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Pewter Report Buccaneers beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
baybuc35: Why all the love for Larry English many people dont even have him as a top five DE and most have him like i do as a OLB in a 3-4..Do you think drafting BPA would be the best way to approch this draft? Rather drafting a player that is not even at the top at his position in a weak DE class
bucyea: any change in thinking on who we take #19?
pewterreportjf: guest – Sorry to see you have class to attend (ah, I remember those days). I don't see the Bucs trading for Anquan Boldin or Jay Cutler. It sounds like Boldin will stay in Arizona, and even if he didn't the asking price is too much for a draft that is fairly deep at WR. The Bucs' best chance of trading for Cutler was before the cat got out of the bag. Now the entire league knows what is going on in Denver, so the asking price for Cutler has gone up. As for Torry Holt and some of the other players still available in free agency, I think a lot of those players will wait to sign with new teams until after the draft to see which teams still have needs at those positions. That includes the Bucs.
along13: How is Jermaine Phillips' move to OLB going? And if you had to say now who you thought would be the two starting OLB, who would you say it would be?
baybuc35: Why all the love for Larry English many people dont even have him as a top five DE and most have him like i do as a OLB in a 3-4..Do you think drafting BPA would be the best way to approch this draft? Rather drafting a player that is not even at the top at his position in a weak DE class
guest: hey
pewterreportjf: baybuc35 – Pewter Report loves Larry English as a defensive end, and we feel he will be fine in a 4-3 scheme as long as he adds a little bit of bulk in the pros. The Bucs also like English, but they might like Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson more.
detroitbuc: whats up with Freemen
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – The Bucs could go in a number of directions with the 19th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, including quarterback, defensive end and wide receiver. At this point, I think it will be QB Josh Freeman or DEs Michael Johnson or Larry English.
baybuc35: I like Michael Johnson but think he is to much of the same as Adams and may not be a great i dea to have them both in at the same time
bookert1905: after reading this months magazine it looks like Dexter will have another chance at WR, is that because of Mann or Raheem?
pewterreportjf: along13 – Way too early to tell how Jermaine Phillips' move to linebacker is going. Ask us after we get the chance to see him in action at the team's mandatory minin-camp, which will be held in late-March/early-April.
weinberger83: with the the browns rumored to be shopping all there players are the bucs looking at Shaun Rodgers, Braylon Edwards, Quinn or Anderson
gdubbz: After reading the article in todays st. pete times, Do you think that its true that Cutler is out of reach, and McCown doesnt need to look over his shoulder
jc510: JF… you guys reported that Cadillac's injury was only a 6-8 week one, is there any news on him?
pewterreportjf: bookertt1905 – Dexter Jackson will get a chance to compete at wide receiver this year. There were members of the coaching staff and front office that were not happy that Jon Gruden didn't bother to try to get Jackson on the field as a receiver last year. Jackson will get his shot in training camp and preseason, but might be a long shot to make the team.
drew_zilla: What level of interest do the Bucs have in a Percy Harvin?
guest: Are quarterback and defensive line the only realistic options in first round or could the Bucs go with Harvin if he were there?
zed: it seems like with the past regime, other coaches were not allowed to speak their mind
bucfanskiz: JF- Is there any chance the Bucs go after a vet at CB before or after the draft?
pewterreportjf: weinberger – The Bucs are not interested in Browns QB Derek Anderson. They'd probably be interested Braylon Edwards, Shaun Rodgers and Brady Quinn, but we don't even know if those reports are reports or just rumors. Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik inquired about several trades when free agency started, so he is always willing to listen to a potential deal.
rcpadrick: Yasinskas at ESPN seems conviced Phillips will be a linebacker. Is he that far out of touch, or is there more to the tryout than we know?
gdubbz: do you think that the startes on the LB side will be Ruud, Crowell, phillips?
baybuc35: If the Bucs are looking to add a 4th QB for tranning camp and we dont draft a QB in the first round what UFA would fit the best with the bucs?
rcpadrick: I thought Black, Hayes and Hayward performed well enough to start. Don't you?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – Tampa Bay needs to add another cornerback to its roster through free agency and/or the draft. Jamar Fletcher is a player the Bucs had expressed some interest in during free agency, but I believe he's still available, so perhaps he's a possibility along with Chris McAllister.
bookert1905: How healthy is Crowell? Is he knee 100%?
buccana: Du you have a gut feeling on the Bucs and Freeman? Does Morris really like him?
zed: is mcallister really old or something, why isn't he signed yet?
gdubbz: Any rumors on Patrick Surtain from the chiefs. Any intrerests?
drew_zilla: What level of interest do the Bucs have in a Percy Harvin?
hockeyal19: When have talks about drafting Michael Johnson emerged? Isn't there concern about his work ethic?
pewterreportjf: rcpadrick – I can't say that I have seen enough from Quincy Black, Adam Hayward or Geno Hayes to say they deserve to start. I think the Bucs are wise to let them compete to see what each player is capable of doing. The only way you can prove yourself, and improve yourself, in the NFL is by playing.
guest: mccallister is 32
pewterreportjf: buccana – We've heard Josh Freeman could be drafted before the Bucs pick at 19, but we know they like him, and yes, Raheem Morris likes him and worked with him at K-State in 2006.
zed: that's a good line: the only way you can prove yourself, and improve yourself,… is by playing
bucfanskiz: still a beast in man coverage
martinii: I would drop down and take Ron Brace with 19. it worked with Josph.
gdubbz: Any chance Paris Warren will get a chance at starter?
guest: freeman is a huge mistake
baybuc35: If the Bucs are looking to add a 4th QB for tranning camp and we dont draft a QB in the first round what UFA would fit the best with the bucs?
bucyea: IMO, the move ot OLB for Flip is ludicris. Is it possible he could be cut?
jc510: JF… are the Bucs going to just let Penn play out the season on that 1 year deal?
bookert1905: why would they cut him if they just signed him?
pewterreportjf: zed – Yes, Chris McAllister's best years are behind him. There are a lot of veterans available in free agency that were productive, but are now past their primes. Like I wrote earlier, a lot of those players will remain unsigned unless they decide to take less money or they wait until the draft is over to see which teams still have needs at those positions.
gdubbz: Any more news on Jason Taylor? Is he taking any calls?
pewterreportjf: gdubbz – No, no chance Paris Warren starts, but as of right now he's got a decent shot at competing for a roster spot since the Bucs are very thin at WR.
along13: Are the bucs determined in the draft to go at D-Line/QB or do they have any interest in recievers like Harvin, Nicks, DHB or potentially a CB like Vontae Davis?
bucyea: Are there ANY FA QB's the Bucs like, assuming we don't draft one?
hockeyal19: Do you think the Bucs would pass up an opportunity to draft Harvin if he were available at 19? Could they really like English or Freeman more?
rcpadrick: I don't think they cut Phillips. We need him for depth, even though I think Sabby is better.
guest: with no real depth at cb in the draft the bucs will have to address this need in free agency
guest: Are the bucs going to be on sell soon?
gdubbz: Paris reminds me of when Graham was mr august.
guest: JF what is the chances of the Bucs ownership ridding themselves of the MAN U. to improve their cash flow situation and investments given the economy?
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – No, I don't think Jermaine Phillips will get cut if he doesnt' pan out at linebacker. If that happens he will probably be moved back to safety behind Sabby Piscitelli.
zed: i believe that CC said that the draft is top heavy in WR, but it seems like there's a lot of depth to me. what do you guys think?
guest: JF—–Any chance of us Going after a reciever via trade like Boldin??
bucyea: Any FA QB's the Bucs like?
gdubbz: JT will PR be around a lot during training camp? any special doings?
pewterreportjf: gdubbz – Nope, no news on Jason Taylor. Doesn't mean the Bucs aren't interested because he does have a history with Jim Bates, but we haven't heard anything on that front.
martinii: Do you think Miami would trade with us so we could get thier 2nd pick rd2
rcpadrick: So, Jim, do you think McCown has enough in him to be great? He seems to have the tools, but what about head and heart?
baybuc35: Could Penn be a hold out player if he does not get a new deal? I heard he has not signed the tender yet
drew_zilla: Can you gauge the level of interest in Percy Harvin at One Buc?
hockeyal19: I'm wondering the same drewzilla
pewterreportjf: along13 – The Bucs have a number of players they will target in the first round at positions such as QB, DL, WR and CB. They could go in any of those directions, but we feel the Bucs will go QB or DL with the first pick.
guest: JF what type of TD production do you imagine from our backs this year?
bucyea: Harvin is WAY overrated!!! He was a gimmick in a gimmick offense
gdubbz: On the latest PR Mock Draft, you have us taking Gartrell Johnson, who is a personal fav. Since Storer and Askew will be healthy is there any chance hes a FB if drafted?
zed: harvin's athleticism is undeniable
drew_zilla: I don't agree about overrated. He has the same physical tools as Steve Smith
along13: I'm really liking Nicks as one of the top WR in this draft…never been a true fan of Harvin…
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I haven't heard anything about the Bucs being sold soon. , and no, I don't see the Glazers selling Man. U. They have a lot invested in that soccer team/business.
guest: and don't forget Harvin's 4.3 speed is an illusion
zed: from what I hear Gartrell Johnson can play RB or FB
hockeyal19: watch him in space against tough SEC defenses. That translates to NFL production
bucfanskiz: JF- I have not heard the name on here but do you think there is any late round consideration for DE Orion Martin from VA Tech
pewterreportjf: bucyea – One of the reasons why we still feel Josh Freeman is a real possibility for the Bucs at No. 19 overall is because they want to take four QBs to camp, but only have three on their roster, and they have shown little interest in some of the QBs still available in free agency.
bookert1905: Where is Robiskie suppoed to fall too?
bucyea: Don't get that space in the NFL, watch and see
architek: JF, Can Bryant and KII share production given the fact that both are legit 80 catch receivers?
zed: but even without space, Harvin, makes space
bookert1905: this isn;t Gruden's offense, we can actually use two targets
hockeyal19: don't get that space in the NFL? ask Chris Johnson of the Titans that question
rcpadrick: Bryant and Winslow play different positions and styles. I don't see a problem
pewterreportjf: rcpadrick – I like Luke McCown. He's very athletic and has a cannon for an arm. I don't know if he'll be good, great or bad for that matter, but I do believe he deserves a shot to play and compete for the starting job.
baybuc35: in college he made space this the NFL..ask reggie bush about space
bucyea: Chris Johsnon was not a gimmick, he was a RB
architek: booker but you must remember we have teo 1K yard backs that deserve touches
zed: and Harvin is a WR
zed: what's so gimmicky about that?
rcpadrick: Reggie Bush is incredibly overrated. Houston was smart to go with the DE
gdubbz: JF – Could Kellen switch to WR, to free up Alex Smith, and Stevens at TE?
pewterreportjf: drew zilla – The Bucs are interested in Percy Harvin, especially after his pro day workout. As you probably alread heard, it was impressive. Harvin is a possibility at 19 in the first round for the Bucs. He might even come in for a personal workout.
baybuc35: 5-11 WR how tall is
guest: is cutler still on the bucs radar?
guest: what have you heard as far as the bucs plan for alex smith
drew_zilla: thanks
architek: The Bucs should try to move Alex Smith, he does have some value
zed: I think reggie bush is doing pretty good in the nfl, i don't know why comparisons to him should be negative
gdubbz: Any chance Bucs could show intrests in Paul Kruger in the 3rd if he drops?
along13: gdubbz, Bucs have said they plan on using Winslow at TE
bucyea: Bates has to be concerned with lack of talent, any info on Bates?
pewterreportjf: gdubbz – Gartrell Johnson has the size to be a fullback, but if the Bucs selected him it would be to play running back. We feel his running style would be a good fit for Tampa Bay's zone blocking scheme.
gator2u: Do the Bucs have any interest in Tory Holt
zed: and how tall is steve smith?
pewterreportjf: gdubbz – No, Kellen Winslow is going to play tight end, not wide receiver, although he could be lined up in the slot from time to time.
gdubbz: awesome, Ill be a happy camper if that pick is right
guest: I will LOOSE MY MIND if we get Harvin. You can't deny this guy is a playmaker, but he can't give you more that 5 or 6 healthy games.
hockeyal19: JF– Is the Bucs interest in Michael Johnson new? Aren't they concerned about his work ethic?
bookert1905: lol
bookert1905: Harvis didn't miss that many games
drew_zilla: With the Bucs getting bigger at DL and LB, why move Phillips?
architek: JF, how does the PR staff react to the negative fans on this forum, pr is that a private answer?
bucfanskiz: JF- I have not heard the name on here but do you think there is any late round consideration for DE Orion Martin from VA Tech
bucyea: enough about Harvin
baybuc35: JF if Havin Cushing Johnson English Freeman Perry were still on the board out of those guy who woud you draft
pewterreportjf: guest – Given the fact the Bucs plan to run the football a lot under Jeff Jagodzinski, I would expect the TD totals from Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward to be better than last year.
along13: Does the new regime like Elbert Mack good enough for him to be their top nickle CB? He's the same height as Barber, and is very physical…just needs to put some more weight on…
bucyea: why no movement on CB's? Are the Buc's OK with Greg Farret or whatever his name is/
rcpadrick: If Caddy is healthy at the start of the season (as he predicts), what would we use him for? Change of pcae?
guest: Do you feel the draft will go heavy Defense since FA went Offense or will it be more BPA
pewterreportjf: drew zilla – The Bucs want to get Sabby Piscitelli on the field, so moving Phillips to linebacker allows them to do that and gives them a veteran player to compete with Geno Hayes for a starting job.
guest: when is the rest of the schedule set to release?
architek: JF hindsight was Gruden's offense more of a myth than substantial, now that we had had time to reflect?
baybuc35: Geno will be a star
gdubbz: Bucs have any intrests in JP Losman?
bucyea: Are the Bucs confident Barber can play M2M?
baybuc35: jp losman I hope not
jbuc15: Even when Harvin plays, half of the time he playing with a injury. I love Cadillac, but the last thing we need is another player, that we expect to be a huge factor, and the only factor become WHEN will ge go down.
pewterreportjf: baybuc35 – Boy, that's a good question. I personally like Larry English, but I also think the Bucs are long overdue for a QB in the first round (haven't drafted one since 1994). Although I personally like English, I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Johnson were to be drafted by the Bucs in the first round.
drew_zilla: With a 3rd round pick invested in Zuttah, can he push to start this year (even at tackle)?
bucyea: Kyle Boller is the FA I like
pewterreportjf: guest – The NFL likely will release the entire regular season schedule next month.
along13: I'd rather have Losman than Griese
hockeyal19: JF-Why Michael Johnson? PR has never commented on the Bucs interest in him. Is this new news?
guest: just because their overdue to draft a qb in the first round it makes no sense to do it this year.
bucyea: Boller over Losmam
guest: This must get overwhelming sometimes. Do you feel that it is a better option for us to pass on harvin and address more pressing needs and then try to get maclin later on? I am not sure what his draft status is but I figure somewhere between 2nd and 3rd round but I feel trading down in 1st is still a very good option.
architek: Neither QB is worth it
gdubbz: Bringing in Kicker Nugent, does that mean that the Bucs dont expect Bryant to play next year? Nugent would win that battle IMO.
pewterreportjf: drew zilla – I don't see Jeremy Zuttah pushing for a starting job at tackle, but it's possible at G or T since the Bucs are implementing a new zone blocking scheme. As far as I'm concerned all jobs are up for grabs at this point.
rcpadrick: Nugent has a stronger leg
baybuc35: i think b.c Johnson has been taking higher than the bucs pick in mocks [hockeya] guest: Any news on how players are adapting to new Offensive
bucyea: Maclin later!?! he'l be gone before harvin
guest: at best were 8
bookert1905: yeah maclin is top 15
bookert1905: easy
bucyea: Maclin would be a MUCH better pick than Harvin
guest: maclin is a top 15 pick and may end up the best player from this draft in 5 years
guest: do the bucs keep there 19th pick or trade down?
architek: Macklin is a prema…I would pass
drew_zilla: agreed, maclin will not be available at 19
along13: Does the new regime like Elbert Mack good enough for him to be their top nickle CB? He's the same height as Barber, and is very physical…just needs to put some more weight on…
pewterreportjf: along13 – That's a good point. Don't forget that Brian Griese is under contract with the Bucs and is expectted to compete for the starting job. He is familiar with Jeff Jagodzinski's offense from his playing days in Denver. I am not a huge fan of Griese's, but you can't count him out of the competition yet.
architek: talented
hockeyal19: If Maclin is there at 19 there would be no reason to discuss the draft at all
bucyea: What are our plans at CB, Bucs confident in Barber to play M2M?
guest: next years draft will have much better options at qb why not wait
gdubbz: Any chances PR can make a page on the latest Bucs rumors? I think that would get a lot of activity.
hockeyal19: i agree guest
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs could keep the 19th overall pick, but they could trade down. All depends on who is available at 19. The Bucs don't have their second-rounder, but they'd love to pick one up, and trading down could help them do that.
jbuc15: Baber is a pure system guy. I love his work ethic, but his size, lack of speed, and lack of physicality scare the crap out of me.
baybuc35: i could not watch buc football again with Griese at QB ewww
bucyea: an injury to Talib and we're wcrewed at CB
bucyea: Vonta Davis or Sean Smith a possibilty?
pewterreportjf: bucyea – As of right now Talib and Barber are the starters and Mack figures to be the nickel on defense, but the Bucs need to add another cornerback through free agency or the draft.
architek: we will draft a CB this year again
drew_zilla: Has Derrick Brooks even been approached by another team?
hockeyal19: JF- could you talk more about the Bucs interest in Michael Johnson?
jbuc15: I think we ALL saw Ronde get trampled over in the Carolina game.
jbuc15: Terrible.
bucyea: How 'bout 3 or 4 CB's?
architek: JF do you see the Bucs making a play at Chris McCallister
guest: or samari rolle?
architek: still has some life in his legs
pewterreportjf: Yes, the Bucs love Vontae Davis, but I'm not sure the team will invest the high draft pick that would be required to get him.
bucyea: Barber Talib and Mack is IT!!!!
guest: mccallister would b sick
baybuc35: ON nfl raido D.Brooks said something about that he was offered a job in the front office or something to do with the bucs outside of football… and said is something that he would like to do when football was over.. Any idea on what that job was?
gator2u: Are we looking at Mike McKenzie, He is very good in man to man coverage
pewterreportjf: architek – Again, a lot of the players still available in free agency might have to wait until after the draft to find new homes. The Bucs could wait until after the draft to see what positions they have addressed and which ones they haven'tt.
gdubbz: JT who do you think will be the biggest draft bust in this years class?
bucyea: Bates has to be PISSED!
architek: His knees are shot
bucyea: He's gonna have no chance and be made the scapegoat
along13: How but Macho Harris from VT in the 3rd round?
pewterreportjf: baybuc35 – I have no idea what the Bucs offered Derrick Brooks besides a pink slip. That appears to be the right decision as he has received little interest in free agency. Brooks needs to retire, in my opinion.
bucyea: Is Flip a better option than Brooks at WLB? Doubt it!
pewterreportjf: along13 – We suspect the Bucs will address cornerback in rounds 3-5 in the draft. That said, Macho Harris is a possibility there. I personally like Mike Mickens a lot. He should be there, too.
architek: JF how do you guys manage to keep the srticles coming when most outlets a dried of information this time of year, is that markety classified?
guest: but jf the bucs r the biggest jerks in football remember?
hockeyal19: this whole Michael Johnson thing is new. Do you guys like the possibility of Tampa drafting him or would you prefer English?
architek: marketing…sorry
bucyea: Any word on open TC?
guest: i just graduated from fsu if the bucs pick tony carter i would shoot myself
baybuc35: just said something he was was offered and like the idea when football was over and he was happy with the offer and that the team still wanted him to be part of the Bucs in the future
bluetick14: What is the largest area of need heading into the draft?
bucyea: Open TC?
guest: any news on a long term deal with Bryant or Penn?
guest: JF I jjust jumped out of class to see you gave me an answer. thanks for taking your time to give us insight I appreciate it.
guest: wide receiver
guest: JF – Just heard on Sirius Radio that tonight they will air the exclusive interview on NFL Network with Josh McDaniels. I heard the on-air remarks on the radio and he specifically stated Tampa Bay as not being one of the initial teams inquiring about Cutler. That's news to me. I assumed they were. He does say that they expressed interest, but was not one of the first to do so. Where you aware? That tells me that chances are we WILL NOT be in the Cutler sweepstakes.
pewterreportjf: bucyea – I think it's possible that Jermaine Phillips will be a better linebacker than Derrick Brooks in Jim Bates' system. One of the things that allowed Brooks to keep playing at a high level was his familiarity with the system. He would no longer have that in Tampa Bay. Phillips still has his attributes since he's 29 going on 30, not 35 going on 36.
drew_zilla: Bust alert in the draft: Cushing, LB, USC
bucyea: OK
along13: I think that Penn and Bryant should be signed for 3 years a piece
hockeyal19: probably one of the safer picks in the draft drew zilla
guest: can phillipos take on dl men though?
pewterreportjf: guest – Like I wrote before, I don't think Jay Cutler will wind up in Tampa Bay.
bucyea: JF – Flip will not play a down at LB
gdubbz: any chances we draft taurus johnson in th elater rounds, dudes a stud, watched every one of his games
armybuc: JF- Any chance the Bucs trade down in the first round for more picks?
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions. Hope you're enjoying the offseason and are getting ready for the 2009 NFL Draft.

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