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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Charlie Campbell hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportcc. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportcc: The Chat Session for June 10th will begin in at 9:00p.m
btownbucfan: howdy all
kybucfan: Ready for another good chat, BTW, CC- Your Cover 2's and Quick Hits are getting better by the day. Great Stuff!
bschucher: evening
guest: Sup room
buc4life79: whats up
buc4life79: cc…chris simms…..
pewterreportcc: Bucs fans let the chat begin.kybucfan- thanks for the compliments
buc4life79: kid needs to stop whining
bschucher: His whining makes me more sick that Garcias
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- Simms is doing what he thinks will help him get a fresh start with another team.
kybucfan: CC – What's do you make of Simms comments? Legit or exagerated?
buc4life79: well gettin paid 2 mil to sit on your ass must be nice….
buc4life79: go to camp show your health
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- Its tough to say. Simms may have some valid points. At the same time a year ago he said he was healthy to our own Jim Flynn.
buc4life79: earn your job…
1vabucsfan: CC What must Luke do to get an extension,If i'm the Bucs i'm worried about him before Jeff?
buc4life79: i like luke…but i dont think hes the anwser long term….
pikappaphi422: With Bears cut their RB any chance the Buc's look at trading EG to the Bears
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- the Bucs probably would do an extension for Luke if the price was right, but right now I think both parties want to see him succeed next season and then they both will feel better about a more sizable contract.
bucsbum: Would you agree that it is most likely that Sims is mostly frustrated about his situation
buc4life79: bucsbum 100 percent agree with you
kybucfan: Thx. Are there any players from the recent OTAs that stuck out to you that had not before (for better or for worse)?
pewterreportcc: pikappaphi422- I'm not sure they would go after Graham considering they used a high pick on Matt Forte and they used a pick last year on Garrett Wolfe.
1vabucsfan: CC Would you consider Ike a lock or could Biddle or Hankton push him off?
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- At the last OTA, Dexter Jackson looked good, so did Jerramy Stevens and McCown. Antonio Bryant had some moments too.
sbf: CC – My Man! what it do bro?! some of us went to champps the other day to talk some football.. next time we do it you gotta come bro.
bucsbum: CC would you say that there is a 3 way race for the second WR position with Ike Clayton
buc4life79: ike isnt goin any where besides galloway..hes the only one that showed promise catching the ball
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- I think Ike is a lock. It seems he has earned the trust of the coaching staff.
pewterreportcc: sbf- sounds good, just let me know.
bschucher: Ike always has dependable hands
buc4life79: thats what im sayin
bschucher: hes been clutch on 3rd downs for us
buc4life79: wathc for stovall to come out of the shadows and parris warren as well….
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- Biddle and Hankton are in the mix. They both have shown well at times, they need to have big preseasons.
"hate": CC, if you can, give me your 6 wrs
btownbucfan: So you think Ike has FULLY recovered from his sholder surgery?
cbgb: cc, how do the Bucs carry 4 QBs and 4 TEs ? I think Troupe may be odd guy out after Stevens suspension.
pewterreportcc: Bucs fans, if I miss your question don't hesitate to ask it again.
kybucfan: Any word on how Jovan Hayes is looking and whether or not he has "improved" since last season?
buc4life79: galloway,ike,stovall,warren,clayton,jackson
bucsbum: CC What position do you think would have the best chance for upgrade through trade or FA between now and the start of the season and WHY?
pewterreportcc: btownbucfan- Galloway looks like his normal self. Hate- The six WR's I see are Galloway, Clayton, Hilliard, Stovall, Bryant, Jackson
pikappaphi422: I thought PR said that nobody tried to trade for Simms on draft day, he said somebody did…What do you know?
sbf: CC – Do you think maruice stovall is a lock… i think he is the best gunner in the game which makes him a lock… all imo. we had this discussion at champs and some didnt think he would amke the team and some did think he would.. he has an edge on special teams.
buc4life79: stovall will be a gem next year….
sbf: i agree buc4life
btownbucfan: was refering to Ike's sholder surgery … I'm pretty confident Galloway will be fine. Just not so sure about Ike.
buc4life79: warren to if he can make through preseason…lol
pewterreportcc: pikappaphi422- We have from sources that nobody offered anything concrete for Simms. Simms said that himself in a interview this morning. But he definitely was part of the rumor mill and being discussed by teams.
1vabucsfan: CC Has any of you guys Sources indicated the Bucs are comfortable with the pass rush or are they waiting to see who flashes in TC?
"hate": I'm not kool with Clayton, Ike, and Stovall. Our wr corp needs some "JUICE"
buc4life79: this team has the recievers to run grudens offense the prob is nobody wants to catch the ball…lol
1vabucsfan: and who may become available
sbf: CC- Name the postion battles you are most interested to see in TC.
pewterreportcc: sbf- Great point on Stovall's special teams ability. That alone could help him stick in the league if he isn't able to be a starting receiver. But I think it is too early to say he can't be a starting receiver in the league.
bucsbum: CC don't you think that Garcia might have burned a few bridges in renegotiating his contract with an extension with the claim he could retire after this season
buc4life79: qb,rb,wr,linebacker
cbgb: cc, how do the Bucs carry 4 QBs and 4 TEs ? I think Troupe may be odd guy out after Stevens suspension.
buc4life79: garcia needs to shut and play ball….
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- I spoke with d-line coach Todd Wash today and he seemed real excited for his group of lineman, and not longing for guys with more ability.
buc4life79: you signed the dottedline…
buc4life79: live by it
kybucfan: CC – What do you think of clayton's chances of unseating Ike as the #2 receiver?
pewterreportcc: bucsbum- I don't think Garcia has burned his bridges. The Bucs front office understands that can happen in contract issues. If they do a deal then all will be forgotten. Just like Ronde Barber two years ago.
buc4life79: his bonus i agree he should have got…nothing more
pikappaphi422: How do you see the EG issue playing out??
bucsbum: CC What is the typical commission for these sports agents negotiating these player contracts
buc4life79: cc…hows the linebacker battle looking….
1vabucsfan: CC Why is Douglas not running with the 2nd set of DE's?
sbf: CC- Name the postion battles you are most interested to see in TC.
pewterreportcc: kybucfan- I think Clayton has real shot at that no. 2 receiver position. Over the last month of last season he had good numbers and has looked good in the OTAs. Also Ike got banged up, and the Bucs need health and consistency at receiver.
pikappaphi422: Any of the FA that were signed this past offseason on the boardline of not making the team
kybucfan: thx
pewterreportcc: sbf- running back should be great. I'm real interested in backup QB, of course. I also think that backup linebacker will be great….But the best of all may be the left cornerback position between Talib, Buchanon, and Wilson.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs feel confident with their WR core right now or will they look to bring in more talent?
bucsbum: CC do you think this is Brooks last year to start or play
buc4life79: brooks retires after this season….
sbf: C to shining C – Give me a percentage (in your opinion) of us claiming C. Benson 1%? 30 %? 70 %? do you know if we are interested? or if any other teams are that are worse than us?
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- Marques Douglas is being moved around. I think the team is confident in his ability and is using he OTAs to see what some of the younger guys can do. Wash talked about how physical Douglas is and how that will really show up when the pads come on. He'll be moved inside and outside in the line rotation.
1vabucsfan: thx cc
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- I do think Geno Hayes stands a good chance of making the team. With special teams in consideration, the Bucs could carry seven linebackers.
guest: 0.00%
buc4life79: thank you…
buc4life79: i second that on benson o percent
"hate": SBF, just say NO to Benson. Not only is he a headcase, he sux as well.
bucsbum: 0.0125478%
pewterreportcc: sbf- I don't have a good percentage, but I will say I believe it is highly unlikely. I've heard that the Bucs weren't too high on Cedric Benson in the 05 draft.
sbf: hahahah
1vabucsfan: CC Could MHam beat out Davis and Cox for the last CB spot?
buc4life79: .420
sbf: thank you
pewterreportcc: sbf- I don't have a good percentage, but I will say I believe it is highly unlikely. I've heard that the Bucs weren't that hot for him in the 05 draft.
sbf: you like what i did with "C to shining C"? yea.. im pretty amazing.
guest: 0.0000%
bucsbum: never say never guest
guest: ill bet on that
sbf: wow buncha questions tonight
bucsbum: do we see any potential players coming in the supplemental draft
cadillac 24: Could the Bucs keep four TEs on their roster this year?
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- Yes I think Marcus Hamilton is in the mix. Ronde Barber was raving about him towards the end of last year. We heard that Brian Kelly really took him under his wing and taught him how to be a pro on the field and in film prep.
pikappaphi422: Any update on Caddy and the other player that are hurt
cbgb: cc, how do the Bucs carry 4 QBs and 4 TEs ? I think Troupe may be odd guy out after Stevens suspension.
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- I think the Bucs will keep four tight ends. They use lots of two tight end sets so that makes sense in having extra depth. Casullo also did a good job with Smith and Stevens last year. Gilmore and Troupe bring nice skills to the offense.
"hate": 4 TEs is gross.
pewterreportcc: pikappaphi422- Cadillac looked better to me last week then what I saw in April. Petitgout is looking ready. June and Galloway seem to be 100 percent again.
buc4life79: CC…DUNN STARTS YES OR NO….
sbf: with 4 qbs and 4 tes and possibly 4 rbs… this all being on offense… where do you think the bucs make room on the roster? think they keep the LS? maybe cut a DB? maybe only 6 LBs? maybe zuttah and penn will be manning the o line backup job? maybe cut down WRs?
pikappaphi422: no
pewterreportcc: cbgb- I think that they will figure out a way with position flexibility. They have lots of d-lineman and linebackers who can play more than one position. Not to mention backup o-lineman like Zuttah, Buenning, Anthony Davis, and Donald Penn can play multiple positions.
bucsbum: How is Ike shoulder after his surgery
pewterreportcc: I recommend checking out Jim Flynn's focus with the 53 man roster prediction. That might help shed some light.
guest: do the bucs have any interest in travis henry, and are they looking at possible trade op[tions for earnest graham
pewterreportcc: bucsbum- I think Ike is 100 percent he was going full blast at the OTA last Thursday.
1vabucsfan: CC Is Griese getting more reps just to get him familiarized with the playbook or is he the 2 right now?
pewterreportcc: guest- I don't think the Bucs have any interest in Travis Henry. But we'll keep our ears open and let you know if we hear otherwise.
buc4life79: CC…DUNN STARTS YES OR NO….
cadillac 24: Is Graham holding out or is he not going to OTAs because he usually doesn't? Will he be at mini-camp?
bucsbum: CC how well does the Bucs treat the press at OTA when the press are invited to watch. Do they serve you refreshments and does Bruce Allen or any one else come and talk to you all while you are there
sbf: CC – Jermaine phillips plays awesome this year… Sabby shows promise in preseason and limited playing time during the season… do you re- sign Jermaine?
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- That is tough to say. If Graham held out I think Dunn would be the starter, but I think the most likely outcome is the Bucs will have a real platoon next year with Dunn, Graham, and Bennett.
sbf: im hittin you with a bunch of hypotheticals haha
buc4life79: bennett and dunn in backfield together sounds real interesting….
buc4life79: the "rocket" backfield
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- We don't think that Graham is going to hold out. I think when it becomes mandatory he will be there.
guest: I read where wilson was getting torched at ota's what should we expect from him at the cb position this year
1vabucsfan: CC Is Griese getting more reps just to get him familiarized with the playbook or is he the 2 right now?
bucsbum: at least it was the Bucs WR torching him
pewterreportcc: sbf- Jermaine Phillips looked great last year, I think the Bucs want to see it two years in a row before they commit to him, but they do have a lot of confidence in Sabby's abilities.
cbgb: Thanks cc. The Steven's signing throws a monkey wrench into J/Fs 53. I don't see how they could carry less o-lineman.
sbf: sweet.. thanks man..
bucsbum: Will the Bucs only carry 5 WR
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- Griese and McCown are in a good battle for the backup QB. The Bucs seem to really be splitting the reps on a rotation in the OTAs. Training camp and the preseason games will be the real indicator for who is the backup QB.
cadillac 24: I don't really like Fan Fest. It's always so crowded. I had a bad experience in 2005 when we waited in line for 2 hours to get Cadillac's autograph and then right when we got to him, it closed down.:mad:
buc4life79: that suxs…
bucsbum: CC could you please see about moving preseaon up a few weeks the off season seems a little to long for me
pewterreportcc: bucsbum- That is an interesting idea, and that might account for cbgb's good point of the Stevens signing. They would probably use that fourth tight end more than a sixth receiver.
buc4life79: two preseason games add two reg games
cadillac 24: If Simms shows up to mini-camp, will he get any reps?
pewterreportcc: bucsbum- lol. I can't wait for the preseason much less the regular season. The offseason seems really long at this point.
1vabucsfan: CC Who do you think gets the next extension?
buc4life79: greg white
buc4life79: or graham
cadillac 24: Why aren't the Bucs spending any money?
buc4life79: cause they dont want to go back to mcday days…lol
pewterreportcc: Cadillac 24- That's a great question. I think Simms would watch for awhile before getting some reps towards the end of the mini-camp. The Bucs probably would want to see how he is doing with his mechanics.
buc4life79: mckay days…lol
cadillac 24: I wasn't around for the McCay days.
buc4life79: he were straped for yrs
guest: do you think dre moore has the potential to start at somepoint this year from what you have seen
bucsbum: Cad24 what do you think the Bucs are the goverment? Spending money for the purpose of spending money and because it is there is a bad buisness practice
buc4life79: took allen 5 yrs to get us out of cap hell
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- I think that the team will do something with Garcia. I also think that Graham and PBuc stand a good chance of an extension.
cadillac 24: I just want to know why we don't extend some of our players.
cadillac 24: Do you think that there is any chance the Bucs keep Simms around?
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- The money the Bucs spend now can effect how much money they have to sign other players in the future. Keep in mind that their young o-line and d-lineman will be in up for extensions in not too long.
buc4life79: yeah right
1vabucsfan: CC Is Wash hign on Bennett? Do think he can make the squad?
buc4life79: simms is gone
cadillac 24: When will we dispose of Chris Simms?
buc4life79: unless old daddy galazer throws some money at him…lol
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- I talked about that in a recent CC2. Wash praised Bennett today. I think Bennett needs a big preseason, as in 4 sacks or so, to make the team.
1vabucsfan: I know u did CC but like Chev i love a good under dog story!!!
guest: are the bucs holding on to simms so they can show he's heathly to the rest of the league, play him in the preseason and increase his trade value
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- Its hard to say when the Bucs will settle the Simms situation. Looking at the Bears and Raiders QB situation, I don't know why they wouldn't give up a late round pick for him.
"hate": Culpepper can be had for free. Don't know why anyone would give up a pick for Simms.
buc4life79: guest i agree with you on that
pewterreportcc: guest- That could be a consideration but Simms would be a distraction. Not to mention he would take reps away from Josh Johnson or one of the other QB's.
1vabucsfan: CC Any info on what Boyds injury is and could he sneak on as a fb?
cadillac 24: Do you think that Jimmy Wilkerson makes the team because of his versitility and special teams play?
pewterreportcc: hate- Good point on Culpepper, but it appears that the league does not view Culpepper as being a viable option. If they thought otherwise he would probably would be on a team.
cadillac 24: Also, Quinn Gray is available again.
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- Jimmy Wilkerson has had a good offseason, and can play tackle end and special teams. I would be surprised if he did not make the team.
cadillac 24: Why isn't the Plummer grievance not settled yet?
cadillac 24: Why isn't the Plummer grievance settled yet?
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- I think the Bucs have a good team and with a talented young core on both sides of the ball. Especially on defense.
bucsbum: CC where does this team lack depth
guest: I've heard tht Ben Troupe has looked so so in ota's, can you see him really making an impact in 2008
cadillac 24: nevermind
buc4life79: you see us makin playoffs with the schedule we have….
pewterreportcc: cadillac 24- The Plummer grievance is settled. We heard that from the Bucs this evening.
1vabucsfan: CC Any info on what Boyds injury is and could he sneak on as a fb?
guest: 3.5 mil
1vabucsfan: CC You getting any scope on a CC2 for the WRs?
pewterreportcc: bucsbum- I can't really think of a position on the team that it lacks real depth at. Receiver may be the first choice but some of the young receivers have looked like they are making strides.
pewterreportcc: 1vabucsfan- Working on it. We'll see if we get much over the last OTAs and mini-camp.
bucsbum: I am having the same problem. Where is the lack of depth. gallaway getting hurt might be the worst case as far as I see it
pewterreportcc: Thanks for the great questions room. I have to get going. If I missed your question go ahead and ask it on the message boards.

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