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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read thoughts from Flynn and Bucs fans regarding Tampa Bay's 2009 regular season schedule, which was announced on Tuesday evening.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin. What do you think of Tampa Bay's 2009 regular season schedule?
phillphade: I think so as well
poundthatrock: Looks like I'm gonna be poundin a BUNCH of beer at games.
phillphade: What do you think the chances are of Buc adding an undrafted FA like say a Graham Harrell or Hunter Cantwell , Chase Daniel or someone like that or do you believe they are set with what they will take to camp if they dont draft freeman???
guest: good thing the rest of the division has to play it.
guest: Do you think the bucs will mix and match linebackers in order to the best ones on the field?
lykelyghtning: how does dal get SIX pt games and chi gets 4, but we get none
guest194055: the nfl hates us
pewterreportjf: poundthatrock – Yeah, Tampa Bay's 2009 regular season schedule, at first glance, is brutal. The London trip, two cold games in Carolina and Seattle, the first half of the schedule and the fact that the team doesn't play two straight games at Ray-Jay at any point in '09. If this Bucs team makes the playoffs with these odds against them they will be a very good team.
lykelyghtning: also NO gets more th
lykelyghtning: an atl
cbgb: Hello JF. Bucs get short end of the prime time once again. Especially when you look at the rest of the NFCS
guest: Is FSU's brown a lock if he is there at 19?
pewterreportjf: philliphade – I know the Bucs like Kansas State QB Josh Freeman. It's not just a smokescreen. However, now that they have signed Byron Leftwich I can't see the Bucs drafting Freeman in the first round. They have too many other positions that need to be addressed.
cbgb: JF, how would you describe Jags' offense ? Some say it's a version of the West Coast. True or not ?
poundthatrock: How is our WR group looking? Haven't heard much about the guys after AB and Clayton.
phillphade: Do you believe gone has a shot to start this year its like every on is wrighting him off
codmons: Why do the analysts figure the Bucs need a 3rd corner when Ronde still has some gas in the tank?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the Bucs will mix up their linebacker rotation in training camp and preseason in order to determine which ones are worthy of being starters, but once the starters are set I don't envision any type of rotation there.
mjmoody: JF:Brian Brohm, Brady Quinn, John Beck; Do the Buc's make a draft day trade or do they like their 4 QB's?
guest: i think were set at qb
guest: luke will surprize alot pf peep this year
guest: isn't it more likely the bucs take the best defensive end at the time? No dt is worth the 19th pick
bucsfan4ever: Hi JF WHo do you think the Bucs draft 1st round?? By the way great issue again!!!!!!!
codmons: I just wonder how a corner is needed more then a defensive lineman
guest: and y is every high on brohm didnt flynn beat him out for #2?
guest: corner isn't needed more than de, just dt
pewterreportjf: cbgb – Objectively speaking, I can't blame the NFL for not wanting to put the Bucs on prime time. When you look at their roster there just isn't that much to get excited about. I do think the Bucs deserved one Monday Night Football game. They did, after all, finish 9-7 two straight seasons. But they lack stars, and until that changes you can expect more of the same from the NFL schedule makers in regards to the Bucs.
guest: Seems the Leftwich signing was just to eliminate need in case they miss freeman
poundthatrock: Yah nobody wants to see that AB catch had against Carolina last year again…
lykelyghtning: how does NO get more than atl
guest: you just need some 325 dt in the middle and thats what they will get
guest: Are the buc willing to move Black to WLB if they feel he is better than hayes and flip?
bucsfan4ever: Drew Brees
guest: later in the draft
poundthatrock: No more will or mikes. They're inside and outside lbs now.
pewterreportjf: cbgb – Yes, I think there will be some West Coast offensive wrinkles in Jeff Jagodzinski's system, but it will be run-heavy and will stretch the field more in the passing game. I've been told it's similar to what Mike Shanahan ran in Denver.
poundthatrock: How many snaps do we see Derrick Ward getting this season?
bucsfan4ever: JF any word on what DB will do – is he going to retire??
cbgb: I agree, but at least there's London. Put on the coffee for that one !
guest: Is FSU's brown a lock if he is there at 19?
guest: Black skillset would imply he is a good WLB, but he has never played it and was quoted as being more comfortable on the right side
codmons: Black is a fill-in at best, he's never pushed to be a starter and has no true experience
pewterreportjf: codmons – The Bucs do need another cornerback. Aqib Talib is fine and Elbert Mack will be a good player, but they are both still young. Ronde Barber will be better if the Bucs improve their pass rush, but if they don't he could be exposed in the passing game. Tampa Bay could draft a cornerback as high as the first round.
guest: Even with the change in schemes is Peria Jerry out of the question?
poundthatrock: Ronde was caught looking in teh backfield WAY too much last year.
guest: codmpons
codmons: Are there any quality pass rushers slated to make it to the 3rd round when we choose?
pewterreportjf: guest – Sure, the Bucs have moved Quincy Black and Adam Hayward around, so I don't see why they would be opposed to moving them again if they felt they were better at another position in the linebacker rotation.
phillphade: Do you believe gone has a shot to start this year its like every on is wrighting him off
guest: jerry isn't out of the question, just unlikely since his skill set resembles Hovan. Not exactly what Bates is looking for and Bates had never needed high draft pick out of his dt..ever
bmarti5: JF – There's an interesting perspective on the potential of this team and how Gruden made such bad draft selections. Morris seems positive on Cadillac, Clayton got a decent extension, Sabby is starting, Dre Moore has promise, the entire offensive line were nearly all drafted. Do you think a bit more credit should be given since Gruden did go without 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders two years in a row? There seems to be some double talk, what are your thoughts.
guest: codmons-players gotta be thrown in the fire sometime
chester cooperpot: Derrick Brooks should have retired years ago.
codmons: exactly guest, but why throw someone in less qualified when you have a proven player in Angelo Crowell?
pewterreportjf: poundthatrock – I see Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward getting a decent amount of carries, but I think Ward will be Tampa Bay's "primary" ball carrier in the new offense.
guest: gruden should get alot more credit for both the sucess of the line and also not developing any skill position players
poundthatrock: cool, that's exactly what i was trying to ask
guest: both backs will get about the same carries
poundthatrock: i like the combo, hope it'll pay off
guest: how is caddy doing?
bmarti5: How do you develop injured players?
guest: no real pass rushers last till the 3rd round
guest: Is FSU's brown a lock if he is there at 19?
codmons: I've heard the Bucs taking Larry English or Michael Johnson with the 1st pick, I don't see how a corner even fits into the picture to be honest when a pass rushing DE is a huge need
guest: not all of them where injured
guest: how is caddy?
chester cooperpot: JF- Why did the Bucs ignore the injury issues that Cadillac had in college?
antcam: Jim there is talk that the Raiders are dangling M. Bush around in trade talk. Do you believe the Bucs would still be interested with the recent addition of D. Ward?
guest: caddy will be on the pup list at the start
pewterreportjf: bmart15 – Wow. That's a great question. It seems to me that Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris, who are attempting to build this team, want to see what they have in some of the players Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen invested draft picks in. The only way to tell for sure is by letting them play. If they pan out the credit should go to both regimes.
phillphade: Do you believe Geno Hayes has a shot to start this year its like every on is wrighting him off
guest: bucs are set at rb
poundthatrock: DE and CB are needs for the same reason. We have very little depth if any starter goes down.
mjmoody: JF:Brian Brohm, Brady Quinn, John Beck; Do the Buc's make a draft day trade or do they like their 4 QB's?
guest: hayes has a shot to start but the bucs are expecting Phillips or Black to win that position
pewterreportjf: guest – Cadillac Williams talked to us a few weeks ago and said he's doing well. He said his knee should be ready to go by the time training camp begins in July.
antcam: Jim there is talk that the Raiders are dangling M. Bush around in trade talk. Do you believe the Bucs would still be interested with the recent addition of D. Ward?
poundthatrock: I can't take another Caddy injury.
guest: JF-Is FSU's brown a lock if he is there at 19?
codmons: JF, why are the Bucs not trying to pursue a slot receiver when there isn't a proven guy playing there?
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – That's a good question. Cadillac Williams had injury issues at Auburn, and they've followed him in the NFL, unfortunately.
jrbuc194055: no way RB is good right now
guest: no, the bucs will not trade for these qb's. that might hinder Mcown ability to lead and they are vested in him or leftwich
chester cooperpot: Caddy will get injured again. He has never played a full season dating back into his college career.
mjmoody: antcam I had heard they were looking for a 2nd for him
jrbuc194055: y give up more when were weak at other pos
guest: Caddy was healthy his rookie season
codmons: Chester, the same can be said of K2 lol
poundthatrock: I saw the numbers on Leftwich, did he get 2/$7.5mil? Isnt that what Luke got?
antcam: he had a foot injury in the middle of rookie season
cbgb: Are the Bucs scouts still comparing their interest in Davis to the type of interest they had in Talib ? CB is top need even before DE but if English and Davis are there, who's the pick in your best estimation ?
strick-9: CADDY had plantafacia his rokie year
guest: the bucs should be trying to pursue a slot guy in the fraft, but dont look for one in the 1 or 3rd pick as he will likely not see a ton of time with the multiple te set, heavy running and starting wrs set
pewterreportjf: mjmoody – If the Bucs had not signed Byron Leftwich I would say there was a chance the team would trade for a QB like Brian Brohm, but Tampa Bay has said from the beginning that it wants to take 4 QBs to training camp, and with Leftwich onboard the Bucs have four signal callers. I think they are done at quarterback unless they are even higher on Josh Freeman than we already think.
antcam: Does anybody put any hope in J. Wilkerson
guest: wilkerson is a starter by default right now
guest: lol chester
guest: the bucs are looking to give him competition at lde
pewterreportjf: poundthatrock – We're waiting to get a hold of Byron Leftwich's contract. I've seen what has been reported, but I'd rather tell you numbers I'm 100 percent confident in before commenting.
bucsfan4ever: JF Who do you select in the 1st round or do you trade down??
strick-9: JF: Could the Bucs use Leftwich to mentor Freeman possibly?
antcam: I think he is going to suprise alot of people
codmons: Wide Receiver is a bigger need then cornerback, atleast we have 3 guys sitting at the corner spot right now and the receiver position is real iffy considering that Clayton and Stovall struggle to be healthy
antcam: Jim there is talk that the Raiders are dangling M. Bush around in trade talk. Do you believe the Bucs would still be interested with the recent addition of D. Ward?
poundthatrock: Do you see us signing any more FAs?
pewterreportjf: cbgb – Wow. That would be interesting to find out, wouldn't it? If Vontae Davis and Michael Johnson and/or Larry English are on the board when the Bucs pick at 19 I'm not sure what they will do to be honest with you. You can make a strong case for the Bucs needing a defensive end and cornerback. I don't think the Bucs could go wrong there, could they?
guest: wilkerson already has. he lost all that weight and nobody outside of the media and the coaches ahve seen him… it is also interseting considering the bucs brought in only two de for visits
codmons: Braylon Edwards might not be a bad pickup, slap K2 and Braylon back together
codmons: Freeman is struggling to even keep 1st round stock at the moment
codmons: Braylon atleast has the ability to stretch the field
bucsfan4ever: Do you see the Bucs trading Alex Smith??
strick-9: chester: the subscription hasalready beendropped to 10 bucks…cmon
pewterreportjf: strick – It's always possible that the Bucs could draft Josh Freeman at 19 and then release or trade Brian Griese, but I think they have too many holes to fill and are set on giving Luke McCown a legit shot to become the starter at this point.
guest: FSU's brown is good prospect but is kinda of de/old tweener… you dont draft what your not sure about
codmons: JF, why no real talk on pursuing a slot receiver though?
guest: well no one sure about johnson or freemen
pewterreportjf: guest – By the time the draft roles around, the Bucs will have visited with DEs English, Johnson and Maybin, and that's only the ones we can confirm. They are targeting defensive end in this draft, no doubt about it.
phillphade: If a guy like B.J. Raji was to fall out of say the top 12 could you see the Bucs trading up to get him with all there needs??
bucsfan4ever: Do you see the Bucs trading Alex Smith??
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't think Everett Brown will be there when the Bucs pick at 19, but if he is I would have to believe the team would seriously consider drafting him.
guest: no real talk about the slot postion due to the bucs still high on stovall and d jax
antcam: Is the Leftwich signing a sign that they didnt like what they saw from J. Johnson?
antcam: at the ota
codmons: Seems like a guy like DHB would add a much needed speed dimention to our offense, which would translate to more results on the field… I don't see why people don't think Greg White and Jimmy Wilkerson can handle the DE spot aside Gaines
guest: the bucs would consider drafting FSU brown, but d linemen out of FSU seem to have a bad rep like florida receivers
guest: Leftwich could be the bridge to johnson
poundthatrock: Yah but DLinemen from FSU turn out to be good pros.
poundthatrock: Everette Brown is gonna be a stud.
pewterreportjf: codmons – There is talk about the Bucs pursuing a receiver in this draft. They like Percy Harvin a lot. Tampa Bay needs to add depth and competition to WR. The Bucs also love Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace, who is climbing up draft boards due to his impressive offseason and 4.28 40-yard dash time.
guest: they like johnson but still more as a 3… he would comp[ete for a backup job, not be given it
guest: i think it would be great for tampa to trade down some spots and still get a 2nd. then u can do English1, brace or hood2, and mickens3
pewterreportjf: antcam – No, not at all. Don't read into the Byron Leftwich signing as a knock on Josh Johnson. Tampa Bay is anxious to see how much Johnson has progressed since his rookie year.
chester cooperpot: JF- Why is it that Cummings can't pronounce Peria Jerry correctly? Does he even watch college football?
guest: name one really good d linemne from FSU that has come out and had a ton of sacks???? go ahead I'll wait
bmarti5: JF – I believe they will take Freeman if he is available and drop Griese, that would be more in line with the theme of "developing" players that they seem to be preaching. At this stage, Griese wants to win or play and the recent contracts dont suggest he will be playing.
guest: tampa would love to trade down, but its still unlikely the do it
phillphade: Jim, If a guy like B.J. Raji was to fall out of say the top 12 could you see the Bucs trading up to get him with all there needs??
phan2phear: sorry for the name change
codmons: Just seems like the WR spot is the most unproven spot for us at the moment, Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall are very questionable… odd they don't stick ole Clifton out there considering he isn't much of a running back but is a threat in the open field… reggie bush type anyone? lol
pewterreportjf: codmons – With Jimmy Wilkerson, Gaines Adams and Stylez G. White on the field last year, the Bucs notched a whopping 29 sacks as a team (sarcasm). The Bucs need to improve their pass rush. Doing so would improve each player that plays behind the front four, including the cornerbacks.
phan2phear: stovall and jacskon can handle 3 and 4 wr tasks
antcam: what's the possiblibilty of trading up for B.J. Raji with Jaguars?
codmons: Its hard for the DEs to get any real pressure though when the OLBs weren't forcing much for pressure, nor were the DTs even doing anything worth mentioning after week 12
phan2phear: Jimmy Wilkerson, Gaines Adams and Stylez G. White on the field last year they also got no interior push and qbs where able to step up into the pocket… new dt should hel correct this along witht he press corners
chester cooperpot: JF- Were the Bucs embarrassed by the Dexter Jackson selection?
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – I'm not sure. I will defend Roy Cummings to a certain extent — that's not a common first name, but I can't speak to how much college football he watches.
phan2phear: the bucs hate the d jax pick
bucsfan4ever: JF Do you see any players being traded on draft for more picks???
antcam: Can teams swap first round selection without giving up anything else?
champabay365: I think we should get Torrey Holt, stay were we are unless we can get a 1st and 2nd round pick
bucsfan4ever: ahh make that draft day
phan2phear: if your jacksonville, would you trade away the chance to have one of the premeir talents in the draft
codmons: Jackson has the ability to be a better slot guy then Stovall as you need a speed guy to stretch th middle of the field… but Jackson is afraid to make any real contact and a 1st round slot WR could easily translate into a starter after 1 year
phan2phear: holt is closer to being a titan then a buc
pewterreportjf: philliphade – I don't see how Tampa Bay could trade up in the first round. The Bucs are without their second-round pick due to the trade for TE Kellen Winslow. If anything, I think the Bucs are looking for ways to trade down to pick up a second- or extra third-round pick. The way we see this draft unfolding, we think the Bucs are sorely missing that second-round pick and could use an extra third-round selection.
antcam: It's rumored that they dont want the number 8?
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – The only player that comes to mind in terms of Tampa Bay possibly trading him in exchange for a draft pick(s) is QB Brian Griese.
phan2phear: they are more likely to want to trade down due to low signing bonuses and lack of talent for the 19 spot…alson they have alot of wholes
bucsfan4ever: Thanks JF
phan2phear: would yopu want griese
champabay365: so you don't think the loan 1st round pick is high enough with out our 2nd?
phillphade: Thank i think your right
bmarti5: I dont think anyone wants to be in the top 10, the talent is unproven and overpaid. These rookies can collect one check and never work again if they desire.
codmons: Also, if the Bucs develop a offense that actually scores points and gains yards… the weaknesses of the defense would be overshadowed as they'd hold up well enough to allow the offense to win games for us… which has never happened in Bucs history
antcam: do we have to give up another pick to swap with the jaguars
pewterreportjf: antcamp – I don't know if teams can swap first-round picks without exchanging any other forms of compensation. That sounds like an unlikely scenario to me.
antcam: by rule or just not a even swap
phan2phear: codmons nailed it..keep your defens of the field
phan2phear: a defensive overhaul usually takes longe t han one season
champabay365: I think this year there will be good talent at the 19 spot. Escepocally considering our needs. No DT but good DE and WR
codmons: With a explosive offense like we are a dominant speed receiver from having, it'd help our defense drastically
cbgb: Jason Williams, OLB W. Illinois has been steadily moving up. Are the Bucs genuinely interested and when is he projected to go now ? He fits Bates system nicely.
antcam: A. Bryant can get deep.
phan2phear: and if you believe this .. clayton's 40 speed is actually faster than bryants
pewterreportjf: antcam – I am not familiar with a rule that prevents teams from swapping first-round picks without giving up compensation. Technically, a team doesn't have to make a pick once their time has come and gone. Once that happens, the next team is on the clock, but the team that did not make a selection can turn their card in at any time after that, so technically an exchange of first-round picks wouldn't have to be made, or at least that's the way I understand it.
codmons: Bryant can get deep, K2 mismatches LBs, but Clayton doesn't do anything real well… this is why a speed receiver would be perfect for us
guest: Is sabby ready to take over at safety? He was shakey last year.
phan2phear: if clayton doid nothing well they wouldn't have given him a 25 million dollar contract
antcam: Clayton can work the short to intermediate part of the field
champabay365: clayton is a good run blocker but for the price
codmons: Sabby just has to work on his ability to read the Quarterback's eyes, refer to Troy Polamalu for this one lol
phan2phear: sabby was shaky and will be a little this year.. he will be better
chester cooperpot: JF- I want the Bucs to take Johnson from Georgia Tech.
pewterreportjf: cbgb – Yes, the Bucs are indeed interested in LB Jason Williams. In fact, he has visited Tampa Bay. Don't be surprised if the Bucs draft him.
codmons: We just need Jermaine to stop breaking his damn forearms lol
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – You might get your wish. The Bucs appear to be very high on Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson.
guest: yuck i smell bust
antcam: Stay away from ACC DE
champabay365: nobody talks about Johnson anymore. I don't know why
chester cooperpot: JF- Why do you think the Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden struggled to draft well in the late rounds?
phan2phear: no way clayton has that many supporters in the front office and the coaching staff if he isn;t showuing them something..lets no forget this guy used to get 10 balls thrown his way and caught 8 in his rookie season. If you get two a game and drop one, it looks worse
codmons: 1st round Dlinemen typically need a few years to develop into a solid starter anyway
bucsfan4ever: English or Johnson??? Who do you pick if they ar both there?
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for joining the chat session this evening. Be sure to take advantage of Pewter Report's $10 subscription (good for renewals and extensions, too) offer, which we just introduced tonight.
antcam: maybe he stopping getting ten because of the drops
chester cooperpot: Thanks Jim.
phan2phear: both english and johnson produced
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – I would personally take Larry English over Michael Johnson, but we believe the Bucs would take Johnson over English.

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