American Idol is over
pewterreportsr: If you haven't already, make sure you vote in the Pewter Petition. Tell all your Bucs fan friends about it, too. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. I'm really passionate about this and we had a good start today with over 300 people signing up to participate.
chicago corey: hello
jvato24: Carter will make the younger guys better in the long rn
hit55: See ya at 10
floridanative: SR…. in light of CJ's comments tonight, do you have reason to change your assessment on CJ playing here?
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – Nothing new to report on the Rod Coleman front. He's still on the radar, though. He'll land somewhere by the draft.
kodiak: Hey Scott…any update on the Newberry contract offer? I liked him a few years ago before he got hurt…I think he'd add a lot to our backup C and G positions
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – No new updates on the Newberry and Wilson front. We have calls into their agents.
dbo2440: Would you say that it is between a CB or a WR in the first round?
chicago corey: Scott, what the chances on the Bucs taking a QB in the first
pipelayer8: Considering CJ is focused on money. No way. Gruden wants guys who love football and would play out of love of the game.
floridanative: Gruden doesnt want talent, he wants work horses he can abuse, is that what yorue saying? ie Earnest Graham?
hit55: Sr, do you think we have a greater need a WR or at CB in round 1?
pewterreportsr: floridanative – There is a chance that the Bucs could make a run at Chad Johnson. I can't say much more than that.
1vabucsfan: SR Have you heard of the Bucs having any interest in Devin Thomas?
floridanative: Scott KNOWS SOMETHING…
floridanative: spill it man!
jvato24: Devin Thomas is a scary Player
pikappaphi422: do they think that luke is the QB of the future. if not do you think they will find a one in the draft
kodiak: If we could get Chad Johnson without giving up a 1st round pick…even if it means adding in a player like Cayton…I say do it
jvato24: Devin Thomas is almost as fast as Mesean Jackson .. but 45 lbs of muscle heavier
pewterreportsr: kodiak – It's kind of clear that they think Newberry would be an upgrade over Matt Lehr.
guest: SR- I signed up for the petition but still no e-mail, and yes I quadruple checked to make sure it was the right e-mail.
guest: do you think bucs are intreted on trading for Jason taylo?
hit55: Thomas had one great year in a pass happy offense. Not sold yet
chicago corey: SR, whats your take on CB Terrell Thomas out of USC? I heard him on Sirius NFL radio and came away very impressed.
pewterreportsr: chicago corey – I wouldn't rule out Tampa Bay drafting a QB – even in round 1. I think they can really go best available player in round 1 this year.
kodiak: Scott…can either Newberry or Faine long snap? I'd love to land someone on the roster that can do more than one thing so we don't have to waste a space on a LS
guest: scott do you think we draft WR, CB, DT in the first round?
buc4life79: hey scott…could the bucs be interested in bringing in possibly darrell jackson or reche caldell….
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – The Bucs are luke warm on Devin Thomas. The problem is he might be a one-year wonder.
bucball08: SR What is the deal whit Nnamdi Asomough from Oakland with D Hall signing there
chicago corey: He seems like he'd be a great fit in our D, and could be there in round 2
pikappaphi422: did they attend josh's pro day and how did it go
kodiak: There really aren't any great receivers in this years draft…all of these guys would be round 2 or later in previous drafts…I hope the bucs go elsewhere with their first pick and then look for a WR in round 2 unless they trade for one
pewterreportsr: pika – I don't know if the Bucs believe Luke McCown is the future QB or not. We'll find out on draft day. If they feel compelled to draft a QB, then McCown probably isn't. I would say McCown gets mixed reviews at OBP.
bucball08: What will Oakland do with him
jvato24: Devin Thomas Kick return ability is impressive
hit55: Sr how about the WR Hardy we looks like he could work.
guest: are the bucs intrested on jason taylor?
kodiak: SR – if the Bucs draft a QB in rounds 1-3, who gets cut? Griese or McCown?
pewterreportsr: guest – E-mail me if you are having a problem getting the e-mail for the Pewter Petition. There may be a problem with our e-mail filter on our end I want to check it out –
jvato24: I feel Devin Thomas will make a better pro than most other reciever in the draft
1vabucsfan: SR Will the Bucs bring in some comp for Matt Bryant?
guest: i like mannigham
pewterreportsr: chicago corey – I'm not a huge fan of Terrell Thomas, but I do have to do more film work on him.
pipelayer8: I like Avery and Royal
buc4life79: i think the bucs should draft mike jenkins if is there at 20
guest: What's up w/ Cadillac? Have you seen him lately? He says he will be good to go. Everyone is obviously skeptical. Any news?
pewterreportsr: bucball08 – I think the Raiders will keep Asomugha and Hall. That would give them two pretty good corners. If I'm the Raiders, I keep them both.
floridanative: matt bryan needs competition… he didnt have ANY touchbacks last year… thats pathetic
chicago corey: SR, did you get a definitive word on the compensation we gave the Bears for Griese? Is there any chance that its conditional?
buc4life79: hey scott…could the bucs be interested in bringing in possibly darrell jackson or reche caldell….
pikappaphi422: what role do you see each Rb currently on the roster playing ie 3rd down, short yardard, and
guest: are the bucs intrsted in jason taylor?
hit55: I agree with the Jenkins pick..
pewterreportsr: hit55 – I like James Hardy. The Bucs do, too. Keep an eye on him.
chicago corey: Hey Scott, whats it like to a conversation with 50 people at once?
bucwild: do you think CB Tyvon Branch would be a fit in tampa 2 and NFL?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I think the Bucs will stick with Matt Bryant. He might go down in history as the best kicker Tampa Bay has had.
pewterreportsr: pipelayer8 – I like Avery and Royal, too.

chicago corey: I don't understand how James Hardy isnt the top rated WR. Look at the production, its ridiculous
floridanative: best kicker ever who never had a touchback
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – It would be hard to pass up Mike Jenkins if he is there at No. 20.
bucball08: I say we give a ransom for Chad Johson 2nd n 3rd this year and a 2nd next year and draft Cromartie in the first this year and go hard in free agency next year to sign jared allen
hit55: crasy
floridanative: i cant tell you how many time sopposing teams started on their own 40-45 yard line last year.
guest: Any news on Rod Coleman?
guest: are the bucs interested in jason taylor
1vabucsfan: SR Do you know if the Bucs have any interest in Thomas Brown/Shawn Crable?
pewterreportsr: guest – I haven't seen Cadillac. Stepping back on the field and picking up where he left off are two different things. I hope he doesn't play in 2008 so he won't suffer any setbacks.
jvato24: we dont need ROd COleman
floridanative: dancing with the stars
guest: any news on trading for jason taylor?
buc4life79: i think the bucs should bring in darrell jackson……and possibly reche caldell if he doesnt sign back with the skins
guest: jee thanks scott
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I don't see Tampa Bay signing Caldwell or Jackson. I'm not high on either one.
pipelayer8: I'm concerned about Hardy vs Big Ten corners, and Indy's non-conference schedule.
guest: yup
buc4life79: we need depth
pewterreportsr: chicago corey – I'll have some scoop on the Griese trade in my next SR's Fab 5 this week. Stay tuned.
chicago corey: awesome
kodiak: SR – what are the odds of either Jenkins or Cromartie being there when the Bucs pick? A lot of mocks have them going before the Bucs select at 20
guest: could glenn dorsey slip to #20 with his healh concerns?
buc4life79: i think jenkins will be around
chicago corey: please be conditional!!
pewterreportsr: floridanative – Bryant can make the field goals, though. Tampa Bay actually did a good job covering kicks last year.
floridanative: no mroe defense. we need offense!
buc4life79: we need recievers….
bucball08: imagine Cromartie and Chad Johnson for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd this year
pewterreportsr: guest – No news on Rod Coleman or Jason Taylor.
1vabucsfan: SR Do you know if the Bucs have any interest in Thomas Brown/Shawn Crable?
pipelayer8: I like Bryant's accuracy and reliability
guest: During the entire off season the Bucs stated that reciever is their main concern however the only reciever we picked up was a reciever that is looking to bounce back but he wont even be able to play the first two games. I am really disappointed in their offseason attack on the WR position. Hackett, Johnson, Carter, Furgeson..Stallworth did they not think these WR were not upgrades? Most of them recieved very reasonable contracts outside of Walker but that is Al Davis for you. Do you still see a trade in the future? I know we can get help in the draft but when do you really see a big impact WR from the draft right away? Not even Calvin Johnson contributed in a great deal in Detroit's offense. Please tell me there is hope on the horizon.
pewterreportsr: pipelayer8 – Hardy went up against a damn good cornerback in practice every day in Tracy Porter.
chicago corey: SR, do you think that we can go into the season with the pass rushers that we currently have and survive?
buc4life79: bryant is our best kicker ever
pipelayer8: Good point
bucwild: Think Bucs will wait until after draft to sign there FA's White, Jovan etc
pewterreportsr: kodiak – I think either Jenkins, DRC or McKelvin will be there at No. 20 for the Bucs to choose from.
buc4life79: lookin at our schedule we really need to improve on our pass and run defense
hit55: imagine if we gave up 1,2,2,3 last year for Johnson, no Adams , Sear , Jackson or Sabby. NO so smart
pewterreportsr: guest – Dorsey might slip, but I'm not real enamored by Dorsey. I think he's a bit overhyped. Is he any better than Dwayne Robertson? I don't know.
guest: good call hit
boomac: what do you think of Jordy Nelson, it is hard to admire his production at K state
bucball08: SR What is the deal with Kris Wilson FB from Kansa City
guest: Leave Chad in Cinnci!!!
immensus: SR, speaking of sabby, how is he?
pipelayer8: I like Sedrick Ellis more than Dorsey. Ellis had more consistent sack numbers.
buc4life79: we dont need another meshawn
boomac: not to admire
hit55: SR how about Larenzo Neal for FB he is older but he'
guest: ocho cinco would be awesome
guest: yeah in cinnci
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I haven't heard any buzz on Crable or Thomas Brown. That doesn't mean there isn't any interest, it just means I haven't heard any buzz.
buc4life79: sabby is the john lynch of the future watch
guest: we need team players
floridanative: i think the Bucs should do whatever it takes to land a Pro-Bowler like CJ.
pikappaphi422: any buzz on any pro days
guest: cj is better than any reciever in the draft
buc4life79: whats going on with a possible trade for lito shepard scott….
kodiak: SR – if the Bucs surprise us and draft a QB…which round would you think they'd draft a QB and which QB (Griese or McCown) gets cut?
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs waiting until after the draft to pickup Rod Coleman just incase they decide to draft a younger DT?
floridanative: I want EVERY penny we have available spent on landing offensive talent for this team. period
guest: Not to get too technical about Caddy, but what are the options as to his status? Do they put him on IR for another year? How does that work (in general terms)?
hit55: SR Lorenzo Neal is one of the best FB's of all time and is available. I know he is older but he is still leading the way for 1000 yd RB's every year.
bucball08: CJ is better then 99% receivers in the NFL not just the draft
cadillac 24: Would Aqib Talib fall to the Bucs at 20?
pewterreportsr: guest – Hackett, Henderson, Stallworth, Johnson, etc. were just not highly thought of by the league. Most of them didn't land huge contracts with the exception of Stallworth, who is on his fourth team in four years, and they sat on the FA market for quite a while. This was just a very mediocre bunch of WRs in free agency.
cadillac 24: How far do you think Glenn Dorsey will fall?
pipelayer8: Caddy could be put on the PUP list. After week 6 he goes active or to IR. That could give them more time to decide.
pewterreportsr: boomac – I would love to see Jordy Nelson as a Buc. I think he would make a great fit in Tampa Bay and in Gruden's offense. They like him.
guest: would should trade our first this year and next to get cj
cadillac 24: Is the Bucs offseason program open to the media?
pewterreportsr: hit55 – Lo Neal is a great blocker. The Bucs might not rule him out, but we'll see if they land Kris Wilson first.
guest: I still think those mediocre recievers had better production than all of our recieving core aside from Galloway. do you honestly not think that none of them wouldnt have been an upgrade?
jvato24: SR, Do you feel the Bucs are setting themselves up to play the 3-4 Defense with the Surplus of linebackers and bigger runstopping Defensive Lineman ??
pewterreportsr: immensus – Sabby is doing well. He's 100 percent ready to go.
1vabucsfan: SR What are your thoughts on Earl Bennett?
pipelayer8: SR- If they don't sign Kris Wilson or Lo Neal, what are your thoughts of drafting Jacob Hester in round 5 to back up Askew?
cadillac 24: Which WR do you like best in the first round?
1vabucsfan: and Peyton Hillis
guest: do you think the bucs will try to get more picks in the draft, since they only have 5?
guest: owen schmit is a beast
pewterreportsr: kodiak – I haven't given the Bucs drafting a QB much thought. I don't know if it would happen, and if it did – when it would happen.
immensus: sr, can't wait till camp to see Tjack and Sabby
1vabucsfan: SR What are your thoughts on Earl Bennettand Peyton Hillis ?
hit55: agreed on schmiott he's a beast
pikappaphi422: do you think they will try to trade some the back-up for extra draft picks
boomac: I beleive that the receivers and the offense will improve based on another year in the system and better o line play.
cadillac 24: Are any of the Bucs own free agents generating interest?
buc4life79: our oline is set for the next 6 or 7 yrs
guest: i would rather have schmit than hester or hillis
bucwild: Camp should be good this year !
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – I though the Bucs were going to use more 3-4 last year and they didn't. Monte is stuck in his ways. However, Black and Hayward have a full year in the system, so he might tinker with it some more in 2008.
buc4life79: any news on lito shepard
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs consider bringing back Pittman if he has no other offers?
chicago corey: Well competition should be good at camp this year, I just wonder what the talents going to be like
floridanative: Bucs have what, 6 QBs on the roster right now? We don't need to draft one this year… perhaps next year. this talk of drafting in the 1st round would be crazy
pewterreportsr: piplayer8 – I don't think the Bucs have enough value in a backup fullback to burn one of five draft picks on one, so I would say "No" to Jacob Hester.
buc4life79: pittman should be brung back he can play fullback runningback and kickoff returns….
chicago corey: I guess our 7th rounder from last year isn't getting any love.
cadillac 24: Do any of our QBs have trade value?
chicago corey: simms
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Not real high on Earl Bennett. He lacks a special quality to me. Not a huge Peyton Hills fan, either.
guest: would could have a 7 qb formation
guest: floridanative – you only need one or two GOOD ones, no?
chicago corey: We could get a day two for him if he can throw again
bucball08: It would be great to have Pittman as our backup FB
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Jerramy Stevens, Matt Lehr, John Wade and Michael Pittman are still out there on the market, so that's not too good for them.
cadillac 24: Did the Bucs offer Trotter a contract?
guest: The recievers are going to remain stagnent because we lack a big play reciever aside from Galloway and when you take him away our season will be just like our one and done playoff game a big dissapointment. Our schedule is tougher this year and we only played one team last year with a winning record we need that playmaker that may or may not have been there but he definately isnt on the roster right now.
hit55: I'd almost like to see Simms on another team, I like him alot but don't think he'll ever do anything here but would like to see him have a chance somewhere else.
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – No news on a Lito Sheppard trade.
1vabucsfan: SR I know stranger things have happened but do you see Josh Johnson lasting till the 4th?
floridanative: we either need to trade up to a Top 5 draft pick, or get CJ.. otherwise, our off season will be a dissapointment IMHO
boomac: I believe that rod coleman is the missing piece we need to make a playoff run
guest: What are the odds Wade comes back to the Bucs?
cadillac 24: Is the Bucs offseason program open to the media?
guest: Wade as a backup, of course
guest: I meant we only beat one team with a winning record…
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – If the Bucs are going to trade a QB, it might not happen until August.
cadillac 24: The Bucs offered Wade a contract to be a backup.
floridanative: im tired of the Bucs picking up undrafted players who were cut from other teams worse than ours.
guest: any news on the bucs trading to get more draft pick?
pipelayer8: Indy, Titans, Skins, Jags, Seattle all had winning records
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I don't believe the Bucs offered Trotter a contract, but I can't confirm that.
jvato24: If the Bucs dont draft another pass rusher .. I dont think they will get any deeper in the playoffs
pewterreportsr: guest – I agree on the receivers front. It's still Galloway and everybody else.
floridanative: there's a reason NO Bucs were voted into the Pro Bowl.. its because we dont have any Pro Bowler players on our team. that's a big problem.
cadillac 24: Would Aqib Talib be available when the Bucs pick?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I think Josh Johnson probably sneaks into the third round.
boomac: sr how would you rate free agency for the bucs thus far?
guest: what about derrick harvey? will he be there at #20

cadillac 24: Would we be interested in bring Trotter back if he recieved no interest?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know if Wade would come back. The Bucs may want a changing of the guard and that's tough to do when last year's offensive line captain becomes a backup. The players liked Wade.
floridanative: the Bucs have a lot of average players, and a handful of playmakers on defense.. but there was no conssitency on offense last year to warrant a pro bowl selection. that's our biggest weakness, a playmaker on offense.
guest: u think the bucs will trade to get more draft picks?
bucball08: SR I know Im getting a little ahead here but do you think that next year free agency class will be better
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – We are able to do player interviews, but we can't watch workouts during the spring.
chicago corey: I know he's a dirtbag, but hey, Jeremy Stevens catches touchdowns. Anyone on board with getting him back?
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Dunn is wearing 25 and TJack is wearing 28.
buc4life79: TO ADD DEPTH SURE…
cadillac 24: Did the Bucs start QB camp and their offseason program?
floridanative: #25 Dunn. so that's a Dunn deal? I cant get my jersey?
buc4life79: THATS WRONG
bucball08: Stevens is the odd man out with troupe and gilmore
kodiak: SR – I really thought the Bucs would make a hard push in free agency for a DE or DT, but the top guys went elsewhere and several signed for way more than they were worth…so I can't complain with what the Bucs did…with that said…we haven't improved our pass rush on the D-line…and yet you don't have the Bucs drafting any D-linemen…what gives?
hit55: I do hope we get some offensive fire power. I think the D is good but don't scare anyone on offense. If we could score 21-25 points a game we'd be a very dangerous team to deal with.
guest: Are the offensive players staying away from Tampa because of Gruden? I know its a rumor but its just odd that none of the big names mentioned TB…offensive players.
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – You may be correct. Right now, the Bucs plan on getting more sacks from Haye, White and Adams being more experienced next year. That's a big gamble in my opinion.
theossie: What are your thought on Kalimba Edwards?
floridanative: ok.. SR has to get backt o American Idol. Chat is over tonight
pewterreportsr: bucball08 – It's impossible to say what next year's FA class will look like.
chicago corey: Ha!
guest: Have you seen Gaines Adams lately? Has he put on weight?
chicago corey: Scott, when do you sleep?
pewterreportsr: chicago corey – I think the Bucs are done at tight end.
hit55: SR who is your round 1 pick of choice.
chicago corey: yeah, your probably right
guest: its impossible to say what this years will look like we still have june 1 cuts
pewterreportsr: chicago corey. I typically sleep in June. I'm wide awake from July-May.
chicago corey: Ha!
floridanative: SR… who has the best chance of winning American Idol?
floridanative: hahah
bucball08: kodiak who where the top DT AND DE in free agency J.Smith and I cant even name the top DT in free agency next year will be excellent with Suggs and Allen and Haynesworth and Bruce Allen knows it
jvato24: Do you have the bucs players numbers listed ??
guest: Albert Haynesworth
pewterreportsr: theossie – I think Kalimba Edwards is overrated. I liked him coming out of South Carolina, but he's underachieved.
cadillac 24: How would you rank the CBs in this year's draft?
pewterreportsr: floridanative – I don't watch American Idol. I'm DVR'ing Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Jericho right now.
bucball08: Dan Cook and Brooke White
guest: scott who is your first round pick?
kodiak: There are always top DE and DT in free agency…but that doesn't mean they are any good…that's why I said I don't blame the Bucs for not overpaying…but I still am worried about our pass rush
cadillac 24: SR's first round pick is DRC.
pikappaphi422: watching family jewels right now
guest: not funny
hit55: If anyone is gonna win it in Tampa I hope it's him. Still Love HIm.
chicago corey: Gruden wins Super Bowl in Tampa
pewterreportsr: hit55 – Who is my choice in round 1 for Tampa Bay? I wouldn't mind seeing Tampa Bay grab Donnie Avery or James Hardy at WR, Chris Johnson at RB or Mike Jenkins at CB. I realize No. 20 is a little early for Avery and Johnson.
bucball08: Our pass rush will be fine if White, Haye, Adams continue to mature and continue to improve
guest: I am still waiting for our OFFENSIVE GURU to put some points on the board, where are the WR's at???
chicago corey: Boy, I'd rather go Eddie Royal
cadillac 24: Thanks SR!
docbravo: Evening guys!
theossie: really 1st RD. RB
chicago corey: 24 reps on the bench
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Yeah. I wouldn't mind the Bucs getting DRC, but I think he's going top 15 based on what I've heard.
chicago corey: Overrated
hit55: I'd like Hardy, or Jenkins still looking at Avery.
cadillac 24: How about Aqib Talib?
floridanative: Bucs need to trade up for a Top 5 and grap McPherson
guest: I don't think its too early for Johnson somebody is going to take him at the end of the 1st. 4.24 fastest ever at the combine
guest: when is the next mock draft
chicago corey: Yeah, you don't run a 4.24, rush for 2000, and go in teh 2nd
buc4life79: TRUWE
pewterreportsr: guest – The next mock draft will likely come out next week. I'm still watching tape and talking to my NFL sources.
guest: I think we sneak out with Steve Slayton in the third round, he is a younger faster, bigger version of Dunn.
floridanative: peterson
chicago corey: running and receiving that is
pewterreportsr: Be sure you take the time to participate in the Pewter Petition and tell your Bucs friends about it.
floridanative: Trade up to get Darren McFadden
pikappaphi422: no
cadillac 24: Why?
theossie: Any sleepers still out there in FA??
docbravo: SR…I was really sold on DeShawn til Hugh pretty much said the guy was crap! HAHA. What do you think about D. Jackson out of Cal?
buc4life79: already done scott
kodiak: SR – how come Mahan and Larry Brackins weren't on the list of the Petition?
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, Bucs fans. See you next Tuesday night in the Pewter Report chat room.
buc4life79: reche caldell and darrell jackson
1vabucsfan: Peace SR
chicago corey: Adios
guest: he dont like either doc
floridanative: ** SR still knows more about the CJ issue than he's letting on. He just can't talk about it publically yet
pipelayer8: He's called MeShawn for a reason
cadillac 24: See ya
buc4life79: see sr
pipelayer8: Thanks SR
guest: thanks
bucball08: see ya
guest: THANKS SR!!!
pikappaphi422: thanks
guest: 'good night
guest: thanks!!!!
docbravo: Thanks!!!
hit55: See ya SR, thanks for all the hard work you guys do.
docbravo: Thanks Guest
guest: D Jackson out of CAL…his nickname is Meshawn…he writes THA #1 on his face the guy is an ego maniac. let someone else deal with him, even if Jerry Rice is mentoring him…you cant teach teamwork and class.
kodiak: If the bucs can land CJ for a 2nd round pick and maybe a player like Clayton or Stovall…it would be an early Christmas
guest: Do you guys really think Chad Johnson fits into our scheme?
kodiak: He is a damn good WR…so yes…now the big question is his attitude
kodiak: I think CJ has nowhere near the issues of Moss or Owens
guest: I think hes great,but yes I hate his attitude
hit55: He's a great WR and he get's open and he can catch anything you throw at him. He fits in any scheme. We've never had a WR like that but I would like for once to put a WR on the field that every team in the leauge feared.
guest: I think CJ has fun and is vocal, personally I think he would be great plus when anyone interviews his teammates they all say he is a good teammate. Look at Warren Sapp…if you back it up then talk all you want.
theossie: I agree – quest
kodiak: I agree…if we have the chance to get him without giving up too much (ie the KJ trade) then do it
docbravo: Guest, I believe you can teach Teamwork and Class…See Randy Moss
kodiak: it's called winning shuts you up and makes you happy…see Owens
kodiak: although I still think Owens will blow up eventually
docbravo: I'm not worried so much about his attitude as I am about his production as WR. Don't think we need a KR in the 1st Round. That would be a waste.
hit55: I love his attitude, He wants to win. It bothers me when after a loss and I see WR's like TO smiling because they had a great stats day. CJ wants win bad and I like that.
guest: me 2 kodiak
guest: I guarantee if the Patriots have a 4-12 record next year he will show the Moss you know. Everyone is happy when they are winning…ie Owens.
docbravo: I'm speaking about D. Jackson, not Chad. Would love to see Chad as a Buc…. at the right price
kodiak: Yeah…I don't want D Jackson at all…he's fast but too small and a huge me player
kodiak: I'd rather go CB, RB, DE, or DT in round 1 or even a QB than take him
guest: I think we need a great DT
hit55: I want a CB and WR in the 1st and 2nd.
docbravo: I think we really need to go CB in the 1st if M. Jenkins or Talib is on the board.
docbravo: I don't see any "Great"
docbravo: DT in this draft
guest: how about the florida state receiver that got hurt?
guest: was it Dakote fagg?
guest: I think they go CB, WR (or vice versa) then RB, DE DT. I think they will go with CB being they still have an aging Barber plus any of the CB left at 20 has great potential to be good/great CB for us.
docbravo: I heard he is gonna be out for a LONG time. Maybe Career ending.
kodiak: I really think it's going to be CB then WR unless they trade for CJ…
guest: I agree kodiak
hit55: me too
guest: far better cb's than wr's in the draft
docbravo: There is speed all over this draft, so I think the Bucs are good either way. I really wish we could get some more picks by trading down a few slots.
guest: i know SR shot me down when I said that any of the free agent recievers would have been an upgrade to our current group what do you guys think….Stallworth, Hacket, Carter, Ferguson, Johnson… do those guys not upgrade Hilliard, Stovall, Clayton. Any of those players had a lot mroe yards/catches/touchdowns than all of WR;s aside from Galloway.
guest: im praying for M clayton
guest: lol
hit55: If we can come away with a good CB, WR and a DT I'll be happy and the draft is deep at most of those postions
docbravo: None of those guys have proven to be consistant yet either. I'd rather keep the guys we have , that already know the system.
kodiak: I think Stallworth is the only one of that group that is better than who we have
kodiak: and even then he's not a huge upgrade
guest: Im actually excited to see Paris back
kodiak: He's fast but he's never been a big time player and he's not good enough to be a #1 when Galloway hangs it up…thus he's not worth the $5 million a year he got
docbravo: I agree Kodiak, If I HAD to take one, I'd say Stallworth because he bring speed to the offense.
guest: Really so Bryant Johnson who caught almost 1K YARDS A YEAR hasnt produced better than our group? he has like 3400 yards in four years mainly playing a 3rd reciever.
docbravo: I'm excited to see us put an Offensive line on the field that is going to allow us to actually run some real plays!!!!
kodiak: The sad part is the Bucs had all this money but this was a very weak free agency year. The Bucs filled some needs but they aren't spending crazy…next year is a much stronger year…build with the draft…don't over spend…and then try to land better players next year
guest: I thought for shore Bryant Johnson was coming here
kodiak: Not only an O-line…but can you imagine the 2 TE sets with Gilmore and Troupe out there blocking
docbravo: Bryant had production because he had some other GREAT WR's on the field getting all the attention.
hit55: I'd love to get Neal at FB and just turn our running game loose this year. Our O-line is gonna be improved and we could use him as a great lead blocker.
guest: You have to play every year to win and I just dont see our FA moves this year helping us.
kodiak: I think Askew is a fine young FB
guest: agreed on Askew
docbravo: I'm most excited about having more than 1 WR in the formation, and having time to complete some passes over 2 yards.
guest: he did a fine job this year
kodiak: As for playing every year to win…I agree…and the Bucs didn't improve as much as we like…but that doesn't mean we sell our sould just to get a little better this year and hurt us in the long run…oh and what about Faine…you don't think that move helped us?
guest: I hope clayton
hit55: He's a good receiveing FB but just a a down field blocker he's just OK. Neal is one of the best of all time. If we are gonna bring someone in might as well be the best if he comes for the right price.
guest: Bryant Johnson got great yards when ether Fitz or Boldin were hurt remember the past two years they both have been out for 2-4 game stints and when they were out Johson would have big games. I just think we missed the boat, he got 6 mil for four years and I think he was worth that to wear pewter.
docbravo: Guest… We won the division last year, and I don't see anyone really beating us for the title next year either. The Falcons still suck, the Saints still can't run the ball or cover the pass, and the Panthers are still Old on Defense
kodiak: Askew is a much better blocker than you think…he might not be Neal…but he's still pretty darn good…he's also a dual threat more than Neal is and much younger
hit55: But they are still looking for someone to bring in so there is a need if they are looking.
kodiak: I still wouldn't mind signing someone like Neal to come in though
kodiak: At the very least he'd be great on obvious running downs and to teach Askew
kodiak: Neal would be a better backup than Storer…hehe
guest: has Pitt received any interest
guest: Docbravo…check their FA moves they have done some work. And now with Atlanta sending Hall for a 2nd and 3rd from the Raiders they will get early round picks. And the curse of the south is that the winner always ends up in last place for what maybe the past 7 years.
hit55: Don't get me wrong I like Askew but I'd like to see us with a killer running game. We have a O-line that could be great for a long time once they get going.
guest: is the Hall deal final?
guest: He is getting 70 mil for 10 yrs but the guaranteed money is still not public.
docbravo: I'm here in Mobile Alabama, so all I hear about is the Saints, so Trust me Bro, I know! haha! I'm still not sold on them. And the Falcons are rebuilding. For every rookie that starts equals a loss!
hit55: I expect Pittman to go to St. Louis and back-up Jackson
guest: Ie see Adrian Peterson
guest: what happened with stevens besides the dui?
guest: jeremy stevens?
guest: I think he beat up his girlfriend or something.
kodiak: All I have to say about the Raiders is….HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…Commitment to Excriment
docbravo: I think AD was the only rookie that started for the Minn. But for Every AD, there is a Troy Williamson
guest: yes I wonder what the raiders pays their water boys?
guest: 2 mill a year
docbravo: LOL @ Kodiak!! I agree! "Silver and Black "EYE"
guest: I am surprised Al Davis hasnt been flogged…tar'd and feathered. The best part is they franchized their other CB so they may lose him to bring in Hall….hahahahaha
hit55: Commitment to the Crapper
kodiak: They have paid more money to more guys who aren't really that good…it's crazy
guest: how many years do you guys think jeff garcia have left?
hit55: 3
kodiak: 2
guest: i know ,i dont think javon walker has ever played a full season
docbravo: I'd much rather us be conservative in Free Agency, than just spend money for the sake of spending it. The Raiders STILL suck! O-Line is Horrible, D-LIne has holes, but they got 2 AWESOME CB's now. Too bad they are gonna be on the field for 40mins a game.
guest: I work with a Raider fan…I get to hear him pound his head on the desk everytime they make a FA move…..and Guest keep praying for Clayton but you will have to change your Screen name to "Wing and a Prayer" that is what we should call our recieving corp.
guest: lol
guest: i agree doc
guest: I agree with Conservative but we have to spend at least 25 mil to meet the league minimum or we get hit with a penalty. They could have/should have made some moves on WR's.
docbravo: We've been asking for a team we can see grow in front of our eyes, and I think we got it now. We are "VERY" young now, and I belive we have a nice foundation to work from.
docbravo: Guest… You gotta know that Bruce Allen knows about the Salary Cap "Floor". There is no way they get penalized. They'll spend the money in house on guys already on the roster before they get penalized.
guest: i have seen one mock draft with us picking up james hardy why all the mock drafts(most)expect us to take a small receiver
docbravo: Hardy is a Big WR isn't he? From Indiana? thought he was like 6'6"
guest: yes
docbravo: For the record, I don't like Big 10 WR's. Marquise Walker still pisses me off! We could have had Brian Westbrook!!!
guest: alright guys its been fun,see ya next tues.
docbravo: I think Braylon Edwards and Lee Evans might be the best 2 out of the big 10 in a couple of years…who am I missing?
guest: I hope they dont pick up one of these recievers…most of them in the first round that are going are 5-10 and 165 soaking wet plus they all had a slip in production from what I have read. And yeah we will spend money on in house guys but you mean to tell me you wouldnt use 2-3 mil a year for Johnson, Hackett or Drew Carter? They may not have been a replacement for Galloway but a heck of a supporting cast to go along with him and Antonio Bryant
guest: calvin johnson?
docbravo: Calvin Johnson came from Georgia Tech
docbravo: I think Antonio Bryant, and a rookie WR will compliment Joey just fine. Anything we get from Clayton and Stovall will just be a plus.
guest: Later guys have a good night….Docbravo, we live to argue another day.
docbravo: FOR SURE!! later BRO!

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