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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: What's up, Bucs fans! SR is in the house!
pikappaphi422: What teams were trying to trade for Simms?
guest: SR – With Coyer being given new duties do you see the team continuing the heavy defensive line rotation in 2008?
guest: IN THE HOUSE!!
guest: HELLO
bucfanskiz: SR- what if any vetren FA's will be available
1vabucsfan: SR Will the Bucs bring in anymore pass rushers
pewterreportsr: guest – About Ian Campbell, we'll see how he does in 2008. He was moved to OLB in the 3-4 last year and his true home is at DE. I think he's a good college pass rusher. He's got a high motor, but not elite athleticism. I see him as a middle-round prospect right now.
bucfanskiz: Anyone we will target
guest: Really – June 1 is gonna be a busy time, no?
pewterreportsr: guest – I thought Josh Johnson performed well at the mini-camp. He has a live arm. Not terribly strong, but strong enough. Good, fluid release. Intriguing prospect.
guest: is it true we might target chris henry ?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – No teams tried to trade for Simms.
pewterreportsr: guest – Yes, even with Coyer as the asst. head coach, I think Todd Wash sees the benefit of rotating the defensive linemen on a regular basis.
guest: DO you think that any unsigned free agents have the potiential to make the team
pewterreportsr: bucfanskiz – I don't know which veterans will be released this summer. I'm sure there will be some surprises.
pikappaphi422: How much of the playbook did they give Josh and how did he handle it?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think it's June 1 anymore. I think it's really the week before training camp.
guest: Any chance the Bucs will sign more undrafted free agents?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't believe the Bucs will target Chris Henry. To do so would be a mistake. He is Pacman-esque.
guest: amarri Jackson was a surprise – what did you think of the local USF WR?
guest: SR – With Zuttah being trained at center does that mean the experiment with Buenning failed? also he was listed as the team backup RG on the final depth chart do you see him being the backup RG this season
1vabucsfan: SR Are the Bucs still high on Ryan Moats? He maybe released with Booker now there.
guest: What unsigned free agent that we signed has the potiential to make the team
pikappaphi422: Any names of players that might get a invite to camp…..Anybody from the AFL?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Elbert Mack might make things interesting. I also think Clifton Smith is somewhat intriguing. I don't think any of them will make the team.
guest: I'd love to hear Doug Williams' reaction to his video on youtube… has anyone mentioned it to him?
guest: SR – Any word on Williams rehab?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – Josh got introduced to the playbook, but there's no way he could go through it all in a three-day rookie mini-camp.
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Bucs are done signing undrafted free agents, but you never say never with this team.
guest: do you think vthat josh johnson will have the potiential to be the starter in a couple of years
guest: SR – any word on the Bucs opinion of Adarius Bowman?
pewterreportsr: guest – Physically, I like the size and speed of Amarri Jackson, but his hands are a big concern. He has the worst hands of all the Bucs receivers right now.
1vabucsfan: SR Are the Bucs still high on Ryan Moats? He maybe released with Booker now there
guest: Well, that won't work. Too bad.
pewterreportsr: guest – Dan Buenning will need a great training camp to make this team. I think Zuttah's presence may cost Buenning a roster spot.
pikappaphi422: How did Hamlton look at CB? Any chance he makes the team?
guest: did aquib look like he could start
guest: SR – Any word on the status of White's desire for a long term contract?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I haven't heard anything on Ryan Moats at One Buc Place.
guest: Any word on what the Bucs did not like in Tommy Blake?
"hate": any word on contract talks with Graham?
pewterreportsr: guest – I saw the Doug Williams YouTube clip. I thought it was harmless. I'm sure Doug wasn't too pleased.
sbf: SR – is Dexter Jackson going to make an impact on the WR position this year along with KR/PR?
guest: will josh johnson be the franchise qb
sbf: sup hate
"hate": sbf?
sbf: sarasotabucfan
pewterreportsr: guest – Adarius Bowman is a big, slow WR, who got arrested for drugs before the draft. I'm guessing he's not too bright, either.
dabucfan: With Dexter's injury and his being late to practice is he close to being in the doghouse?
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I didn't get a chance to watch Hamilton too much. He's in the mix for the practice squad again I think.
1vabucsfan: SR Any other info on how C.Bennett and G.Peterson are progressing?
guest: Thanks for the Bowman response – Would Zuttah be the backup center if Buenning was cut? Are the Bucs confident that he could make that transition quick enough to be counted on as Faine's only backup?
bucjoe: Will Dexter actually get any meaninful playing time this season?
pewterreportsr: guest – No word on Blake, but he's about 15 pounds overweight from his TCU days and my guess is that the Bucs did not feel comfortable enough with his situation and his upside to sign him.
pikappaphi422: What do you think is the weak link on the team right now?
sbf: SR- What do you think we should do with Chris Simms?
pewterreportsr: guest – No new word on Greg White's desire for a long-term contract. The guess here is that he's not getting one until after 2008 at the earliest.
guest: SR- Hvae you heard anything about the long term contract status of Morris, before he has a chance to test the waters for a defensive coordinators job in 2009?
guest: with the signing of the center from miami what position do you think jeremy zuttah will play
rook: Why did the NFL not expand the camp roster to make up NFL Europe? Penny wise pound foolish
pewterreportsr: sbf – I don't know what type of impact Dexter Jackson will make in 2008. He will be counted on to be the return specialist until he proves someone wrong. That's his job to lose. It's up to him to not lose it.
pikappaphi422: Any update or do you think there will be any movement on the Rod Coleman?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Bennett has made some good progress. I'll have a story on him next week. I haven't heard too much about Peterson.
bucjoe: Do you not think Smith could be our punt returner this season? 5 return tds?
pewterreportsr: guest – It's too early to tell if Zuttah WOULD be the Bucs' backup center right now. I think the Bucs would LIKE for him to be the backup center. But he's got to prove he can do it first.
"hate": status on Graham's contract extension?
1vabucsfan: SR Is there any chance Boyd shows enough to sneak on the roster as the back up FB?
pikappaphi422: How many of the rookies look out of shape/ not in playing condition
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – Any meaningful playing time for Dexter Jackson will have to be earned. I don't think he made a great first impression this weekend.
dabucfan: With Dexter's injury and his being late to practice is he close to being in the doghouse?
pewterreportsr: sbf – I think the Bucs should hold on to Simms until training camp and try to deal him in the preseason. He's an asset they have spent a lot of time and money in. The Bucs are entitled to a return on their investment. Chris is a good guy, but all of this "put him out of his misery" business is a bunch of nonsense.
bucjoe: Do you think we will keep 3 UTs this year? Haye, Peterson and Moore?
pewterreportsr: guest – I have heard nothing new on Raheem Morris' contract situation.
guest: well said about Simms
guest: SR –
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – Way too early to tell about Clifton Smith. If he dazzles in camp and in the preseason, he could win the job. If not, he'll be cut.
bucjoe: Couldn't agree more about Simms. You said it perfectly!
sbf: props on the chris simms explantion!
pewterreportsr: hate – Good to see you in here. No news on Graham's contract extension. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs make him ride out his contract and test free agency in 2009. Or he could get re-signed if he's reasonable and works with the Bucs.
guest: SR – Geno Hayes does he have a chance to make the roster over McCoy. Nece, Hayward or Joe?
guest: SR – With all respect, I don't think it makes sense to look at the time and money we put into Simms (or any other player) in the past. The only relevant question is: what will he do for us in the future. The answer is clearly "nothing."
pewterreportsr: dabucsfan – We don't know what Dexter's injury was. It was speculated that it was a hamstring pull.
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – The Bucs could keep Haye, Peterson and Moore. It's possible.
1vabucsfan: SR Has Charlie met any of JF and your Sources and are they comfortable enough with him to give him good scoop?
sbf: good question
sbf: CC has been writing a bunch of stories, i am enjoying them.
guest: cc is good
pewterreportsr: guest – Too early to tell about Geno Hayes. Since he's a smallish LB (don't believe the 6-foot, 227 pounds stuff), he'll have to prove that he can shed blocks in practice with pads on. A smallish Derrick Brooks could do that and excelled. A smallish Nate Webster couldn't and was a career backup.
guest: Canadian Club ?
bucjoe: Do we have enough playmakers to "make some noise" this year?
pewterreportsr: guest – True, Simms will do nothing for the Bucs in the future. But he did nothing during 2007 and was paid millions by the team. The Bucs are entitled to compensation if he has trade value. There is no downside to keeping him on the roster until the roster cutdowns come. If he isn't traded by then, then he will be released.
rook: I keep hearing that Caddy may be ready by regular season. Is that true?
bucjoe: Does Talib have a realistic shot at starting this year?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Yes, Charlie has met some, but not all of our sources. He's done exceptionally well the first month. Jim and I fully expect that he will be our equal in about a year or so. He's going to be a great Pewter Reporter.
guest: Agreed
sbf: SR are you going to interview dre moore soon? hes a very intriguing project… or did i miss an interview with him?
pewterreportsr: CC as in Charlie Campbell.
1vabucsfan: SR Is there any chance Boyd shows enough to sneak on the roster as the back up FB?
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – I am concerned about the Bucs wide receiving corps. I don't think they did enough to address it.
bucjoe: Dre Moore in a one-gap can REALLY use that burst and power in the pass rush!
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – I think Talib has a realistic shot of starting off at nickel corner and possibly working his way into the full-time starting role. Buchanon and Wilson don't have a stranglehold on the position, but they do have experience.
rook: I am disappointed we did not go after Jabar Gaffney who would up signing a cheap one year deal. Why didn't we make a play
guest: What did you think about Dre Moore? He looks like a beast. Could he be in the rotation at least?
guest: Any news on how Antonio Bryant is doing? Is he at the facility often? What do the coaches realistically think he can cantribute this year?
pewterreportsr: sbf – We didn't get the chance to talk to Dre Moore at the mini-camp. I do think out of all the rookies, Talib, Moore and Jackson will be the three that will contribute the most in 2008. I think Moore will see time as a power 3-technique player.
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – I didn't get to see enough of Boyd due to his injury. I think he and Darby are battling for the practice squad.
pewterreportsr: rook – Florida WRs have a bad rep in the NFL because most of them are busts. My guess is the Bucs scouts didn't like what they saw on tape.
1vabucsfan: SR Anything on Askew extension?
bucjoe: Any news about Galloway's shoulder?
sbf: SR- Realistcly do you think we can get anything at all for gradkowski?
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Nothing new on Askew right now. I've heard that he's likely the first extension to get done, though.
guest: hey
pewterreportsr: No news on Galloway's shoulder. My guess is that he doesn't do much until training camp.
rook: Do you get the feeling Bruce Allen does not like Garcia as much as Gruden?
pewterreportsr: sbf – I don't think the Bucs could get anything for Gradkowski. He entered the league as a sixth-rounder. Maybe a conditional seventh-rounder, but that would be it.
rook: Allen did not sign him in 2004, offered a pretty cheap deal in 2006 and still has not extended him.
1vabucsfan: SR If Caddy is able to come back mid season is Bennett gone or held on to for insurance? Who would be the odd man out?
bucjoe: Do you now think the Bucs will keep 4 qbs this year?
pewterreportsr: rook – No. I wouldn't say Bruce doesn't like Garcia as much as Gruden does. I don't have anything to support that notion. I know Bruce and Jon don't see eye-to-eye on all players, though. If anyone tells you Bruce is Jon's puppet, just laugh in their face because they aren't educated Bucs fans (or Pewter Report subscribers).
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – Yes, I think the Bucs will keep 4 QBs this year.
cadillac 24: SR, do you think that my group will be able to play with a player in the golf tournament?
bucjoe: Who is the odd man out if Caddy returns mid-season?
pewterreportsr: rook – Allen couldn't sign him in 2004 due to salary cap restraints. I like Jeff and admire him a lot, but just know that he has always been about the money.
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – It's too soon to tell who the odd man out would be if Caddy returned mid-season. It might not be a running back. It might be a player from a different position.
pewterreportsr: 1vabucsfan – Bennett is here to stay. The Bucs have big plans for him as a situational back.
rook: Bennett and Dunn as a rocket backfield???
bucjoe: That's good to hear! I really think Gruden can do things with Bennett!
guest: How do we deal w/ the fullback position if the starter goes down. Do we have a backup, or do we rely on the running backs, or what?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – We are trying to line up a Bucs player with every foursome. We have 18 Bucs players and 21 signed-up foursomes right now. Chris is working on getting a few more players to come out.
1vabucsfan: SR Who do you see as this years Jarvis Moss or Clarett? Early picks who were cut.
pewterreportsr: rook – Bennett and Dunn in the Rocket backfield would make Jon Gruden's heart go aflutter.
guest: Can you blame him?
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, guys. Thanks for the great questions tonight. Remember to tell your friends about the Pewter Petition on We've got 1,200 signatures so far and are looking for thousands more.
guest: THANKS SR!
bucjoe: Would we use a TE at FB if Askew is hurt?
1vabucsfan: Peace SR
cadillac 24: Thanks, that would awesome if we got to play with a player.
pewterreportsr: bucjoe – The Bucs like Byron Storer a lot as a backup FB. He really improved in 2007.
bucjoe: Thanks SR, it was great! My first time on the chat!
pewterreportsr: Thanks for coming, bucjoe. See you next Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

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