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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April. 1, 2008.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the Chat Session begin.
cadillac 24: Hey JF
nitey: Hey Jim, good evening!
pewterreportjf: How is everyone?
jon gruden: Who is the best fit for the Bucs Devin Thomas or Donnie Avery?
nitey: Hear anything good out of 1buc lately?
pewterreportjf: Hopefully you're ready for the 2008 NFL Draft, which is this month. :)
cadillac 24: SR did great on the NFL Netword
bigbucs: ready!
netsbucscardsfan: 1st DRC 2nd Jamaal Charles 3rd Josh Johnson 4th Dexter Jackson
deanhome: not that i'm interested in him, but have the bucs been in any of the Pacman talks
pewterreportjf: jon gruden – I personally like Donnie Avery a lot. He is a polishd wide receiver and would make a great successor to Joey Galloway and give Tampa Bay the speed it needs at the wide receiver position.
bigbucs: Do you like him at round 1?
bucwild: Which CB is the best fit for the Bucs in the draft?
pewterreportjf: deanhome – No, as far as I know the Bucs have not expressed any interest in trading for CB Pacman Jones.
bucwild: Did the Bucs get any comp. picks?
nitey: no
monte kiffin: I want Mike Jenkins, based on your knowledge of need around the league and what the bucs have been looking at, do you think he will still be there?
cadillac 24: Did you hear anything about Takeo Spikes to the Bucs?
cadillac 24: Are you the new PR writer?
netsbucscardsfan: no
deanhome: do you think marvin lewis's comments about chad johnson are just to drive up the trade offers
nitey: JF, offense or defense in round one or bpa? what do you think?
pewterreportjf: bucwild – The 2008 NFL Draft is extremely deep at the cornerback position. The Bucs haven't drafted a cornerback in the first round since 1986 (Rod "Toast" Jones), but our sources tell us that there's a good chance USF CB Mike Jenkins will be there when Tampa Bay picks at No. 20. I would like to see the Bucs draft Jenkins, who is a local product and good fit for the Tampa 2 (he's a return specialist, too), but I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs passed on the opportunity to draft a cornerback and instead drafted a wide receiver since the CB position is deep and the WR position is not.
pewterreportjf: bucwild – The Bucs did not receive any comp picks this week.
bigbucs: JF, have you had any conversations with Chris Simms lately? What is the benefit for him to stay away from the voluntary workouts?
netsbucscardsfan: would donnie avery last till our 2nd round pcik
bucwild: Would you take Donnie Avery in the 1st then?
guest: what do you think about connecticut cb tyvon branch. are the bucs interested in him?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Free agent linebacker Takeo Spikes has not visited the Buccaneers nor is he scheduled to visit One Bucaneer Place.
guest: JF – The Brohm idea seems to be gaining popularity. Any word/tell from the Bucs regarding the Louisville QB?
pikappaphi422: IF they go with a QB in the draft who will be the odd man out (Luke or Brain)
pewterreportjf: bucwild – Our sources, both around the NFL and at One Buc Place, believe Donnie Avery will be a first-round pick and will not be around in the second round, especially when Tampa Bay picks.
cadillac 24: I wonder why that person said he was coming to the Bucs
guest: What about the vote tomorrow regarding a new playoff scenario – is that going to happen?
nitey: If they go QB, they will probably keep 4 again this year. JMO
1vabucsfan: JF When will you guys do your second mock?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs like several cornerbacks in this draft. If they don't take on in the first round they could select Virginia Tech CB Brandon Flowers.
nitey: Does Avery have a chance of starting opposite of Galloway if drafted?
monte kiffin: Do you know if Bryant is in football shape?
monte kiffin: Antonio Bryant that is
buc4life79: i think stovall would be a big weapon if gruden would let him play more
pewterreportjf: nitey – Based on what we've heard we do not believe the new playoff system will get passed by NFL owners this year, but stranger things have happened, so I guess we'll have to wait to find out for sure.
c.moore86: do you like any dtackles for bucs
pikappaphi422: Do ya'll get to attend the private workouts at One Buc?
monte kiffin: Do you think the Bucs have looked at Lito Sheppard?
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs interested in signing Lorenzo Neal or re-signing Jeremiah Trotter to be reserve players and provide more veteran leadership?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – We will announce our second mock draft in the Pewter Report Draft Preview, which will be printed and mailed to subscribers and available in PDF format next week. You'll have to wait to find out. :)
buc4life79: parris warren will also be a factor this coming season
sackmaster97: What are the chances that the bucs get to trade down this year, hoping a prospect like brohm for example drops to us?
nitey: pikappaphi422, I believe they are private – pretty sure.
guest: who are the top three recievers in order do the bucs have on they radar draft day
buc4life79: johnson and caldwell
pewterreportjf: monte kiffin – Antonio Bryant is not in football shape. He won't be until he actually starts playing football. However, he was in good enough shape to be signed. Football shape will come in time.
guest: today on nfl network…. when questioned "will chris simms be a buc next year?" bruce allen changed the subject to talk about how simms is healthy finally. is this any indication that he will be traded during the draft?
1vabucsfan: JF do your sources think Flowers will be there in the 2nd?
cadillac 24: How do you think the Bucs LB core will play out this year? We seem to be stacked at LB so which players might be released?
buc4life79: simms isnt goin anywhere the glazers like him to much
cbgb: SR/ JF, what do you make of Gruden's comment:: "we are now in position to trade up in the draft or trade for that veteran player that we feel can help us." ?????????
pewterreportjf: sackmaster97 – I don't think there's any way the Bucs trade up in this draft. However, I could see them trading down in the first round since they only have five picks. The key is having a trading partner that is willing to trade up with the Bucs. As they say, it takes two to tango.
deanhome: what would be simms' value if traded in the draft, enough to move up a few slots in the first round?
buc4life79: we wouldnt get better than a 6th rnder for simms right now
pewterreportjf: guest – I noticed Bruce Allen's answer regarding Chris Simms' health and future in Tampa Bay, too. Smart answer, really. If you're going to trade Simms you have to convince teams he's healthy again first. I do believe the Bucs aren't against having Simms go to training camp to compete for a job, but I also believe his days are indeed numbered in Tampa Bay.
sackmaster97: The draft comes down to either CB and WR. Assuming we do what is considered in the Tampa 2 and foget CB Do you think its just Sweed and Kelly we look at?
guest: who are the top three recievers in order do the bucs have on they radar draft day
deanhome: any new reports on roy williams trade potential – would the bucs have interest?
bigbucs: JF, when are the Bucs going to make a move to improve the pass rush?
pewterreportjf: cbgb – Tampa Bay is open to trades. The Bucs will inquire about several players on other teams between now and the draft, and they'll entertain talks about some of their own players as well. They do their homework and then make a decision and pull the trigger if they feel the deal is right and the player is worth the compensation. Jon Gruden is saying that the salary cap is not standing in the way of the Bucs pulling the trigger on a trade for a player with a big salary or one that needs to be signed to a long-term deal after the trade.
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs interested in signing Lorenzo Neal as a back-up FB to take Mike Alstott's leadership role?
cadillac 24: Did you find out how Simeon Rice's pro day went?
buc4life79: any news about decody fagg and his injury
pewterreportjf: sackmaster – Absolutely not. The Bucs really like Donnie Avery and James Hardy. Either player could be a Buc in the first round.
monte kiffin: Any word on if the bucs might be interested in Lito Sheppard
1vabucsfan: JF do your sources think Flowers will be there in the 2nd?
pikappaphi422: What do you know about or have seen tape of Molden CB from Eastern Kentucky
buc4life79: i would like us to go after sheppard
nitey: JF, you sound pretty sure that the Bucs are drafting a WR in round 1 – just a feeling or a hope?
guest: hary!
pewterreportjf: deanhome – Detroit is not trying to trade WR Roy Williams. The Lions have serious salary cap problems and Williams is in the final year of his deal. The Bucs could have a chance to sign Williams as a free agent in 2009.
sackmaster97: Well with that said i cant wait to see who will be available in the 1st round. Will the possibility of an uncapped year later on effect the way we draft his year?
bucboy: need a playmaker!
buc4life79: i think we need to go corner in 1st rnd its a bigger need
guest: Is Andre Woodson on the bucs radar? and if so with which pick would we be targeting him?
guest: who are the top three recievers in order do the bucs have on they radar draft day
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – No word yet on how Simeon Rice's pro day went, but I don't see him returning to Tampa Bay. He wasn't exactly a great influence in the locker room from what we understand and his skills are declining. As for Lorenzo Neal, we've put calls into his agent and have not heard back. The Bucs do need to add depth at fullback, but Neal might have a tough time riding the bench behind B.J. Askew.
monte kiffin: JF, Any word on if the bucs might be interested in Lito Sheppard ?
bucboy: they think wilson can play CB
pewterreportjf: sackmaster – No, the possibility of an uncapped year won't impact how the Bucs draft this year. They still have close to $30 million in cap room.
buc4life79: mike jenkins if hes still there at 20
guest: Why didn't Wade sign up here as a backup? He'll be a backup for the Raiders, no?
c.moore86: who do you like at Dtakle in the draft
monte kiffin: I know that bucboy but that doesnt mean they wouldnt trade for him, Remember they lost pearson so wilson could be safety depth as well
pewterreportjf: guest – Tampa Bay doesn't feel this year's draft is deep at wide receiver. That's why I could see the Bucs passing on a cornerback like Mike Jenkins in the first round in order to take a wide receiver since cornerback is so deep.
sackmaster97: I know who might be a 1st round prospect from you analysis. But what im curious about now is what are some names this year that can become a T.Jackson for this defenseand equally productive for the offense in rounds 3-5
guest: monte kiffin, 1.8 million for a 4th or 5th string safety is highly unlikely. wilson is gunna be more than jsut depth. he will see the field
bigbucs: jenkins
bucboy: i want more d backs too, but just think playmaking WR is a bigger need. going into a season trusting clayton and stovall and joey's health is too risky
buc4life79: any news bout possibly bringing in darrell jackson at all…..
panamabuc: i still think the bucs trade for cj
1vabucsfan: JF Any Newberry updates?
nitey: With a number of teams needing good safety help – is Phillips a possible draft day trade considering we have Sabby and Wilson in the wings (I know that Wilson was signed to play CB and help at safety)
kstate raheem: it doesn't seem like newberry was ever contacted, that might be a oakland myth
pewterreportjf: monte kiffin – Tampa Bay has apparently inquired about Lito Sheppard, but nothing more than that at this point. The Bucs like the depth at CB in this draft and likely will take one later this month.
spiderman1314: Which wide receivers do you think have the best chance to succeed here in Tampa? Who is on the Bucs' radar at WR??
pewterreportjf: panabuc – The Bengals aren't trying to trade WR Chad Johnson, so don't get your hopes up for the Bucs trying to make a deal for him.
cadillac 24: A new rule was announced today that can hurt the Bucs: A fifteen yard penalty will be assesed if a coach delievers a "f-bomb" to an official says, "we can expect Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden to get about five 15-yard penalties a game."
buc4life79: what about darrell jackson since hes a free agent
bucboy: haha!
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – John Wade wanted to be a starter and will get that chance in Oakland. That's good news for the Bucs on the Jeremy Newberry front. Tampa Bay has offered a contract to Newberry, who also wants to start, but might be comfortable being a backup in Tampa Bay.
monte kiffin: lol cadillac 24
guest: Is that right Cadillac?? Are you sure?? That would be a big deal for Gruden, fer sure.
kstate raheem: what was the offer for newberry? i've read a bunch of times an offer was made, but you think he would have signed by now
kstate raheem: who is still on the FA radar?
pewterreportjf: spiderman1314 – Tampa Bay likes several wide receivers, including Donnie Avery, James Hardy and Eddie Royal. We don't buy the hype surrounding DeShaun Jackson as it relates to the Bucs' interest in him.
guest: Is Newberry an improvement over Wade?
bigbucs: JF, do you think Faine will be playing golf at the hovan pewter report charity golf tourny?
monte kiffin: Besides Newberry are there any outstanding contract offers still on the table?
pewterreportjf: buc4life79 – There's a reason why Darrell Jackson was released by San Francisco and traded by Seattle a year before that. He doesn't have much left in the tank.
c.moore86: who do you like at Dtackle in the drf
cadillac 24: Jeff Garcia and Newberry have good chemistry with eachother since they played together with the 49ers.
kstate raheem: is it me or is laws the most overrated player in this draft? JF, where to the bucs have laws
pewterreportjf: kstate raheem – We don't know what the offer was that the Bucs made to Jeremy Newberry. We just know that Tampa Bay has a contract on the table for him.
buc4life79: why not try to trade theright of plummer
c.moore86: do you like at Dtackle in the draft
pewterreportjf: monte kiffin – Tampa Bay is monitoring DT Rod Coleman's situation closely. He needs to get healthy before any team, including the Bucs, feels comfortable signing him, but Coleman could be healthy enough to sign at early as this month.
buc4life79: trade the rights of plummer
bucboy: agree on plummer and sign rod
nitey: They won't trade Plummer until they get the 7M
netsbucscardsfan: if stewart , Avery , and Mike jenkins are there at the 20th pick who should they take
pewterreportjf: kstate raheem – I disagree. I think Trevor Laws is a good player and the Bucs like him. Here's a hint — we actually have Laws listed as a Bucs Best Bet at defensive tackle in the Pewter Report Draft Preview. Laws has helped himself a lot with an impressive offseason.
1vabucsfan: JF what rd do you see Flowers going?
c.moore86: who do yu like at Dtackle in the draft
guest: rights of Plummer has no value
kstate raheem: i can't imagine BA and JG drafting a run and shoot reciever like avery with the first pick
nitey: What round for Laws? 3rd?
pewterreportjf: buc4life79 – You can't trade the trights to a player, in this case Jake Plummer, if no other teams are interested in acquiring him. Plummer appears to be determined to remain retired.
guest: laws i think is the most underrated player and is gonna tear the league up
netsbucscardsfan: if stewart , Avery , and Mike jenkins are there at the 20th pick who should they take
buc4life79: jenkins
pewterreportjf: netsbucscardsfan – Given Jonathan Stewart's health status, I would say the Bucs might select WR Donnie Avery over CB Mike Jenkins simply because cornerback is deeper than wide receiver this year. Boy, wouldn't the Bucs strike it rich if somehow they landed Jenkins in the first round and drafted Avery in the second round. That might be wishful thinking, though.
bucwild: If the Bucs get the 7M next year from Jake will it count next year on cap?
pikappaphi422: do you think that DRC will the first CB taken
guest: yeah
bucboy: word
nitey: 1st or 2nd is my guess as well
guest: Brohm
kstate raheem: don't think jake's money goes towards the cap, just cash for the bucs coffers
pewterreportjf: pikappapah – Yes, we're hearing that DRC could be the first cornerback taken and might even be a top 10 pick. That's one of the reasons why USF CB Mike Jenkins could be there when the Bucs pick at No. 20 overall.
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. I've got to get going.
pikappaphi422: thanks
buc4life79: peace out……
netsbucscardsfan: thanks
monte kiffin: Thanks for hanging
guest: THANKS JF!!1
1vabucsfan: Peace
spiderman1314: Thanks JF. Good work as always!
nitey: Thanks Jim – always a pleasure!
guest: danm u dont play when 930 comes
buc4life79: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….one for the natur boy…..
monte kiffin: lol
bucsgetwomb: so is the chat over?
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining tonight's chat session. If you haven't done it already, be sure to cast your vote on the Pewter Petition, and we hope we will see you at the Chris Hovan-Pewter Report Charity Golf Tournament, which will be held May 18 at Westchase in Tampa. Take care.

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