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Pewter Report Bucs beat writers Scott Reynolds and Charlie Campbell hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Monday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Reynolds and Campbell are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportcc respectively. Their chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportcc: Let the Pewter Report chat begin. If SR and I miss your question don't hesitate to ask it again.
pewterreportsr: SR is in the house, too. Fire away.
gator_thumper: how is barber looking so far with the press coverage?
pewter party: Was there ever an answer about why the Glazers cleared out the supporting staff that could have helped Domink during the draft? any comments from Dominick or the fired ones?
pewter party" did dominck not want them?
drewzilla: Assuming Sears can make it back to good health, would it be possible to move Zuttah to LOT?
pewterreportcc: gator thumper- Barber has looked solid in the OTAs and mini-camp workouts we were allowed to watch. He is very motivated and wants to prove his doubters wrong.
gator_thumper: awesome
snook: good news on Barber…
pewterreportsr: pewter party – The Glazers made the decision to clean house in the front office and everyone who was loyal to Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden got the heave how except for Mark Dominik and the personnel (pro and college) staff.
bucyea: What's with Sears, does he play this year?
pewterreportcc: drewzilla- No Zuttah won't go to left tackle. That is the only position on the line that he has not learned. He is a guard, center, and right tackle. His best position is guard.
pewterreportsr: Ronde hasn't talked to the media yet this offseason. Raheem says that he's "pissed at us" for counting him out. I learned a long time ago not to count Ronde Barber out of anything.
snook Any chance AT ALL Penn loses his starting job?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- That remains to be seen. He has to be cleared to play medically. If he is I believe that he would play.
drewzilla Have you spoken with Barrett Ruud? Is there contract negotiations happening?
guest: If Leftwich has an OK preseason and Johnson has a Bruce Grads type preseason is there anyway Johnson can beat him out for a roster spot?
bucyea: Does Ruud get a new deal before the 1st game -Dallas
gator_thumper: hovan is still being looked at as one of our starting DT's..I am guessing the coaches dont have faith in him being a pass rusher on 3rd downs at all?
guest: Any new word on contract talks with Rudd or Penn?
pewterreportsr: snook – I think Donald Penn starts despite missing some valuable OTA time, but new OL coach Pete Mangurian has no allegiance to him or any lineman. He sounds like a guy who will play the best players. If it's James Lee, then it's James Lee. But right now, it's Penn's job to lose.
snook pretty risky move by Penn, in my opinion.
pewterreportcc: guest- Yes Josh Johnson could beat out Leftwich for a roster spot. But I think that would take a tremendous preseason from Johnson, and a terrible preseason from Leftwich. That scenario I would not say is at all likely.
bucyea: Is Sears a concussion or mental problem, you guys must have an idea
jc510: Can Black and Crowell both start or are they fighting for one spot?
pewterreportcc: jc510- Black and Crowell are both playing the Sam linebacker right now. Unless one of them switches to Will linebacker only one can start. If one of them did I think it would be Crowell, but I think the Bucs like those two competing for Sam, with Jermaine Phillips and Geno Hayes competing for the Will linebacker spot.
chester copperpot: wow CC and SR, lucky us
pewter party: if both sears and faine cant start game 1, who would start for them, in your opinion?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- We reported that Sears has not been medically cleared to play. He has had multiple concussions, and there could be other mental issues. It is still somewhat unclear.
drewzilla: Why does everyone assume that Bucs O-line is an area of strength? We could be good, but we are also a couple plays away from mediocre
chester copperpot: since Sears seems to be unstable, if he checks out, would his signing bonus go to his family members or do the Bucs get to keep it?
pewterreportcc: pewter party- Sears replacement would be Zuttah. Who might start over Sears anyway. In place of Faine would most likely be Sean Mahan.
bucyea: the "multiple" concussions seems to have come out of the blue
pewterreportsr: bucyea and guest – Neither Dominik, Ruud or Ruud's agent is talking, so it's hard to gauge if any progress is being made. The interesting thing will be if Ruud misses mandatory mini-camp next week.
snook: So Mahan will likely make the roster?
guest: Who is one underrated guy to watch out for?
pewter party: ouch on possiblity of mahan being center
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- Sears guruanteed money would stay with him. His injuries/issues are football related so the Bucs couldn't try to recover it. Snook- Mahan is fighting to make the roster, and considering his experience plus he is a better fit for the new system than the old one I think he has at worst a decent shot of making the team. The thing that could hurt him the most is his high salary.
jaxbucccaneer: How serious can we see the bucs as a contender in picking up Jarmon in the supplemental draft?
guest: Hello Scott I was just wondering If stroughter and Campbell make the roster what is the chance Dexter make it.
bucyea: any idea how bad Faines back is, potential that he miss time?
pewterreportsr: guest – no word on Penn's situation regarding a new contract. The interesting thing with him and Ruud is that both could be UFAs with a new CBA, or they could be RFAs if there is not a CBA.
snook Faine's back hurts from carrying all his money
gator_thumper: what you guessing the odds are on a CBA happening?
pewterreportsr: guest – The underrated guys to watch out for are LT James Lee, CB Kyle Arrington and WR Kelly Campbell.
chester copperpot: what about Amarri Jackson? still dropping balls?
pewterreportcc: jaxbucccaneer- Jarmon is under consideration with the Bucs as I wrote in the Quick Hits from yesterday. How serious is unclear, but if they didn't like his tape they wouldn't look into his background like they are doing.
rbrown129: Do you think A. Bryant gets a long term deal done before the end of the year or do you think they let him walk if he doesnt have a repeat year
pewterreportsr: pewter party – I think the Sears situation makes Mahan staying with the team more likely unless undrafted free agent Rob Bruggeman shines in camp, which is possible. The Bucs are high on him.
bucyea: Has anyone noticed that Flip is still listed as a Safety on, they do not sound as confident that he will make transition, do you guys see Flip playing LB?
jaxbucccaneer: in your opinion, does dexter jackson make the cut?
snook: Hopefully Bruggeman unseats Mahan
pewterreportcc: chester copperpot- Amarri Jackson has still struggled with dropped passes since he came back to the team during the rookie mini-camp. Maybe he has done better when the media is not allowed to watch.
pewterreportsr: bucyea and snook – Faine's back injury is believed to be minor. It's been irritating more than troublesome. He said he's going to play through it, but you know backs – they can flare up and get worse over the slightest thing. Faine practices daily, but it bears watching.
guest: SR or CC the prior regime rarely called trick plays or gadgets unless we were down; from what you have seen in practice does Jags offense offer more trickery or is it a plain offense?
drewzilla: Will there be some free agent cuts during training camp that we should be looking for?
guest: What are Fulton's chances of making the team? What do the bucs view him as as far as career outlolok?
carolina buc: Why doesn't it seem that the Bucs are interested in bringing Pittman back at FB
rbrown129: snook i saw ur post in the times. you made those dudes hot.
pewterreportsr: rbrown129 – I don't think Bryant will get a contract extension before the season, but maybe during the season if he starts lighting it up again.
guest: What is the chances that Stylze will be released because it seems like he is not having a great off-season?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- Yes I think that Flip is going to stay at linebacker. I think he would move back to safety only if there is an injury or he completely bombs as a linebacker. At this point he has done well in the transition.
snook: thanks rbrown129… they're pretty fired up, aren't they? Lots of fun.
bucyea: Does Brian Clark make the team? He's got great potential, IMO, for the Hilliard-type roll
pewterreportsr: jaxbuccaneer – I don't think Dexter Jackson makes the team this year. I see five or six WRs better than him at this stage. He needs a hot August.
bucyea: Do we have a start date yet for TC?
pewterreportcc: guest- We have not seen the offense do any trick or gimmick plays this offseason. They will probably have a play or two like that in the playbook for the season, but right now they are working on the basics of Jags offense.
guest: TC starts august 1st
jaxbucccaneer: any word on sammie?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Fulton stands a good chance of making the team. He just has to get his shoulder 100 percent by the start of camp. The Bucs like him. I can see him being cross-trained at guard, too.
chester copperpot: SR, I saw your new PI article- do you think Selvie has a good shot since he's local and they can scout him at every USF game?
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think Brian Clark stands a good chance of making the team. He was running as the third receiver last week. Although Stroughter was injured.
chester copperpot: would love to see him as a Buc
pewter party: will training camp be free to attend?
pewterreportcc: jaxbucccaneer- No word on Sammie Stroughter's injury last week, but it looked minor. He was on the practice field and listening in to playcall in the huddle. If he was hurt significantly he would not be doing that.
bucyea: Any chance we pick up a vet corner, like Surtain
guest: Are you surprised the Bucs haven't filled their vacant roster spot left by Storer?
pewterreportsr: carolina buc – Right or wrong, Mark Dominik is going with a youth movement this year to see which of the players on the roster can play. I also think there is stigma of him signing any older players considering he cut Brooks, Dunn, Galloway, June and Hilliard. He doesn't want to look like a hypocrite.
awitron: the bucs could go 2-14 and it would still be the right decision, you never know what you got until you give em a real chance
pewterreportcc: guest- No I'm not surprised the Bucs have not signed a fullback. They have young players like Josh Vaughan that can play fullback as well, and Jamee Cook is a solid backup to Askew.
pewterreportsr: bucyea – I would be in favor of signing CB Patrick Surtain for 1 year considering he starred in Bates' defense, but Dominik is committed to the youth movement. It's a dangerous game considering this is a CB-driven defense and the CBs are so young outside of Barber.
pewterreportcc: pewter party- Yes training camp will be free to attend.
snook: how old is surtain?
pewterreportsr: snook – Surtain is 32 years old.
bucyea: Does Josh Johnson stay a Buc
guest: Not just a FB, just a body. Guess I'm used to Gruden filling those spots ASAP. They've signed nobody.
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think Josh Johnson is less likely to make the team this year. drewzilla- I think the rookies will start signing their contracts in mid-July.
snook: Is it likely Cadillac goes to PUP instead of fighting for a roster spot right now?
carolina buc: Scott could you please post a starting lineup for fans to look at how good our offense could be
guest: SR, who do you see as the feature back this season Graham or Ward?
pewterreportsr: jc510 – Geno Hayes is our "In The Lab" feature in the PR Training Camp Issue. I wouldn't rule him out as a starter at WLB. I think Flip will get first crack at it, but if he can't hack it, the Bucs won't hesitate to turn to Hayes.
bucyea: It's amazing in this CB-driven system, we have NO true m2m CB's with experience, there were a number availiable during FA, yet Dominik passed, this will haunt this team this season
awitron: if cadillac is ready to go in training camp, there is no way any one can convince me hes not our most talented back
pewterreportcc: awitron- Cadillac says his goal is to be ready to play in training camp, and that sounds like it is a possibilty. I think the best thing for him and the Bucs would be to start training camp and the season on PUP.
snook: Ward and Graham > Cadillac
guest035: any update on arron sears?
jaxbucccaneer: being that we have many young guys at wr, will sammie and kelly really make an impact? or are they there strictly because lack of talent?
guest035: help
awitron: snook, i disagree, i think caddy is our most talented back and last season was a tease of what he could do behind a strong line
snook: Let's hope Hayes can find better girls to hang out with…
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs have to cut 6 players (I think) to add their six draft picks. It doesn't make much sense to add a player for one week's worth of OTAs and a mini-camp.
guest: Will the bucs keep and develop guys like Biggers and Arrington on the roster? Or will they go special teams with Cox assuming they keep 5 corners?
drewzilla: Do the Buccaneers coaches think we have the type of offensive lineman to flourish in the new zone blocking scheme? I honestly don't know if Penn has the skill set.
bucyea: I honestly hope we keep Johnson rather than Leftwhich
snook: cadillac can't stay healthy. Never has. All the talent in the world doesn't make up for an injury prone body
pewterreportcc: jaxbucccaneer- If Stroughter and Kelly Campbell have a big impact next year it is because Clayton or Bryant get hurt. They could see some receptions as third and fourth receivers, but in those roles I don't see them having a big impact.
pewterreportsr: I think Ward and Graham will split 80 percent of the work with the rest falling to Clifton Smith this year.
pewterreportsr: guest – If Biggers and Arrington can play special teams, and I think they can, then they will make the team over Cox – especially this year with a youth movement going on.
pewterreportcc: drewzilla- Yes the Buccaneers do think they have the offensive linemen to make the system work. Penn thinks this system is a better fit for him, and he may be right but we won't be able to tell until the pads are on.
bucyea: Does Heyward make the cut and do you see any BIG surprising cuts this year
snook: Penn needs to get his butt to practice
guest: Should we be looking to the rookie signing deadline as Griese's departure time?
bucyea: Nugent or Bryant
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think Hayward will make the team because he is core player on special teams.
pewterreportsr: bucyea – I think Leftwich will make it over Johnson, especially based on what I wrote in Friday's SR's Fab 5.
awitron: snook thats an unfair assessment, its not like his injuries resemble someone with a weak body, hes had 2 freak injuries
snook: If Bryant gets cut, will Bidwell have a fit?
snook: 2 freak injuries along with back and foot problems
pewterreportsr: guest – The reason why Griese is still on the roster is beyond me. It's pretty obvious that he isn't in the team's plans this year. The Bucs will go to camp with McCown, Leftwich, Freeman and Johnson.
awitron: find a RB who doesnt have back and foot problems late in a season
pewterreportcc: bucyea- I think Nugent will beat out Bryant as long as Nugent kicks with good accuracy. There is no question that Nugent can kick longer field goals and kick offs. Nugent has a real strong leg.
awitron: and that foot problem, he rebounded from that mid-season and finished that year strong
bucyea: Dominik seems to be looking to the future and I think Johnson may have more value in the future than Leftwich does
drewzilla: Do some of these players who we don't expect to make the roster have trade value?
snook: Find a RB who misses chunks of games every year that's considered good.
rbrown129: If the bucs pick up the D end from kentucky that you guys have been mentioning, will the bucs then have a decent pass rush
carolina buc: Scott are we able to trade Leftwich if Mccown is the starter and Freeman is on deck
guest: If Caddy does return to the team and he is 4th string will he play ST's considering his injury history or will he get a pass?
awitron: fred taylor had the same label that cadillac has now
guest: What's going on with Bidwell?
pewterreportcc: snook- I think Bidwell will be upset if Bryant is cut. But Bidwell is a professional and he understands that football is a business.
snook: except Fred Taylor produced
awitron: jacksonville was patient with him and it paid off bigtime
pewterreportsr: drewzilla – I agree with your premise about Dominik looking towards the future and that may represent Johnson over Leftwich, but McCown and Freeman (especially) are more about the future than Johnson is I'm afraid.
awitron: cadillac can produce at taylor's level, easily
pewterreportcc: guest- Bidwell has not been at the OTAs thus far. The Bucs need him to kick better than he did down the stretch of last season.
awitron: he wasnt the 5th pick by accident
bucyea: Bidwell didn't have a great season last year, get 'em outta here if he cant come to practice and punt the ball
awitron: hes got a lot of talent
snook: 5th pick means nothing
awitron: 5th pick means A LOT
pewterreportsr: carolina buc – If the Bucs prefer McCown over Leftwich and Leftwich plays well enough to create some trade value, then Dominik may look at a team that loses a QB in the preseason and sees if he can deal him. That's just speculation right now, though.
snook: he split carries in college with a better back
pewterreportcc: bucyea- Even if Bidwell was at practice he wouldn't punt every day, and most days they use machines for special teams kicks.
awitron: thats his fault?
drewzilla: What kind of numbers does Gaines Adams have to generate in order for him to NOT be labeled a bust? It is put up time.
awitron: brown wasnt even the starter at auburn
snook: he wasn't good enough to carry the entire load. that's why auburn looked to brown
pewterreportsr: bucyea – The Bucs were going to try to sign Shane Lechler this offseason, but he was re-signed by the Raiders before he hit free agency.
bucyea: I understand CC, just think it's a VERY bad sign that Bidwell can't show up
awitron: what are you talking about? cadillac was the starter at auburn and was the guy on the field in clutch situations
snook: Brown wasn't a star at Auburn? You're joking right? Then how'd he get drafted HIGHER?
guest: I read where PR predicted Caddy for the PUP list; do you see Sears there too, or is it worse than that?
snook: How much Auburn football do you watch?
bucyea: not much tale lately of Roy Miller, he's not stepped it up ?
awitron: brown timed faster at his size than cadillac did at his size
pewterreportcc: drewzilla- In order for Adams not to be a bust I think he needs an 8-9 sack season this year, and improve into double digits in the following years. He also needs to get more forced fumbles. Somewhere in the 3-5 range.
pewterreportsr: drewzilla – I think Adams has to show progress and get at least 8 sacks this year to avoid the label of being an underachiever. I don't think he's a bust. Jammal Anderson in Atlanta is a bust. Jarvis Moss in Denver is a bust.
awitron: brown went ahead of cadillac based on measurables
snook: Cadillac is a disappointment. Period.
bucyea: not much talk of Miller
carolina buc: That's exactly what I was thinking because it's no reason to cut Johnson knowing that whover loses the battle between Luke and Byron will get traded next year
guest: Since many QBs have said they benefitted from starting right away, is there a chance the Bucs play Freeman from the start?
awitron: im not saying he isnt a disappointment, but nobody on this team plays as hard as he does and if hes healthy, hes a stud
pewterreportsr: guest – I didn't predict that Caddy was headed to PUP. I saw it was an option he had to consider otherwise he might not make the team.
snook: Brown went ahead of Cadillac because he's a better NFL back. And his stats prove it.
drewzilla: While those guys are first round picks, they are not top 4 picks.
scholty: Have you suggested to Adam's to attend Chuck's training camp? Sounds like it helped Moore a bit?
bucyea: Hearing talk of Moore possibly playin, but not much talk of Roy Miller
pewterreportcc: bucyea- Roy Miller has done well from what we have heard and seen. The reason there is not much talk is because these practices aren't padded. Roy Miller will stand out more when he can show his power game in full contact practices and preseason games.
snook: Hopefully Moore mentions it to Gaines…
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs do not plan to start Josh Freeman right now. He is receiving very few snaps and is working almost exclusively with the third team.
bucyea: Do you guys see many more pratices in pads this TC
drewzilla: I guess I am expecting Gaines to be our Julius Peppers. A player that must be accounted for every down.
pewterreportsr: scholty – I have passed along Chuck Smith's number to Gaines Adams. I don't know if he followed up with Chuck or not.
guest: Why the kid gloves with him? How does carrying a clipboard prepare anyone for game speed? I never understood that.
awitron: thats a bad move by the bucs, freeman needs to be getting 1st and atleast 2nd team reps, he needs to develop timing with the guys he will actually be throwing to on sundays
scholty: Who's butt do we have to kick so he WILL?
bucyea: he's not ready.
pewterreportsr: bucyea – I think the Bucs will hold more padded practices not only in training camp this year, but also during the season.
pewterreportsr: scholty – Good question!
snook: Is Chuck Smith's program more of an off-season thing?
pewterreportcc: awitron- Freeman needs to work on the fundamentals right now. That was clear at the last week's OTAs. He is staring down receivers and not reading the field well. He needs to work on that before practicing with the veterans.
guest: Will it be a tackling TC?
coqui4: Do you see Greg Peterson and Dre Moore actually being a force in the middle of the d-line
pewter party: do you think there will be more injuries do to more physical work in TC?
drewzilla: Does Raheem ask Mike Tomlin for advice. Clearly, we are using the Steelers approach (even though we are not a 3-4 team)
rbrown129: Do you guys think that Gaines will flourish in Bates system?
bucyea: maybe so, but we have to get more physical
awitron: if hes running 3rd team right now, there is no way the bucs think he should be starting this year then
pewterreportsr: Freeman looked like a 21-year junior QB last week during the OTAs. The Bucs don't want to ruin the kid's confidence. He's a year or two away and that's what he needs.
scholty: Could you mention it to Morris or Bates since he knows Chuck Smith?
awitron: that shows hes not regarded on the same level as mccown and leftwich at this point
snook: Seemed like there were more injuries in Gruden's TC… maybe more physical practices will prepare the players better for the season
pewterreportcc: guest- That is a good question, but I don't think they will be tackling in training camp. I would predict it is hitting and wrapping up but not taking to the ground. Going to the ground causes a lot of injuries.
pewterreportsr: scholty – Chuck Smith and DL coach Robert Nunn are both close friends. I'm sure Chuck is working that angle with Robert, too.
bucyea: any big cuts to be made
snook: I have no problem waiting a year or two for Freeman.
bucyea: bombshells?
awitron: if gaines cant produce in bates system, move him to left end and find a real blind-side rusher
snook: more move him out to pasture.
scholty: If Chuck Smith is as good as you say he is – We NEED to make SURE he does ;o)
awitron: this defense is built for pass-rushers
guest: What can Smith teach Gaines that Nunn and Walsh can't?
pewterreportsr: snook – The reason why the Bucs want to get younger this year is to avoid more injuries. We'll see if that premise pays off.
awitron: i still think gaines should be at LE
bucyea: Adams will be fine this season with sime interior push
rbrown129: I really think the bucs could win if the defense buys into Morris's philosophy of being a violent team. I just want to beat the Panthers both times. I hate Panthers Fans with a passion.
guest: I'm really excited about this season. This is the most excited I've been in a decade.
snook: Panthers fans do suck
bucyea: QB's stepped up EVERY time ADams got close
pewterreportcc: bucyea- There is a chance of big cuts to be made. If I have to give a name I'd say Stylez White. He has had a rough offseason with injuries, and the Bucs seem to be planning a pass rush without him. He also has not developed his run defense to the team's satisfication.
snook: I had to endure them in Charlotte for the MNF game…
awitron: ive met like 2 panther fans my whole life, one of them was deaf.. he shook my hand at a sports bar after the infamous chris simms spleen game and that last second FG
guest: I was so tired of knowing we'd go into a season with retreads and not see our draft picks get a chance.
pewterreportsr: guest – Nunn is a very capable coach, but sometimes a former player like Chuck Smith, the Falcons' all-time leading sacker, can emphasize different things verbally and non-verbally that players can tune in to.
bucyea: Stylez is more concerened with "stylin'" than football
drewzilla: How close are Raheem and Mike Tomlin? Similar approach?
scholty: Is it just me or does the team seem to be comfortable with the players they currently have on D?
bucyea: who start at QB against Dallas
coqui4: Is it possible for Jemaine Phillips to move back to safety if this project at WLB doesnt work?
pewterreportsr: guest – As I wrote in my column in Pewter Report magazine, I think this season will be very exciting … just can't see the Bucs winning a lot of games. But there will be new faces emerging and players rising up. At least that's the plan.
ajv728: mccown
bucyea: starting QB against Dallas is_______
pewterreportcc: bucyea- If I have to make a prediction I will say McCown. His mobility and getting rid of the ball quicker will win him the job.
awitron: this bucs team can easily win the division this year, i REALLY believe that
pewter party: are the players going to be holed up in a hotel room for training camp like in orlando? OR are they allowed to stay home?
snook: This season comes down to DL and CB. If they succeed, the team will follow.
pewterreportsr: I think McCown gets the nod over Leftwich. It will be neck-and-neck all through training camp and the preseason games will determine who starts. My guess as of right now is McCown.
ajv728: Flip to be starting linebacker? prediction?
carolina buc: I live in Charlotte so I see them around every corner. And from my convo with them theey are scared of the Bucs this year.
bucyea: cc- great answer, thats what I want to hear, McCown will be better than Cassel
scholty: In Bates we trust…. ?!?!?!?!
snook: Just how much weight has Leftwich lost? Any guess?
snook: better than Cassel? Wow.
pewterreportcc: Bucs fans, we have to get going. Thanks for the great questions. If you didn't get your question answered ask it on the insider board.
bucyea: Thanks PR !!!~
carolina buc: Thanks Dude
guest: I'll be honest, I don't care how many wins we get this year, as long as we get playing time for our young guys
awitron: the OLB's job in this defense(atleast in the past), has been to turn the play back inside and not to let anything get outside of containment
bucyea: bucyea=buccanay
awitron: thats why MLBs under bates always have monster years
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scholty: Thanks PR and please mention it to Morris and Nunn to send Adams to Chuck Smith camp
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