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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
guest: JF – Do you think Amarii will make it to Pre Season
mjmoody: Pat Carter seems to have the speed Jag's looks for, is Amari Jackson a Gruden style size preference or just a Dominick favorite?
bluetick: Is there anything at all to the Jarvis Moss Rumor?
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I'm afraid Amari Jackson will be hard pressed to make it to training camp. Based on the hour the media was allowed to watch of practice each day during the rookie mini-camp, Jackson did not fare well. I'm surprised the Bucs signed him, but I can't complain since I graduated from USF.
bucyea: Do the Bucs honestly believe Barber can play bump coverage
kybucfan: JF – Out of the Undrafted Free Agents at Cornerback that seemed to have impressed over the weekend, which one do you think has the best shot at a roster spot?
g-dubbz: JF – Do you think that Buie can do some OLB work?
dpinbucfan: hey
bluetick: do you think Sammie Sloughter is the real deal, does he have a good chance to be the 3rd or 4th WR on team?
pewterreportjf: mjmoody – You are right. Wide receiver Pat Carter does have impressive speed. I don't think either player will make it to training camp. Remember – the Bucs will have to free up six roster spots for their unsigned draft picks between now and August.
guest: Depending on how the rookies due on CB and Nickel, do we see the end of Barber on final cut downs?
trojan52: Vaughen from Richmond sounds like a good free agent pickup, Do you see him taking Storer's or Cook's spot this season?
buccaneersfan22: Do you trust in Raheem about the things he is doing on defense?
sheep: Can conridge collins make this tema as a backup fullback
bucyea: Do you think the Bucs are confident with Bates' scheme and are committed to it for the long-term?
bluetick: Jarvis Moss Trade, is this for real?
sheep: Can conridge collins make this team as a backup fullback?
1vabucfan: JF -Any legs to the Tamba Hali rumors?
bluetick: Sammie Sloughter does he become our 3rd or 4th WR?
booker: If Freeman impresses enough in TC will he start day one?
g-dubbz: Any more info on taylor?
dpinero: he
pewterreportjf: kybucsfan – I liked McDuffie at Florida Atlantic. He's a hard hitter and seems to have his head on staight now. DeAngelo Willingham from Tennessee also did some impressive things at the collegiate level. Both players are going to have to excel on special teams to make the roster.
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – From what I understand the Bucs plan to let Buie compete along the defensive line.
sheep: great info on taylor on this one site i found
bucyea: Can Barber play bump/man and are the Bucs confient in Bates's scheme long-term
dinky: Is Rodney Landers still a guy the Bucs may sign?
guest: Since Cook was picked up after injuries occured, I would bet Vaughan would be on the roster, what say you?
chester cooperpot: Jim- What are your thoughts on the Bucs passing on a chance to get a quarterback like Tebow, Bradford, McCoy, or Snead next season when they are drafting in the top five because they already took Freeman.
pewterreportjf: bluetick – Yes, I was very impressed with what I saw from wide receiver Sammie Stroughter, and the Bucs feel the same way. This kid has a lot of upside and could beat out Dexter Jackson for a 53-man roster spot in training camp. Jackson better perform well at WR if he wants to beat out Stroughter because I can tell you Stroughter is ready to compete.
guest: barber can't be a long term answer..due to his age Mack is what morris is high on anyway..wouldn't be surprised if mack beats him out mid year
chester cooperpot: Dexter Jackson sucks.
pewterreportjf: sheep – Conridge Collins went home early from the Bucs rookie min-camp due to an injury.
bucyea: Does Rahs "closeness" to Freeman inhibit his better judgement for the team?
bluetick: Yes Sammie is the Man, just what I wanted to Hear, But another 2nd Round Pick down the drain Oppssss!!!!
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – We haven't heard much about Tampa Bay being interested in trading for Kansas City DL Tamba Hali. Same goes for the Jarvis Moss rumors. Those appear to be just rumors at this point.
chester cooperpot: Jim- Josh Freeman's produced little more than medicore numbers in college. Why would that warrant a first-round pick?
guest: it doesn't his body did
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – Jim Bates would like the Bucs to sign Jason Taylor, but I don't think Tampa Bay's front office is behind the move. People in the front office don't believe Taylor has much left to offer at this point in his career and would take away valuable playing time from some of the younger defensive ends like Kyle Moore.
chester cooperpot: bucyea- I agree that Raheem's closeness impaired his judgement on evaluating Freeman.
guest: great info on taylor on this one site i found
buccaneer4life: Taylor is done.
guest: taylor is a no go
bluetick: I love the youth movement, it will pay off in 2-3 more years
pewterreportjf: bucyea – I'm not sure if Ronde Barber can play bump, and the Bucs don't know either. It's hard to evaluate a corner's bump skills in non-contact mini-camps and OTAs, so we might not know until training camp.
sheep: maybe sooner
booker: Raheem's knowledge of Freeman doesn't impair anything seeing as he see the guy play and practice for a year
dpinero: In your opinion how do you see the Buc's season ending record wise…if you had to take a guess right now?
bucyea: Are the Bucs committed to Bates's scheme long-term?
detroitbuc: yo
1vabucfan: JF What are your thoughts on Tampas RB situation and Josh Vaughn chances?
sheep: at least as long as morris is here they will be commmitted to the Bates scheme
buccaneer4life: I see Vaughan making it
booker: Do the Bucs plan on letting Smith play as a RB more? I hope not
dpinero: Vaughn…Rick Vaughn…Come On Ricky…Give Em the HEATER!
bucyea: Bates has mentioned Zone for Barber which kills his overall philosophy
chester cooperpot: I checked that site out,, and it sucked. What a waste. It is pointless.
sheep: not if your in the nickel
pewterreportjf: chester copperpot – If Josh Freeman pans out then no one will care that the Bucs passed up the opportunity to draft one of next year's quarterbacks. There is no doubt that the 2010 class of quarterbacks is better than 2009. Unfortunately, there is a chance the Bucs will have a top 10 pick in next year's draft, and if they do that means the team's QBs likely will have struggled. That won't be a good feeling for the Bucs to have when they see the available QBs in next year's draft there when they're picking. Again, if Luke McCown or Freeman perform well it will be a moot point.
buccaneer4life: Barber is a goner, just look at all the rookies we have chompin at the bit to play bump/man
bucyea: How many QB's on opening day roster? Pleas no more than 3!
mjmoody: Is the release of Fassitt and the signing of McDuffie, McCollough and Willingham an upgrade in talent or just in body type/size?
bluetick: Which QBs make this roster on opening day, Jim?
buccaneer4life: Yeah, give us your top 3 QBs that will be on the roster come Sept, any on practive squad…do we trade any we have…who?
g-dubbz: JF – From what it looks like will we be running a 4-2-5? With all these tall DB's its perfect.
dpinero: JF, Who is the Sleeper on the roster that breaks the starting line up and makes an impact?
detroitbuc: i dont think Barber will hold off the young guys in camp
pewterreportjf: dpinero – Boy, that's a tough one because no one saw what Atlanta and Miami did coming last year. As of right now, I see the Bucs going anywhere from 4-12 to 6-10. I hope I'm wrong and very well could be, but this team is so young and will go through some growing pains. I think the players will play hard for Raheem Morris, though. If this Bucs team manages to go anything close to 8-8 with the tough schedule it has it will be a good sign for the future of the Bucs.
pewterreportjf: booker – Yes, the Bucs plan to play Clifton Smith some more at running back, especially as a receiver. That's one of the reasons why the Bucs released Warrick Dunn. They feel Smith is a dangerous player in space.
bucyea: Are Morris's bad communication skills "giant walking the planet" and "wanted to fight him" going over well with the local press or can they sense a pot 'o gold with Morris
chester cooperpot: The defense is going to get waxed through the air the next year.
dpinero: Ouch
booker: only problem with thatis look what happened to hester
detroitbuc: why chester?
g-dubbz: Jim – is this 6-9 OT for real from So Miss? I mean from all I can see hes a Center for their bball team.
chester cooperpot: Because there pass rush is pathetic and they did nothing to upgrade it.
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – I don't think Tampa Bay will carry four quarterbacks into the 2009 season like it did last year. My guess is the QBs will be Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich and Josh Freeman.
joe buck you: thats 3
bluetick: At 6'9" he should stick with Bball IMO.
booker: Any chance Josh johnson will be moved to a different position?
guest: JF is Chris Mccalister a coner you see the bucs bringing in?
buccaneersfan22: do you know if the bucs wanna add some receivers for competition?
dpinero: Do you think Captain Check Down (Griese)will be Traded or Just Released?
guest: corner*
bucspirate: Do you see the Bucs running any 3-4 during the regular season this year?
1vabucfan: JF What are your thoughts on Tampas RB situation and Josh Vaughn chances?
pewterreportjf: dpinero – It's really early, but if I had to pick a sleeper right now I'd say it's WR Sammie Stroughter. He has a real shot at not only making the team, but possibly even winning the No. 3 receiver spot based on what I saw from him during rookie mini-camp. Again, it's early, but so far so good with Stroughter.
joe buck you: would you want griese?
bucyea: Do you see the Buc committing to Bates scheme for the long-term
buccaneer4life: Which WR are kept? Who are the top 3 or 4
dinky: bucyea, give it up. It is a bad question and does not deserve an answer
dpinero: "Joe Buck you"…that is a negative, but someone might. Denver may take him back..Orton or Simms..Cmon guy.
pewterreportjf: booker – No, the Bucs have no plans to move Josh Johnson to another position. Some in the Bucs organization are hoping Johnson beats out Byron Leftwich for a roster spot. McCown and Josh Freeman are basically guaranteed roster spots this year, so the last spot is between Leftwich and Johnson.
trojan52: Vaughn impressed in camp and is big enough to play Fullback, athletic enough to play tailback and doesn't mind to play special teams, do you see him stealing a roster spot from Storer or Cook?
pewterreportjf: dpinero – Yes, Brian Griese likely will be traded or released by the Buccaneers. Could happen before training camp.
g-dubbz: Jim – Is there anything special goin on during training camp? Like a session where we can ask Q's win some stuff?
bucyea: with the reluctance to bring in FA more in tune with Bates' scheme, I sense a relcutance from the Bucs to fully commit to Bates's scheme
pewterreportjf: bucyeah – As long as Jim Bates is the defensive coordiantor the Bucs will be committed to running his defense in Tampa Bay.
bluetick: Goodbye Griese, dont let door hit ya where the good lord split ya…..
dpinero: I think Bates believes he can run his scheme with who he has now.
detroitbuc: i likek getting big at CB
buccaneer4life: Use the young talent, let some other team get older through Free Agency
bucyea: different schemes take different players and I've seen very little from the Bucs that would lead me to belive the Bucs are commited to Bates
pewterreportjf: trojan52 – Boy, that's a tough question. The Bucs like B.J. Askew (when he's healthy), and Byron Storer has really improved since joining Tampa Bay as an undrafted free agent, especially on special teams. Josh Vaughan will have to make great strides in the offseason and training camp to beat a veteran out for a 53-man roster spot. I suspect Vaughan could be a practice squad candidate.
bucspirate: Any chance the Bucs add a veteran CB before the start of the season? If not is E-Mack guaranteed to be the third corner
jprebbsbucs: what have the coaches been saying about Dre?
g-dubbz: Jim- Is PR going to have any new videos? We still have the draft stuff on the main page..
joe buck you: how can we not pick the most important position (CB) on his team to upgrade?
buccaneer4life: did that last year joebu
bluetick: Do think the Bucs are done with Roster or will they add more Free-agents before Training Camp?
pewterreportjf: bucspirate – There are still a few veteran cornerbacks available in free agency, but our sources with the Bucs have suggested the team wants to let the younger cornerbacks develop and give them a chance to play and compete, so I don't see Tampa Bay signing a veteran unless they change their mind on that front.
joe buck you: yeah but we probably should have done it again some point don't you think
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – Pewter Report has put its video department on hold until we unveil the new website, which we're hoping will be ready to go in 2010.
joe buck you: who is performing better : Moore or Peterson
bluetick: Do think the Bucs are done with Roster or will they add more Free-agents before Training Camp? If so, what position?
g-dubbz: SWEET!
bucyea: It appears to me that Bates is being set up to be the Fall Guy
g-dubbz: Cant wait!
booker: what?
buccaneer4life: dang, was hoping the new site would be ready around pre-season this year
bucspirate: At what positions does the depth on the team concern you the most?
dpinero: JF, do you think they move Phillips back to Safety. Is he really going to stay at LB?
chester cooperpot: What! A surprise party?
pewterreportjf: joe buck you – That's a good question to ask. The Bucs had a chance to draft the best cornerback in the draft at 19 in Vontae Davis, but passed in order to trade up and draft QB Josh Freeman. It's a gamble that better pay off for this Bucs regime.
buccaneer4life: can you fix the single sign on…prompted to login if I move around in the site
bucyea: Good question, is Flip really better than Geno, Black or Heyward?
bluetick: Do think the Bucs are done with Roster or will they add more Free-agents before Training Camp? If so, what position?
dpinero: I agree I have to log in a million times to get to the chat room.
g-dubbz: JF – The bucs said they might use launder at wildcat QB. Is that in the plans to run some more Wildcat? Do you know?
pewterreportjf: dpinero – The Bucs are going to allow Jermaine Phillips to compete with Geno Hayes for a starting job at outside linebacker. I don't know if he will beat him out. If Phillips gets moved back to safety I think it will be behind Sabby Piscitelli — the Bucs want to play Piscitelli this year, which is one of the reaons why they moved Phillips to LB.
bucyea: JF, did the Bucs make a mistake in your opinion by drafting Freeman at 19
joe buck you: who is performing better : Moore or Peterson
pewterreportjf: buccaneer4life – Believe me when I say we've put a lot of thought into the new website, and the login issues have been discussed.
buccaneer4life: Launder is sounding pretty good, so that makes 6 QBs, I'm sure Gruden would have loved keeping 6 QBs
detroitbuc: when is the new site coming out??
dpinero: JF, Did Dexter Jackson show up for the Rookie Mini Camp? I didnt Read anything about him..the kid better have shown up.
1vabucfan: JF Whats the chances we see Black,BR,aND Crowell as the starters?
bucfan4life: what are the chances we sign a veteran cb like patrick surtain before training camp
pewterreportjf: bluetick – You can never say never, but I think Tampa Bay's roster is pretty set for the most part. I could see Mark Dominik entertaining some possible trades if the deal is right, though.
booker: Jackson doesn't shop up unless asked
joe buck you: who is performing better : Moore or Peterson
guest: Do you think the Bucs got enough for Alex Smith?
pewterreportjf: g-dubbz – No, Raheem Morris joked about using the Wild Cat formation, but I have seen nothing in practice to suggest the Bucs are serious about using it in the regular season.
bucyea: Do you personally like the pick of Freeman, Yes or No
g-dubbz: awwwgh. ok
booker: Bucs first round pick next year, who ya got?
chester cooperpot: dpinero- Dexter Jackson is NOT a rookie. Thus he couldn't have been in the rookie mini-camp. He was on the roster last season thus he, and Josh Johnson couldn't participate.
chester cooperpot: Dexter Jackson sucks.
1vabucfan: JF Whats the chances we see Black,BR,and Crowell as the starters?
buccaneer4life: If you run the O with Freeman, you can always move to the WildCat as he was the One Man Army where he came from
pewterreportjf: bucyea – I am not super high on Josh Freeman, but I understand why the Bucs drafted a quarterback in the first round. It was long overdue. I just wonder if the team wouldn't have been better off waiting until 2010 to address QB since the class is much deeper and more talented than this year's one.
dpinero: Chester…I thought 1st year players can participate.
joe buck you: ist rd pick next year..probably a cb
g-dubbz: JF – What WR Impressed you the most at Mini Camp?
chester cooperpot: dpinero- first year players that were never on the roster can. Like Dre Moore, who was on the practice squad all last year.
dpinero: G Dubbs…he said Stroughter.
joe buck you: d jax can't be
bucspirate: Jim, do you think that Davin Joseph's foot injury continued to hinder him through the year last year?
g-dubbz: OOO
g-dubbz: MB
theaman: Dre Moore…while he's improved, has he improved enough to get significant playing time?
bucyea: good answer JF, that's a NO. I think Rah's let his relation cloud his judgement
buccaneer4life: You can't afford to wait until 2010 for something you may not be in position to get. You had to use the knowledge you have on Freeman and your draft position now.
pewterreportjf: booker – Wow. Way too early to tell, but I'll play just for fun. With their first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select … Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer.
chester cooperpot: Jim- Do you think the Stroughter will win the third receiver spot by default because the other receivers are terrible?
buccaneer4life: Building a new team with a new O and D should all happen with your new Franchise QB
joe buck you: who is performing better : Moore or Peterson
dpinero: Chester….thanks, and yes Jax sucks. I wish I could get paid millions to pus out when a big guy is trying to hit me.
rpatel10: JF do you think the bucs will bring in chris mccalister for a tryout ?
g-dubbz: JF – In what order would you put Freeman in the strongest NFL arms?
booker: I dont get the beter Qb draft next year when you will probably have tp have a top three pick to land Bradofrd or Snead and Moccoy doesnt fit the mold we need and wellTebow…
pewterreportjf: dpinero – Dre Moore was allowed to participate because he was on Tampa Bay's practice squad all last year. Dexter Jackson was on the active roster, so he could not play in the rookie mini-camp.
joe buck you: d jax sucks in the old system..lets give the guy a chance in the new system first
pewterreportjf: bucspireate – No, we heard nothing from Davin Joseph to suggest his foot injury hindered him throughout the year.
booker: Do you see Stroughter and Smith spliiting Kr duties with Smith getting more axction at RB?
joe buck you: positive enough for you
jprebbsbucs: Which Buccaneer will rush for the most yards in 09? I would like to see Ward get the majority of the carries
guest: Do you think the Bucs got enough for Alex Smith?
bucyea: how is Rah lack of communication skills being looked at by the media, what are your thoughts
chester cooperpot: I think Dexter Jackson sucks period. In any system. He plays scared.
pewterreportjf: joe buck you – Dre Moore and Greg Peterson are going to have a great competition in training camp. You don't know who is doing better until the pads come on in camp.
bucfan4life: are we still trying to sign bryant to a long-term deal?
joe buck you: great video on alex smith on that website…hilarious
1vabucfan: JF Whats the chances we see Black,BR,aND Crowell as the starters?
pewterreportjf: rpate10 – No, I don't get the sense from the Bucs that they are interested in signing Baltimore free agent CB Chris McAllister.
buccaneer4life: If Dexter Jackson sucks, then let him go, trade him away, open the spot for something worth throwing to
pewterreportjf: booker – Clifton Smith will be Tampa Bay's return specialist. Stroughter could be his backup.
g-dubbz: I gotta Jet. Thanks JF for taking time to answer our Q's.
theaman: What are the odds of Dre Moore actually getting significant playing time this season?
jprebbsbucs: Which Buccaneer will rush for the most yards in 09? I would like to see Ward get the majority of the carries
bucyea: Does Morris appear as unintelligent to you guys as he does to me
chester cooperpot: That website sucks. Its just some jag talking into a camera. No different than any dumb fan sharing their thoughts like anybody cares. The message boards are much better.
joe buck you: buccaneer4life—-d jax sucks in the old system..lets give the guy a chance in the new system first
rpatel10: he is not unintelligent
booker: yeah he is an idiot, end srcasm
bucspirate: Do you think Jagz will leave any of the responsibilty for protection calls with Center, or is going to put that all on the QB like most teams?
buccaneer4life: I guess we can see if DJAX brings it in preseason
dpinero: I dont know a system that promotes falling down and curling up in a ball so you dont get hit…DJAX SUCKS.
bucyea: I'm sure he's not an idiot but he talks like one
joe buck you: he was smart enough to fool us with the freeman pick
1vabucfan: JF Any chance Hamilton is bought back if cut by the Bears?
bucyea: true
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Angelo Crowell and Quincy Black are competing for the same starting position, so I don't see them in the same starting lineup together. All we know for sure is Barrett Ruud will start at middle linebacker.
rpatel10: what do you expect hes 32 years old and has never been put in such a spotlight
buccaneer4life: Hamilton isn't going anywhere, Chicago just traded another CB to the Patriots
jprebbsbucs: Which Buccaneer will rush for the most yards in 09? I would like to see Ward get the majority of the carries
bucyea: i've never seen someone act as unprofessional as Morris, NEVER
pewterreportjf: bucspirate – Jeff Jagodzinski will require his quarterbacks to make line calls. Jeff Faine is helping the younger QBs make the transition.
buccaneer4life: Ok, jprebbsbucs needs an answer. Probably figuring if Ward is his first or second pick in Fantasy Football. Oh yeah, me too.
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Of course the Bucs would be interested in bringing back Marcus Hamilton if he were to be released by the Bears. Tampa Bay didn't want to have to let him go.
booker: what about Morris is unprofessional?
joe buck you: bucyea-you just miss gruden
rpatel10: atleast he hasn't started off as bad as mcdaniels lol
joe buck you: how is this guy unprofessional??
mjmoody: Really? So if Morris "speaks right" but wears a nasty ass sweatshirt to interviews he's more professional?
bucyea: yes
chester cooperpot: Dumbest coaching hire recently: McDaniels or Lane Kiffin? I'll go with Kiffin.
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions and for joining the chat session today.

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