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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Hello, Bucs fans. SR is in the house!
cbgb: Scott/ Jim, anything new on Marques Douglas or Bryant Johnson ?
jvato24: yeah
mvp: Sup SR
guest: IN THE HOUSE!
tbc_bucs: sup
guest: hey SR
architek: Hey Scott
1vabucsfan: WHATS GOING ON SR
guest: good evening
dabucfan: hola
panamabuc: hey sr
guest: were is tiki barber
bucsfan4ever: evening all
guest: I hope you have some good news
dbo2440: I think Bryant Johnson will end up in Buffalo IMO
mvp: Any news about Javon Walker in red and pewter?
weinberger83: hey are we working on a deal to trade some of our QB's
guest: Hello Scott, thanks for doing this!
guest: were is Tiki Barber?
guest: hey scott
guest: anything to these unsubstantiated rumors on the PI board about a big trade for a bit time WR
tbc_bucs: Why so many LB signings lately?
jvato24: Good pickups today with the LineBackers
pewterreportsr: Marques Douglas is visiting the Bucs.
detroitbuc: what a bummer in FA
dbo2440: what do the bucs really think about the two linebackers they signed, if McCoy couldnt make it in philly I dont know what to think about him
panamabuc: we need fitz or bolden here
architek: Scott do you think Gruden will migrate his playbook to more of a base spread set?
pikappaphi422: Is there any interest in Julius Jones, would love to see him here.
hillside: dream on panamabuc
dbo2440: Who besides the bucs are REALLY interested in Dunn
panamabuc: u never know
yuccaneers: SR even with the Bucs only have five picks would they be willing to part with one of them if the right deal or player comes along?
mvp: SR: Point blank. CB and RB are deep this year. Which one would the Bucs benefit the most from drafting in the first round? I've heard RB is te easiest transition for a Rook.
cadillac 24: What's up with Warrick Dunn? Will it be him or Pittman or a draft pick?
niutbbucfan: what about coleman, haven't heard anything on him recently
guest: Are any of the Dlineman we've been looking at potential upgrades, or just second and third stringers?
cadillac 24: Any new trade rumors?
pewterreportsr: I think the LBs the Bucs picked up are pretty good backups.
dls5492: What is the trade value for Simms, Grad?
detroitbuc: where is our big WR signing
architek: But the draft is not going to promise that these young guys contribute
dbo2440: Is Coleman's health at question? What are they odds the bucs throw a 1 year prove it contract at him
guest: SR – Do you know if the Bucs plan on starting Adams at LE next year? They don't seem to be making much of an effort to acquire a starter.
guest: any word on a chad johnson trade
guest: No Tiki?
mvp: Any particular reason why Briggs was not an attractive option?
guest: SR what do u think our LB corp will be next year after these signings
cadillac 24: Enough with Tiki Barber!!!
guest: are u serious about tiki?
guest: seriously man
guest: yes
architek: I have no faith in our personnel dept when it comes to WRs selection
guest: TiVi Barber as PFT would say
weinberger83: tiki hasnt worked out in a year
pewterreportsr: No word on the Chad Johnson trade. I don't think it's going to happen.
fbickley: Are the bucs still in the running for Coleman? And is there any interest in Odom if he isn't signed yet/
guest: We went into FA off the back of a winning season, and the highest available cap in the NFL…..are back-ups really what we should be looking at?
bucsfan4ever: SR do u really believe the Bucs passed on Briggs because of Brooks?
detroitbuc: this was a wac FA
tbc_bucs: Will there be any interest in Javon Walker or DJ Hackett then?
niutbbucfan: add in the money for briggs
cadillac 24: Odom was already signed
weinberger83: how is fitz looking any hope in our future
dbo2440: I believe Odom signed…. I think with the cards
guest: to the bengal
cadillac 24: …I think
guest: s
dabucfan: SR was Bryant really in town today?
guest: Do you agree with Deumig and J.P. Peterson that Gruden is actually scaring potentional players away? The haters are pissing me off.
fbickley: I saw he was looking at minny, but I didn't see when he signed.
guest: I think SR's head is ready to explode!!!!
bucsfan4ever: Hacett signed also
architek: Scott I have a feeling that Coleman is still injured, your thoughts?
guest: and what about shaun alexander
mvp: If Briggs isn't the future then what is Quincy's black's stock in the organization?
jive turkey: SR, what's your assesment of UCF RB Kevin Smith?
pikappaphi422: Any new word on Coleman
dbo2440: What are they odds the bucs take Mike Jenkins in the first?
cadillac 24: Why have the Bucs been so quiet?
niutbbucfan: just curious am I the only one who was happy to see Griese back?
fbickley: SR, do you think the bucs have addressed the Dline enough? and if not, are they planing to in the draft?
tbc_bucs: Are we looking at the possibilities of trades
weinberger83: is a trade for DHall in the works
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think Gruden is scaring away potential players at all. I think players are chasing dollars right now and the Bucs are being conservative spenders because there is a lot of mediocre talent this year in FA>
guest: hackett sign to who?
dbo2440: wow thats alot of questions for you tonight haha
detroitbuc: yeah riht weinbeger
mvp: The teams that make noise in the offseason don't do much too ofter. *cough* 49ers *cough*
guest: shaun alexander ???
cbgb: Scott, are Simms and Grads pretty much history ?
architek: What is the purpose of having cap and not addressing issues…
cadillac 24: You should get JF in here to help with the questions.
pewterreportsr: fbickley – Not much out there that is reasonably priced for the D-line. I think the Bucs will come away with a DL in the draft and another one prior to the start of the season. While Justin Smith signed with San Francisco, there still are some decent defensive ends available, like Jevon Kearse.
mvp: The Packers won 13 games and only signed one fa with 30 Million in space.
spiderman1314: Scott what's the the deal with all the linebacker signings the last couple of days? I can't say I thought that was an area of need.
architek: Griese is a solid backup
hillside: good call MVP
puppychow: griese better than gradkowski, nuff said
jvato24: If the Bucs sign Warrick Dunn .. .What RB is the odd man out … If Cadillac does recover ??
mvp: Griese> Gradkowski
pewterreportsr: cbgb – I think Simms and Gradkowski are not in the plans this year unless there is an injury to Garcia, Griese or McCown.
1vabucsfan: SR Any Wr help coming?
niutbbucfan: agreed architek
guest: what if plummer comes back?
mvp: Bye Chris and Grad.
cbgb: thanx Scott
tbc_bucs: I heard Javon might sign with the Raiders… are the bucs even pursuing him… Anyone should come here over the Raiders…
guest: shaun alexander ?
pewterreportsr: spiderman1314 – I think Ryan Nece's days are numbered in Tampa Bay with the LB signings.
guest: what if we draft a qb?
weinberger83: what is the value for jake if we can trade him
architek: i say we stay away from Walker
guest: will shaun alexander be cut and do we want him?
bucwildfan: ok WHAT THE HECK ARE THE BUCS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bucwildfan: we need a WR!
puppychow: anybody who signs with raiders is just chasing money
tbc_bucs: lol
niutbbucfan: i say we just give up on plummer
architek: we need help but he is a injury bug in the flesh
bucwildfan: we're stacking LB's like crazy
guest: SR – Is it pretty much set that our 3 QBs will be Garcia, McCown
pewterreportsr: Here's an observation … all of the players the Bucs signed are under the age of 27 I believe. This is a young team getting younger and growing together the way the Bucs did in the late 1990s.
hillside: there are no WR
yuccaneers: SR Does Ryan Nece, Chris Simms or Bruce Gradkowski have any trade value in for 7th rounders?
bucwildfan: when we should be stacking WR's not Lbs'!
mvp: Youth is great
bucwildfan: if they can perform
cadillac 24: I don't want Nece to go!
bucwildfan: nece sucks!
guest: SR – Is it pretty much set that our 3 QBs will be Garcia, McCown, and Griese? Do you think there's any chance the Bucs draft a QB?
architek: Mvp but we need youth with direction and on offense we cont have it
puppychow: i guess we should give up on stovall, clayton, warren, etc to sign other teams #3 receivers that they don't want
jvato24: If the Bucs sign Warrick Dunn .. .What RB is the odd man out … If Cadillac does recover ??
pewterreportsr: bucwildfan – The Bucs are not going to overpay for a mediocre WR when the draft is plentiful. There will also be some other WRs released after the draft, too.
tbc_bucs: Do you anticipate the Bucs pursuing any WRs in Free agency seriously?
guest: any truth we are making a trade for roy williams
tbc_bucs: just aswered me
detroitbuc: i dont see how we will draft a wideout just for him to ride the bench
mvp: arch that's why we have coaches
tbc_bucs: answered*
bmarti5: Are there any June 1st cuts that the Bucs might be waiting on?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Possibly. I think Nece, Simms and Gradkowski have some trade value. 7th round seems about right.
yuccaneers: Nice observation, but that does not help the offense nor does it address the need for playmakers
jvato24: We dont need Warrick Dunn …
bucwildfan: thanks SR, and good point. But I just want Ocho CINCO!!!
dbo2440: What are they planning on doing at TE
architek: Scott i understand that but I WRs are just as bad, those Wrs would be upgrades
weinberger83: SR what QB do u like in the draft i like Flacco
fbickley: I guess I just expected more for the Dline, especially after last year and the SB. Even if we signed a NT and moved hovan over. Something needed to be done to shore up the defense
puppychow: This can't be the plan, the front office looks foolish and cheap
99beers: Maybe we can get an 8th rounder for Grads…oh wait..
mvp: SR any news on Troupe
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – If Dunn comes in, I think Caddy is on IR in 2008. He probably starts on PUP anyway.
guest: what are the chances of drafting chris johnson from east carolina???
bucwildfan: would anyone in this room be upset if we traded our 20th overall 1st pick to bengals for chad?
spiderman1314: Does the signing of Griese preclude drafting of QB, or does it just make that position less of a need?
niutbbucfan: i think we should wait a year on drafting a qb
cadillac 24: What do the Bucs plan on doing with all their money!
guest: Is Rod COleman officially out of the running to join the team
mvp: The more we sit on
bucwildfan: i sure as heck wouldn't. U get a proven WR/durable/ special catch pure hands WR
bucsfan4ever: Any truth (that u know of) to a trade w?Cards?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Not too many proven playmakers out there in free agency except for Moss, who was a lock to re-sign with NE.
yuccaneers: Why not just draft a back with fresh legs that could help the here and now and in the future?
hillside: why do they foolish puppychow? becasue they aren't just flushing money down the toilet
fbickley: Is Sims going to be a NT or a potential UT? What does his skill set suit best?
dbo2440: What are they planning on doing at TE… draft??? it just seems we have alot of needs and cant address them all in the draft
pewterreportsr: mvp – No new news on Troupe. He's got the Bucs offer and looking to see if teams will better it.
yuccaneers: While there might not be proven sometime to get richer you have to be willing to ake a chance
tbc_bucs: Do you think McCoy will make the team, I know the Bucs like him a lot?
mvp: I want Mendenhall or Stewart. Would the Bucs trade up for them?
spiderman1314: SR- What is the sense you are getting of whether the Bucs are keeping Cadillac in their plans beyond 2008?
pewterreportsr: guest – Rod Coleman is still on the Bucs' radar.
guest: will shaun alexander be cut?
architek: mvp we cant afford to trade up not enough picks
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – I don't know of any trade talks with Arizona at this time.
cadillac 24: When will Bruce Allen how a free agent press conference like last year? Are they waiting until they announce a big signing?
architek: Mendenhall will be a stud
jvato24: Jesse Chatman reminds me of Turner with his Running Style .. What about him //
dbo2440: What are they planning on doing at TE… draft??? it just seems we have alot of needs and cant address them all in the draft
niutbbucfan: i want to see Chris Simms get one more shot, he played real well in 05 and we all saw what happened in 06 the whole team was bad
hillside: What do you think of Devin thomas?
puppychow: we should be like cleveland, trade away our picks and make a run this year
guest: SR – Any word on Julius Jones visiting?
weinberger83: SR- who do u think we should draft with our #1 pick
bucsfan4ever: thanks SR
bucwildfan: we already had our big signing caddy 24 it is the linebackers !
cadillac 24: How did BK's visit go with the Lions? Do you think he would come back?
fbickley: Who else is in the running for coleman? is he recieving much interest at his age, or is his stock falling to our level?
pewterreportsr: tbc_bucs – The backup LB battle will be greatly contested at camp. Teams get better from the bottom up in terms of competition. I like what the Bucs have done at LB so far.
mvp: How do we nab Josh Johnson if we pick so late in the second
hillside: puppychow has lost his mind
cadillac 24: SR, did you get invited to Mike Alstott's retirement party?
architek: SR, who do you think the Bucs will draft in the second round
guest: anything on bryant johnson??
yuccaneers: With the FA classes in 2009 and 2010 looking to be deeper with talent is the team just going to keep rolling cap money from year to year until they can land someone?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know of any other serious trade talks the Bucs are engaged in.
detroitbuc: SR why would we draft a WR just for him to ride to bench since JG dont like young WR
bucwildfan: SR/JF what are these rumors of the bucs being sold or moved from tampa? any true story to this?
bmarti5: What is the feeling with Cadillac, do they feel he has a decent chance of returning in 2009?
guest: THANK YOU
guest: with the draft so deep at RB will we ignore the posistion even when we are passing up first round talent in the 2nd round, etc.. ?
mvp: Jared Allen might be free nect year.
buc101: it's 9:13
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs have inquired about WR Bryant Johnson, but that is the extent of it I believe. I don't think he's anything special. His numbers are kind of mediocre. I know he was a No. 3 WR in Arizona, but I didn't like him too much at Penn State.
buc101: nvm that post lol
immensus: SR – do you think Bucs will be interested in jevon kearse, same as they did with carter?
jvato24: What about Jesse Chatman ??//
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 -I think Caddy's best shot at returning is 2009 instead of 2008.
cadillac 24: Will they sign Kevin Carter back?
guest: sr – whom do you like better in the long term – McCown or Simms
dbo2440: The bucs have alot of needs that cant all be addressed through the draft…. any clue on how they will fill those needs.. are they banking on the fact that some players will be let go in the future and just hoping a player that we want/need gets cut
niutbbucfan: i want Simms
pewterreportsr: immensus – I don't think the Bucs have much interest in Jevon Kearse. I hear he might be going to Tennessee.
buc101: SR/JF – What are the chances that we actually get Dunn?
1vabucsfan: Any news on Kris Wilson SR
architek: sr, when will the bucs evolve this defensive front to show different looks
mvp: SR What CB in the Draft fits our system Best?
tbc_bucs: Any more interest in Hackett?
pewterreportsr: guest – I like McCown better for this team in the long term over Simms. I like McCown a lot and think he could be the franchise QB in time.
hillside: flowers and cason
bocabuccaneer: if the bucs sign a DE, does that mean they think Greg White is just a pass rusher? will white holdout if he doens't get a deal?
weinberger83: SR- who do u think we should draft with our #1 pick
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – The Bucs may bring Kevin Carter back. I'd say its 50-50.
redtab78: SR with the LB corps growing in this way, will we see some 3-4 defense?
architek: The Giants bame exposed our lack of blitz
bucwildfan: he'll be the franchise QB when he hits 32 >: (
architek: game sorry
1vabucsfan: Any interest in Kris Wilson SR?
guest: Who's the starter at LE?
pewterreportsr: I haven't heard much about Jesse Chatman. I think Julius Jones might have more of a chance.
fbickley: Do you think the bucs have the same opinion of McCown? He looked better than a lot of what is out there right now.
bucsfan4ever: AMEN SR McCown looks like he needs experience
cadillac 24: Any word on BK?
guest: bucs take either stewart or mendhall at 20 right?
jvato24: SR// Trevor Laws will be a steal if we get him in the 2nd round !!
puppychow: cleo lemon got paid, i would take any of our qbs over him
guest: caps lock stuck?
architek: guest Imnot high on Jackson
bucsfan4ever: think J Jones would be a nice fit here
1vabucsfan: Any interest in Kris Wilson SR?
pewterreportsr: tbc_bucs – I assume you are talking about D.J. Hackett as opposed to Paul Hackett. I think the team views Hackett (the WR) as a guy like Bryant Johnson. Serviceable, but not a difference-maker.
buc101: SR – What do you think of Dexter Jackson (appalachian state) coming to Tampa?
tbc_bucs: thanks SR
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I like Kris Wilson, but I think the Bucs would be inclined to re-sign TE Jerramy Stevens over Wilson. Maybe over Troupe, too.
detroitbuc: SR can a differance maker come here and start???
architek: sr why didnt we offer M.Moore a nice deal…
guest: are we engaged in any trade talks, or is this all just rumor?
guest: If Michael Jenkins is on the board when Tampa picks, is he staying in tampa?
fbickley: Would you consider a 1st rounder on a WR to be a mistake? Is CB and Dline more important than WR?
mvp: SR James Hardy ir Jordy Nelson? Which one would U want more for the Bucs?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I like Dexter Jackson. I hope the Bucs take a stab at him. He can fly. I think there is some interest there.
redtab78: SR with the LB corps growing in this way, will we see some 3-4 defense?
buc101: sounds good to me
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs are rumored to be in a lot of trade talks, but nothing serious at this time.
buc101: maybe, he can be the second Buc named Dexter Jackson to win Superbowl MVP ;)
tbc_bucs: we dont have much to gi ve up other than Picks
guest: scott are we waiting for for the june 1st cuts to sign a playmaker
pewterreportsr: mvp – I like Jordy Nelson and James Hardy about equal. I think Nelson is a high-character guy where as Hardy is a better athlete. Toss up for me.
hillside: what about Devin Thomas?
architek: Guest call me negative but I have low expectations from our O because of the lack of threats
sven: will we lose draft picks if we don't get to the salary cap floor?
tonyclifton: SR – Howdy – Have you watched much of Lawrence Jackson – DE USC, if so what do you think and is that still a position the Bucs would?
buc101: SR – What's the status of Jake Plummer?
pewterreportsr: architek – The Bucs would rather have Warrick Dunn than Mewelde Moore I think. Moore's asking price was too high, apparently.
architek: even the addition of a drafted WR is not going to help
cadillac 24: What do the Bucs plan to do at WR? Will they just take one in the draft?
pewterreportsr: redtab78 – Any use of the 3-4 will have to involve Kiffin changing his tune. He tinkered with it in the offseason, but when push came to shove, he went back to his familiar, comfortable 4-3 scheme.
architek: we need to add multiple threats no expensive but one that fit
detroitbuc: cadillac only for hime to set
tbc_bucs: Is there anyone on the team (Haye, White, Graham comes to mind immediately) that might sign long term soon?
bucwildfan: we need a proven playmaker @WR!
guest: you forgot effective 4-3 scheme
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Tampa Bay will add playmakers in the draft and grab another one after the draft.
1vabucsfan: SR Where do you see Donnie Avery/Eddie Royal going rd wise?
detroitbuc: Kiffin is outdated
guest: isn't benett = mewelde moore?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Nothing new on Jake Plummer. I think he's done.
jvato24: SR// Trevor Laws will be a steal if we get him in the 2nd round !!
pewterreportsr: guest – Bennett is much faster than Moore.
guest: Is disheartening to see the Bucs putting all their hopes on the draft
guest: No Dre Moore is better than Laws
guest: shaun alexander
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – I like Trevor Laws and he is an option in round 2.
jvato24: He real good quickness
pewterreportsr: guest – I like Dre Moore, too. So do the Bucs.
buc101: SR – if nothing is new, then inform me on what happens if he turns in his paperwork…do we get money from him or what?
jvato24: Tenacious ( Trevor Laws (
guest: What do the bucs thinl about Tashared choice
architek: sr, do you think Gruden is ready to begin to groom coaches under him to go to the next level
guest: Any talk of Brian Kelly re-signing with Tampa?
dbo2440: so it sounds like a no news offseason… atleast until the draft right?…. just wanting to know so i stop checking all the news wires every 20 min or so lol
bucwildfan: architek, gruden can't even groom a qb!
1vabucsfan: SR Where do you see Donnie Avery/Eddie Royal going rd wise?
guest: Any news on Troupe? Would he be an upgrade from what we have now?
pewterreportsr: tbc_bucs – I think once FA dies down a little bit, the Bucs will start doing long-term deals on some of their own RFAs and guys like Garcia, Graham and Buchanon.
a-train in 08: we should trade for favre's rights
fbickley: architek, Who Cares?
weinberger83: SR Do you think we will draft another QB this year or wait till next
quezilla: Any news on Troupe? Would he be an upgrade from what we have now?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think BK is done in Tampa Bay.
gator thumper: a little off topic but…Is the golf tourny going to happen again this year?
tbc_bucs: cool, thanks
1vabucsfan: SR Where do you see Donnie Avery/Eddie Royal going rd wise?
cadillac 24: What's the plan at CB? Eugene Wilson?
guest: bennett and dunn, fill the same roll right?
dbo2440: does Greg White sit out? are they even thinking of paying him more like he wants
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs like Troupe, but I don't know if they like him any more than Jerrmay Stevens.
bucwildfan: lito!
jvato24: The Best FA pickups may be in Post Draft !!
immensus: SR – if Jake files papers, what happens with 7 mil? More importanly what happens to a cap?
weinberger83: is there any chance tampa may be interisted in Ray Rice from Rutgers
guest: SR – Do you find it strange that absolutely no one is showing interest in Jerramy Stevens?
gainesgang: doesn't paying greg white start a long line outside of bruce allen's office?
buc101: SR – same question as immensus
pewterreportsr: guest – Bennett and Dunn kind of fill the same role, but if Graham went down, I don't know if the Bucs would be comfortable with Bennett carrying the load. They would feel much better about Dunn doing it.
quezilla: What is this cap ceiling all about? Are we going to have any trouble getting under it if we don't land another big name FA?
bucwildfan: sr/jf any chance gruden pursuits farve into coming out of retirement? :)
cadillac 24: Jake Plummer doesn't count against the cap right now because the Bucs put him on the retired list.
1vabucsfan: SR Where do you see Donnie Avery/Eddie Royal going rd wise?
pewterreportsr: weinberger83 – I don't think the Bucs draft a QB this year.
architek: sr what do you expect from our pass rush at this point in the off-season?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I think Avery is a second-rounder. Royal is a second- or third-rounder.
pikappaphi422: Any chance Booger coming back
buc101: weinberger…we have 5 qb's at the moment
buc101: u really think we'll draft another one
jvato24: SR //Is Simeon Rice Retiring this Year .. ??
tbc_bucs: hahaha plz no to booger
architek: Buyer beware of Booger
guest: by add a playmaker after the draft do u mean through trade?
bucsfan4ever: PLS NO BOOGER
rdhess: flick away the booger
weinberger83: no but we could if we get rid of grads and simms
cadillac 24: Warren Sapp officially retired this year. Will he sign a one day contract to retire a Buc?
gainesgang: will media ever admit BA was right on Simeon Rice?
pewterreportsr: architek – I think the pass rush will effectively stay the same without adding any new personnel. The hope at One Buc Place is that the young DL continue to ascend and Chuk stays healthy and becomes a force off the edge. That's hoping for a lot. I think they still need to add bodies to the DL.
immensus: SR – if Jake files papers, what happens with 7 mil? More importanly what happens to a cap?
guest: If you had to bet your life-savings on who the Bucs take in the first this year who would it you bet on
architek: I think we will recoup draft picks with Grad and Simms
pewterreportsr: gainesgang – The media won't likely ever admit Bruce Allen is right about anything.
cadillac 24: SR, did you get to go to Mike
tbc_bucs: lol
bucsfan4ever: It would be great to have Sapp and Mike at the first home game next season
cadillac 24: SR, did you get to go to Mike's retirement party?
pewterreportsr: jvato24 – I think Simeon Rice will retire this year. He's gotten zero interest I believe.
weinberger83: sapp said he would retire a raider
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I did not go to Mike's retirement party.
1vabucsfan: SR who are some possible june 1st cuts that could help us?
architek: Have the Saints moves made them favs?
gainesgang: hard to imagine any june 1 cuts with so much money around the league
guest: Sapp should have been given a 1 day contract I know he was an SOB but they guy gave everythin he had on Sundays and was the face of this franchise for our most prosperous times
pewterreportsr: guest – I would not bet my life-savings on guessing who the Bucs were going to draft at No. 20.
weinberger83: Are we going to re-sign javon hayes
guest: will they at least draft someone?
yuccaneers: Kearse could he be brought in for peanuts and add anything to the pass rush?
pewterreportsr: guest – You'll have to ask Atlanta what is going on with DeAngelo Hall.
guest: bryant johnson 4 striat years with 40 cathces better than our third guy.
gainesgang: saints moves are overrated
guest: if the bucs have a losing year is gruden and allen back on the hot seat?
pewterreportsr: architek – The Saints have signed some good players. Last year, the 49ers signed some good players. Did they get better?
guest: shaun alexander a buc?
yuccaneers: If Gruden and Allen have a lossing year they will be gone
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I don't think the Bucs will have any June 1 cuts.
architek: well i ask because they made calculated moves
buc101: blue guest…I just threw up in my mouth
architek: and they werent bad to begin
buc101: most overrated player in the NFL
tbc_bucs: me too… stop with the tiki and shaun stuff
chuckydoll: yes, fire gruden and allen for having a plan and sticking to it
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – No way. Gruden and Allen could lose in 2008 and still be here for 2009.
guest: yup
guest: javon walker is a raider
guest: profootballtak has the story
guest: SR – Are you happy generally with the decisions that have been made thus far?
buc101: SR – Any chance Tanard Jackson could be any better?
guest: is that ur guess or is he signed with oakland
cadillac 24: What's Allen and Gruden's plan in FA this year? When will Bruce Allen have a FA press conference?
pewterreportsr: guest – Shawn Alexander probably will not be a Buccaneer. I don't see Tampa Bay throwing money at an old RB to start. (They already did that with Charlie Garner – didn't work out so well). Warrick Dunn coming here as a backup is not a bad idea, though.
detroitbuc: javon is in it only for the money
buc101: lol
yuccaneers: That would be a trend if the lose in 2008, they wont have any excuses this year, hand picked qb, plenty of cap space
guest: profootballtalk has benn killing us this year
guest: Anything new on Eugene Wilson?
guest: thanks
tbc_bucs: hes not a raider yet guest
guest: detroitbuc: that's not very fair. business != football
pewterreportsr: guest – The Raiders can have Javon Walker. I think he's overrated and I doubt his knee is 100 percent. I think he's David Boston-like.
buc101: I'm with SR on that one
detroitbuc: cant beilev we did not even get a WR in FA
immensus: sr ditto
buc101: I didn't want want him
1vabucsfan: SR What about Drew Carter?
guest: you kknow its a bad move when the raiders do it
buc101: I want a new guy
buc101: not a vet
buc101: I'm tired of veterans
guest: Lions linebacker Teddy Lehman.
guest: yes, what about Eugene Wilson. I like that option for CB. Do you think he could transition well?
weinberger83: the FA WR didnt impress me that much, other than moss
cadillac 24: I doesn't say he is a Raider. It says he is visiting the Raiders.
guest: is going to be here
1vabucsfan: SR What about Drew Carter?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers- The Glazers aren't going to throw away 3 years worth of money for Allen and Gruden and have to spend more money to hire their replacements. It isn't going to happen.
tbc_bucs: i hope we draft a stud… long term stud at WR
chuckydoll: we should have given berrian 43m! and porter 31m! and then we'd have an offense!
buc101: SR – What are we going to do with every TE in the league?
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs looked at Eugene Wilson as a CB. They liked him. Now it's all about the numbers…
guest: is it because of Manchester United…..j/k
guest: what do you think about d jackson?
fbickley: Keep on hoping though, Yucc, keep hoping…
detroitbuc: TBC someone who can start right away
cadillac 24: What will the Bucs do with the rest of their money?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – There is minimal interest in Drew Carter.
guest: so gruden and allen are gone in 2011?
architek: sr will Faine elevate our O-line to the next level?
guest: so the draft it is for a wideout
guest: Don't forget, you can't leave until you have answered all the quesions! (ha ha)
guest: D jacksom
tbc_bucs: Exactly… or be our slot WR… we need somethign this yr in my opinion
guest: architek if he can answer that then get him to give us lotto numbers
buc101: SR – What are we going to do with every TE in the league?
architek: lol
architek: duest
yuccaneers: So I guess even though them team is ona roller coaster, which it wasnt on under Dungy, the team would rather be 4-12 one year 9-7 the next rather then trips to the playoffs every year?
guest: According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Walker is visiting with the team and could sign a multi-year deal as soon as Wednesday.
quezilla: Isaac Bruce?
architek: guest I want answers NOW
1vabucsfan: SR Where is Jamal Charles grade to be drafted?
guest: wdo u know it
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The Bucs have some contract extensions to do and will use some of that money for that purpose. Don't be afraid of this $28 million salary floor thing. The Bucs will spend $28 million easy this year. No worries.
guest: what about the bucs going after litto sheperd
fbickley: If the the winning seasons are legit SB runs… Absolutely!!!!
guest: give it a rest, yuccaneers
tbc_bucs: Thanks for everything SR…
detroitbuc: spend it on who, some back ups
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – With the way the Bucs' roster is setting up in 2008 and beyond, I would be shocked if they don't go on a Dungy-like playoff run here on a consistent basis.
puppychow: stop with this long-term building, we can win the NFC this year if we trade for fitzgerald and jared allen
architek: Guest the most painful think about the Giants loss was to watch the first qtr.
guest: they still have yet to sign a lot of their RFAs and redo Ernest Graham's deal
1vabucsfan: SR Where is Jamal Charles grade to be drafted?
architek: we need that mentatlity
architek: for the game
yuccaneers: Because they have already spent 13 million on the players they gave tenders to and the players they have signed and the trade for Griese
pewterreportsr: quezilla – I think Isaac Bruce signed with San Fran. I don't believe the Bucs had any interest.
rdhess: forget Isaac Bruce – sign Isaac Hayes
detroitbuc: LOL
architek: that is why I asked about Gruden evolution
spiderman1314: Yucc, you know the year hasn't been played yet. We may not be on a roller coaster at all.
buc101: lmao, nice rdhess
guest: no hayes is crazy. I cite his split from South Park :p
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Somewhere around there, and factor in another $5 million for the draft picks and you haven't even factored in the extensions.
buc101: How is it possible that our center is making more money than Randy moss?
guest: hes a scientologist right?
lololol: Would the bucs be interested in signing Larry Brackins?
guest: yeah
architek: he is a good coach but his game plans are inconsistent
lololol: jk
yuccaneers: Just dont see where they are going to get playmakers from at the key positions WR, RB, CB, UT
detroitbuc: i dont think Gru and Bruce have an eye for talent like dungy
guest: Can you verify a report that Rod Coleman's health is scaring off teams?
gainesgang: dungy was great with talent — jacquez, reidel, jason odom
guest: tony dungy wasn't the entire scouting department…
architek: sr why didnt the Bucs entertain Laboy
lololol: injured often
yuccaneers: SR was just going off of what ahs happened thus far, yes I know the draft picks and reworks will be in there and drive that price up
jvato24: SR// Why Not bring back Brian Kelly ??
pewterreportsr: puppychow – If Faine underperforms, having his deal void is not a bad thing. If he's performing well in 2008, the Bucs will likely restructure his deal in 2009.
cadillac 24: Teddy Lehman and Matt McCoy look too much alike. How are we going to tell them apart?
detroitbuc: LOL
lololol: lol
guest: lol
immensus: yuccaneers – RB=Dunn / Bennett / Graham , WR/CB/UT = draft
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – LOL One is 5-11 (McCoy) the other one is about 6-3 (Lehman).
guest: the former eagle has a squished head and the other one has a huge forehead
guest: real easy :)
spiderman1314: SR- what is the latest on Dan Buenning?
yuccaneers: Just look for the slow gggggggggggggggggggggggggmissing assignments that will be McCoy and the other slow one running to the ice tube will be Lehman
guest: ha ha
gainesgang: can't be slower than nece
lololol: he isnt
lololol: neither are
architek: lol
architek: nece is ok
1vabucsfan: SR Where is Jamal Charles graded to be drafted?
guest: No Tiki in the NFL this year
pewterreportsr: spiderman1314 – Dan Buenning needs a strong training camp to stick I think.
architek: WOW
guest: Are we going to solve the WR problem in the draft?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I think Charles is an option in rounds 3-4.
lololol: im sick of Nece's Jerry cur
guest: oi, drop the TiVi Barber talk O_o
guest: that is shocking
gainesgang: one other question on faine — why not frontload the contract with all this room? just seems like terrible cap management
architek: that is another wasted pick
lololol: curl
hillside: do you like Devin Thomas?
guest: if brohm is there at 20 do the bucs take him?
weinberger83: any news of jeremy shockey
spiderman1314: Wow- never would have seen that coming following his strong rookie campaign.
guest: how about greg peterson is he close to a lock for the final roster?
architek: sr that is shocking given his draft position
pewterreportsr: guest – The expectation is that Stovall ascends, Clayton continues to come around and then the Bucs add a WR or two in the draft.
guest: whats wrong with Tiki better tan any RB we have ever had
lololol: omg
lololol: hes retired…
lololol: like…
lololol: long ago
lololol: lol
pewterreportsr: hillside – Devin Thomas intrigues me. I have to go watch some more film on him, though.
weinberger83: really get of it
guest: and said he wants to play
hillside: i think he is like dwayne bowe
lololol: sure he does…
puppychow: would bucs sign marcus thomas if broncos cut him
guest: so the Bucs are thinking Clayton has 'it' back since he came on strong at the end of the '07 season?
pewterreportsr: weinberger83 – No news on any trade for Shockey. He probably won't be traded until he can pass a physical, though.
bucsfan4ever: When does the draft issue come out?
guest: is the Wr from CAL D jackson our pick
architek: sr thats backwards to me because we continue to band aid a hurting WR Corps
1vabucsfan: SR So we are possiblly going to use 2 picks on WR?
architek: and get the same results
guest: Kwame Harris, a TB target, signed a 3 year $16 million deal with Oakland
pewterreportsr: guest – Possibly. The hope is that Clayton can build on a solid end to his 2007 season.
guest: and by 'strong' I mean "actually caught a pass or two"
guest: march 18 on the draft mag
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs were mildly interested in Kwame Harris.
lololol: hope so too, I hope clayton doesnt get injured…
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Anything is possible. My guess is one WR, possibly 2.
architek: Clayton still cannot get up the field so why wine about speed…and then this…
cadillac 24: Thank God we didn't shell that kind of money out for Kwame Harris!
guest: How do you see the Bucsaddressing the obvious need at under tackle? Still a possible FA out there? Trade? Wait till the Draft?
kegan: SR who is the guy in FA that you would like the Bucs to really go after
guest: is the draft preview the next issue?
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, Bucs fans. Great to see so many of you in the chat room tonight, especially the new faces. As always, great questions tonight. Tell your friends about

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