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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 3:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 NFL Draft as it pertains to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin. Are you ready for the 2009 NFL Draft?
pewterfanatic: Hey Jim – Are you hearng about any draft day trade scenarios that the Bucs may be involved in?
pewterreportjf: pewterfanatic – We haven't heard any draft day trade scenarios regarding Tampa Bay, but we wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs traded down in the first round in order to acquire a second- or third-round draft pick. Remember – the Bucs are without a second-round pick due to the trade for tight end Kellen Winslow.
guest: Jim on the latest is the Bucs taking Michael Johnson is that the new mock for you guys?
phan2phear: wow
phan2phear: wow
guest: Do you think we will show up got the Cowboys game and have a shot to take them at home?
borat: JF, who do you believe will be the starting QB and RB when the season begins?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, participated in the On the Beat Mock Draft on and NFL Network. You'll have to wait until Saturday morning to find out whether we still have the Bucs taking Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson or if we have the Bucs taking someone else. :)
guest: Hey Jim… A lot of mock drafts dont have English or M. Johnson going in the first round. Does that concern you?
g-dubbz: hehe I hope you are right, but I would not mind a trade down
borat: i hope the bucs do trade down.
pewterreportjf: guest – I'm sure the Bucs will show up for the regular season and home opener vs. Dallas. I doubt anybody is going to pick the Bucs to win that game, so if Tampa Bay can someohow upset Dallas it could give the Bucs some momentum for the rest of the year.
g-dubbz: is there any chance that if Sanchez slips its a no brainer to Mark D and Raheem to snag him?
chester cooperpot: Jim- Shouldn't Dennis Hickey and the Bucs scouts be on the hotseat after years of blowing draft picks.
chester cooperpot: Pass on the dirty Sanchez
pewterreportjf: borat – I believe Luke McCown and Derrick Ward will be Tampa Bay's starting quarterback and running back, respectively, when the season begins.
g-dubbz: Jim-Are the Bucs upset at all that we have no National games this year? While the last place saints have like two?
guest: Is sabby ready to become a full time starter? he was shakey at best last year
guest: How much of a drop off do you think the D will have this year if any?
pewterreportjf: guest- No, we aren't too concerned what other mock drafts have the Bucs doing. It's interesting, but doesn't influence our decision-making process. Our track record for projecting Tampa Bay's draft picks is pretty good. Last year we caught a lot of grief for reporting that Donnie Avery could be a first-round pick. One national draft pundit projected him to go in the fourth round. Donnie Avery wound up being the first pick in the second round. Draft boards are very subjective in nature.
ryan o: Hey Jim… A lot of mock drafts dont have English or M. Johnson going in the first round. Does that concern you?
g-dubbz: Jim-Ill be the first to ask, is there any intrest in RB Chris Wells as our pick?
guest: Do you see any currents Bucs being traded for draft picks?
guest: Do you think the offense will click right away or will that take a few weeks?
chester cooperpot: I think the defensive line is stinks, and is the worst unit on the team.
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – We'll find out. Bruce Allen is no longer here, so I believe the pressure to draft well falls on Tampa Bay director of college scouting Dennis Hickey and his staff. The Bucs must draft better than the team has over the past five seasons.
houstonbucsfan: jf not only was he in the 2nd round Avery was the first wr picked!
poledancinpanda: JF do you think that linebacker is still a need for this team? it seemed like between signings and players moving into the position that theres actually some depth here now. Do you feel the Bucs will target another OLB?
g-dubbz: Jim-Is the mock selection of RB Gartrell Johnson solid? I really like this kid, I hope we snag him.
chester cooperpot: Thanks Jim.
chester cooperpot: The Bucs don't need a running back like Chris Wells or Knowshon Moreno. The type of back they need is a speed guy like Chris Johnson.
mojo: Do Alex Smith and B Greise bring us any trade value at all and will we shop them?
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – The fact that the Bucs do not have any nationally televised games in 2009 should tell you what the league thinks of the team. The Bucs don't have a lot of superstars, so I don't blame the networks for not televising the Bucs. If some playmakers emerge from this young, rebuilding team then I'm sure they will land a flex schedule Sunday Night Football game later in the year. Truth be told, the Bucs and the players like 1:00 PM games. I don't like Tampa Bay's schedule, but the one thing I do like about it, and the Bucs like about it, is it is very consistent. Every game is on Sunday and at 1:00 PM except for two.
g-dubbz: Chris Wells ran a 4.3 at his pro day.
g-dubbz: Chris johnson is a rar speed
g-dubbz: rare*
guest: hello
guest: hello
houstonbucsfan: With Graham, Ward and hopefully a healthy Caddy rb is a very moderate concern.
ryan o: Jim… Whats your take on Maybin and would like to see him fall to the Bucs? Do you like him better than Emnglish or Johnson?
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – The Bucs reallly like Ohio State RB Beanie Wells. We heard the Bucs were seriously considering drafting him until they signed Derrick Ward in free agency. That said, I don't think Tampa Bay will draft Wells.
guest: is maybin worth the 19 pick
g-dubbz: hmmm Ok, will I still thik Wells will be a star.
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – You'll have to wait until Saturday morning to see our final mock draft.
borat: maybin seems like a 3-4 guy
guest: is anybody here
houstonbucsfan: For the first pick we need some D-Line help, preferably DE.
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – That's a good point. The Bucs are lacking elite speed at the running back position.
houstonbucsfan: How long do you think it will take the offense to gell?
guest: Are the bucs confident in Sabby?
borat: JF-so if Peria Jerry falls to the Bucs, do you see them taking him, or is he too undersized for Bates' scheme?
g-dubbz: How can the Bucs be serious on USF RB Ben Williams? Ive seen this kid from his first day. Hes streaky. A solid Catcher, but nothing pro really.
pewterreportjf: mojo – If the Bucs were going to attempt to trade anybody on draft weekend, I would think QB Brian Griese and TE Alex Smith would be candidates. However, the Bucs want to bring four QBs to training camp, and right now that's how many they have. Also, the Bucs like having depth at tight end.
poledancinpanda: JF do you think that linebacker is still a need for this team? it seemed like between signings and players moving into the position that theres actually some depth here now. Do you feel the Bucs will target another OLB come draft day?
pewterreportjf: ryan – I am not a big fan of Aaron Maybin. The Bucs brought him in for a pre-draft visit, so they apparently like him, but I think he'd be a better fit as a linebacker or rush end in a 3-4 scheme.
pewterfanatic: Do you see the Leftwich signing as a possible smokescreen. Trying to make other teams believe they are no longer in the market for a QB yet they still have their sights set on Freeman
houstonbucsfan: LB is pretty set with Crowell, the Bucs like Black. Phillips also looks solid in there. Maybe a late round that could also help on st.
ryan o: Im not a fan either… Im worried they like him.
g-dubbz: Jim is there anymore rumors about Everette Brown sliping? It doesnt make since but worth capitalizing on.
pewterreportjf: houstonbucsfan – It might take a while for the Bucs offense to come together. They didn't install a lot of plays at the three-day mini-camp, so they have a lot of work to do in OTAs and training camp.
ryan o: Mayock on NFL Network has a man crush on him.
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – Take USF's visits with the Bucs with a grain of salt. Since USF is a local college, those visits don't count against the Bucs in terms of pre-draft visits.
chester cooperpot: Jim at the draft party on Saturday can I have you guys autograph my draft preview?
mojo: Is it critical that the Bucs make a big splash on draft day? I have a feeling that this regime wants to make a statement
borat: JF-Peria Jerry a fit in Bates' scheme or no?
g-dubbz: oh cool. I mean dont get me wrong I love USF and I think T Johnson will be a pretty good plaer somewhere but not Ben…
ryan o: My preference is a trade down… But if Brian Cushing is still there at 19 I say we jump at it… !!
pewterreportjf: poledancinpanda – You could make the argument that linebacker is a need on Tampa Bay's roster, but the Bucs appear to be determined to letter younger players like Quincy Black, Geno Hayes and Adam Hayward compete for starting jobs. The Bucs are set at middle linebacker with Barrett Ruud, and remember that they did sign Niko Koutouvides. But if the Bucs selected a linebacker, even as high as the first round, I wouldn't be shocked.
g-dubbz: Is Barrett Ruud at all cool with moving to OLB? And drafting someone like Rey Mal form USC?
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – I don't think there are rumors about Florida State DE Everette Brown slipping. I think people are looking at draft boards and seeing how he could slip to Tampa Bay based on the first 18 picks. Based on the way I see the draft unfolding, I think there is a chance Brown slips to the Bucs.
usfbucfan: can I still sign up to come to the banquet for the golf tournament? I suck at golf
g-dubbz: or viseversa?
houstonbucsfan: Why move Ruud?
g-dubbz: gotcha. cool.
pewterfanatic: Hey Jim – Each year it seems like the Bucs pick someone out of left field that hadn't previously been mentioned in the 1st round…Who would you like to see the Bucs pick in round 1 that you haven't heard anything about at 1 Buc
pewterreportjf: pewterfanatic – I just don't see how the Bucs could justify drafting QB Josh Freeman after signing Byron Leftwich. But you can't rule it out because we know Raheem Morris and the Bucs are very high on him. The problem is Tampa Bay has a lot of needs, especially on defense.
guest: JF-How much faith do the bucs have in Sabby?
g-dubbz: hey I love ruud at mike lb, but rey is a future superstar imo.
pewterfanatic: Thanks Jim
houstonbucsfan: ruud is a superstar also
g-dubbz: two headed monster right?
g-dubbz: I said viseversa. Rey could move too…. maybe..
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – Glad you'll be coming to the Pewter Report Draft Party at Champps at International Plaza in Tampa on Saturday. The party starts at 3:00 p.m.. Very kind of you to want our autograph, but I'm afraid it's not worth much and probably would ruin your Pewter Report Draft Preview.
poledancinpanda: Jf whats your take on a reciever? Are the Bucs confident in who they have or do you think they might try to pick one up on Sat.?
pewterreportjf: mojo – Sure. It's very important for the Bucs to make a splash in this draft, but they also need to hit on their picks. That's something Tampa Bay hasn't done enough over the last several years.
mojo: I'm bringing the midget strippers:) haha
chester cooperpot: Jim- don't be so humble.
g-dubbz: Jim-Is there any water under Bucs maybe trading for Boldin, OchoCinco, or Braylon?
houstonbucsfan: please no OchoCinco or Edwards!!!
g-dubbz: for a 4 rounder you wouldnt?
pewterreportjf: usfbucsfan – Yes, you can sign up for the dinner/banquet for the Barrett Ruud-Pewter Report Charity Golf Tournament at Lake Jovita on May 18. Charley's Steakhouse is doing dinner, which is great. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) to inquire further. Thanks.
g-dubbz: i mean ochocinco not braylon
g-dubbz: for a 4th
houstonbucsfan: Braylon has more drops than Clayton, and Ocho has more drama than TO.
poledancinpanda: for a 4th rounder sure but do i think that Ochocinco fits the teams intrest in getting younger?
houstonbucsfan: Maybe if Ocho could contain himself. There is no way they let him go for that though.
poledancinpanda: no
pewterreportjf: pewterfanatic – Boy, that's a good question. I don't think Tampa Bay's first-round pick will surrpise anyone this year. The problem is there are at least five different positions the Bucs could address in the first round.
goic69: I think the bucs need DT but at 19 are they looking best player availible?
guest: ocho and K-2 would be hot
g-dubbz: i mean cinncy hasnt even been offered a 3rd i hear. A forth at the last min why not..
houstonbucsfan: Guarantee they want at least a 2 for him.
pewterreportjf: guest – Sabby Piscitelli can be a good player. I like his playmaking ability. He's a fiery guy. In order to get better he has to play. That's one of the reasons why the Bucs moved Jermaine Phillips to linebacker.
guest: What are the chances the Bucs draft Harvin with their first round pick? I know DE and DT are needs but Harvin could be so nasty in the slot for us
g-dubbz: I think that Ocho has been quited a bit. He would be a solid #2
pewterfanatic: JF…I keep hearing that OT has the best value and the Bucs should go there, but I really disagree with the BPA strategy in this case. Any way you see them going OT in the 1st?
pewterreportjf: poledancinpanda – I hope the Bucs don't feel they are set at wide receiver. Tampa Bay lacks depth there judging by what we saw at the three-day mini-camp. The Bucs should take a receiver in this draft, and it could be as high as the first round.
mojo: Would the Bucs consider trading down and then out of the first round to acquire additional pics?
guest: If the Bucs wanted to get a receiver over 30, they wouldn't have to trade a pick for Ocho, they could have acquired Torry Holt in Free Agency
ryan o: Jim.. If Cushing drops to 19 but Enlish and Johnson are still on the board as well. Does Tampa abandon the BPA scenario and draft srtcitly for need?
poledancinpanda: If they took one in the first, who do you think the front runner would be?
phan2phear: the bucs will not go OT in the first with penn locked up for this season and next at less than 4 million tender
g-dubbz: Jim a few scouts prefer Harvin over Cratree. If you had to choose whow uojld you take?
g-dubbz: who would*
guest: crabtree no doubt
g-dubbz: choice* bla my bad
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – You can't rule out the possibility of the Bucs trading a draft pick(s) for a player like Anquan Boldin on draft weekend since Kellen Winslow's deal came out of left field, but I don't think that will happen unless it's a great deal for the Bucs.
phan2phear: The bucs are looking at depth for wide receiver but bnot in the first
ryan o: I would take Hakeem Nicks over Harvin…
g-dubbz: nice cool. Yea hes the best WR on the market. for a good deal why not. I mean a future 1st rounder… hmm tempting
poledancinpanda: as much as we NEED defense the BPA might be on offensive player
chester cooperpot: Jim- I love the draft coverage that Pewter Report provides. The newspapers hardly do any, and they seem to know nothing after the first round. Is that because they are going out of business?
houstonbucsfan: I would not at all be upset if they sent a 1 to Arizona for a 3rd and Boldin.
phan2phear: boldin is not a great fit for the bucs given there commitment in money at the position already… plus how would you get clayton bryannt and boldin on the field enough to justify their salaries??? you can't
pewterreportjf: guest – From what we undersatnd the Bucs really like Florida WR Percy Harvin. They came away from his pro day workout very impressed. Sure, there's a chance the Bucs could draft him with the 19th overall pick.
phan2phear: there is no chance they select harvin
phan2phear: none
g-dubbz: Jim-my next Q is do you think Raheem wants to turn this team around to a offensive team? I know hes a former DB coach, but maybe he has a plan we dont know about.
houstonbucsfan: Bucs are going D with the first pick. Enough said!
phan2phear: they shut donw bush twice a year… would you want reggie bush on your roster for a first round pick
pewterreportjf: mojo – Yes, the Bucs would definitely consider trading down, or possibly even out of the first round to acquire more draft picks. I know people say that every year, but this is really a year where I could see the Bucs trading down in the first round. They are really missing that second-round pick they gave up for Kellen Winslow.
phan2phear: the bucs are salready looking to trade down… no partners yet…video on about it
mojo: I'd love to see the Bucs figure out how to add a 2nd rounder for R Brace.
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – I don't know anything about the newspapers' finances, but if you believe what you read and hear from other media outlets (even their own) then it would suggest the newspaper business is in danger of going out of business.
poledancinpanda: or hood
ryan o: If Peria Jerry is still on the board we can probably get Indy to trade up as a partner
g-dubbz: If we trade down, i could see 1st pick MJ, 2nd Pick Brace. That would be NASTY!
phan2phear: the bucs would love to have brace but have a better chance at the later picks…hood is out of the question
guest: phan2phear-they won't find a partner til its time to pick.
poledancinpanda: why is hood out?
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – No, I don't think Raheem Morris wants to turn Tampa Bay into a offensive team. However, he wants the offense to become more of a force, especially when it comes to being physical and scoring touchdowns.
phan2phear: Indy won't trade due to knowing he doesn't fit our scheme anymore
g-dubbz: True.
ryan o: Trade partners are already identified and contacted prior to the draft…
phan2phear: lack of bulk… not a schematic fit for bates system…
g-dubbz: I told my folks that I think the Bucs will be fun to watch this year, but wont necessarly win a lot. hmmm in time.
poledancinpanda: then why would Jerry even be mentioned as a pick?
g-dubbz: I hope im wrong in that way
pewterreportjf: ryan – the Bucs like Ole Miss DT Peria Jerry a lot. They could take him with the 19th overall pick, and I'm sure there are other teams that want him and may be willing to trade up to get him, too. If Jerry were drafted by the Bucs it wouldn't surprise me at all.
mojo: What are the chances we see an all defensive draft to help us get back to what made us great
ryan o: That woudnt stop someone else getting him before he drops to Indy.. Hence why a team trades up.
phan2phear: trade partners are determined on draft day because no one knows what they will do until they see movement in the draft
ryan o: Um no..
g-dubbz: JF- if the Bucs get a top 10 OT will teh Bucs snag him?
guest: Bucs have ZERO identity. Equating to a lack of ticket sales. If they can get a player with charisma, they HAVE to do it. Which is why the Cutler deal not coming to fruitiion hurt this offseason.
g-dubbz: meaning drop to us.
phan2phear: if your indy.. do you think the bucs would actually take him…ore is that a smokes screen
pewterreportjf: mojo – This Bucs regime has to prove that they can draft better than the previous regime. That could be difficult to do since director of college scouting Dennis Hickey was retained. Was Bruce Allen conducting Tampa Bay's drafts or was Dennis Hickey? I guess we'll find out.
ryan o: Doesnt matter if we want him it matters if Indy wants him before another team.
phan2phear: the bucs won't pursue a OT but will consider it if Oher isd still there..
poledancinpanda: idk if the Cutler deal HURT the offseason, but it sure diddnt help any
phan2phear: ryan— teams trade up so that other teams don't get there guy…. the bucs are not a team that REALLY wants this between the lines bro
phan2phear: penn is still under contract for 2 years as a restricted free agent
hulay23: Does anyone else think the bucs should trade next years 1st rounder to get a shot at getting a pash rush DE and a shutdown CB, 2 major pieces in the new defense?
poledancinpanda: No
ryan o: They dont trade with the team they think is going to take their player…
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for joining the chat. Enjoy the draft this weekend. We hope to see you at our Draft Party at Champps in Tampa on Saturday. Party starts at 3PM. Take care.

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