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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April. 15, 2008.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
cbgb: JF, what do you make of Stroud's article
cbgb: and Griese's supposed comment ?
pewterreportjf: cbgb – What article are you referring to?
guest: hello
cbgb: The one where he says Griese is mad for being traded to the Bucs and let Gruden have it.
guest: Do you think Chris Willaims will play LT in the NFL?
cbgb: there's a thread on it
antcam: What's up Scott and Jim
pewterreportjf: cbgb – That's the article I thought you were referring to. I'm surprised that the comment was made that stated Brian Griese never wanted to be traded to Tampa and that he complained to Jon Gruden about it afterwards without elaborting on it. I asked Griese's agent about it and he told me it was the first he had heard of it and that it was "news to me."
pikappaphi422: If they draft a RB will they carry 6 rb on the roster (2FB
guest: I thought everything I read was true.
pikappaphi422: ……and 4 rb
pewterreportjf: pikappaph422 – That's a great question. The Bucs will keep Earnest Graham, Warrick Dunn and Michael Bennett on their roster for sure. We believe Cadillac Williams will wind up on the physically unable to perform list and eventually injured reserve. The Bucs will also keep fullback B.J. Askew. That would give the Bucs four players, and if they draft a running back that would make five players they'd keep on their 53-man roster.
guest: Do the Bucs consider Graham a capable option to play FB should Askew get hurt or When it comes to final cut down # as to how many RB to keep
guest: Speaking of RBs – Any idea how the Bucs value Jonathan Stewart? I think he'll be there when we pick at 20.
guest: How do you measure the Buc's schedule in terms of difficulty?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, Earnest Graham has the ability to play fullback as well as running back.
pikappaphi422: Will they carry a 2nd FB or IF BJ gets hurt move EG to FB
pikappaphi422: sorry I type slow
1vabucsfan: JF Has the bucs interest in Devin Thomas increased?
antcam: Is that B. Storer?
guest: actualy I am Bucsbum just messed up signing in
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – No, I wouldn't say Tampa Bay's interest in wide receiver Devin Thomas has increased. The Bucs have scheduled pre-draft visits with several wide receivers. We strongly believe the Bucs will draft a wide receiver. It's just a matter of which one.
guest: JF, what's the knock on UCF RB Kevin Smith? I thought he was an outstanding cut back runner in college, and I heard he had a great pro day, why aren't more "experts" or NFL teams talking about him?
pewterreportjf: guest – Tampa Bay's 2008 opponents are tough, but I feel the team's schedule is actually quite favorable. The Bucs have a Bye week after nine games and they conclude the regular season with two straight home games. Even if they lose in New Orleans to start the season the Bucs have the chance to bounce back the following week at home vs. Atlanta.
antcam: Does the first round of the draft start that friday?
cadillac 24: JF, you meant Michael Bennett right? Is there any chance that we would re-sign Pittman if no one else wants him?
guest: favorable is an under statment
guest: Who do you feel is the best second day corner for the Bucs?
cadillac 24: Maybe Trae Williams from USF
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a good question. Kevin Smith is a good running back and was very productive at UCF, but what's hurting him is where he played. He's also a junior entry. It also doesn't help that this running back class if pretty deep.
antcam: Is their still a such thing as weak or strong schedule?
1vabucsfan: JF Any updates on Newberry?
pewterreportjf: antcam – The 2008 NFL Draft will be held on April 26-27.
cadillac 24: antcam: The Patriots have a very weak schedule and the Steelers have an extremely tough schedule.
antcam: i guess those changes arent taking place this year.
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Yes, my bad. I meant Michael Bennett. I'm not sure Michael Pittman is going to return to Tampa Bay. He was concerned about what type of role he'd have on the team, and that was before the Bucs brought back Warrick Dunn.
guest: You stated Pittman will be on the roster for sure. Has he re-signed?
guest: Why is missing a kidney such a big issue for NFL teams and how much do you feel it will effect Cromartie
pikappaphi422: Any word on how simms is doing working out on his own
cadillac 24: Who do you think the Bucs would trade to aquire more draft picks?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, USF CB Trae Williams would be a possibility for the Bucs on the second day of the draft. So would San Jose St. CB Dwight Lowery.
antcam: Has there been any mention of B. Grads. around OBP?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – No, no new news on free agent center Jeremy Newberry. He might be waiting until after the draft to sign with a team. Our sources tell us Tampa Bay is not interested in signing Newberry.
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs see if they can get a guy like Trevor Laws in the draft before they sign Rod Coleman?
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I meant Michael Bennett, not Michael Pittman. Pittman still is a free agent and we don't think he'll return to Tampa Bay.
guest: I meant-Why is missing a kidney such a big issue for NFL teams and how much do you feel it will effect Cromartie in the draft
bucwild: I like the Best Bets UT Carlton Powell, I think we pick him in the 5th if he is there.
pewterreportjf: antcam – Bruce Gradkowski is on the hot seat. Unless someone gets hurt I just don't see how he's going to make the 53-man roster. If he performs well in preseason the Bucs could try to shop Gradkowski.
antcam: I hope so
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – That's a good point. The Bucs are interested in drafting Notre Dame DT Trevor Laws. In the meantime, Rod Coleman is focused on getting 100 percent healthy. Coleman could wait until after the draft to sign with a team. The Bucs still are interested.
pikappaphi422: What % do you think there is that Simms is traded on or just before the draft
antcam: i'm glad we open up in the NO!!!
pewterreportjf: bucwild – Scott Reynolds watched Powell play more than I did, but what concerns me about Powell is the fact that he's considered a great run stuffer. While the Bucs can improve against the run, they need to improve their pass rush. Getting after the quarterback will be critical for the Bucs this year.
antcam: and then to ATL, Before the season can barely open we could be sitting at 2-0.
1vabucsfan: JF are the bucs confident C.Johnson will be there at 52 and are they willing to move up little?
guest: Or 0-2
cadillac 24: Do you think that Donnie Avery will be there when the Bucs pick in the second round?
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – I don't think Chris Simms will be part of Tampa Bay's 2008 53-man roster. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs attempted to trade Simms on draft weekend, but the team could wait until preseason and showcase him if they don't like what they're getting offered on April 26-27.
cadillac 24: Do you think that Mike Jenkins will be on the board when we make our first round pick?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – We're hearing East Carolina running back Chris Johnson is looking more like a late first-round draft pick, which means Tampa Bay might have to select him with the 20th overall pick if it wants him. Trading down is tough to do, but the Bucs might be able to do it if a player like Louisville QB Brian Brohm falls to No. 20 and another team wants him badly.
cadillac 24: Do you think Malcolm Kelly would be a good pick in the second or even the first round?
guest: is this draft too weak for WRs?
pewterreportjf: caddilac24 – Good question. There's a reason why Pewter Report has Donnie Avery pegged as the Bucs' first-round draft pick. We've heard that he will be a late first-round pick and won't be there when the Bucs select in the second round.
bucbum: Is their any concen about the Bucs having to sell the team do to the death tax and the on going poor health of the owner
guest: ???
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Our league sources have told us that they believe USF cornerback Mike Jenkins will be on the board when the Bucs select at No. 20 overall in the first round. Should be interesting to see if the Bucs pass him up or take him to fill a need a cornerback and possibly as a return specialist.
cadillac 24: Could Jenkins also return kicks?
1vabucsfan: JF Who would you take at 20 Johnson or Avery?
pewterreportjf: guest – This draft is weak at wide receiver. There are only a handful of receivers I like. I actually like Virgina Tech WR Eddie Royal a lot. He probably will be there when the Bucs select in the third round.
guest: johnson, u can get royal or nelson in later rounds
1vabucsfan: JF where do you think Forte will go 2nd,3rd?
antcam: I think a receiver has a better chance of seeing the field before a running back.
pewterreportjf: bucbum – The Glazers have went on record as saying the Bucs are not for sale.
cadillac 24: What level of golf experience do you have to have to play in the Pewter Report golf tournament?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Tulane RB Matt Forte probably will be a third or fourth round draft pick.
rook: Has the big contracts made it hard for extensions? Some mediocre players got big deals
guest: JF, we've addressed our biggest need at center with Jeff Faine. Which area of the team do you feel is the weakest at this point? DE's? DT's? CB? WR?
guest: de
guest: wr
antcam: wr
cadillac 24: Which Bucs players do you think could be traded to get more picks and what other players around the league are on the trade block?
antcam: jf how did M. Hamilton look in the ota
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Experience? I played in the Chris Hovan-Pewter Report Charity Golf Tournament last year and believe me when I say I was one of the worst golfers out there. That said, it was a lot of fun and we raised a lot of money for the Children's Cancer Center. A lot of Bucs players participated as well, which was great. We encourage anyone that can to participate.
1vabucsfan: JF What return men are the bucs high on?
cadillac 24: I'm just starting to learn how to golf and I'm only a beginner so I'm not that good.
jvato24: What makes any of the first round propsects better than Jordy Nelson From K-State
guest: Just bring lots of balls
pewterreportjf: rook – Extensions are tough to do because the team has the advantage at this point. The players the Bucs are interested in extending are under contract, so there's no hurry. You do bring up a good point that agents point out deals done around the league when the Bucs point out the fact that they did not negotiate those deals nor should they be forced to overpay for a player(s) if that's what another team chose to do.
jvato24: Jim, What makes any of the first round propsects better than Jordy Nelson From K-State??
pewterreportjf: guest – I think Tampa Bay will come away with a wide receiver, cornerback, defensive lineman, running back and maybe even a quarterback in this draft. You could make a case for each of those positions being ones of need. Tampa Bay needs to improve its pass rush and get after the quarterback on a more consistent basis. Otherwise, its defense could be in trouble.
rook: Will we ever have another Sapp at UT?
antcam: no
pewterreportjf: antcam – I didn't get to watch Marcus Hamilton much at the one OTA the media was allowed to watch, but Ronde Barber felt like Hamilton made a lot of progress towards the end of last season. I don't think the Bucs are high enough on Hamilton to not draft a cornerback this year.
antcam: just thinking about quality depth
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – The Bucs probably will draft a skill player that has return skills, like WRs Donnie Avery or Eddie Royal, or CB Mike Jenkins. Maybe even App. St. WR Dexter Jackson, but I don't see the Bucs taking a player that is strictly a return man.
antcam: What king of impression did you come away with after the ota?
pewterreportjf: jvato – Jordy Nelson is an intriguing candidate. Scott Reynolds really likes him a lot, and it's not just because he went to K-State. Nelson is a pretty good player. His stock is really rising, and Tampa Bay defensive backs coach Raheem Morris is high on him, too.
pewterreportjf: rook – No, there will never be another Warren Sapp at under tackle. He was a unique talent. Under tackles are supposed to record 16 sacks in a season.
guest: JF, how are the numbers looking for the pewter petition?
rook: Will Dunn and Bennett be Gruden's rocket backfield in some situations
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs trying to extend Morris?
pikappaphi422: Will they run the rocket backfield more this year
antcam: J. Haye had 6 eat'em ups so he is well on his way
pewterreportjf: antcam – Honestly, we had obstructed viewing at One Buc Place for the Bucs' OTA, so it was tough to watch. Everything we could see we noted in our Pewter Insider article. One thing we noticed was that defensive ends Gaines Adams and Charles Bennett have added some bulk.
rook: Haye is top notch but he is no Warren Sapp
antcam: and MC80 lost sum
pewterreportjf: guest – We've had quite a few votes on the Pewter Petition, but there's certainly room for more. Be sure to tell your fellow Bucs fans to vote —
cadillac 24: Which top draft prospect's stock is falling? What player will end up like this year's Alan Branch?
antcam: not even close to sapp. But that's not an insult
pikappaphi422: On the petition, I think it should be only for players IN the HOF
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – There are several candidates, including DeSean Jackson and Mario Manningham.
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs trying to extend Morris?
rook: DeSean Jackson reminds me of Quezzie- way too small
pewterreportjf: Okay, Bucs fans. I've got to get going.
guest: Thanks, JF!
pikappaphi422: thanks have a good night
1vabucsfan: Peace JF
antcam: hold it down JIM
cadillac 24: Thanks JF
rook: Good night JF
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Yes, the Bucs are interested in extending the contract of DBs coach Raheem Morris, but Morris might wait to test the market to see if there is a defensive coordinator job available in 2009.
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session. We hope to see you at the Pewter Report Draft Day Party at Champps at International Plaza in Tampa on April 26 — the party starts at 2:00 p.m. ET. See you then. Take care.

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