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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April. 8, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: SR is in the house! And yes, my vacation doesn't start now until Thursday (damn OTAs!)
pewterreportsr: Lots of stuff to talk about tonight. Today, the Bucs held their first of three OTAs this week. Fire away with your questions.
guest: IN THE HOUSE!!!
1vabucsfan: SUP EVERYONE
guest: How did Caddy look to you?
1vabucsfan: SR- How did C.Bennett and A.Bryant look today?
dbo2440: any word on extensions for anyone?
guest: Are they gonna take care of Graham?
pewterreportsr: guest – As I stated in my PI report today, Caddy was walking and jogging with a slight limp. I just don't see how he's ready for football by September. If I'm the Bucs, I redshirt him this year on IR.
guest: how much of an upgrade is Gilmore over Becht
cbgb: Scott, how did Bryant look ?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Charles Bennett is much bigger. I'll have more on him later in the week. Antonio Bryant looked okay. Keep in mind this is just the first OTA. Nobody's made the team yet.
dbo2440: any word on extensions for anyone?
buc77: sr, when is your first radio show?
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – No contract extensions yet for anyone. I think the first one that might get done is B.J. Askew. After that, I think some will likely wait until June or July or perhaps into the season.
1vabucsfan: SR- Where you guys able to identify anymore of the college guys?
dbo2440: how about the weekly update on rod coleman
pewterreportsr: guest – Gilmore is big, but so was Becht. I think Gilmore moves better and is more fluid. But we won't know how a blocking TE will fare until the pads come on in August.
pikappaphi422: Has Gaines put on some lbs.
pewterreportsr: buc77 – Steve and I are discussing doing a 2-hour pre-draft Buccaneer Blitz show later next week – Thursday or Friday (after my vacation).
dbo2440: There was a report in one of the papers about the bucs not spending the minimum yet, I know it isnt hard to spend money, just wondering if you know how they plan on spending to get above the minimum
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Not really. The players were kind of off in a distance and I turn 36 in about two weeks and my eyes aren't what they used to be! I could identify Kent State's Jack Williams, but that was about it.
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – Nothing new to report on Rod Coleman this week.
sackmaster97: Who do you think in this draft can be our next warren sapp if not in the next round (now i know there can never be another sapp) but who can we get in round 2-5 that will fit the bill and can start
dbo2440: There was a report in one of the papers about the bucs not spending the minimum yet, I know it isnt hard to spend money, just wondering if you know how they plan on spending to get above the minimum
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – Gaines has added some sheer muscle mass in his arms, shoulders and chest. My guess is that he's up about 10 pounds, but he looks good. We'll find out more later in the week.
pikappaphi422: Anybody else look like they hit the weight room/
pewterreportsr: sackmaster97 – I don't see a lot of very good pass-rushing DTs in this draft, unfortunately. I think the DT spot is one of the weakest. I think Jovan Haye may be better than anyone in this draft other than Glenn Dorsey.
1vabucsfan: SR – Do Clayton and Stovall look like their in good shape?
pikappaphi422: Was anybody out of shape?
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – The Bucs only have to spend another $9 million or so (I believe) to reach the salary cap floor. The draft picks alone will account for over half that. They will reach that number with the draft picks and an extension or two. That is not even concerning the Bucs brass at all.
guest: Brohm, Stewart, or Avery – Who's the pick if all three are there?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I've got a good PI story on Michael Clayton coming out tomorrow morning … just to tease you guys tonight!
bucwild: Who was working with the RB's in OTA's ?
pewterreportsr: I'll just say that Clayton looks drastically different from a year ago. Stay tuned.
guest: Do you think that Rich Bisaccia is going to be a good RB coach
1vabucsfan: SR – When is your Mock coming out, I think JF said this week if i'm not mistaken?
bucwild: Clayton at TE ?
pewterreportsr: guest – I wouldn't mind Brian Brohm, Jonathan Stewart or Donnie Avery in the first round, personally. I don't know which player the Bucs have ranked higher. They might not know themselves until next week.
pewterreportsr: bucwild – Bisaccia was working the RBs. He's the new RBs coach.
bucsfan4ever: Who would u pick SR/JF?
pikappaphi422: when is the last day that players come in for private workouts?
pewterreportsr: guest – I like Bisaccia. I think he's a damn good coach and I think he will push the RBs to new heights.
buc77: sr, who is best rb on the team thats healthy?
pikappaphi422: How did wilson look at CB?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan- We'll have our new 5-round mock draft coming out later this week. Probably Thursday.
guest: do the bucs have any interest in Ray Rice
pikappaphi422: Do you think Bennett has a better understanding of the O since the end of the season, or will the OTA be the time he hits the book
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – I don't know who I would pick. A lot of players make sense at No. 20. I've done a lot of research on Avery. I like him. I also like James Hardy. I like Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles. I like Jonathan Stewart. I like Mike Jenkins, Brandon Flowers and Antoine Cason. I don't just like one guy.
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs have some limited interest in Ray Rice, but they like a lot of other backs better.
pikappaphi422: Anybody you would like to see them stay away from at 20
bucsfan4ever: What players do u see cut for cap purposes that the Bucs might be interested in? FENCE SITTER ;-))
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I think Bennett will have a better understanding of the offense when the OTAs are over. By training camp, he should be totally up to speed with the offense.
1vabucsfan: SR – What DE's do you like after rd 1?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I don't like DeSean Jackson at No. 20. I don't like Limas Sweed or Early Docet at No. 20, either.
pikappaphi422: me 2
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever I don't think the Bucs have to cut anyone for cap reasons. They have about $25 million in cap room. They will be cutting players for roster space, not cap reasons for the foreseeable future.
1vabucsfan: SR – Has Mo Sto 100% healthy?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – DEs I like? I like Lawrence Jackson out of USC. I also like Chris Ellis out of Virginia Tech. EMU's Jason Jason is intriguing, too.
pikappaphi422: any inside news on the steriods with Lehr and the unnamed falcons player
bucsfan4ever: Sorry not clear on my question I was thinking of other teams cutting players?
guest: has Dunn said anything about Gruden's playbook
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I think Stovall is close to 100 percent healthy. By training camp, he should be fine.
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – No news on Lehr. Maybe the Bucs were uncomfortable about re-signing him due to the steroids allegations.
buc77: SR, who do you feel is the best rb on the bucs roster that is healthy?
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – The Bucs expect several teams to cut veterans after the draft. There will be another wave of free agency at that time that will interest the Bucs.
1vabucsfan: SR Anything on Newberry?
panamabuc: i like chris johnson grus o
pikappaphi422: Do they have their eye on anybody in the AFL for a possible TC invite
pewterreportsr: buc77 – I think Graham is the Bucs
pewterreportsr: buc77 – I think Graham is the Bucs' best running back right now. I just haven't seen much of Dunn to evaluate how much he has lost vs. how much he has left.
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Nothing new on Newberry.
guest: Trib says Garcia isn't happy about his contract. Any news on that?
pewterreportsr: panamabuc – I like Chris Johnson, too. He can flat out fly.
pikappaphi422: How did Grad look throwing the ball
guest: New York Times says Lehr is again under investigation for steroids.
panamabuc: in grudens o he would awesome
pikappaphi422: Did paris give it go? If so how did he look?
pewterreportsr: guest – Garcia is in the final year of his deal and wants an extension. That's nothing new. The team is already talking extension with Garcia. We've reported that.
cadillac 24: How bad is Matt McCoy's injury?
bucwild: You know if the Bucs have eye on any small school guys?
pewterreportsr: Gradkowski looked about the same. I think Luke got more reps. As for Warren, he was going full speed, but I didn't watch him enough to give a full evaluation on him. There were a lot of new faces there today I was watching.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – He just lacerated his fingers. Nothing major. He'll probably be out there tomorrow or Thursday.
guest: Garcia is 38 – how much of an extension goes he want? (This from a huge Garcia fan.)
bucsfan4ever: Any chance a DD for Hugh coming soon?
bucwild: New faces? How did they look
1vabucsfan: SR – Is R.Sims looking like he's in shape?
pewterreportsr: bucwild – The Bucs are looking at some small school guys. WR Dexter Jackson from Appalachian State is one of them. CB Antuan Molden from Eastern Kentucky is another one.
pikappaphi422: What are the possible landing spot IF they decide to trade Simms and what would they likely get for him
pikappaphi422: What do you know/have seen on Molden?
bucsfan4ever: Any chance a DD from Hugh coming soon?
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – Hugh is going across the country pimping his new book "Lessons From Private Equity Any Company Can Use" so we probably won't see any more Dirty Dozens until after the draft.
panamabuc: scott is clayton bigger ?
guest: So he's not going public, I gather??
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan- Sims didn't look like he was in fantastic shape. Still looks like he could shed some pounds.
guest: couldn't we all
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I don't know too much on Molden as he is a small school guy. Big and physical player, though. He was invited to the Combine.
cadillac 24: After McKelvin, DRC, and Jenkins, who is the best CB in the draft? Is there any chance the Bucs draft Aqib Talib if those three aren't available?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets or Dolphins had an interest in Simms. As for the compensation? I just don't know.
pikappaphi422: What round does Molden exepct to go in
cadillac 24: What do you think about Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly with the 20th overall pick?
guest: What about a trade for Gradkowski?
pewterreportsr: panamabuc – You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about Clayton.
guest: If it's a new hairstyle I will be disappointed
1vabucsfan: SR Anything on Greg Peterson?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think Cason or Flowers is the best CB after McKelvin, DRC and Jenkins. I'm not real high (no pun intended) on Talib. I don't think the Bucs are, either.
1vabucsfan: Has the bucs interest in D.Thomas increased?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – If Kelly checks out okay, I would fine with that selection, although I would like to see a 40-time. Thomas is intriguing, but he might be a one-year wonder. That's a little risky in the first round.
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Nothing on Peterson right now.
pewterreportsr: guest – No, Clayton doesn't have a new hairstyle.
pikappaphi422: he is faster?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I know they are studying Devin Thomas and he's a candidate at No. 20. I don't know if he's their guy, though.
buc77: SR, if you dont leave for vacation untill after thusday then i expect we will get a fab 5 in before then ,right.
guest: If his body changed to dramatically, we all know what thay usually means….
bucsfan4ever: Did he have a hands transplant?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – You'll have to wait to read about it tomorrow!
pewterreportsr: buc77 – No SR's Fab 5 prior to vacation. Sorry. You'll have one shortly after I get back, though. I'm already working on it.
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – LOL!
pikappaphi422: Any news on the draft party
panamabuc: speed speed speed chris johnson at #20
pewterreportsr: Draft party is set for Champps at International Plaza again on Saturday, April 26 at 2:00 p.m.
buc77: what are we to do untill then?
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, Bucs fans. See you in two weeks. Flynn will be in next Tuesday night.
guest: Thanks SR!
1vabucsfan: Peace Sr
guest: thanks
pewterreportsr: buc77 – Hey, we just hired Charlie. He and Jim will take care of you guys (and gals) in my absence.
panamabuc: ty sr
pikappaphi422: thanks have a good vacation
buc77: have a good vacation
guest: Charlie had an excellent article recently
bucsfan4ever: Read the 750 mock drafts that will be posted from now until then (PR excluded of course)
sackmaster97: So i guess we address CB,WR and maybe rb in the draft. To me that leaves a big hole at DT which i think will make a world of difference for our D. Look at the Giants. Not to look ahead but if we dont get a DT this yr are there any worth mentioning now for possibly next year?
pewterreportsr: Be sure to spread the word about the Pewter Petition. We're already over 1,000 sign-ups, but need several more thousand names to make a real impact at One Buc Place.
pewterreportsr: Good night.

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