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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Happy Tuesday! SR is in the house!
bigbucs: pound the rock
pewterreportsr: Just a clarification from one of my points in my last SR's Fab 5. The Bucs did give up a seventh-round pick to Kansas City in 2009 for DT Ryan Sims, but actually got the pick back in the Michael Bennett trade in which the Bucs surrendered their 2008 sixth-rounder. Also, the Brian Griese trade did not come with conditions. The Bucs gave up their sixth-round pick in 2009, but received the Bears' seventh-round pick in 2009. So in 2009, the Bucs have seven picks due to the fact that they have two seventh-rounders and they are missing their sixth-rounder.
boomac: i was hoping that we lock up coleman by now
lvbuc: SR any updates on Rod Coleman
guest: IN THE HOUSE!!!!!
mnbucsfan: Hi SR
1vabucsfan: sup SR
ts: So did we get ours back or did we get chiefs pick with the Bennett Trade?
guest: Thanks SR, that was the first thing I was gonna bring up. :)
lvbuc: SR any updates on signing our own young talent..
pikappaphi422: Any news on any of private workout that have been completed
mnbucsfan: SR, has Marion Barber resigned with the cowboys and if not is there any intrest in him by the Bucs. I think he would make a great addition of course it depends on what the compensation would be but I sure would like to see him in a Bucs uniform.
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – I knew you were going to ask about Rod Coleman. Yes, I have an update. He's still injured from last year (quadriceps and he is not able to pass a physical, which is why he is unsigned. Perhaps he can continue to heal up and pass a physical closer to training camp and sign with a team.
1vabucsfan: SR Are the chances the Bucs draft a QB increasing?
weinberger83: Hey SR what is your reaction to Herm Edwards
ts: SR – How high do you think the Bucs have Chris Johnson on their draft board? High enough to take with the 20th? I think he could be that "juice" we need.
pewterreportsr: pika – Most of the pre-draft visits with draft prospects will occur in April at One Buc Place.
guest: seems like herm is just belly aching to take the focus of why the Chiefs are having trouble competing
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I don't know if the Bucs' chances of drafting a QB are increasing necessarily. I think the Bucs are in position this year to draft the best player available, and if the BPA is a QB, then that might be the pick.
rdhess: SR, are all the pre-draft visits smoke screens or are legit visits?
hillside: Any word on Brian Kelly's contract numbers?
boomac: What is the chances of trading out the first round for a couple high second rounders….there is alot of talent that the bucs need that should still be there….maybe a trade with Atlanta?
mnbucsfan: The kid from USF would be a nice pick up
guest: SR – Have the Bucs commented on the Malcolm Kelly knee rumors?
guest: I keep hearing idle speculation about a Chad Johnson trade w/ the Bucs – any truth to the rumor?
pewterreportsr: weinberger83 – My reaction to Herm Edwards is he is finally realizing what most KC fans know … Carl Peterson is a cheap ass and the Chiefs aren't going anywhere as long as he's in charge. Jason Whitlock is right. King Carl needs to go. I feel bad for Herm. His G.M. is not helping him out on the personnel side.
bigbucs: SR do you believe the bucs did any tampering with the Faine signing??
weinberger83: also houshmenzade or however it is spelled
champkind: i work with a die hard KC fan, and he says the same thing about peterson
boomac: I like Herm, but he makes for a horrible head coach
pikappaphi422: I have read in different places that they have had private workout on campus the day before the prodays for example the new qb coach was said to have had one with Josh…..Was it a workout or just a sitdown to talk about football
mnbucsfan: I don't think the Bengals are going to part with Chad unless someone really knocks there socks off with a blockbuster offer
1vabucsfan: SR any updates on Wilson and Newberry?
ts: I've heard both about Johnsons
pewterreportsr: rdhess – There are plenty of smokescreens going on with the pre-draft visit. That's how Bruce operates. He'll bring in everybody under the sun from every position and create some subterfuge (nice word I learned from Pulp Fiction many years ago).
ts: Johnson*
guest: Herm levelled a serious charge against his former team – that ain't right.
guest: SR What is your view on DRC is he really better than Jenkins? Do you think waiting to the second and picking up a guy like Cason is a better idea?
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs aren't talking about Malcolm Kelly's knee or anyone else's knees right now. With 30 days to go before draft day, it's tight lips at One Buc Place.
pewterreportsr: bigbucs – Do I think the Bucs tampered with Faine? I think they discussed contract parameters with his agent prior to February 29 while the Chiefs were asleep at the wheel.
ts: SR – How do you feel about Chris Johnson? I see him as a play maker that brings a lot of different things to an offense ST's, what is your view?
bigbucs: I agree
boomac: With coleman probably a non factor in 08, do the bucs now target laws?
tpa008: SR If you had to rank our offensive line now with Faine, where do we stack up Top 5 Top 10?
pikappaphi422: IF they were to draft Josh, do you think they will have to use there 3rd round pick
guest: NFL said no tampering occured, and that's all that matters.
ts: I think the Bucs are pretty comfortable with Haye and Peterson, with the tweeners subbing in.
1vabucsfan: SR any updates on Wilson and Newberry?
pewterreportsr: hillside – Brian Kelly's deal has yet to be filed with the NFL management council because the Lions are so salary cap strapped that they can't turn in the contract yet. To anyone who believes that there is no more "salary cap hell" go talk to Matt Millen, Dan Snyder – and in a few years – the folks in San Francisco.
bucsfan4ever: There is no way contracts are put together the first day of FA – so ther must be several teams doing it
bucinnj: Scott, how is the pewter petition going and in your opinion do a ring of honor and hall of fame seem to be feasible in the future?
guest: SR – Are you aware of the Bucs having any interest in Jerome Simpson or Will Franklin?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Kris Wilson has not agreed to terms with the Bucs. That was a bogus report. The Bucs like Wilson and want him to be a backup FB, which is what he was in KC. Wilson wants to be a Dallas Clark-type tight end in the NFL. So far, Wilson isn't having much luck selling that notion to NFL teams.
guest: San Francisco just lost two picks because of tampering and signed Jeb Terry.
guest: do you think we should not draft an offensive player in the 1st round and grab perhaps a j.nelson or hardy?
mnbucsfan: Oh wel since it appears that no one else has any intreset in my Marion Barber quettion what are the chances of Pittman coming back? I still think we could use an upgrade at the position. (nothing against Earnest he did great last year)
pewterreportsr: ts – I like Chad Johnson and think he would be an asset in Tampa Bay, but the guy is almost 30 and I'm pretty sure he's staying in Cincy. The cap hit is too great for Cincy to take if they trade him. It would be foolish. That is what CJ doesn't understand. There is NO benefit to Cincy trading Ocho Cinco.
ts: SR – How far do you see Brandon Flowers falling due to his poor 40 times? He would be welcomed by me in the 2nd :)
ts: SR- I was talking about Chris Johnson, not Chad.
pewterreportsr: boomac – The Bucs like Laws, but there are other DTs to consider.
cbgb: Scott, do you Merling droppin into the 2nd round ?
pewterreportsr: ts – Sorry about that! Yes, the Bucs like Chris Johnson. He could be an option in round 2.
quez: Looks like we are going to be in another great cap position going into 2009. Just off the top of your head, any top players expected to be FA?
boomac: i hope not balmer out of UNC
guest: Scott – do you see a big-name, "splash" signing in the works at any point before the season begins? If so, can you name names?
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – I think Tampa Bay could have a top 10 offensive line this year.
ts: SR- How do you feel about Chris Johnson lol, thats what I was looking for, Thanks.
tpa008: SR I for one would love to see the Bucs go D-Line in this draft… Outside of Laws who are our best options?
pewterreportsr: ts – Keep in mind, aside from Haye and Peterson … Hovan, Sims, Carter, White, Wilkerson and Douglas could also play under tackle.
ts: Agreed.
mnbucsfan: Guy's I love defense as much as the nezxt guy put we need to put more pts on the board to win so I think the offense still needs more players than the d does.
guest: What is up w/ the low-ball offer to Greg White – are the Bucs going to fix that?
buccobruce: mnbucsfan I disagree, the defense is what will win us games
1vabucsfan: SR If the Bucs don't land K.Wilson is Peyton Hillis on their board?
tpa008: Did you see what the Giants did in the playoffs? you can never have enough DL!!!
buccobruce: The offense will sputter no matter what
mxs721: SR, Do you think there's a chance that the BUCS pass on Jenkins for a WR if he happened to fall to the 20 spot?
guest: With the recent signings of Wilkerson, Douglas and the resigning of Carter expect to see the team draft a pass rushing DE unless a true DT falls to them which they covet
weinberger83: SR- do you really believe that tampa will draft a QB in the 2nd RD like brohm
bmarti5: Any thoughts on the PacMan rumors, its my impression the Bucs are only interested in cast offs if it is at a cheap price?
pewterreportsr: bucinnj – We have over 820 Bucs fans signed up for the Pewter Petition in the first week. That's a great start. I think we will be over 1,100 names by the draft. When PR gets on radio and TV again, we should add several thousand as the season rolls on. Our internal goal is 10,000 fans. If you haven't signed the Pewter Petition, please do so. It's fast, free and easy!
cadillac 24: Which CB in the draft fits the Bucs system the best?
boomac: i don't think that there is any wr in this draft that has true first round grade, outside of kelley
mnbucsfan: even if we hold the opponet to 14 or less we still need to get 17 or more I don't think we averaged even that last season scoring pts wins games
guest: how do the bucs feel about limas sweed
guest: SR – What are your thoughs on Jerome Simpson WR, out of Coastal Carolina?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs could go CB or WR in the first round. Whatever position isn't drafted in round 1 will be addressed in round 2 or 3.
1vabucsfan: SR If the Bucs don't land K.Wilsonin fa is Peyton Hillis on their board?
quez: PFT reported Dorsey may drop. If he is there at 20 do we take him?
mnbucsfan: speaking of the petition theres one thing that bothers me about it. Derrick is mentioned as a possiable jersy retirement but he isn't retired yet so I don't think he should be on there at this time when the time is right deffinetly worth considering.
boomac: I believe Chevis Jackson in the fifth would be a great pick up for the bucs….he excellent in zone coverage
tpa008: About Dorsey? YES!!!
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs have any interest in even signing a backup FB like Kris Wilson or Lorenzo Neal?
pewterreportsr: guest – Greg White is an exclusive rights free agent. That means he has two more years before he hits free agency. I think the Bucs will try to sign him to a modest 3 or 4-year deal to keep him happy and motivated. It may not come until later in the season however.
guest: how do the bucs feel about limas sweed
pewterparty: Will Raheem Morris be back next year? Any insight into Morris going somewhere else?
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs will likely add one more DL in the draft. End or tackle? I don't know.
tpa008: But Dorsey wont drop anywhere near that far…
boomac: nope
guest: SR – any thoughts on the Bucs drafting Jack Ikegwuonu with their 5th, let him spend '08 rehabbing, and give the Bucs basically another early draft pick in '09?
pewterreportsr: weinberger83 – Brohm won't be there in round 2. He probably wouldn't get past the Bucs at 20.
pikappaphi422: ANy new on the lawsuit from KSU
cadillac 24: What are your thoughts on Mike Jenkins, DRC, and Aquib Talib? Who fits the Bucs system the best?
guest: SR – With the team looking at QB that could be there in the bottom half of the first in Brohm and players like Henne and Johnson, after filling must of there needs through free agency, I think this draft might be about BPA and needs at the same time
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs are luke warm on Sweed. He's got some special to him, but he's not the total package.
1vabucsfan: SR If the Bucs don't land K.Wilson in fa is Peyton Hillis on their board?
pewterreportsr: guest – I haven't heard much on Jerome Simpson. I think the small school guy they like is App State's Dexter Jackson.
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I don't see the Bucs blowing a draft pick on a backup FB.
ts: SR- What I was looking for earlier when I asked about Chris Johnson, was what is your opinion of him? I see him as an explosive play maker that can contribute in many ways.
cadillac 24: I hope the Bucs re-sign Jeremiah Trotter if nobody else wants him.
cadillac 24: And Michael Pittman too.
pewterreportsr: pewterparty – Morris is under contract through 2008 and if I'm Bruce I lock him up. I don't know that contract talks have begun though.
bucsfan4ever: SR who would U take in the first rd?
quez: Any chance the Bucs could change some of those faded out banners on the side of Ray Jay? Alstott
mnbucsfan: Trotter is washed up I highly dobt he will be back
billy: would the bucs draft brohm if he was there
tpa008: SR What do the signings of Lehman
cadillac 24: Trott is only 30 and he played good when he was in.
ts: SR – How far do you see Brandon Flowers falling, due to the love between teams and the 40 time?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – No more news on the KSU lawsuit against Raheem. After talking to Rah and his agent, they both feel 100 percent confident that they won't owe KSU anything.
pikappaphi422: that good
tpa008: SR What do the signings of Lehman and McCoy say about Black and Hayward?
bucboy: ocho cinco!
cadillac 24: It says they need to step up on special teams
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think Jenkins fits the Bucs' system the best right now. I think DRC may end up being a better cornerback due to his supreme athleticism. The guy is a stud. He has to be more physical, though. The same with Talib, who gambles a lot in coverage.
billy: jenkins looks like he will be long off the board by 20
1vabucsfan: SR Did the Bucs have a good turn out for workouts?
boomac: I think cason might be the best fit
pewterreportsr: ts – I think Chris Johnson is what you've described. He's a playmaker with special speed. With his hands, he would be a perfect fit in Tampa Bay.
guest: Strange that a major university would sue an individual without a strong basis – it ain't like some personal injury suit.
bucboy: DRC will be long gone
tpa008: SR from reading the most recent issue it sounds like Sabby is a little impatient… Does he beat out Phillips in training camp?
bucboy: nice crumps!
pikappaphi422: no
quez: lol
guest: I love caddillac 24's pics!
guest: The knock on Flowers is he looks for the big hit, but doesnt wrap up when he tackles
mnbucsfan: I think it's going to happen only in your dreams caddy
boomac: nice
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – Who would I take in the first round? It depends on who's there. I like James Hardy, Donnie Avery, Brandon Flowers, Chris Johnson. Those players will likely be there and all would be good fits in Tampa Bay.
bucinnj: seems like sabby's been through a long waiting process and is amped up to get back out there and bang heads
cadillac 24: I know. It looks like he will stay with the Bengals for at least one more year.
bucboy: he said he will play arena if he has too
cadillac 24: If we can't pull a trade for him at draft time, maybe Lee Evans.
guest: Those players are all fringe first rounders
tpa008: I want Chad on the field but not off the field or in the locker room is that possible?
billy: seems like donnie avery would be a reach in round 1
mnbucsfan: besides we need younger guys not guys over 30
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – The signings of McCoy and Lehman are designed to push Nece, Black and Hayward to greatness or push them out.
bucsfan4ever: SR U can pick anybody U want….just curious
cadillac 24: I would only give a second round pick for Chad since he's already 30.
mnbucsfan: and the bengals wouldn't even answer the phone
bucboy: i would take hardy out of sr's choices
pewterreportsr: ts – I think Brandon Flowers is probably a second-rounder due to the 40-times, but he did run a 4.49 at his pro day.
boomac: those players are 2-3 draft picks
pewterreportsr: I also like Cason for the record.
ts: Man, he would be a perfect Buc. I like Cason too, one of those 2 needs to be a buc IMO.
pewterparty: What linbacker postion will Lehman push for?
tpa008: SR Will Cason be there in the second round?
bucinnj: 1. hardy 2. flowers would be a nice start
guest: how about a couple of later rounds and a quarterback?
mnbucsfan: Any news on if J. Stevens is going to be back??
cadillac 24: Is there a way to trade money for players like we did for coach Gruden? If we could, we should trade 8 million dollars in cap space for him so the Bengals wouldn't take a cap hit.
billy: any truth that jorge diaz is coming out of retirement
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – No official word from the Bucs, but they usually have a very high turnout for offseason workouts. I'm not concerned.
cadillac 24: Is the media allowed to film the interviews from the offseason program?
ts: Do you think Derrick Harvey or Phillip Merling have a shot at being Bucs on draft day? Both would look nice paired up with Gaines.
lvbuc: SR: any word on locking up or key guys.
pewterreportsr: billy – No truth to Jorge Diaz coming out of retirement. Word is that he is making some real cash money as a big shot at Fleming's Steakhouse.
cadillac 24: Do you guys know who didn't show up to the offseason program?
boomac: is that like ron mexico?
pewterreportsr: pewterparty – Lehman will be a MLB in Tampa to start off.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I don't see Jerramy Stevens returning. The Bucs believe they got an upgrade with Ben Troupe.
cadillac 24: Who's Jorge Diaz?
1vabucsfan: SR Rbs are the Bucs high on in the draft?
tpa008: SR- When do the Bucs start OTA's?
lvbuc: SR: will this be Brooks last year?
guest: Daiz is a former offensive guard that played with the bucs in the 90's
bucboy: how is the ring of honor going?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – No. NFL rules prohibit filming interviews and putting them up on websites. The media is limited to just 45 seconds worth of footage and the video can only stay up on the Web for 24 hours. B.S. rule if you ask me.
bucboy: BB will film them
quez: monopoly
tpa008: SR What is your opinoin on Derick Harvey?
cadillac 24: I'm talking about local news stations. Can they film the interviews from the offseason program if they wanted to?
mnbucsfan: SR not if he's not fully recovered from his injury. He lost his starting job in ten. Stevens was a good guy last year with 4 or 5 td's will miss him if he's gone (even though he has his share of problems in the past)
pewterreportsr: ts – I think Harvey is gone by number 20. I'm not a huge Merling fan. He's a good player, but for a first-round draft pick I would want more pizzaz than a run-stuffing DE. You can get one of those in the later rounds.
guest: Of course, we all want to protect the corporate brand, don't we?
pewterparty: thats really bad…
pikappaphi422: Any word on how season tickets sales went? I heard a lot of people gave up their tickets
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – Don't know when the first OTA is scheduled. Probably in early April.
ts: I agree on that, I do think Merling is developing into a pass rusher though. Not sure if he will be the BPA though.
guest: SR – How much influence does/will Doug Williams have when it comes to drafting Josh Johnson?
bucboy: get a splash player at 20.
pewterreportsr: pika – I don't know about the season tickets. My guess is that it's bad. I know a lot of people who gave up their season tickets. The Bucs will be tight-lipped on this as it's likely bad news.
ts: SR- What kind of impact do you forsee Dunn having this year? I'll be honest, I don't see much. Though I love the guy, I think his time is done.
pewterreportsr: tpa008 – Harvey is a good pass rusher. He needs more bulk in his lower body. He's a poor man's Gaines Adams. I like his wingspan, though.
guest: Does that mean I'll have better seats?
bucsfan4ever: well at least it will knock down the waiting list lol
pikappaphi422: I am new member, but do ya'll have a draft party?
mnbucsfan: SR, ticket cost are way out of wack . it's tough for the average working fan to get them at those/these prices. Heck it's tough to get single game tickets at those prices
cadillac 24: I know why the Bucs had to raise season tickets. It's because they are having a hard time getting getting sponsors for next year and a lot of their old sponsers didn't renew their contracts so the Bucs have to charge more for season tickets to make up for that.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I like Stevens and wish he would have re-signed. Troupe is supposed to be 100 percent and the team views him as an upgrade. I thought Stevens did everything that was asked of him last year.
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't see the Bucs drafting Josh Johnson. They like him, but they like about 30 players in this draft and can only come away with five.
mnbucsfan: I'm nopt sold on there thinking SR guess we wil have to wait and see
bucinnj: troupe seems like he's going to be tough to defend in space
guest: Do you think Stevens was more of a PR casualty – he is a monster on the field.
billy: if troupe can regain form i think he will give us a big time attacking TE
guest: any chance they're just letting the media show on Stevens to cool, before bring him back
pewterreportsr: ts – I have no idea how Dunn will do in 2008. He should fare well in Jon Gruden's offense, but he's also 33.
weinberger83: SR- what do you think of the caddys prediction to play in 08
boomac: SR-Are you going to Pacman's house party?
billy: josh johnson to me is more work out warrior than field talent
bucboy: i don't want capped
pewterreportsr: pika – Yes, we will be having a draft party. We'll have an announcement soon.
bucinnj: and by the way how was pac man able to predict the weather for the night of his party anyway?
mnbucsfan: Crumpler would have been better than Troupe
ts: How can ppl call Josh Johnson a work out warrior… umm he had production lol, maybe not at a great level, but he isnt a work out warrior.
lvbuc: SR: Will this be Brooks last year
guest: Draft Chris Johnson and let him learn for a year behind Dunn
boomac: the magic stripper pole
cadillac 24: Yeah, but Troupe is younger and healthier and cheaper.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I would have liked to have seen Crumpler in Tampa Bay.
ts: Chris Johnson is who I want in the 1st, him and Brandon Flowers need to be Bucs.
guest: ditto on Crumpler
guest: stevens and crumpler
pewterreportsr: weinbeger83 – I think anything out of Caddy's mouth is wishful thinking right now. He has a ways to go before he'll see the field.
mnbucsfan: SR yes with him and Alex d would have been confused about who to cover
pewterreportsr: boomac – I'm trying to stay away from Pacman, actually.
guest: i want sweed in first laws in second or corner
sackmaster97: i think we should get a stud dt in the 1st two rounds and then load up on the wr and cbs
bucinnj: we've got a nice athletic 1-2 punch at TE
lvbuc: SR: Why did the Bucs shy away from Crumpler it wasn't the money
cadillac 24: Probably health issues.
guest: health
pewterparty: Are low ticket sales also do to fewer stars on the team and no star players on offense?
guest: no
1vabucsfan: SR Do the Bucs like Shane Oliveia?
pewterreportsr: billy – Hard to argue with Johnson's numbers, though. He was accurate and virtually mistake-free last year. Had a great East-West Shrine Game, too. Would have loved to have seen him in the Senior Bowl instead of Ainge or Brennan.
boomac: So much for the Colt Brennan hype
bucboy: trupe is on the upswing, crumpler on the down.
bucinnj: totally agree bb
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, Bucs fans. Thanks for another great round of questions. If I didn't answer your question, hit me up on the PI board.
ts: I think DRC is more likely to be a work out warrior than Josh Johnson. DRC has bust written all over him IMO
cadillac 24: Thanks
guest: THANKS SR!
billy: was gruden's offense at oakland more exciting than it is here
ts: later SR, thanks.
mnbucsfan: Thanks SR
weinberger83: see ya
pikappaphi422: have a good night
bucboy: peace!
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