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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Hello, Bucs fans. Ready for the draft?
pikappaphi422: oh yea
guest: I am ready to keep our picks and move on from Jared Allen
deanhome: yeah, but what the heck is going to happen this year, im so confused
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think Jared Allen is coming to Tampa Bay.
pikappaphi422: What players do you think are in the pool for 1st round?
deanhome: is the anquan boldin news just a ploy by him?
deanhome: what a difference a stud WR would make
antcam: I hope we get J. Johnson QB
guest: Do you think Brian Brohm would be a good fit for Gruden's offense?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I went over the players in the Bucs' first round pool in my SR's Fab 5, but I think you can also add KU CB Aqib Talib to the mix, too.
guest: I'm glad to hear that. I think the whole thing – chasing a given player, competing w/ another team for his services, etc., is not our front office's style.
pikappaphi422: If they take Avery do you think that they will bypass on Dexter Jackson
guest: Do you guys know of anyone who will fall in this years draft, aka Brady Quinn?
pewterreportsr: deanhome – I think it could be a ploy by Boldin to get more money. I don't think he's going anywhere.
guest: What if Allen gets hurt in training camp and we have lost our highest picks. Doesn't make sense.
pewterreportsr: antcam – I'm not sure that the Bucs will be getting a QB this year. I think they might wait until 2009.
antcam: what if our first pick gets hurt.
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I see the Bucs only drafting one WR this year.
guest: Go Bucs!
guest: yo
pewterlightning: Do you guys know of anyone who will fall in this years draft, aka Brady Quinn?
kenbuc: Go Bucs
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know which player is going to fall. That's what is intriguing on draft day. The other thing is that there is very little consensus in the first round after the top 15, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see somebody in the middle of the first fall into the second round.
kegan: it seems that the talk shows want us to draft a CB, but I don't see anyone beating out are starting guys…at least for a year maybe two or three …so I'm all for Avery
buc4life79: hey scott with the draft deep in corner and reciever do you see us possibly drafting down to get a couple more picks
kenbuc: hello
kenbuc: ?
kenbucfan: ?
antcam: Whats the latest news on the inquiry into the L. Sheppard ordeal?
pewterlightning: Are the Bucs still talking to Pittman about a contract?
deanhome: i dont think philip buchanan gets enough credit for his year last year, he kept brian kelly off the field
pewterreportsr: kegan – I have a funny feeling the Bucs won't be drafting a CB in the first round this year. I could be wrong, but I think Tampa Bay could draft a CB in rounds 3-5.
strick-9: SR/JF: Any chance we take a DE like Kendall Langford in the 3rd, or a guy like John Baranowsky from James Madison in Rnd 5
guest: How do the Bucs feel about UCF RB Kevin Smith, or Matt Forte in the later rounds?
kegan: sounds good
jollyroger25: Any chance we can find a return specialist in the draft?
sackmaster97: What are the chances of getting a player like J.Nelson in round 2 now that he is climbing draft boards?
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Everybody wants to trade down, but it is so difficult to do. If the Bucs can trade down to acquire more picks, they likely will, but don't count on it.
pewterlightning: Are the Bucs still talking to Pittman about a contract?
micronole: Crazy to take Chris Johnson in Rd 1. Possibly the best playmaker on the board at 20.
guest: does anyone else have draft fever yet? It's only tuesday and I'm ready for the draft now…
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – I haven't heard too much about Kendall Langford. Keep an eye on Eastern Michigan's Jason Jones, though.
buc4life79: mike jenkins in a bucs uniform would be awesome…
pewterreportsr: guest – I haven't heard too much about Forte or Smith. I like them both, but the Bucs seem to be fixated on Chris Johnson and Jammal Charles.
pikappaphi422: Will they draft totally BPA or BPA at a need position?
pewterreportsr: pewterlightning – The Bucs are not talking to Pittman. I think he'll sign elsewhere after the draft – possibly St. Louis.
guest: SR, do you think there is any way Lito Sheppard finds his way here come draft day?
deanhome: id be happy if we drafted chris johnson, that guy has left awesome tape behind
buc4life79: waht about trading simms for later round picks…..
kegan: what's the probability that Chris Johnson is there for the bucs in round 2
buc4life79: like miami
pewterreportsr: sackmaster97 – I think the Redskins will take Jordy Nelson in the second round before he could get to Tampa Bay. He is a solid second-rounder and the Bucs do like him a lot.
pikappaphi422: Do you see anybody that they might draft being anything other than ST guy the 1st year
strick-9: any word on taking a lier on Jake Ikeqwounu from Wisconsin or Bowman from Nebraska in the later rounds..
pewterlightning: Are the Bucs high on Trae Williams out of USF?
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I don't think Mike Jenkins will be a Buc. I don't think they like him enough. I think he's pretty darned good, though.
sackmaster97: IF we do not get a CB in the 1st round, do we really want to invest in another WR in the 1st round after so many dissappointments?
buc4life79: well he would fill a hole at corner if he did fall to us….
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think Lito Sheppard will be a Buc. I don't think there is a lot of interest there from Tampa Bay.
deanhome: is adding chris simms to a package of a 1st and third pick not valuable enough to score a jared allen, chad johnson or roy williams?
buc4life79: scott in your opinion did most of the recievers get overpaid….
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – Bowman maybe, but probably not Jack I. from Wisconsin. He just tore his ACL in January, so he'll be shelved as a rookie.
kenbucfan: SR…who are YOU personally hoping the Bucs pick in rounds 1 and 2?
buc4life79: in free agewncy
pewterlightning: Are the Bucs high on Trae Williams out of USF?
pewterreportsr: pewterlightning – The Bucs do like Trae Williams. I like him, too. We have him in our mock draft.
antcam: SR What is D. Avery's deep ball game like?
guest: SR – If the team does truly take BPA and Stewart is on the board do you foresee them drafting Stewart on draft day
pikappaphi422: which player do you think a team will reach to get on the 1 day
buc4life79: matt ryan…
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I think there is a chance Chris Simms could be moved on draft day, but maybe a greater chance he is traded in August.
antcam: Was anyone shocked by the J. Long singning?
strick-9: do you know if the bucs like Lavelle Hawkins or Jerome Simpson for a 3rd round pick
buc4life79: no it was obvious what the dolphins were doing
buc4life79: its all bout that money…
strick-9: carey will go to the right side or slide inside
guest: With the team lacking quality depth along the offensive line other then Penn and Buenning who is still trying to recover from an injury and Davis who will be a free agent after the 2008 season could the team pull a socker and draft an offensive lineman high?
pewterreportsr: kenbucfan – Well, I would like to see Tampa Bay draft WR Avery and RB Johnson … that would mean we hit on the Bucs' first two draft picks in our mock! There are a lot of players I wouldn't mind seeing the Bucs take in the first two rounds, though.
antcam: I'm glad he didnt fall to the Falcons!!!
buc4life79: what about andre caldell scott
pewterreportsr: antcam – I think Avery is the fastest and most explosive receiver in the draft. He is dynamite with the deep ball.
deanhome: i agree on avery and johnson, who else on the bucs would you consider to be potential trade bait
pikappaphi422: What have you heard on the QB from San Deigo STATE. I watch him play a couple of games and thought he was a good ath. but not a chance at being an NFL QB
deanhome: ive heard haye and thats about it
kegan: If Derrick Harvey is still there do they take him?
strick-9: kevin o'connell
sackmaster97: Can you see avery as a lee evans of the bills or is he not of that calibar or potential?
buc4life79: hes fast
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs will give serious consideration to Jonathan Stewart, as they should. The guy is a stud. I would be happy to see him in pewter.
cadillac 24: SR, do you still think the Bucs will go with Avery with their first round pick?
buc4life79: the gruden meyer connection…
antcam: What kind of ball skills does he have? (D. Avery)
pewterreportsr: guest – I would not be surprised if the team drafted a LT candidate in rounds 1-2. It's a pretty deep draft for OTs and if the right guy is there the Bucs should pull the trigger.
strick-9: avery has the best hands in this draft…better than sweed
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I am not a big Andre Caldwell fan at all, but the Bucs like him.
antcam: Better than Nelson?
buc4life79: that boy is fast…
strick-9: questionable
pikappaphi422: What round do you think Josh will go?
cadillac 24: SR, which Bucs players are available in a trade?
guest: SR – Will the Bucs have a pool of players that might be on the board when they draft, do you think they should try to trade down a few spots while picking up an extra pick?
antcam: What about his yac ability?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – O'Connell from San Diego State reminds me a bit of Rob Johnson. But I think the Bucs like him because of his leadership skills and his athleticism and may consider him late. The Bucs will also consider taking Brian Brohm in the first round if he's there at No. 20.
pikappaphi422: I hope it is real late
pewterreportsr: sackmaster97 – Yes. Avery reminds me of Lee Evans and Joey Galloway.
guest: So only one wr likely to be drafted by the Bucs, no cb in the first round, unlikely to trade down, prolly won't get a qb in the entire draft, no trade for sheppard, no trade for jared allen, maybe will draft an LT in round 1 or 2. I am gonna be on the edge of my freakin' seat (w/ wings and plenty of beer, of course).
strick-9: sr/jf: do you know if the bucs have talked to Cory Boyd from SC?
antcam: Anybody but B. Grads at this point
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I have no solid evidence on who the Bucs are going to take, but I am going to stick with Avery for the Bucs' first pick.
guest: SR – Rudolph Hardie could he be a late round gut or an undrafted player that could come in and help?
kegan: I would be very happy with Avery
guest: I like me some Avery
kenbucfan: as much as we need a cb…I'm hoping for avery as well.
strick-9: I want Justin Beaver from Whitewater-Wisconsin as an UDFA…the all-time Div III rushing leader
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I wouldn't be surprised if Simms or Gradkowski is shopped, also Anthony Davis may be expendable.
pikappaphi422: Does Houston run the RUN
bucinnj: if Antonio Bryant can play to his potential we've got some talent at WR 1-3
deanhome: avery could be so much better that hester since he would get on the field on offense and make a difference
pikappaphi422: Does houston run the RUN
pikappaphi422: run and shoot
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs may try to trade down, but it has to be the right team calling with the right offer. It is HARD to trade down on draft day.
strick-9: houston does run the ball w/ amendola
antcam: no they run the veer option
pewterreportsr: antcam – Avery does have YAC ability. It's in the class of Eddie Royal and Dexter Jackson.
guest: While Simms might bring the team a 6th or 7th rounder not sure Grads has much value unless the team trading for him needs a new waterboy
cadillac 24: SR, I'm just starting to take golf lessons and I'm only a beginner, but do you still think I would be able to play in the Pewter Report golf tournament because I'm thinking of signing up.
antcam: Please sign up
pikappaphi422: Is there much different between avery, royal, and Dex Jackson
guest: Cadillac 24 – you asked that q last week?
deanhome: is anyone going to give simeon a chance this year?
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – I haven't heard anything on Cory Boyd from One Buc Place.
cadillac 24: Yeah, but I'm still not sure. I never golfed before.
pewterreportsr: guest – I'm sure given his sack numbers that Rudolph Hardie would probably be a seventh-round pick and thus not be available to Tampa Bay.
antcam: Maybe we should start a rumor that J. Plummer wants to comeback. Then trade his rights and recoup our draft picks
cadillac 24: deanhome: I'll see Simeon Rice this Friday so I can ask him if any teams have shown interest in him.
deanhome: you kidding on j plummer? they want the cash
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – Houston doesn't run the run and shoot. It's a spread offense similar to Missouri, Kansas or Oklahoma.
antcam: Who is they?
deanhome: im sure someone will give sim a nod
deanhome: the bucs
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – Houston runs the ball with Anthony Alridge, not Danny Amendola.
guest: Any interest by the Bucs in Shaun Alexander? Or is he just washed up?
strick-9: jf/sr: have you seen any tape on Orlando Scandrick
guest: WASHED UP
strick-9: thanks…
antcam: What about M. Flynn as an UDFA?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – We had a ton of hackers out there last year at the golf tournament (especially some of the Bucs players!). Don't worry about your golf game. It's a scramble (best ball). Just come out and have fun. We had a ton of Bucs players there last year and will likely have more this year.
cadillac 24: SR, are the Rams able to start negotiating with a player since the Dolphins already drafted Jake Long?
pikappaphi422: Don't you get scared about taking a WR that high that ran the spread offense?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – Avery is faster than both Royal or Jackson, and bigger than Jackson.
guest: For what it's worth, the first time I ever hit a golf ball was in a scramble such as described. (Well – I went out to a driving range and hit some balls a couple days prior.)
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think there is much interest in Shaun Alexander at One Buc Place. He'll likely command pretty good coin, and I think he's getting washed up. He's soft. I think the Bucs like their backs better.
deanhome: sr, im counting on your call of avery, if right ill owe you a beer
guest: YES
guest: YES !!!NO SHAUN
pikappaphi422: They numbers are very close (40 and size) correct?
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – I have seen Orlando Scandrick play. I like him a lot. He's still a bit raw and unpolished. I wish he would have stayed for his senior season. He's tough, aggressive and very fast. But he's also a bit of an emotional hot head.
antcam: It's time to put the women and kids to bed and the sail the open seas in search of Vikings, Saints, Falcons, and Cat Meat!!!!(Panthers)
guest: AND LIONS
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – They can do preliminary negotiations, but technically, Jake Long has not been drafted yet, so they Rams can't sign anyone to a contract.
guest: Who's Orlando Scandrick? What position does he play?
antcam: There almost extinct!!!
pewterreportsr: antcam – I'm not a big Mike Flynn fan. I'm more of a Jim Flynn fan.
pewterreportsr: Orlando Scandrick is a junior CB from Boise State.
strick-9: avery 5'11.5 while jackson
antcam: Matt Flynn QB LSU
guest: Who's Jim Flynn?
pewterreportsr: Sorry, it is Matt Flynn.
pikappaphi422: What is Jim"s 40 time
antcam: Scott u so Crazy
guest: HA
pewterreportsr: I want to see all you Tampa-area Bucs fans at Champps at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday for the PR draft party. Jim and I will be there from 2:00-2:45 p.m. answering questions.
guest: Cadillac 24 – Also, don't forget to bring lots of balls because you will lose them in the woods, in the water, etc.
pikappaphi422: I am there!!!!!!!!
cadillac 24: I am pretty sure that I will be able to make it to the party at Champps!
antcam: Scott you going to do the party and the golf tourny?
antcam: I'm under the impression their on the same day
pewterreportsr: Be sure to check out during draft weekend … and sign up for the Chris Hovan-Pewter Report charity golf tournament on Sunday, May 18. We had a blast last year and this one will be even better.
pewterreportsr: antcam – I will be at the draft party on Saturday and the golf tourney on May 18. Looking forward to meeting some new subscribers and visiting with some of our loyal diehard subscribers, too.
antcam: Thanks Scott and every other Buc in the house. Yall have a safe night!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
guest: PEACE
strick-9: i'm suppose to be at the draft
strick-9: have fun t the party but gotta work
pewterreportsr: This draft should be a wild, unpredictable ride. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Thanks for the great questions. See you on Saturday at the draft party at Champps at International Plaza in Tampa and also on the message boards. Good night.

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