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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 20, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Charlie Campbell hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Campbell is identified as pewterreportcc. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportcc: Let the chat session begin. If I don't answer your question feel free to ask again. I will try to answer as many questions as possible.
pewterreportcc: Wow, China, I've longed on from Europe but you have me beat.
guest: Did you hear about Charles Grant being in big criminal trouble?
antcam: What's happen Charlie
antcam: no what kind of trouble?
kybucfan: Hi CC, what your "gut" tell you about the team's feeling about Luke McCown's as the "QB of the future?" Is there a wait and see approach or what?
pewterreportcc: I'm not too familiar with Charles Grant's legal issues but that could have a big impact on the Saints.
guest: Charged w/ involuntary manslaughter.
kybucfan: …especially with the drafting of Josh Johnson…
che: What's the word on Geno Hayes?
indianabucsfan: What is the word on Garcia's contract
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- We feel that the team thinks Luke McCown could be the QB of the future. They passed on Brian Brohm and Chad Henne and that was a real vote for Luke.
kybucfan: thx
pewterreportcc: Che- Geno Hayes was spoken highly of after the rookie mini-camp, so sources think he will make the team.
indianabucsfan: Do you think Josh Johnson will become a slash player for us
buc4life79: who cares bout garcai
che: Other than Charles Bennett, is there any other young player who has any buzz this offseason?
buc4life79: tired of hearing bout
pewterreportcc: Indianabucsfan- the Bucs are speaking with Jeff Garcia's people. It is slower than Jeff would like but the team is offering him contracts and trying to do a new deal.
guest: who's garcai
kybucfan: With the reporting of the contract extension talks with P. Buchanon, does the team see him (along with Talib) will be the future @ CB instead of Wilson and Talib?
buc4life79: garcia
rdhess: CC – can Talib really beat out Buchanan for starting spot?
buc4life79: sorry
pewterreportcc: Not sure Josh Johnson will be used as a slash. They've been mum on that, but we should get an idea at mini-camp and obviously at training camp.
indianabucsfan: thx, just wondering if griese would get to pick up where he left off
kybucfan: Also, great call on Askew getting the 1st contract extension of the summer!
buc4life79: you sign a contract…live by it
cadillac 24: What
cadillac 24: up
pewterreportcc: rdhess- Yes Aqib Talib could beat out Buchanon, but it will be tough. Talib has the size and ball skills that the Bucs love. Buchanon also was targeted by other teams in the red zone last year.
che: If the Bucs list Josh Johnson as their 3rd "Emergency" QB on game day, they can use him at other positions and essentially have an extra player active. The Redskins used to do this with Brian Mitchell.
indianabucsfan: Hey charlie, caddillac said he feels he will ready by July, is there a chance he could see training camp
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- It's possible that Wilson, Talib, and Buchanon could be the Bucs three corners of the future. Every team wants three good corners.
buc4life79: caddie will be back by week 8 at the soonest
guest: CC – don't you worry about a rookie giving up the big play? I really like Talib, but I'm nervous about him starting.
kybucfan: gotcha
indianabucsfan: If caddy is on his way back EG looses a lot of bargaining chips
pewterreportcc: Guest- that's always a worry of a rookie giving up a big play, but Tanard Jackson proved to be ready and outside of his first game he wasn't beaten much for big plays.
antcam: What's your impression of A.Peterson?
buc4life79: jackson is the man
guest: Are you hearing any trade rumors from the Bucs?
che: I would have been more concerned with Will Allen back there… T Jax was ready…
cadillac 24: Does the media get to watch Wednesday's or Thursday's OTA?
pewterreportcc: Antcam- Adrian Peterson looks like the real deal, but I want to see him stay healthy for a few seasons before he is annoited as the best back in the league. Chris Hovan spoke highly of him recently.
kybucfan: With the recent sophmore slumps of C. Williams, D. Joseph, and M. Clayton…any word on how G. Adams or T. Jackson is looking?
antcam: Not the Viking but the Buc?
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- The media is allowed to watch on Thursday's OTA at Raymond James Stadium.
che: D Joseph had a slump last year?
cadillac 24: That
buc4life79: adams will be fine and there should be no worries with jackson
cadillac 24: is great
cadillac 24: hopefully you could pick up some good inside info
buc4life79: adams just had a late start last year
pewterreportcc: Che- Joseph seemed to slump against the pass, but played well in run blocking. He needs to put it all together this year.
buc4life79: id be worrried more bout bringing back white right now….
indianabucsfan: Hey charlie, caddillac said he feels he will ready by July, is there a chance he could see training camp
buc4life79: adams and white could be a awesom end combo
pewterreportcc: Antcam- I guess you mean Greg Peterson. We heard he's looking like he's coming along well. He will battle Dre' Moore for backup snaps behind Jovan Haye. Peterson also could see some time at end.
buc4life79: awesome….sorry
guest: Have you actually seen Caddy run? If so, how does he look?
che: I would love to see Peterson at end!
indianabucsfan: Look for bennett to reunite with his college buddy
antcam: My bad Cjharlie
buc4life79: caddie cant run yet
indianabucsfan: adams, bennett, white
rdhess: caddy wont be ready
guest: That's a problem if he can't run yet, no?
buc4life79: week 8 at earliest for caddie
buc4life79: well you asked if he was running
buc4life79: duh
antcam: The Cadallic days are over
rdhess: for president?
pewterreportcc: Antcam- no problem. Guest- We saw Caddy run at an OTA about a month back and it looked labored. We've heard he's making steady progress and he thinks he'll be playing in training camp. That may be a little soon.
cadillac 24: Who will be the next Buc to get a new contract?
buc4life79: greg white….
rdhess: haye
cadillac 24: Buchanon?
buc4life79: haye is already signed he signed a one yr deal
indianabucsfan: buchanon
buc4life79: 2 mil
rdhess: thats right, my bad
indianabucsfan: they need to get white signed
buc4life79: but im gald we did resign him though
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- We haven't heard of a particular Buc that is closer on a deal then the others. We had heard that about Askew and I reported it in a Cover 2. Garcia, Graham, White, Buchanon, and Haye are all having talks with the Bucs.
buc4life79: white needs to be signed asap
che: Does the team view Askew as a player who is capable of playing tailback in short yardage situations? If Graham were unavailable, neither Bennett nor Dunn would seem to be candidates for that job…
buc4life79: askew would be great in short yardage i think
antcam: CC does PR have an official stat tracker to keep up with amount of tackle since the NFL doesnt do it?
indianabucsfan: Is Rod Coleman anywhere near returning to play, he would be a good backup to give guys a breather
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- Greg White can't be a free agent for a few more years. I think four, so he isn't going anywhere.
buc4life79: sweet
buc4life79: thought he signed a one yr deal last yr…my bad
buc4life79: guess i was wrong
buc4life79: hahahaha
cantmiss11: How quickly can Joh Johnson pick up Gruden's offence and will Doug Williams help tutor him?
buc4life79: so cc…simms….
cadillac 24: He did but he is a transitional free agent player or something
pewterreportcc: Antcam- PR gets tackles stats from a few places. The Bucs PR departement does a great job of getting stats.'s tackle numbers can be inaccurate.
antcam: he did B4L79, he just doesnt have enough time in the league for free agency.
buc4life79: gotcha….
indianabucsfan: I can't wait to see white after having an off season and getting time to recoup, he didn't have that last year with the arena league
buc4life79: i agree about white
rdhess: CC – what Cover 2 topics can we expect in the near future?
buc4life79: indiana
pewterreportcc: cantmiss11- Johnson seems to be a sharp kid and I think he'll play well in preseason. I would bet he will have a redshirt season or two and will get lots of tutoring from Doug Williams and others.
antcam: Was White impressive in the lost to the Giants?
indianabucsfan: White is a beast
buc4life79: white and adams are goin to wreck some hovac
cadillac 24: When wll the Bucs decide which QB to release?
rdhess: before training camp
indianabucsfan: don't rule out bennett buc4life
buc4life79: i think bruce will be gone
pewterreportcc: rdhess- I have a lot of C2 topics on my mind. I'd like to do starting running back if Graham pulls a holdout. That could be a great debate.
antcam: Who do u think it would be CC?
guest: Except Graham won't hold out. No way.
rdhess: that would be a good one
antcam: i mean who would you prefer?
indianabucsfan: I think they need to give M. bennett the ball more, he can fly
cadillac 24: Have you heard anything about the Bucs bringing back Lorenzo Neal?
buc4life79: well with drew as your agent you never know whats goin to happen…lol
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- The Bucs will have to release or trade a QB before camp. Simms and Gradkowski seem to be the most likely players for that.
che: Might Corey Boyd get a look at Fullback to better enhance his chances of making the roster?
indianabucsfan: Charlie any word on Rod Coleman
pewterreportcc: No word on Lorenzo Neal coming back. I think his price is too high to be a backup to Askew and the Bucs like Byron Storer a lot.
buc4life79: hey you never know…with dunn back…mike might think bout tryin to come back….lol…just kidding
cadillac 24: Have you heard anything about any big name player that might come available before training camp?
pewterreportcc: indianabucfan- We've heard the Bucs still are considering Rod Coleman. He is still getting healthy and I think he may sign with a team closer to training camp. Drafting Dre Moore may have hurt his odds of landing in Tampa Bay.
antcam: Any word on A. Sears progress?
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- There have been rumors of Roy Williams, the Cowboys safety, getting released. Also Jeremy Shockey may become more of a trade target.
indianabucsfan: CC Dre Moore was tough in college, why did he drop so far, and can he end up being a steal
buc4life79: cc…in reality…with us having the shotgun now…do you think that might help simms ….
indianabucsfan: Simms is Done
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Bengals will eventually part ways with Chad Johnson before the season starts if he doesn't report?
indianabucsfan: with the NFL
antcam: I hope so IBF!!
pewterreportcc: indianabucsfan- Moore dropped because he had less experience than typical prospect. He got a late start in football. He didn't do much in his first few years and had a big senior year.
rdhess: I think Moore was out of shape at rookie camp
indianabucsfan: cool, it looks as if he has a lot of upside
antcam: So did D. Thomas. and he went in the second
buc4life79: id rahter have simms throwin a long bomb to galloway over garcia an day….
cadillac 24: Most of the rookies were out of shape at rookie camp
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- Simms in the shotgun sounds like a better fit then three step drops. That's a good point.
indianabucsfan: u don't like garcia do you buc4life
buc4life79: he did play in the shotgun in texas
buc4life79: never said that…
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- Some of the rookies looked like they need to be in better shape for training camp. Moore is one of them, but the team was not concerned.
indianabucsfan: just insinuated it
antcam: U cant run shotgun on every play, that would be tippin your hand
buc4life79: just tired of people thinkin he is god
rdhess: Simms won't get a chance to play shotgun in Tampa
indianabucsfan: I agree
indianabucsfan: puts his pants on just like we do
buc4life79: hes descision makin is good..lacks arm strength in my opinion
indianabucsfan: I want to see griese finish his 5-1 start from a few years ago
cadillac 24: CC, did you try to play any golf at all at the tournament?
buc4life79: ibf…i agree
indianabucsfan: he does well in grudens system
buc4life79: you should never lose your job over injury
pewterreportcc: Che- Cory Boyd at fullback is an interesting idea, but it seems right now he is set at RB. Carl Stewart from Auburn is Storer's competition to backup Askew.
indianabucsfan: maybe nowhere else, but at least in grudens system
indianabucsfan: I agree buc 4 life
buc4life79: but thats business…
rdhess: CC – how have SR and JF's inside sources been treating you as the new guy?
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- No I couldn't play at the tournament. I was helping behind the scenes, but it was a great course and maybe I could play in the future.
antcam: I believe that C Byrd is the future at the running back pos
indianabucsfan: CC is Darby gone this year
pewterreportcc: rdhess- The sources I've come into contact with have been great people.
guest: do you think Gruden can make it through the summer without picking up a name receiver who is a training camp cut?
buc4life79: anybody goin to the chicago game……
indianabucsfan: I am going to try to, seeing I am only a few hours away
pewterreportcc: indianbucsfan- Darby is in for a tough fight with Boyd and Clifton Smith. One of the three could land on the practice squad.
antcam: Charle we're glad you have joined the PR nation. It's pleasure having you aboard!!!
buc4life79: i went to the colts game last year…
cadillac 24: Is Stovall fully recovered from his injury?
buc4life79: first time being up north….
pewterreportcc: Guest- I'm not confident that the Bucs will add a name receiver. They seem set with what they have.
indianabucsfan: where you from buc4life
buc4life79: stovall is going to have a breakout year watch….
buc4life79: tampa native…very few left….lol] pewterreportcc: Antcam-thanks for the welcome. It is lots of fun and I enjoy interacting with you guys and helping to be a messenger to Bucs fans.
rdhess: lol
indianabucsfan: lets hope so, PARRIS WARREN
cadillac 24: How about Paris Warren. Is he ready to go?
indianabucsfan: NIG YEAR
buc4life79: warren i agree with
indianabucsfan: Sorry BIG YEAR
che: Charlie, are Ike Hilliard and Antonio Bryant fighting for one roster spot, or do you see the possibility of both making the final cut?
antcam: What about T. Biddle anyone?
buc4life79: my girl has family in chicago ibf we went up there and drove to india
pewterreportcc: Stovall is playing but not quite 100 percent. He can't take contact yet. Warren seems to be good to go.
antcam: he looked pretty good in the Panthers game last your.
pewterreportcc: Che- I could see Ike Hilliard and Bryant on the roster. With Galloway, Clayton, Stovall, and Jackson.
indianabucsfan: cool, I love just out side of Indy, and hating the Colts every minute
rdhess: CC – in your opinion, which player will have the biggest turn around this upcoming year?
buc4life79: lol
cadillac 24: Will Ryan Sims have a bigger role this year?
buc4life79: so we fiqured we go to chicago again the same weekend they play…
pewterreportcc: Taye Biddle is an interesting player. He has some jets, he could surprise some people at training camp.
guest: lots of potential with PWarren and MStovall, but it never seems to translate to a productive season
buc4life79: well there always a first guest…
indianabucsfan: awesome, I am going to try to get tickets
antcam: CC do you think that Wilkerson will make the roster by default?
pewterreportcc: rdhess- that's a tough call as to who will have the biggest turn around. I would pick between Alex Smith, Clayton, and Bennett
buc4life79: ive always wanted to go to solidier field for a game…next is green bay…
che: As bad as the KC Dline has been, they let him walk.. That must say something…
guest: if any one of those three had a huge turnaround, it would be HUGE
indianabucsfan: awesome, hostile territory buc4life
buc4life79: i agree
cadillac 24: Who's a better player, David Boston or Antonio Bryant?
buc4life79: thats y i want to go….lol
pewterreportcc: Antcam- no Wilkerson won't make it by default. There is tons of competition on the d-line. But we have heard that Wilkerson is really impressing. He's also a good guy and teammate from what I've seen.
buc4life79: im crazy like that….
antcam: I expect clayton to have a big year. He's in a contract year.
indianabucsfan: I get that sense!
buc4life79: clayton better have a good year or whe will be done
kybucfan: What is the read on M. Douglas so far, speaking of D-line?
indianabucsfan: I hope clayton has a good year
cadillac 24: Will the LBs do a little more blitzing this year?
buc4life79: i hope so 24…
pewterreportcc: Bryant sounds to be more of a viable option over Boston, but Bryant needs to be in football shape and get that speed back he showed in his earlier seasons.
buc4life79: that really hurt us last year…we need to get to the qb more…..
indianabucsfan: CC it seems that there is more competition at linebacker than originally expected
che: Adams, Hovan, Haye, White, Moore, Sims, Douglas, Wilkerson, Bennett, Carter, Peterson
che: that's going to be fun to watch
antcam: CC do you think that the bucs are letting R. Morris devise the gameplan this year?
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- Douglas could be a Greg Spires type player, or Kevin Carter. He's big and can flip inside on passing downs.
buc4life79: this whole team is goin to be fun to watch this year…
buc4life79: think there goin to be alot of surpises
indianabucsfan: awesome year, superbowl in the back yard
buc4life79: sorry for misspelling lol
cadillac 24: Douglas is also very high in character up with Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks.
pewterreportcc: Antcam- Raheem's opinion carries a lot of weight and he already contributes a lot to the game plans.
buc4life79: nfl wont allow it
buc4life79: to much money to be lost
indianabucsfan: CC it seems that there is more competition at linebacker than originally expected
buc4life79: i would like tat but in all reality…no way
buc4life79: that
antcam: I hope we dont let him slip away
kybucfan: What is the word on the certainty or uncertainty with regardt to Raheem being the future DC?
rdhess: CC – what influence will Coyer have on offense this year?
guest: that would be a big conspiracy, like the Bert Emanuel non-catch
buc4life79: i agree guest…but it is reality….
cadillac 24: Will anyone sign Michael Pittman, Jeremy Stevens, or Jeremiah Trotter? What's their status on the Bucs re-signing them?
pewterreportcc: Yes the linebacker backups will be a huge battle. The Bucs did a lot of interesting stuff with them. Moving Lehman to the outside and McCoy to the inside. Hayes will battle with Hayward to backup Brooks. Nece is in there, and Black should make strides in year two.
buc4life79: pittman i think will be back
antcam: Why do u say it would be a lost for the NFL if the Bucs make the show? I mostly a corporate event anyway?
pewterreportcc: rdhess- It is not exactly clear how Coyer will impact the offensive side of the coaching staff. That should become more evident during training camp.
buc4life79: because you wouldnt have people from out of town comin in
guest: once they get a better idea that there will be no caddy to start the season, i agree, buc4life
indianabucsfan: pittman is an awesome team guy
indianabucsfan: great reciever
cadillac 24: i agree
buc4life79: to spend money
buc4life79: the nfl is bout money makin
antcam: Trotter got signed by the 49ers i
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- We've heard some teams are interested in Pittman. Stay tuned on that. Stevens could be signed by a team that has an injury, but the character concerns have really come back to bite him. It looks like Trotter may be forced into retirement, or he could sign with the 49ers.
buc4life79: how would you make money if the team hosting it is in it
antcam: Because the Corporations the sponsor the NFL buys up the majority of the tickets
buc4life79: cc….whats your thoughts bout us bein in the super bowl in our own town…..
pewterreportcc: buc4life70- I'm sure the NFL would rake it in if the Bucs make to the Super Bowl. The demand in the Bay Area would be huge, not just for the game but for all the Super Bowl events.
pewterreportcc: I think that would be awesome for Bucs fans and would be a very memorable Super Bowl in NFL history.
che: Charlie, is this the deepest Bucs team since 2002
antcam: Ticket sell are a small part of the pie anyway. The big bucks come from advertisment
guest: primary difference would be hotel rooms and flights, which the nfl cant get their grubby mits on
buc4life79: you could look at that in both ways
pewterreportcc: Che- that's a great question, and I would say it is in my opinion. Sources told us the Bucs feel very good about their roster into the late forties and beyond.
antcam: I would think all that is already booked
guest: good night, all, go bucs
indianabucsfan: I think the we have the most depth in our division
bucfanmatt: What do you think will be the most competitive battle in training camp?
buc4life79: what about restuarants…theme parks…..and other things like that
rdhess: kicker
pewterreportcc: I have to run, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions. Keep checking out Pewter Report as we will have more from the OTA's over the next few days.
guest: CC – You are very well informed and an excellent writer. Thanks for the chat!
antcam: CC are you getting paid for ot? if so i hope it does affect the sub pricing.=)
buc4life79: LOL
che: Thanks
indianabucsfan: we will be the first in the dividion to win it back to back
rdhess: thanks CC – really enjoy having you as part of the PR team
cadillac 24: Thanks CC! You did great in your first chat.
antcam: I hope everybody has a safe night and stay out trouble.
indianabucsfan: later CC
pewterreportcc: Thanks for the compliments and support. See you on the message boards.

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