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Pewter Report Buccaneers beat writer Charlie Campbell hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportcc. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportcc: Let the Pewter Report chat begin. If I don't get to your question just ask it again.
guest: Is Michael Johnson curretly the favorite for the 1st pick?
talib 25: test
pewterreportcc: Guest- Yes I think that Michael Johnson is a very likely 1st pick for the Bucs. He is my prediction at this time.
guest: What are the possiblities the Bucs move down in the 1st round and pick up a pick in the 2nd?
pewterreportcc: Guest- I think the Bucs may look to move down. They would have to drop a ways to get a second, but they could also move down and pick up another third round pick.
guest: Why is Black not consider competition for the spot Phillips is now occupying?
talib 25: Now that the Bucs moved Flip to LB and signed Crowell, do Hayes, Black, and Hayward have a realistic shot at starting?
talib 25: Also, what do the Bucs think about Hayward in their new defense?
pewterreportcc: guest- Quincy Black is at strongside linebacker. Phillips is at weakside linebacker. They were both running with the starters at the mini-camp.
bryant 89: Who do you think the Browns will select at no. 5
guest: Is there any chance the Bucs take a chance and burn the first pick on Ron Brace?
guest: Any chance of us geting Percy Harvin?
pewterreportcc: talib 25- Yes I think that Quincy Black is likely to be the starting Sam linebacker. Although Angelo Crowell is going to make sure he earns the job. Black looked great in the mini-camp. I think that Adam Hayward is going to be a backup, and Geno Hayes will have to compete with Phillips to earn a starting spot.
guest: What do you think of Rhett Bomar as a NFL prospect?
buc 63: Are there an rumblings about a 4th QB to come to TC?
bryant 89: Please say no Josh Freeeman CC
talib 25: No way on Ron Brace. B.J. Raji made him look good, just like Julius Peppers made Ryan Sims look good.
pewterreportcc: guest- I think it is very unlikely that they take Brace with their first pick. Harvin is an option there.
pewterreportcc: bryant 89- I think that Josh Freeman is really a second-round pick that is moved up because of the position he plays.
bryant 89: How likely is the chances of a bucs trade down?
talib 25: Would Harvin be that much of a factor in our running offense since we already have Bryant and K2? We could always take a WR later.
dls5492: What do you think of Rhett Bomar as a NFL prospect?
buc 63: Can Harvin withstand an NFL season. I would assume they want him at WR to save the beating he would take as an RB
guest: What do you think about Peria Jerry or Vontae Davis as the first pick for us? Jerry is a little smaller than Bates typically likes, but he's quick as hell and has a serious motor.. and Davis would be great opposite Talib for the next 5 years.
guest: Any shot of us trying to go get Plexico?????
pewterreportcc: talib 25- I think Harvin is a fall back if there isn't a defensive linemen available that the Bucs like. Harvin is very versatile so offensive coorindator Jeff Jagodzinski would find ways to get him involved.
buc 63: Just say No to Plaxico…lol
pewterreportcc: buc 63- I think Harvin won't have as many injuries in the pros. He got them often from being tackled by defensive linemen and linebackers. That will happen much less in the pros, and he won't get nearly the amount of touches per game that he did at Florida. With the Gators his touches averaged in the teens. In the pros it will probably be about half that.
talib 25: Will Earnest Graham be back for TC?
dls5492: What do you think of Rhett Bomar as a NFL prospect or in a Buc uniform?
pewterreportcc: guest- I really like Peria Jerry and so do the Bucs, but he is misfit for the system. I think Vontae Davis is an option for the first pick if there isn't a pass rusher available that the Bucs like.
dabucs12188: What are you thoughts on the dline prospects that grade out as 1st rounders?
pewterreportcc: dls5492- Bomar is okay, and he does have physical talents. I'm not a huge fan. I think he could become a competant pro backup. I don't think he is worth the Bucs picking him because he will be a mid-round pick and the Bucs already have a project at quarterback in Josh Johnson. Bomar will have a big adjustment coming from Sam Houston State, like Johnson did coming from San Diego. The Bucs don't need another quarterback to have a red-shirt season.
buc 63: ho will be the 4th QB in TC?
buc 63: err…who will be?
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I think that B.J. Raji is a legit top-10 defensive tackle. Peria Jerry is the only other first round defensive tackle. Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown, and Larry English are the ends that I think are the best for the Bucs system. English is the one that is the only option. Orakpo and Brown will be long gone by the time the Bucs pick.
dabucs12188: What about Michael Johnson outta GT?
pewterreportcc: buc 63- I wrote about the 4th QB in the last Quick Hits. I think it could come via trade on draft day for a late second-day pick. If they don't get one there, then they might sign a veteran on the market.
bucs fan 03: Any shot of us trying to go get Plexico?????
talib 25: Would English play LE or RE, and who does he compare to?
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I think the Bucs could easily take Michael Johnson with their first pick. If I had to say one guy right now, it would be him as their first-round pick. But he too a lot of plays off. I don't like to spend first-round picks on guys who wait for their teammates to make the play. I want a guy, like Larry English, who goes all out and tries to make every play himself.
talib 25: Does Plax have to serve any jail time?
pewterreportcc: bucs fan 03- We haven't heard yet if the Bucs are interested in Burress.
dabucs12188: Yeah I was sorta forced into watching GT games since my gf goes there, he can really dominate when he wants to.
pewterreportcc: talib 25- English would play right defensive end, and he compares a lot to Dwight Freeney expect more physical. He was impressive on every snap at the Senior Bowl, and that was the proof he can do it in the NFL in my opinion. Coming from Northern Illinois you had to wonder about the level of competition, but he dominated some of the top senior offensive tackles in Mobile.
dabucs12188: What are the chances of the Bucs trying to trade down in order to get a 2nd round pick?
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- Exactly. Michael Johnson looks like a world beater at times, and then he disappears for stretchs. For a first-round pick I'd want a more consistent player.
dabucs12188: Yep.
pewterreportcc: talib 25- I'm not sure exactly, but I think that Burress may have to serve some jail time.
dabucs12188: If this coaching staff can maybe slap him in the face and wake him up, him and gaines would be a SCARY tandem.
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- The Bucs would agree with you about Johnson and Adams together. The Bucs are very interested in Johnson and he is visitng with the team before the draft. They were disappointed that he pulled out of the Senior Bowl because Raheem Morris wanted to watch him perform there.
chester copperpot: Now that Garthia is officially gone, what are we going to do for a fourth quarterback?
talib 25: Good question about a fourth QB. Is Leftwich signed yet?
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- I think that they could trade for a quarterback on draft day, if they don't then I think they might sign one after free agency.
dabucs12188: CC, Any trade posibilities you see going down on draft day?
guest: If Mark Sanchez somehow falls down to, or around the Bucs' first pick, is it a given that he's their choice?
pewterreportcc: talib 25- Byron Leftwich hasn't signed yet but the Redskins have shown some interest in him.
usfbull: any chance the Bucs draft a Bull in the draft this year?
bucyea: sorry to be late, but does it appear we're moving closer or further away from drafting Freeman @ 19? In your opinion.
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- Yes I could see the Bucs trading back from their first pick to add more picks, and I could see them trading a late round pick for a quarterback.
dls5492: gotta go, thanks CC!
chester copperpot: Do you think there is any chance B.J. Raji will fall to the Bucs at 19 after he allegedly had a cameo appearance in a Cheech and Chong movie, i.e. took a hit off the peace pipe?
pewterreportcc: usfbull- Maybe Taurus Johnson late in the draft. Tyrone McKenzie should get drafted in the second round and the Bucs don't have a pick there.
bucyea: Is it possible if Raji drops, we trade up?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think that Freeman will be drafted by the time the Bucs pick at 19.
bucyea: if he's not. do we take him, in your opinion?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think it is a long shot the Bucs trade up in the first-round. They don't have the ammo to do it after trading their second-round pick.
chester copperpot: Why are all the names green in here?
chester copperpot: usfbull – I am not PR but I dont see a Bull being a buc this year. I do however see Tim Tebow becoming a Buc in 2010. :)
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- I don't think that Raji will drop because of the marijuana allegations. Those are being disputed. The names are all green as a homage to the pre-draft marijuana negative test results for a few draft prospects.
dabucs12188: oh god please no tebow
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I could see the Bucs taking Freeman if he is at 19.
chester copperpot: Funny guy, PRCC.
bucyea: Would you say it 80% we draft defense in the 1st?
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I think that Tebow will be a good pro quarterback and should be drafted highly in the first-round. Nobody disputes that Jon Gruden knows quarterback play, and he thinks Tebow is a legit first-round pick at quarterback. I trust Gruden's take, and I shared that opinion before Jon voiced it anyway. Also Bill Belichek has said that Tebow could change everything about offense in the NFL.
talib 25: chester copperpot – Because PewterReport is going Green! :)
guest: l
bucyea: Taking Freeman would be ANOTHER project at QB
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I don't know if it is as high as 80% but I think it is very likely they go defense in the first-round.
dabucs12188: The Bucs need to stick with defense and maybe wr this year imo.
chester copperpot: PR is awesome for Bucs news. No one beats it. I dont know what Id do without it. I dont want the newspapers to go away though because then I won't have anything else to potty train my dog on.
talib 25: Exactly chester!
bucyea: What's PR's raction to K2'sconttract? To early to much IMO
chester copperpot: Seriously, though. What about Garthia? Why didn't the Bucs want him back?
talib 25: Why would the Bucs bring Garcia back? He's done.
bucyea: Garcia has no upside
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I agree. After watching at mini-camp the Bucs have a hole at the third receiver. I think they should strongely consider taking Mike Wallace from Ole Miss in the third round and not wait until the fourth or fifth round.
usfbull: when is the full schedule being released?
dabucs12188: Will he be there in the third when the Bucs pick?
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- Jeff Garcia did not play very well last season, and he is 39. The Bucs need to get younger and better at quarterback.
chester copperpot: Do you think the Bucs will make a run at Torry Holt or wait until after the draft to address WR?
bucs21: Do you think cadillac will have an impact this season?
pewterreportcc: usfbull- The full schedule should be released in the next few weeks. Chester- I don't see the Bucs making a run at Tory Holt, although quarterbacks coach Greg Olson would give him a recommendation to GM Mark Dominik.
bucyea: SR has you guys blinded by Freeman, noway he goes in round 1
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I think that Wallace will be there when the Bucs pick in the third round, but I'm not sure he will be there in the fourth round.
dabucs12188: What DT prospects do you like in the 3rd or 4th round?
chester copperpot: Williams Wallace from Braveheart or Mike Wallace from Ole Miss? I would take either one on our roster.
pewterreportcc: bucs21- I know Cadillac expects to be back, but I think that Ward and Graham will be the impact backs next season.
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- Sammie Lee Hill is a defensive tackle that I like for the Bucs in the middle of the draft. There aren't too many with the size the Bucs are looking for.
chester copperpot: How is the team chemistry compared to last year, particularly in the locker room and showers?
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- lol. I think the team chemistry is better right now then it was last season.
usfbull: is Brooks going to retire? no one has picked him up yet
usfbull: would be cool if they retired his number at a game this year
chester copperpot: i have to disagree with bucyeah. I think this QB class is awful and is the reason why Freeman could be a first rounder.
talib 25: I think Brooks will retire. He only wants to play for the Bucs.
bucs21: CC Do you see the bucs making any more free agent signings after the draft and if so any ideas who?
pewterreportcc: usfbull- I think it is more likely that Brooks retires at this point. Talib 25 is right that he only wants to play for the Bucs, and there aren't a lot of Tampa 2 teams in the NFL right now.
chester copperpot: When will the regular season schedule come out?
pewterreportcc: bucs21- Yes, I could see the Bucs making signings at cornerback, quarterback, and wide receiver.
dabucs12188: Is it draft day yet :|
usfbull: cc said in a few weeks, chester
chester copperpot: dalbucs – No. The draft is April 25-26. You're losing it, man.
talib 25: If Tony Dungy was still with the Colts, I could have seen him go there, but he's not.
dabucs12188: i know i am
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I wish, only a few weeks away until draft day.
chester copperpot: Do you see a situation where the Bucs trade up with Detroit to get the No. 1 overall pick?
pewterreportcc: Talib 25- That's true, but Brooks was a liability on the field at the end of last season. Other teams have seen the tape.
pewterreportcc: Room- Thanks for the great questions. I have to get going. If I missed your question please ask it on the Insider Board.

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